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Dolph Ziggler brutally attacks Kofi Kingston: SmackDown LIVE, May 21, 2019



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    After Kofi Kingston defeats Sami Zayn, a returning Dolph Ziggler viciously assaults the WWE Champion.
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    1. josephine amoako

      you are a very big shame dolph ziggler

    2. ChristopheDoesVlogs

      Brock could’ve cashed in.

    3. Perez Amiral

      Drew mcintyre : you shouldve said noh Dolph ziggler : it shouldve been me Lol haha

    4. Taufik Rahman

      Shouldn't Dolph catch R-Truth for 24/7 Championship too. 😆😁

    5. jayswift3601

      WWE is so predictable. Think about it Big E is hurt, when he came back a few weeks ago he was attacked back stage and they were saying it was Kevin Owens but Keven Owens denied it. Remeber with Big E debuted on the main roster who was he aligned with? Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. I see Big E turning on New day and Kolfi loosing the WWE Title.

    6. Kiera Kyle

      Dolph Ziggler is afraid of a fair match. He must be related to Shane McMahon.

    7. Joseph Perez

      Kofi and dolph have barn burning matches and always steal the show

    8. Michael Cline

      Wait... why? *generic I want the title response*

    9. omid bkz

      perhaps dolph in new wwe champion i love that



    11. Abhi Saini

      Dolph ❤

    12. Gaelek13

      *Nobody:* *Dolph Ziggler:* [brutally attacks and hospitalises Kofi Kingston]

    13. Mila Mcdonald

      I wish I had a VIP pass or 4 tickets to one show I would smack dolph put his head in a chair and a head lock mm I would. Attack him if he was there if he hurts any one like that to one of my favs like Roman new day usos miz and seth

    14. Mila Mcdonald

      If i was like in the front row i wouldn't care I would grab his stupid ponytail grab a chair slap him around what I would have done to him I would be in jail for

    15. Ayush Dev Thapa

      Dolph is one of the best

    16. Jaxson Cruz

      After seening Double or Nothing. WWE Looks likes Child's play.

    17. Chris Stella

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    18. Mad Slumped

      Dolph Ziggler as WWE Champion doesn't sound too bad


      I hate zigller

    20. Ryan M

      Ziggler returns to a WWE title feud. Looks like the AEW-effect is already being realized.

    21. Sahra Ali

      I hat e u dilph

    22. Sabrina Vella

      Hahaha nice move WWE, keeping Dolph happy so he doesn’t end up on the otherside....

    23. KoRnBaKo

      I never liked that Shawn Michaels/Billy Gunn rip off.

    24. Gustavo Penaloza

      Dolph why would you do that you attacks the wwe champion

    25. Movies Corner

      Ziggler Will Be Next Our Wwe Champion

    26. I don’t know Animations

      I feel so bad for kofy

    27. ITS TRUE CHANNEL wwe

      I am waiting for cm punk vs shane mcmahon best in the world dream match

    28. Lionheart Leo

      The bootleg billy Gunn is back 😂

    29. Terry plays

      Dolph is back and he almost killed someone yay😁😁😁

    30. Joe Guzman

      No f him

    31. WR3D Jadari

      They should start feuding again like they did back in 2013

    32. Power100

      Hayman & Dolph what a weird team.

    33. Boom Bux 🗽

      Kofi chest is weird

    34. mj rocks

      Dolph Ziggler sucks!!!!!

    35. youngKobe

      Great time for Lesnar to cash in but Smackdown is the B show

    36. Kenya Grundy

      The new day will break up, Big E will turn heel and turn on Kofi Kingston and Big E. will reunite with Dolph Ziggler again... Kofi Kingston is getting too much publicity right now and why do you think Big E has been attacked lately also another reason why they brought Dolph Ziggler back it all makes sense

    37. Viviana Nonna

      Hey look Ziggler is back to being a jobber again, should've gone to AEW

    38. Dizastah XP

      They would make ziggler/kofi win to have Brock cash in on him

    39. Hammad Hidayat

      I need big e and dolph ziggler be one again

    40. Dre D

      Dolph and Kofi 2 of my favorite in ring performers... Glad to see Dolph back... let's see how WWE play this storyline since Big E help both of them capture their WWE first Heavyweight Championship...

    41. Wesley C

      Welcome back, Dolph.

    42. Preston Gavin

      This should be the start of a Heel turn for Kofi where was Big E and Xavier Woods. Where were you guys when I was getting beat down?

    43. SadGrimm

      Dolph is still relevant?

    44. Augure 25

      We Don't want princess like kofi or ziegler. We want badass like Brock Lesnar, us the unlittle 8 years old american girls...

    45. GoldGang VEVO

      The real Best In The World is back

    46. 0401412740

      Where's Jason Jordan????

    47. Mister Mashups

      So...If Dolph nearly killed Kofi. Why didnt Brock Lesnar cash in?

