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    Join the Draw-Off Gang going LIVE at 6pm EST / 3pm PST & taking YOUR drawing suggestions! Hop in the chat and they just might make YOUR idea come to life!
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    1. Mus Tang

      It sounds like their voices could be swapped

    2. Zion Pagan

      Chicken leg piece

    3. Mari Ded

      They should draw MHA characters qwq. My hero academia. I just wanna see if the watch it :)

    4. Nikki Villemaire

      Kevin I don't blame you for getting spooked by "The Ring"! First time I saw it, I was scared Samara would come out of my TV to kill me.

    5. jeffrey sandoval

      I wish some one can draw me

    6. Victoria Harrison

      Mm m m. M m mmm n mm. ‘

    7. Besim Koci

      A cow being piloted by a ufo hahaha

    8. Lunch

      Kevin and Jackie could start their own sitcom. Shut up and take my money, Buzzfeed

    9. Lunch

      Kevin’s Mom.... *MMMMMMMIIIILLLFFFF*

    10. El Chapo

      i always fall asleep to those long videos.!!!!

    11. Sean Kent


    12. Marko Stamenkovski

      Draw yourselfs mashet up

    13. Alfredo Serna

      For Jackie. Can u draw an emo spongebob

    14. Dis Connect

      Draw hentai

    15. NaxeR


    16. Bob Ross’s Dad

      Anyone think Kyra’s drawing was amazing ❇️

    17. Nikko J

      I just want a copy of both of these for daughter. There is nothing she loves more than unicorns and cats, and piano and jiminy christmas!!! I just have to buy a print of these

    18. Regen

      Never seen tintin and snowy drawn on this channel. Why?

    19. Erik Blasi Pérez

      im from im greatest priest imhotep

    20. smart guy in a hoodie

      A reverse centaur or otherwise known as a minotaur.

    21. Mazia Ahmed

      who is your favourite artist and kevin draw shrek

    22. שי שפונדר

      cute big chubby panda with pizza in mouth

    23. שי שפונדר


    24. Soly Nedsen


    25. fernando motta

      Jason & Brent are fun, Kevin & Jackie are funny, both are great duos... I feel sorry for Kyra, she is so talented and a good person, she could have a permanent partner too. And the guests would form a fourth duo... does this make sense?

    26. Arianna Montealegre

      I love Kevin and Jackie so muchhh

    27. lucy mcculley

      Kevin + Jackie = Two cherries in a pair. :3

    28. alrighty then

      oooOOOOOoOooO KeViN CuRssEdD

    29. CourtJesterRasze

      i want to see hae joon and jackie :D

    30. Nicki Bebe

      Space...like the moon and other planets and constellations with comets and rainbows

    31. Louie Luna

      Cody is much better than jonni

    32. Kate Moon

      why are Kevin and Jackie always last?

      1. Kate Moon

        maybe it's best for last?

    33. May !!!

      Kevin: *curses* Jackie: P R O F A N I T Y

    34. CapsGuyTv

      29:42 "Drop it like its hot" Sound

    35. hang the dj

      1:36:42 ummm you sure Jackie?

    36. George Hernandezmontenegro

      can they say my name george

    37. Anthony Carmine

      Lol I was watching the ring while watching this episode 🤦‍♂️

    38. MagnumPiCactus

      GARY is TOP TIER and my favorite from the pokemon series, him and Green/Blue

    39. MagnumPiCactus

      Jackie, professional town cryer/town fool

    40. Slayback

      But I also like Kevin and jacki a lot LOL

    41. Slayback

      I do like Jason a lot

    42. •Gacha Rania•

      Jackie: “I will never ever draw Kevin.” **In a few episodes** Kevin: “Today we are going to be drawing each other!” (Kevin and Jackie are paired up)

    43. Michelle R

      It’s weird to see them live and they’re like redoing their lines 😂 and like putting on a show then like chill convo

    44. S W

      Kevin looks like a carpet munching professional 😚

    45. FARGO SZN

      Jackie is like Dory & Kevin is like Nemo’s dad 😂

      1. May !!!

        Marlin? Ikr 🤣

    46. Dreamweaver Gang


    47. James Mullins

      Fum bum

    48. Lucio Urdin


    49. Best's Kitchen and Kitty Corner

      Luv these peeps!

    50. Matthew Wanderski

      Kevin and Jackie da best

    51. Fatimah Abidogun

      draw bts

    52. GameGuru

      Please draw Patrick star

    53. Ren Andrews

      I fell a sleep watching jen and kristen compare salads and woke up to this, and I love this!

    54. Kurt Luce

      Low key have a crush on Jackie

    55. dantedoomsday

      I want to see Hae-Joon's drawing and story turned into a cartoon

    56. Big_Smoke

      2:12:44 Jackie imitating Samara doing the Fortnite dance is one of the funniest things i ever saw xD

    57. Rigel Miralles

      League of Legends characters plss

    58. kayland

      how did i miss this

    59. Lila Quinn

      E Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    60. BadScientist

      Love Hae-Joon! Glad he didn't have to deal with Jonni this time.

    61. Jessie Gunter

      Please do ben 10 charater from memory

    62. Yorkazord

      1:10:00 isnt Pizza Steve already a character?

    63. Caitlin Williamson

      everyone has such different personalities but they're all still really cool in different ways

    64. Naruhi Leijon

      I love kyra so much! And that little Good Omens sketch! Omg ♡♡♡

    65. Becky Ray

      isnt a reverse centaur basically bojack horseman?


      He said pp lolz

    67. michael short

      What kinda drawing tablet are they using dose anyone know?

    68. P a m i f o r n i a

      Kevin and jackie.OFC!

    69. ricardo diaz

      Trojan man

    70. yvette washington

      Draw the try guys or lady-like