Do You Really Need The BIG V8? 2020 Chevy Silverado 5.3 vs 6.2 0-60 MPH Shootout!

The Fast Lane Truck

The Fast Lane Truck

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    ( ) How does the 6.2 V8 match up to the smaller 5.3? In this video we compare both engines to find out if it's worth spending more for the larger engine?
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    1. Campbell ZR2

      Thank you TFL for all of the great quality entertainment everyday!

    2. Icem M

      Drove 5.3 for 90k miles . Now I got sierra with 6.2. Enjoy the 6.2 every single time i drive it. 5.3 was as soulless as it could be. Did the job, but boring as hell. 3.0 duramax felt as blunt as 5.3.

    3. GD NakedSports

      Had 80-90s Silverado's all with 5.3 and they ran forever. Had a 88 with 5.3 original engine over 800,000 before it got totalled

    4. Nathan Vinogradov

      I don't think they really know about how sound decibels work lol. the trucks were about 60 decibels and they said it was whisper quiet, but they don't know that 85 decibels is where hearing damage can start.

    5. Tyler Patterson

      Everyone complaining about power, but I drive my 2009 peterbilt dump truck with gross weight of 59,500 pounds every day that has 290 hp and 880 lb. torque. Don’t ever complain to me about a lack of power. Lmao. Enjoy your 365 horsepower pickup truck hauling a 6000 pound trailer. 😂

    6. patrick burgmeier

      Better to have and not need, than to need and not have 😁 But speed costs. How much do you want to spend? 😁 Good video guys

    7. I don’t Shower

      Both junk pushrod motors. 2 valves per cylinder. What a joke.

    8. Steve austin

      Why not test 2 Trail bosses ....1 with 5.3 and other with 6.2 to make it apples to apples comparison?

    9. Joaquin Mireles

      Its what i need its what i want

    10. Todd Benfield

      Didn’t you do a KTM 690 Enduro R review🤔

    11. Bradley Myrick

      Normally I wouldn't have time to watch a 30 minute truck video, but I'm locked in my house and have nothing better to do!

    12. coyote4

      Also the 6.2 had a lower tow rating then 5.3? If the 6.2 is better for towing why dose it have a lower tow rating?

    13. coyote4

      I love the 5.3 I tow with mine quiet often. Do you really need to spend the extra to tow with the 6.2 I love the 5.3 with Corsica cat back exhaust.

    14. jake fritz

      I have the trail-boss with the 5.3L and it’s enough to have some fun

    15. J Smith

      After owning the Ram Rebel for a year I am going to more interested in learning which one yall liked better the Rebel or the Trail Boss? I am in the market for a half ton truck but want to wait until I hear your opinion on which one you enjoyed owning over the other.

    16. Rodolfo Torres

      Which one is better towing

    17. mike pike

      Dumb to compare any vehicle without stock tires

    18. JAW

      That Onstar rep is the best. I sell chevs in Canada and I swear I’ve gotten that girl 10+ times. She’s explains things really well and smoothly. She’s got that slight lisp.. I swear it’s the same one. I do the onstar call in the vehicle every time during the delivery just so customers know how onstar works. Also, onstar is a subscription service like everything else in the world today.

    19. Adam Collier

      Just got a 2020 z71 great truck

    20. luis c

      5.3l 9000 towing capacity 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅🤣 do it and let us know .

    21. Carlos Bianchini

      Sorry Roman but you didn’t bought the best! Ask Mr. Truck! 6.2 great reliable motor!

    22. Fat Bike Freak

      Do you really need a Fat Bike? YES!!!

    23. Brian

      Premium fuel recommendation for the 6.2 knocks it out of the box for me.

    24. Cool Squad

      The transmission is laggy with the six speed auto if you flore it in 4 cylinder mode and when you do theres not that much power and then the power comes on

    25. Tim VanGlad

      Hey can you guys do a video where you pin the 5.3 v8 against a 4.3 v6. Interested in a new Base chevy and want to know how much the v8 upgrade is worth. Thanks.

    26. Dr what

      I actually got better gas mileage with my Silverado 6.2 L than the 5.3L. I had both.

    27. Scotty doesn'tKNOW

      I just picked up a 2020 trail boss LT and I love it! 43k for this well equipped truck but I wish the truck did have the 6.2 but the 5.3 and 10 speed work very nice together.