      1. James Bond

        lol make secne hes half dead just run in and just touch him he fall over and pin xD

    48. broccoli series


    49. Anthony McFadden

      dolph ziggler returns!!!!!!!! whhattttttttt omg im getting goosebumps, and idc what ppl say we miss u dolph ziggler

    50. Raiyasat Mirza

      I love dolph

    51. YøøFãvv Will

      I wanna see Brock Suplex Someone ANYONE Thru an Announce/Commentary Table

    52. قناة متنوعه / محمد فالح هادي .

      خطيه كوفي ليش يا دولف سويت هيك ليه .

    53. Alif Najmi

      *Dolph Ziggler came back to WWE just to collect the paycheck from Saudi Arabia*

    54. Leona Lewis

      Dolph ziggler is just blooded jealous because Kofi got the championship and now he is crying over it and he was already a champion in the past so he need to get over himself

    55. Lnxo10


    56. Sebastian Dideriksen

      Thank you, Dolph!

    57. suman reddy

      Wwe is completely fake fighting,it's shows clearly when Kofi wins the title

    58. Sisie Vital

      Kofi the best

    59. Beenpaid DB13

      New heyman guy? Dolph zigglar?

    60. Kookie bunny

      Lol fake not literally punching kofi's face

    61. Talha Siddiqi

      0:23 Finally my voice has been sounded by someone else... Liv Morgan is seriously being missed on SDLive

    62. Jose Herrejon

      Great job 👍

    63. the navigater

      Well if you people pouse when zigler want to stumb kofie you will notice kofies head is not on the chair 😂😂 fake

    64. Kairi Editz

      0:23 LIV MORGAN

    65. lordjenn A

      I miss Ziegler’s straw/spaghetti hair RIP😢

      1. James Bond

        why did u eat it

    66. Stealth 107

      Dolph is cool.

    67. DynamicFiz

      Dolph is actually one of the best new generation wrestlers if you think about it. Remember dolph vs miz, That feud had to be one of the best in the new generation. And the 5 star match him vs miz at fast lane. He deserves the push more than anybody tbh Plus he can make every move look rough.

    68. Yaka Yaka


    69. Rich Crompton

      Dolph Ziggler did wrong to Kofi Kingston

    70. nico yazawa

      yes my favorite wrestler is back!

    71. MyJadedShadow

      "Kofi got Pearl Harbored" - OSW

    72. Charles Smith

      Wwe finally got mitb right again after 4 years of them getting it wrong it’s sad that Brock had to win it for it to happen

    73. Yony Royal

      Na manchen Se pasó el Dolph

    74. Dendy Faisal Khaddafi

      Welcome back Dolph!

    75. Add Addwar

      Pretty real hits😬😬😬

    76. will thuglife

      Was that a remake of cm punk wrapping a chair around Jeff Hardy's neck but worse

    77. Movies Power

      Dolph Coming Back For Wwe Title And Captured At SSD

    78. Loojaw Manandhar

      Dolph did a cm punk

    79. Spot Light

      New brock Lensar OK

    80. Gerrod Jackson


    81. roshan gurung

      Aew is really getting into wwe head Wwe is desperate

    82. Thanos

      WWE has ZERO top stars just a bunch of mid card trash.

    83. Dylan Lowings

      Give Dolph the title, Kofi is getting kinda old and boring

    84. Rahim Shloul

      The was in my city. Glad i didn't go i would have look soo stupid in my kofi shirt cheering on dolph 😄😄

    85. Krish Emchande

      people are actually saying on social media that ziggler went too far..this was nothing lol imagine what they would do if they saw what eddie did to rey in 2005 lool

    86. Diego Contreras

      Amazing. I'll watch Smackdown again. I'd like to see dolph as champion.

    87. Alvaro Wilson

      And the refs get paid anybody get hurt, what's the point of them to show up seriously?

    88. God

      This will be such an amazing match, Ziggler will probably lose, I’d prefer if he won but I feel like I’m in the minority on that. Either way dolph can have a good match with just about anyone so this will be entertaining nonetheless

    89. Charafi sabrina

      Thank godness Dolph is back

    90. Michael Jaikaran

      I hope Dolph gets the title. Dont get me wrong, I love Kofi as the Champ, but I think Dolph deserves it too.

    91. Anshu Singh

      Ye to Gaya ab 🐕 gigler

    92. Lance Cowan

      I am glad Dolph did this because we all HATE Kofi!

    93. Major Pain

      Immer das selbe..

    94. Justus isDubElecTrapTv

      Dolph Ziggler a jerk for attacking kofi! 😠

    95. thomas flores

      What a jerk :(

    96. blackrain7917

      What,a lame Dolph

    97. James West

      I hope they have a good feud I won’t mind Dolph winning and Kofi chasing the belt than getting it back after a few matches

    98. 10man

      Dolph is the best

    99. Dominic Tanui

      I guess ziggler has bargained what he can't chew.

    100. Mushrom Man

      Kofi has been a great champion on of the best in recent times he's feuds are amazing Kofi v Bryan Kofi v Owens Kofi v Ziggler And all of them happened in 2019