Drake Maverick challenges Mike Kanellis: 205 Live Exclusive, July 16, 2019



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    After a heated confrontation with Mike Kanellis, WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick told The Opportunist that he has to earn a WWE Cruiserweight Championship opportunity and the only way to do that is in a match against the General Manager himself!
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    1. Daniel Bugden

      Daniel Bryan will be the 205 champ soon, elevate the entire show.

    2. Wallace Thomas

      Drake we don't consider that unprofessional and he deserves it even eventhough it's fake oh sorry I had to spill the news

    3. Suave Jode

      Now if Drake wins he gotta get consummation from his wife.

    4. Jonathan Mendelsohn

      The Mic skills between these 2 are at the top. The Mercedes Benz of promos. Great job gentlemen. A+. Proud of both Drake & Mike K. You guys Rock. I can see why Paul Levesque is handing you guys these huge checks. You earned them.

    5. Coding World


    6. Red Rum

      Kanellis getting buried

    7. Thatoneguy 0

      Is this the same drake Maverick that tries to get the 24/7 title?

    8. Edgar Flores

      mike kanelis vs drew gulak summerslma

    9. undisputededgehead

      Amazing how good these characters are in 205 and how different they are on raw etc. Continuity...

    10. It’s Nolan Duh

      It’s funny how 205 live nxt and nxt UK are better than raw and smackdown

    11. Raphael Nahon

      Drew should get the Cruiserweight championship and defend it against Mike at Summerslam.


      Mike Kanellis in Raw : Gets humiliated in 5 seconds by Zack Ryder Drake Maverick in Raw/SM : He is in the best rivalry of the show, but he’s a goofball And both are serious in 205 wtf WWE lol

    13. WOLF VIDS

      Lumberjack match

    14. Abhijit Bhattacharjee

      it is time that drake maverick finally become rockstar spud....😱😱

    15. anonymo: now

      drake as a crusierweight and 24/7 champion

    16. Geki I Zenon Xenowing

      Hornswoggle should become the new general manager of the 205 brand, Drake Maverick can't even focus on his duty as 205's general manager.

    17. Jason Jones

      WHAT!!!! this is crazy Drake Maverick hasn’t wrestled in a while ever since he was Rockstar Spud 2 years ago in 2017 in Impact Wrestling even though I didn’t get to see it because, I didn’t start watching Impact Wrestling until this year when I found out that you can watch it live on Twitch.

    18. Neo

      pls let him wear a bowtie

    19. george brice

      they should do this have Drake win back the 24/7 title have Mike kanellis sneak in with the referee attack Drake Maverick pinned him to win the belt try to injure Drake go on to win the cruiseweight title where kanellis is a double champion Drake comeback from injury get his revenge ask kanellis to put both titles on the line and beat kanellis for both belts

    20. Noah

      Welcome back rockstar Spud. I've been waiting fro this storyline to hit the climax.

      1. Jason Jones

        Noah Bro you gotta tell me about Rockstar Spud I’m new to him I’ve never seen Drake Maverick as Rockstar Spud before what was it like?

    21. Jamirimaj

      I keep telling people, if Rockstar Spud/Drake Maverick is only 1 feet taller and 100 lbs bigger, he might be the next Cena, the next big thing in professional wrestling....

    22. MassiveNoob

      Is it weird for me to say that I really like how Drake's shirt looks?

      1. omsta999

        That’s a Claudio Lugli shirt

    23. Joel Rodriguez

      I give him 30 seconds. and by him I mean Mike 😁

    24. JumpmanJay209

      They have my curiosity now but can get they get my attention

    25. baby Maharaja

      He's an extremely good actor. I notice I get into any segment he's in.

    26. Gabriel Wallisch

      Rockstar spud

    27. lucas santos

      Comedy? Hilarious. Seriousness? Credible and respectable. Drake Maverick can deliver whatever side of his character he want, whenever is needed. What a performer.