    28. C Steele

      From experience I'd buy the 6.2 gasser over the 5.3. I've driven the 5.3 and was sadly disappointed in the power. I ended up with a happy medium 5.6liter Nissan Titan peppy and fun to drive. But if I'd bought the Gm, the 6.2 is the only way to go


      6.2L is the way to go 5.3 is direct injection and way under powered. I can not stand the on star oversea customer service

    30. M Whitman

      So, let me get this straight. You compared a smaller motored off-road truck's towing capability to a larger motor, smaller cab truck with a more tow worthy suspension. Hmmm....Not a fair comparison at all. Do better guys. That Off-Road Silverado has less of a tow rating than a Titan. Give me a break.

    31. Rob Zoldi

      12:20, anyone else notice he didnt really floor the 5.3?? Look at the tach, never revs above 5k rpm. Dont know bout you but mine goes right past 5k when I floor it.

    32. James Greer

      Thats pathetic. It's ugly. And slow. Ive been in a 13 6.2 that was way faster

    33. Richard Gebhardt

      I see you didn't mention the 6.2L needs premium fuel and the 5.3L only requires regular fuel . The 6.2L doesn't run well on regular and shouldn't be used. Can get costly.

    34. Like It Or Not

      6.2 requires Premium Gas. I'll keep my 5.3 and my money and you can keep the 1.7 seconds.

      1. Like It Or Not

        Every time my friend tried 87 he had severe knocking and had to switch back to 93.

      2. Like It Or Not

        Except the 6.2L engine, use regular unleaded gasoline meeting ASTM specification D4814 with a posted octane rating of 87 or higher. Do not use gasoline with a posted octane rating of less than 87, as this may cause engine knock and will lower fuel economy.For the 6.2L engine, premium unleaded gasoline meeting ASTM specification D4814 with a posted octane rating of 93 is highly recommended for best performance and fuel economy. Unleaded gasoline with an octane rated as low as 87 can be used. Using unleaded gasoline rated below 93 octane,however, will lead to reduced acceleration and fuel economy.If knocking occurs, use a gasoline rated at 93 octane as soon as possible, otherwise, the engine could be damaged.

      3. Like It Or Not

        @Corey Patterson I will admit my wording was slightly off. From my friends comments, 87 always caused knocking in his 6.2. Which relates to what you see in the manual. Here is the actual wording from the 2018 GMC Sierra Owners manual. Page 299. Added in next reply:

      4. Corey Patterson

        Who and where does it state the 6.2 requires premium gas?

    35. Ignacio Díaz

      what about towing?


      Why buy the Chevy when you can buy the GMC . You get the multi pro tailgate on the GMC . What model Chevy has the Multi pro tailgate?

    37. TexanUSMC8089

      That's odd that you got a new truck and the dealership didn't activate your onstar before you left.

    38. Matt DeRoller

      Nice job on this!

    39. azzkidcz

      I have a 2011 silverado with a tuned 6.2 and 3.73's from the factory, and it's a beast...

    40. Henry Doom

      The 5.3 is under powered in the segment. The 6.2 is awesome but priced beyond the reach of most and doesn’t out perform Fords little 3.5 and not might not even out perform the 5.7 hemi ... The 5.3 needs 400 hp

    41. MRO

      I love these comparisons. I also got a huge discount back in 2016 for my GMC Denali ultimate, only drawback was the 5.3, and I thought not a big deal until I started driving it more and towing. I’d never buy another GM again, and especially a 5.3. It’s just too sluggish for the competition these days. 6.2 folks......

    42. luk

      Andrey needs to review Lada Niva 😀. We want 0-60 numbers.

    43. James Calvert

      those towing mirrors do not look good on the 1500 half ton silverado

    44. Blamvideo

      I had a 2009 Silverado LT 5.3L. I loved the looks of the truck, but the 5.3L 6speed was a turd. Its a car engine not a truck. It's better than the 4 speed, but it always seemed to be rushing to get into 6th gear. If you towed anything bigger than a Seadoo the engine would roar for any slight incline. The 0-60 time was nearly glacial. It had the cylinder cutoff, but it didn't have enough power to switch into V4 mode unless you were going downhill. I got a programmer for it hoping for something, but all I got was a little better shifting and being forced to run 91 octane for a ~20Hp gain. The 6.2L is a MUCH better engine for everything except gas mileage. It almost makes it a sport truck! The newer 8 speed removes alot of the gas mileage penalty. I towed quite a bit, so I went with a Ford Ecoboost (waiting for the hate mail!). It made towing a non-event and was about as smooth as a diesel without the racket and the smell, AND the cost. I looked at a new truck and thought I'd give Chevy a try again, but the newer truck with 355HP and the 8 speed is slightly better, but still about 1/2 a decade now behind the ford for anyone who tows and hauls. :(

    45. freakotec

      You guys should do a GM 6.2L (2500hd) vs Ford 6.2L (F-250) shoot out! Test and rate towing capability, comfort, fit and finish and even some drag racing!

