DRUCK S4 | EPISODE 1, CLIP 1 (sub eng and ita)

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    1. nurija

      Dieser Moment wenn du im Urlaub bist und dir die Clips nur hier anschauen kannst 😂

    2. Liz vG

      Hi everyone I started this petition to ‘Make David the lead in Druck season 5 for better trans representation’. I (and many other LGBTQIA+ people) would really appreciate it if you sign it, THANKS

    3. dark_angel123

      The girl squad talking about boys and sex is so parallel to season 3 of Matteo's boy squad talking about girls and sex hahaha But here, we see Amira spoke up to them to change the topic cause she was annoyed and feeling uncomfortable about it, while Matteo only exploded during his hell week. And Matteo texted Amira, letting her know that they are going back early to surprise Jonas on his birthday, on Friday, is what I'm living for :) And Matteo calling "Coach" and Amira saving Matteo's contact name as "Vollidiot", I'm living for these two friendship growths lol And the fact that Matteo is only telling Amira, and not Carlos/Abdi, or Hanna, is what I love :) It shows that he trusts Amira with this secret :)

    4. Ariga

      She is so awesome... I just love her energy !!! #girlpower GO GO GOOO

    5. Khira Hynes

      I’ve been trying so hard to catch up with the other skam remakes all at once but the only ones that I’ve finished so far r: France, druck and nl, I also want to catch up on wtfock but I need to finish the rest of the clips from France s4 and nl s2 I’m really only interested in these ones, I liked Austin at first but I really don’t know anyone, I’ll have to see if I’m still interested

    6. Khira Hynes

      I love this opening clip so much! I also enjoyed when Amira spoke up about the boys thing and Kiki immediately agreed with her and choose to change the subject as well as the other girls, I hope the girl squad becomes closer and stronger instead of falling apart like France s4 (I love skam France, just hated how the girls treated imane )

      1. Lili Salome

        You and me both especially After she's been there for all of them so many times. They droped her so easily it kind of made me dislike skam France After that. I loved Manon not so much After

    7. daniela turano

      Grazie mille!😍

    8. _ luigi

      amira is the protagonist?

      1. g blvssvm

        it's her season :)

    9. Lucia Fariña Blanco

      Thank you!!!

    10. EscapeeMum

      Thank you! 😊👍🏻

    11. Apuddie

      "i'll sunbathe" literally sitting in a bodysuit

    12. Florencia Nuñez

      Does anyone know the songs at the beginning and end?

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    13. Ylva Granath

      Thank you ❤

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    15. Mada

      Thank uu

    16. Søphie Saæstay

      Thank you SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    17. Loris Col-Chambon

      Davenzi are back... Friday only 😅😉

    18. Yeeyee Perkins

      Amira is a boxer? That’s hot.

    19. Ahkmenrah No

      Ohmygod thankkkkkk youuuu love youuuu❤️❤️❤️

    20. lizzie n

      Thank you! Thank you!!!

    21. Thirishavacado

      amira is a gEM x

    22. Mary Rose Ygana

      Thank you so much for this! 😍😘❤️

    23. Rachel Gay

      Druck!!!! Is back yes!!!!

    24. Karoline Barbosa

      Gosh, I missed them so much! ✨✨

    25. AmbyRxse

      Amira 👑💘 I'm so happy it's her season

    26. Mireushka Drake

      Amo a Amira ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    27. Sigita Jerke

      Jeeeeeee 🙈🥰🌸👌🏻🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    28. Cavidan Karadağ

      She looks little bit upset

    29. Victoria Olivia

      Wow thank you for being so fast (as always)

    30. Nina kawu

      Yess thank you 👑❤❤

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    32. Amber Lou

      I love Amira so much! I will never be that cool😭

    33. Eloïse Brad

      Anyone know what the song is?

      1. Kristina 2303

        Or if you mean the song at the end: de-news.net/online/video-vj2b3ct9Kmw.html

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    34. astoria froggy

      thank you so much :-) for your work

    35. dark_angel123

      THANK YOU!

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    37. Hanne Battwkys

      Oh, MY GOD. Yes, yes!! Skam 🙏❣️💝💜

    38. dimitra Κ

      Thank you!!!!

    39. minmin

      omg i've been waiting so much for this

    40. pietra

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