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    Join the Draw-Off Gang going LIVE at 6pm EST / 3pm PST & taking YOUR drawing suggestions! Hop in the chat and they just might make YOUR idea come to life!
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    1. Mercedes Lefrancois

      We need a Kevin and Jackie show

    2. G. A. Heine

      WILD n WACKY with Kevin and Jackie!!!!!!! My favorite program

    3. Kikos Geekos

      Jackie is so funny! i love her!!

    4. Ashley

      It's pretty cool seeing the whole process of making one of these videos.

    5. Ashley

      I want to hear the well thought out unicorn backstory that he said he could possibly cry if he read it out loud. Lol

    6. Mikey Gallo Cooke

      I thot it had Patrick swayze 37:14

    7. james king

      Obviously it should have been Paprika Pig.... *mic drop*

    8. Casey Price

      Can we please have Nick do more vague movie reviews? 😂

    9. Don Tedlock

      I always wanted to get into animation. I assume a Wacom monitor. What about software? Photoshop, Illustrator, Toon Boom Harmony, ...?

      1. Emilee Watson

        you really dont need a fancy tablet, theres some for as little as under $100 which are great for beginners :)

    10. Help

      Wild And Wacky With Kevin And Jackie WAWWKAJ is back again

    11. TeraDactylGirl

      Sorry for asking for drawing copyright character. So anyways, no copyrights allowed!

    12. ode_ to joy

      I'm still waiting for new episodes... It's been 84 years ......

    13. clara sh

      Next video: “We draw k pop stars” Please include blackpink and please do this, thanks, like this comment ppl

    14. Sam D

      Dang like can we just get to it? What is this editing?

    15. Héctor Lira

      Oh man, I really like Kyra. I meant, obviously Jackie and Kevin are great, but Kyra has a special place in my heart.

    16. Nomad Gacha

      I'm late

    17. Kristina Kovac

      New episodes please.

    18. Lavinia Nicolae

      No more episodes? I miss you :(

    19. olivia meh

      kevin looks like kombucha girl

    20. Saran

      Aww it’s a my little pony 😄 I love the hair

    21. Teshurah Punter

      29:43 is Kyra. You're welcome.

    22. jeph93718

      Jackie has been working out. She looks hot. and Funny as always.

    23. Romy –

      It should've been 30 min for each couple, but Kevin and Jackie were on screen for 1 hour while the other three couples followed the rules and shared their time in 1.5 hs😂. Smart decision to put them at the end of the stream lol.

    24. Christopher Yang

      Jackie I'm a badboy.. I'll be your YugiGary. Date me. Me practicing my confident lines.

    25. Christopher Yang

      Jackie is totally my spirit animal. Please make a YT channel so I can stan you.

    26. suejan3

      Love the chemistry between Kevin and Jackie.. 😂

    27. Zachery Shirton

      Let's get a Jackie and Kevin show going please!! Where's wild and wacky with Kevin and Jackie?

    28. Bettyboop Bish

      Hey hae-joon. My son was 3lbs wgen he was born ♡

    29. Braydon Collins


      1. Justin S

        Braydon Collins Aw man.

    30. Heather Smith

      I love Jason’s little boy in the frog costume. So cute!

    31. Francis Ryan Eusebio

      why are they worried about copyright? arent they protected by fair use?

    32. UwU

      I love how kyra was drawing aziraphale and Crowley at the start then realized that they can’t draw copy written stuff

    33. Minisuka

      I love watching the diversity in all the artists drawings. Also they have made me feel much better about the fact that I cant really get the shading concept of coloring animated drawings correct. I no longer feel like you have to be good at both to be a good artist, so maybe they'll convince me to try drawing again.

    34. Christopher Zero

      At this point Jackie and Kevin need there own series. nothing against the other artist but there just somuch fun to watch

    35. cynthia curpanen


    36. cynthia curpanen


    37. cynthia curpanen


    38. Martha

      Idk why but I always thought that everybody is drawing in the same time in the other videos

    39. Nic Q

      Jason’s drawing was so adorable. Most marketable was either Cthulhu or the unicorn (but the unicorn was kinda boring). Lol, Kevin definitely fulfilled the prompt. And this might have been the most cooperative Jackie has been at answering questions and giving advice. Good stream. Kevin continues to make the banter between him and Jackie work and stand out as the most entertaining pair.

    40. Waldomero Lillo

      I'd like to see them drawing on an Etch a Sketch board. That would be fun.

    41. jeff white

      Let them read the chat

    42. FramesPerSecond

      Would honestly just watch 2 hours of Kevin and Jackie!

    43. Henry Howard Music Association

      I love the Jackie Lee, want to marriage.

    44. Kristi S

      “If a cow can do it, you can do it too” 🙌

    45. Kimberly Ify

      Jason and Brent 💓

    46. I have a Squip

      Nice !👍

    47. TurtleHurtle

      Do you use photoshop

    48. aljon santos

      Mannnn, Kevin actually draws himself intentionally in this video.

    49. Love above all things

      I really need Jackie to be my friend

    50. Kappa

      Anyone knows kyra's Instagram?

    51. UntarWow

      AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! In honor of Jackie.

    52. Olivia

      Some people like Jason some people dont Some people like Kyra some people dont Some people like Brent some people dont. But everyone loves Kevin and Jackie

      1. Romy –

        Not really. Many people dislike Jackie.

    53. oogahboogahzoogah

      Hae-Joon is incredibly sweet and funny! He seems so nice and genuine

    54. Sarah Boice

      YAAAAAAS JACKIE! I had a HUUUUUUUGE crush on Yugi’s alter ego/dueling persona. I see you girl! But to be honest, my first “cartoon” crush was Link from Legend of Zelda.

    55. Michaela Suorsa

      I only came for Kevin and jackie

    56. Sara Sawyer

      Why Kevin draw hair on top the squirrel's hair? It looks like the squirrel is wearing a wig

    57. Nefertari El Nikhely

      Kyra just nails each and every drawing the unicorn is wonderful

    58. Lia Zabala

      I want to see a Kyra vs Jackie

    59. Nefertari El Nikhely

      Draw your selves in a cartoonish way

    60. Violet Delaney

      Jackie needs a podcast

    61. coolcupcake 145

      They need to start their own channel. It would be great if they did.

    62. Naima S

      Cody is a cheater. 😐

    63. kyeshia palmer


    64. Tyler Riso

      Jackie and Kevin need a raise. It's the only reason I watch this series.

    65. Petey7158

      There all great at there art work but I’m only here for Kevin and Jackie.

    66. Vegan Squared

      Kira sounds like Jenna marbles

    67. C00KIES Tales

      Draw popular youtubers profiles

    68. Lia Zabala

      Hae-Joon wins Kyra wins Jason wins (for once) Jackie wins

    69. Aryya Sen


    70. Maggie Holtorf

      I would love a version where they pull two different characters from a hat and have to combine them into one charater.