    46. R Usack

      ..People use.....Android Auto now.

    47. Herb Wheeler

      I like the old style west coast mirrors.

    48. PA Farmboy

      I am a Chevy owner and fan. The new 2019 body style is the best truck on the road. I hated the Dodge. No column shifter and that huge iPad infotainment system in the Dodge were major turnoffs.

    49. Jay Boshuis

      Please, this isn't high school. Ditch the hula girl.

    50. Chris M

      I'd think the conditions benefitted the 5.3, your launch may be traction limited. I just looked at new GM trucks. I was befuddled. I like features, the more the better. Two of my favorite are adaptive cruise control and keyless entry. I also don't like chrome. The only trim level that I like the aesthetics of is the Trail Boss. I can only get adaptive cruise control in the top trim level. Come on GM, Toyota and Honda put adaptive cruise control in everything, literally. Ford at least makes it an option, granted I'd probably have to special order a truck, but at least it's possible. RAM is the only one that offers a big infotainment screen, the rest are all average size.

    51. Matthew Duhon

      Have you had the chance to tow with the 6.2 and max tow package?

    52. Build0001

      I have a 2016 GMC with 5.3 8 speed and it tows my 5000lb boat better than anything I’ve hooked to it. I’ve never heard of any overheating unless these 2019+ have the issue but I don’t see that.

    53. Eric Negron

      Long time follower!! The most stupid title ever!!! The 5.3 is a dog and every one knows it!!! What’s the point?? Not even watching this one!! Sorry guys

    54. ristomatti kolsi

      Here in Finland our goverment plans to force us to go electric, because our 1.4L and 1.6L 4 cylinder Corollas and Golfs are destroying the climate.

    55. Gage Stevens

      The 6.2 is my favorite engine

    56. Bryant Brewington

      Love both in would Buy the Boss 5.3 just popular.

    57. 79random

      Find it odd that you can not fully option a Trail Boss to the LTZ trim level. An off road focused truck and no power fold mirrors? hmmm

    58. O Cortez

      This video is 30:36 too long. Yes...……….. YOU NEED A 6.2

    59. Scott G

      I’m not sure what the bitch is about the interiors is on the trucks but if you buy an FCA product only for the interior bling, big TV and colorful leather you really need to be at the home store looking for living room furniture. It’s a truck and after a few years of keeping the nooks and crannies clean you would have wished you got the hose out interior. The Silverado dash looks like it would take several hours to extricate the dust from the dash alone after a weekend of dirt roads and trails.

    60. Carter Rose

      This is my first comment on a video ever..Andre, you sir are knowledgeable and for that we are appreciative. Other guy, you make me cringe nearly every time you open your fat mouth. Quit saying unnecessary comments and stating the obvious, “it’s’s also....covered in bed liner”. Again Andre, thank you.

    61. mrsteel10213

      Somehow that onstar rep awnsers in all my company accts . Chase , citi, onstar, even amex. Wtf are they hired to awnser many company calls

    62. Wargasms

      I just don't understand the hate for the interior. I think it looks great.

    63. MrNoWaffles 1

      What kind of question is this

    64. Brian Houlihan

      Love the Hula Girl.

    65. benjaminwayneb

      TFL fastest 1/2 ton truck.

    66. Steven Claggett

      Do you really need any V8? The power from todays V6's and forced induction 4's should answer that.

    67. travis arnold

      Well boys if you gotta big old Chevy I found some cool backup cams on if your interested...

    68. Defender 1 Nation

      Far from an ideal test but entertaining at least. Tires were different, cold and snowy out, lifted vs not lifted. Too many variables and differences to really make a definitive call here.

    69. DoubleJ

      Chevy isn’t the first one to get the big tow mirrors in the half ton, Ford half tons has had them for at least 5 years. Ram half tons have had them too.

    70. chevytechb

      I think those mirrors are nothing but a twenty foot blind spot in a corner