      1. A. Lister

        And a damm good wrestler 2

    28. Elias Adriano Scholz

      Yes yes yes

    29. Mac Gaming

      Seeing that drake and mike both got 1 shot by a finisher instantly this will be interesting

    30. Ethan Horan


    31. incativated

      i don't like this dudes hair

    32. Noah 18934


    33. CDOH .11

      So its tna 2016 all over again

    34. DR DAMAGE


    35. Tony Sahni

      Never watched 205 but because of the great stuff with the 24/7 title I'm watching this feud.

    36. Walter Alvin

      Rockstar Spud is back

    37. TheMehgend

      hm Finally get to see Drake have matches. Hope he is as good as Rockstar Spud

    38. abd al

      last minute face of maverick

    39. Concert Crap

      I knew this storyline was headed toward this and I am actually really excited for this match!

    40. custard akintola

      Now i Will what 205 Live

    41. Mexican Patriot

      Ok mike got his shot at the cruiser weight title

    42. Slayadex

      So hyped

    43. BuzzPlays

      Dayum Hornswoggle piiiiiiiiiiiiiisst

    44. IDL- FRESH

      the twitter beef into real life in wwe is now started

    45. TwiZteD McBaY


    46. Matthew Dusart

      Mr 24/7

    47. The Brothers of Gameplay

      Is this at summerslam or on the next 205 live

      1. The Brothers of Gameplay

        Jason Jones ok

      2. Jason Jones

        The Brothers of Gameplay I think it’s on the next 205 live because, Drake just said that if Mike wins, he gets his title opportunity so if Mike won then he would get his title opportunity at Summerslam against Drew Gulak

    48. I am FallenStar65

      I really wanna see Drake, his wife, and the Kanellis’s go at it in a mixed tag match

      1. Jason Jones

        I am FallenStar65 of course man oh yea and I just subscribed to your channel so now I just turned your 19 subscribers into 20

      2. I am FallenStar65

        Jason Jones cool, thanks bro

      3. Jason Jones

        I am FallenStar65 It’s good bro besides Sami Callahan is a great heel in Impact Wrestling including when he was in MLW.

      4. I am FallenStar65

        Jason Jones is that good or bad?

      5. Jason Jones

        I am FallenStar65 By the way man I watched 1 of your videos and you look almost like Sami Callahan

    49. Nur Erliansyah

      What is it happening today that everybody is fighting their boss


      205 IS DEAD

    51. Steven Morales

      34 billion views all over here wo go

    52. Mickie Manuel

      Spud spud spud

    53. The Miz

      Hornswoggle wrestling again? Hmmm..... DAMMIT, I've been hanging out with R-Truth too much.

    54. Xaleez

      *Drake Maverick has entered the chat* *Mike Kanellis has entered the chat* *Drake Maverick has left the chat* *Rockstar Spud has entered the chat* *Mike Kanellis has left the chat*

      1. TraemayneBrown2012

        Lml Good 1

    55. Eduardo Morales


    56. 球軌

      well and Drake get destroy in ten seconds same as the match with r truth

    57. Morning Star

      Multiple personality syndrome.....Drake Maverick..fighter in 205 and fool in Raw.

    58. Harry Ballz

      Spud is back!

    59. Mistah MegaManFan

      So Rockstar Spud will be the father of Maria's baby. Joy.

    60. Chris Cr

      His shirt !

      1. omsta999

        They’re icons of famous movie characters - a Claudio Lugli shirt

    61. GhostPlay

      HHH doing engaging story lines once again, go figure. This is awesome.

    62. Firman Firman

      Rockstar Spud is back

    63. Bilbert TU4

      Hornswoggle 2.0 is on fire right now boys😎😎😎😃😀

    64. Jermain Allen

      Rockstar Spud vs Mike Bennett Book it HHH.

    65. Krish Chawla

      Weakest vs weakest this gonna be awesome (Exclude james ellsworth)

    66. Michael Klein

      They should make another Stipulation that if Mike Kanellis loses than he’s done. Not just for 205 Live all of WWE.

    67. Delano

      This feud is more interesting then all the storylines on RAW and SMACKDOWN combined😂

      1. kelz tatsuya

        All feuds are better compare to RAW and SmackDown.

    68. ハイイロギツネ