Drake Maverick crashes SDCC in search of R-Truth



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    During Mattel’s WWE panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Drake Maverick - dressed as a “Macho Man” banana - appears and asks if anyone has seen 24/7 Champion R-Truth.
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    1. John W

      “I’m a Macho Man-ana. Oooh yea!” That was some Alan Alda level wit. We don’t deserve Drake Maverick.

    2. M khan

      lol closer to it than any of you nerds

    3. The Virtual Music

      WWE Here Comes The Pain part 2 plz im asking for it

    4. Ameir Thegamer


    5. Louie Paul

      Wwe quit pushing drake he sucks make his wife annul the marriage and make him go away

    6. Mahir Asef

      Happy that wwe creative actually putting some efforts behind it. The title is 24/7 and they are living up to the purpose of the title.

    7. Neymar Jr. Videos

      First we saw the title and we think that is bad but now it's so funny!❤️❤️❤️

    8. faustrocket565

      Aw man, no one chanted constipation?

    9. Tharen Gore

      Dear Lord 24/7 title using Drake and R-Truth is nothing but gold.

    10. ma'ruf bintang dwicahyo

      wwe is desperately searching for ways to get more attetion until to the point they embarassed their own superstar

    11. Epic Potato

      Kayfabe lives again

    12. D.O.A


    13. Journal Wright

      Get a divorce.

    14. My World-ICONIC


    15. Apex 0

      Never realized how much big cass and kurt hawkins look alike

    16. CM Punk sucks, Ryback is a legend

      Brock lesnar guy

    17. Blissful Mania

      Hurricane vs r truth 24/7 Championship

    18. Salmaan Kori

      Truth is at Manipur, India now come here

    19. U Varddhamaanan Jain

      R truth and drake should have made a cameo in avengers Endgame fighting for 24 7 championship 😂😂😂😂

    20. Hayden TGM uncut vlogs

      1:31 ???

    21. Gregg Darby

      So happy for drake maverick getting over

    22. David Crader

      What the hell is Hornswoggle doing at the Comic Con?!?!?!

    23. bruh moment

      Did he ever find him ?

    24. STEVE Z

      That Pop was louder than any in the PG era 😂

    25. Jay Rilley

      24/7 champ Shenanigans at Comiccons, Just brilliant.

    26. D Wall

      Drake maverick is the most entertaining thing in WWE

    27. Chiemeka Arize

      Friend of guy who was at comic on this year : what’s that on ur wall Guy who was at comic con: oh it’s a wanted poster of r truth Friend: r- who ? Guy: r-truth, he’s the 48/7 365 European champion

    28. Remo Wiggins

      I want to see them interrupt a high profile match that would be hilarious

    29. Leonardo Beltran

      F'n brock lesnar guy he's everywhere Lol

    30. Ky Gamer

      Upupdowndown kofi nickname is mr 24/7 Title 24/7

    31. Hamzah Iftikhar

      205 live is better

    32. Jaswinder Bansal


    33. Punx is idol and noise

      Why do I feel like drake maverick is a modern day crash holly but better

    34. Michael Fadairo

      What the heck?

    35. Edward Stewart

      Man that Hornswoggleone sure is one angry leprechaun. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    36. Lydarius Vaughn

      Truth and Drake are gold with this 24/7 title feud.

    37. pricila

      hey look its hornswoggle !

    38. Furry Donkey

      Drake Maverick in a banana suit would be a perfect action figure next year's Comic-Con ...........

    39. Michael Lyden


    40. Vanellope Von Schweetz


    41. Ashley Lynch

      Thank you drake and truth if it weren’t for you wwe wouldn’t be as good as it is this story line is saving the company

    42. Joel Lee

      I am loving this so much. 😻

    43. Juancho Licaros

      Drake Maverick be like "IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!"

    44. Daniel Chavez

      Truly wish drake could show off his move set he has potential but like always wwe wastes talent

    45. Alex Wood

      He might be the most over person in the company

    46. karatebuff

      And this is what the 24/7 belt was made for Invading the Comic Con, what's next the SuperBowl?

    47. Shawon Marshman

      Maybe that’s why he hasn’t consummated his marriage because he’s a limp banana

    48. Mohd Haziq Baharudin

      Who would've thought that the guy, who pissed on his pants, would make WWE interesting to watch . Seriously, truth and drake deserve a medal or some kind

    49. Kyle Kallies

      In search of the title to any super star who doesn’t have a title go for this one

    50. kiid.m

      Am i the only one that saw the Brock Lesnar Guy

    51. Carlos Valverde

      R-Truth and Drake Maverick are the E on World Wrestling Entertainment

    52. Maxi_UC

      The number one fan of Brock Lesnar 😂😂

    53. iMiguelAOG


    54. Artiomiz

      So I've came back from a week or 2 of not being aware of the company at all: and these 2 literally lead the whole company without any other wrestling rivalry build up. Did the whole roster just left for AEW and they left these 2 for comedy sketches or something? why are these 2 hilarious for whatever reason? all I remember was r truth pinning jinder on a private jet and thats it

    55. Matthew Flynn

      24/7 championship is the dumbest thing I've seen since the Spirit Squad...

    56. Juhm!r

      WWE, each 24/7 championship video y’all Upload is the are some of most viewed videos y’all getting! Take notes

    57. Hallowdawn 91

      Drake and R Truth seem like they're having the most fun out of everyone on the roster

    58. Brandon Burns


    59. Raymi Mercado

      This is Drake's heel turn

    60. Dedsec sezx

      What ta hell

    61. Matthew Kissun lynch brady

      Plz gatecrash the game of thrones comic con

    62. Sam Tipton


    63. Naruto Uzamaki

      Boi get outta here, there are many other famous people to see than stupid hornswoggle

    64. Gcool243

      It seems like spud (maverick) is having a lot of fun in wwe and he’s surely making damn good money. I’m happy for him

    65. Frank T

      Who saw this coming from Drake !!!!!!

    66. Ridge Bolosan

      All he cares about a title not his wife? Well if he keeps this up... Idk how long the wife is going to stay

    67. Ahmed Noseir

      How does it smell in there must smell like hella BO

    68. JonnySuite13

      Truth is Wanted: Dead or Alive.

    69. Shangail Dudley

      This is so entertaining!😂😂😂😂

    70. avengers assemble

      Bruh wrestling at a comic Con is dumb 😂😂