Doing Charli D'Amelio's Makeup!

James Charles

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I sat down with Charli D'Amelio, Tik Tok star, to talk about makeup, her rise to fame, hate comments, how her life has changed, and so much more! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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    1. Daniel Lopez

      Turn it up when Charli speaks and down when James speaks

    2. Akira {adorable potato}

      I would love to get my makeup done by him like he seems so sweet and his makeup technique is wonderful

    3. esg

      I have never seen a james charles video but i enjoyed this and the eyes look great

    4. Madelynn M

      Charli:breathes out of one nostril James:why Charli:I broke my nose and I've been waiting to get surgery James:rHiNopLaStY? Charli:no. tO bReAtTThhh. I CAN'T 😂

    5. Monkeyplayz Roblox

      💋🥰😘😍❤️😍🥰😘😗you Charlie

    6. Sweet Ness

      Can you give me your nomber

    7. Sweet Ness

      Can you give me Charlie number

    8. Ana Gómez

      18:21 se parece a loren

    9. Brizia Ranero

      James can you follow me one tik tok its brizia30

    10. Hannah Pattinson

      44 mil

    11. black wolf female alpha

      I've seen y'alls tiktoks.

    12. Erin O'connor

      I can’t go out looking like TRASH

    13. V.M.K K.M.V

      Чарли била много грозна бе🤣🤣🤔

    14. ChimChim Chimmy

      Huh 15 lang yan tas akala ko mga 18 or 20 ohh di nyo maiintindihan yan mga tagalog lang makakaintindi nyan

    15. Jeremiah Griffin

      Shes so sweet I just want to give her a hug 🤗

    16. Munai Yousef

      I don’t like her but the makeup is soooo pretty

    17. Cherry Hall

      I think Charli is ok because all I see in the comments is that she gets alot of hate I feel bad bro she is ok with 45 mill followers there is more positivity than hate

    18. Rebeca Imka Bekker

      OMG she’s so beautiful with everything

    19. Becki Simmons

      I am a huge fan of her. I have always wanted to meet her. I dont think my dreams of meeting her will come true tho. I live in England. I am 9 years old. 10 in July

    20. Kiara Sailor

      I love you GUYS

    21. stiles stilinki

      “When you glue your fingers together” Bruh im dead

    22. Major League

      yea she speaks very quit and is she in 9th grade because my sister is 15 and in 9th grade

    23. y e s s i r y e s s i r

      Omg people are so annoying and rude to celebs literally famous people have private lives and can’t always get a picture or something like I get it but accept that they can’t always

    24. Natalie Nichole

      Double check that number people. Not really appreciating the influx of texts I’ve been getting due to typos 😖

    25. Immi & Lova

      James is so sweet to her omg🥺

    26. Shooter YT

      So cute you guys look pretty❤️👭

    27. ツ Frozzyy

      She looks like malu trevejo with makeup

    28. Jana Qaddoura

      my friend : I'm so bad at makeup me : go to Jame Charles NOW!!!!!

    29. stephanie uy

      James is so nice to charli like she wanna comfort charli❤❤

    30. Nica vlogs And diys

      Charli really be like 👉🏼👈🏼

    31. Aivreee Yooo

      are we gonna talk about how this 15 year old girl just said "well im a little girl and YOU just made me cry" lmao wtf

    32. Expertvlogs TM

      I love charli 😘 she is a great person

    33. GIRL SQUAD Lorenzo

      2:40 shes so cute

    34. Amber Lachowski

      charlie: soft spoken james: talk about fast forward the tape

    35. Maria DeHoyos

      I don’t know why people are so rude to her she seems so shy and make a cute face so why does people hate her

    36. Matthew Brehm

      *James* Tik Tok is great because everyone has an equal opportunity to become viral *Redditors* 😑

    37. Mia Woods

      I just want to be able to BREATH

    38. Mayte Benitez

      Aquí esta el comentario que buscabas en español👌😘

    39. Princess Lee

      I love your video 😘😘😘😘

    40. Brenna Maxwell

      Charlie actually quite shy!

    41. Denazia Porter

      Am I the only one that thinks makeup makes her look more like Dixie

    42. Elizabeth Pack

      Absolutely stunning 😍🥰😘

    43. Rhonalee Powell

      Pls ask her to follow me that would mean a lot my name is nialeeforlife10🤩

    44. a l l y g a c h a

      James chales im a big fan And i freaked out on your hi sisters

    45. Mia Gonzales

      Omg James same time takes me all of Charlie’s followers (like if they were years)to learn a dance

    46. Valeria Chavez

      I want him to do Billie Eilish but she doesn't wear makeup so that sucks

    47. Brooks Folio

      Everyone on tik tok: *does dance videos, lip syncing, and memes Kevin Hart: is this how I do a tik tahk

    48. Sandra Pagliaro

      James: *doing renagade* Charli: *doing renagade with her fingers glued* Also James: STOPPPPPPPPPPPP

    49. Rihanna Play’s

      Wait you use to are still living in ct

    50. Jace MrNorman

      You Charli haters out there if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it

    51. Isabelle Samantha

      i know this is late but i hope charli doesnt get surgery in the future due to the media. yeah she has small lips and such but it suits her soft personality. she's a natural beauty :)))

    52. im yo mama

      She's just a kid!! Leave her alone people!

    53. Azaria Tuini

      I feel bad for Charlie 😔

    54. Dayana Torres

      Turned out so cute

    55. Its_ SophiaSnow

      Why do I low-key ship these two-

    56. Tianna

      Omg charli is so pretty even without the make up

    57. martin kim

      The fact that I watched this shows how fucking bored I am with my life.

    58. Kendall Russell

      what if this said liked by creater

      1. Tianna

        Kendall Russell this isn’t TikTok lol

    59. Azaria Tuini

      Lol I didn’t know Charlie was 15😂😂

    60. Kassidy McCarty

      Omg! She looks like Addison rae!!!

    61. Mia White


    62. Evie Coles

      That face that James just let gas out at the end and Charlie was just like wtf is so funny 😂

    63. Cata Acevedo Lopez


    64. Gitana Propst

      She is a good dancer what is he talking about

    65. Brianna Berg

      Charli: I feel cool Me: dude u r cool

    66. Aldana

      hola charli querés ser mi NOVIA,???

    67. Doris trujillo

      I love your make up and Charlie Demilio🙂

    68. TheSingingMaster_

      Charli is literally so shy 🥺

    69. Chanhee is my Babyboy


    70. Meiyeu Wu

      Omg now I'm watching this I haven't see in a day, charli !!!!!!!!! Damel'io!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!