DRUCK S4 | EPISODE 1, CLIP 5 (sub eng and ita)

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    1. may

      When she said "هتفضحنا الله يخرب بيتك " the embarrassing me part, that was hilarious 😂😂😂

    2. Thirishavacado

      OOF JEEZ

    3. Asosiso s

      He could have played alaaddin

    4. Paige Feeney

      Okay but he’s like, HOT hot

    5. dstone19992000

      Where is Carlos?

    6. Victoria Olivia

      Thank you for translating :)

    7. astoria froggy

      Thank you! I wonder how Amira is going to handle this.

    8. Jennifer Tlahuel

      Tssss. 👀

    9. Ahkmenrah No

      Will I ever get over how beautiful Mohammad is? No...

    10. Andini Wirawan

      Amira to Sam : Move BITCH Get of the wayyy

    11. Emmy Cooky

      Im sorry but I don’t like his acting that much... but I think it will improve over the episodes maybe

    12. nikoletta kormpaki

      Ok shit dont wanna be pessimistic or something but even thounh the new yousef is cute he seems a little boring please druck lemme be wrong

    13. venus

      sam, sweetie, what are you doing?

    14. BEE bibi

      Omg wait no drama between balloon squad and Even YAAAAAS Ps. Sam stop it gurl

    15. BEE bibi

      Druck just gave us the most beautiful handsome Yousef 💀

      1. Animefan13

        @BEE bibi Yess!! Looking forward to see how it will go but man once again he's dreamy 😂😂, even the way he looks at amira is dreamy lmaoo

      2. BEE bibi

        @Animefan13 definitely Mohammed, and the way druck changed the og story made me love more this couple, we'll see how it all works out

      3. Animefan13

        Which one do you like more Yousef from NW or mohammed??/ OG couple vs this one? 😂😂 I'm totally loving amira and mohammed soo much 😆😆

    16. Bárbara Díaz Napaljk

      Amira is so beautiful omg she look like a goddess

    17. Mireushka Drake

      Muchas gracias, he gritado como una fangirl con este clip😍

    18. jannah

      thank youuu

    19. lexy sirento sirento

      L am so happy David and matteo are back

    20. Florencia Nuñez

      Sam, don't touch!. Don't touch his fluffy hair!!. Thanks for the subs!!.

    21. rahafzayn

      "Hatfedhna allah yekhreb betak" 😂😂😂😂

    22. Katrianna Kaskinen

      sam, i love you, but sTOP

    23. Katrianna Kaskinen

      i'm officially in love with amira

    24. aline

      sam, please NO

    25. Khira Hynes

      I really hope Germany doesn’t.

      1. Khira Hynes

        I hope they don’t give Sam mia/nooras scene with Mohammad, I hope druck changes this bit and maybe does something else to cause drama, it could literally be everything I just want Amira to be happy:)

      2. Ahkmenrah No

        Emmy Cooky doesn’t break our fucking heart like every remake

      3. Emmy Cooky

        Khira Hynes doesn’t what?

    26. zeynepcosansu

      they invented love eyes

    27. potterbroadwayfan11

      Thanks for the sub!!! :) you are doing a great job

    28. Yunso Kim

      Why is Mohammed so hot

    29. Savannah Torres

      Wait I had no clue that there was a season 4