Drake Maverick snaps on Mike Kanellis: WWE 205 Live, July 16, 2019



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    Mike Kanellis trades verbal barbs with WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick after defeating and pummeling Jackson James, and after being insulted by Kanellis several times, Maverick suddenly attacks The Opportunist.
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    1. Hdnm Hjjd

      drake mavericks funny

    2. Jayden Mitchell

      He sounds like C.M Punk😂 actually wth like he's literally C.M Punk

    3. John Silverwood

      I can not stop watch this video it sound like CM Punk I miss CM Punk in WWE

      1. John Silverwood

        It is not the some with out ham

    4. ChallengerReviews

      Looks like WWE decided to give Maverick a push. Good job, Vince & Co!

    5. tristan cena

      Not even half of a man..lol

    6. Lone Wolf Jet Jet

      Rockstar Spud Mode!!!!!!!

    7. Pacific Boy

      Why does maverick talk out the side of his mouth lol

    8. Gr3at Nat3

      I don't blame spud one bit

    9. Payton Wright

      Drake Maverick runs a show and is chasing the 24/7 championship. And his marriage is almost ruined. What could be worse

    10. Juan Garcia

      Dang homes he sounds like CM Punk

    11. Jude Quinn

      I'm amazed at how good this is.

    12. Shawn Crow

      CM Mike lmaooo

    13. Krooo Raf

      Mike sounds like CM Punk lol

    14. Pra Cess

      we want rockstarspud back as a universal champion,,,

    15. Baby_Pink Mobile Legend


    16. Travis Preisner

      Mike is giving me the CM Punk Vibes in this promo

    17. Willow Studio

      Damn this promo is fire



    19. varun V K

      Raw & Smackdown - Mad Guy 🤣🤣🤣 205 live- Serious Guy ,incredible mic work❤️

    20. Alex Box

      That dropkick was on point 👌🏼

    21. Kyle Krause

      what's Jackson James's real name? I need to search him in cagematch

    22. KingDavid - XxHellDignityxX

      Notice how Mike wins when Maria isn’t around

    23. Jake King

      Mike can go on the mic he’s giving me this CM Punk vibe. Vince doesn’t know that he got a gold mine with this guy 🤦🏾‍♂️

    24. IAmTamriver

      why does it feel like Raw and Smackdown are happening in a different universe than 205 Live lol

    25. Kenny Vega

      Wow the Wimp or his wife beat the other wimp of his wife

    26. Dumb Movie Review

      I forgot Drake Mavericks the 205 GM.

    27. 21mx 21

      How do u prove anything to ur wife by being the weakest belt holder

    28. Gabriel Elvir

      Kannellis uses codys finisher and sounds just like the god cm punk, bruh

    29. Ameir Thegamer

      I that Brian kendrick

    30. El CH

      Mike Kanellis has great mic skills

    31. Jose Concepcion

      Let's get rockstar spud back

    32. Danny X

      This was a good segment. Well done Mike and Drake. Emotional promo, they both had valid points so you could see both sides even if Drake is the face. Thank you.

    33. i hate sm ppl

      he got a good finisher,great Mike skill and good looking outfit...I am a fan right now ...I want him as the face and with a short easy name

    34. Kishore Jaiswal

      Is that cm punk... after failures in mma he got changed

    35. EOD Ace

      Out of all the deserving guys drake mentioned jack gallagher and ariya davari are the only ones that haven't been champion

    36. RollinsOwensMizAmbroseGirl

      How is it that both of these guys are booked extremely different on 205 live as opposed to RAW? I like the 205 booking way more.

    37. Efraím García

      Am I the only one who thinks they should consider changing up his entrance music?

    38. Aldo Nuga

      Whos people in here to watch this video cause maverick?

    39. Mark Kenneth Villafuerte

      One of the awesome promos of 205 Live. Rockstar Spud is back.

    40. aaronmays21

      Who would have know Hornswaggle still had it in him 🤣😲

    41. Bionus Davis

      Lol... I see you Drake!!!

    42. RDK 619

      Guys like Ryder and Mike can talk but nooo WWE has to treat them like jobbers! You have to stand up for yourself! WWE needs to give their wrestlers more freedom

    43. RDK 619

      This was pretty good drama tv XD lol

    44. Ryan Prior

      I watched TNA in 2015 And in so happy right now WWE gave me the impression that he didn't have it in him

    45. jakeTexas

      Two former TNA guys on a WWE segment.

    46. FerretJohn

      Now that was Rockstar Spud, and the Mike Kanellis I wanted to see

    47. We Are Not Your Kind

      When Mike speaks close your eyes and imagine CM Punk

    48. Tutul Zaman

      What??? C m punk??? Mike bennet

    49. Well Ok

      That jobber SMASHED his face on the concrete 😱 christttt

    50. Jotaro and the World of Dolphins!

      Clever of HHH to use the joke material to push them back to a serious Level again. It would still work so much better if this to hadn't been so watered down on Raw.

    51. Mustafa Niazi

      Drake is such a great actor aka the performer 🙃

    52. Foreign Baby

      Let's all acknowledge the punch.

    53. Makognade

      This dropkick 😂

    54. aj styles

      Mike sounds like cm punk

    55. Robert Allen

      If wwe wants to improve ratings then get rid of Drake Maverick, that guys about the same size of Harvey whippleman 🤣🤣🤣

    56. Tushar Jolly

      Looks More Like Rockstar Spud Vs Cm Punk . Damn 205 live is better

    57. Radspakr

      It's eery Mike doesn't just sound like Punk he cuts promos like Punk and even uses the same facial expressions. Dye his beard a darker brown and get him a bunch of ink and you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.

    58. Kenny Omega

      wow The gm of 205 live can really fight

    59. karthik M

      I want this match

    60. TailsTV

      Tbh I thought they were gonna bury Spud but they found a gem 😂

    61. Patrick Giesler

      Damn just damn this was awesome

    62. H2ZV.1

      And we can't get this Mike Kanellis on RAW because why exactly?

    63. Yandel RBLX

      This is lowkey good

    64. Jordan Deadley

      This one segment has pulled me towards 205 Live

    65. Dan Harding

      Welcome back rockstar Spud

    66. Sundaram Mitra

      Send in The Last Real Man

    67. Itatsu Uchiha /Eyeless Jack 1996

      Stop trying to hype him. Yes mikes mic skills are good. However he lost all crediblity after Maria roasted him on Raw. Twice.

    68. Jacob

      Drake should've said something about Maria roasting him all the time 😂

    69. Matt Allerding

      Is spud back?????? Who knows

    70. Steven 5000 Slater The good dog

      I just noticed something why does Mike sound like Cm Punk