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emma chamberlain

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    1. Cassandra Marie

      I seriously need your tiger jumper too Ohmygod LOVE

    2. Cassandra Marie

      You look beautiful 💕

    3. jada lora

      whenever u like a comment that u agree with and then u scroll down and see the same one 🤪✌🏽

    4. Tank G

      IT LOOKS SOOOO GOOD And thats comig from a boy HAHAHAHAH

      1. Katherine Kosh

        I like her half black half blonde hair more

    5. Emilee Hedström

      Please do a house tour!!!!

    6. Your Mother

      My wiko is so bad

    7. Estelle Aliot

      Love this Emma ❤️❤️ your so fab

    8. IT'S ABBI

      Ok I love you emma but like not blonde nope

      1. IT'S ABBI

        And you are really pretty

    9. Adelle DeVries

      One time I wiped my ass with a Clorox BLEACHING wipe... I feel you sis

    10. Reese's

      “Everyone that is wanting to go blonde, this is your sign” Thank you God.

    11. Sloan Maharry

      Emma when she was a brunette *has a blonde profile pic of her* goes back to blonde * has a brunette profile pick of her*

    12. stephanie bramley

      Y not just damage tf out of my hair -mood

    13. Katelyn Valles

      OMG I've never seen anyone else that hates that white part of the egg. It's tastes like saliva or smthn. ew.

    14. Kaitlyn Bailey

      Uh oh it’s yellow

    15. Katelyn Valles

      I like that people are coming back to Emma, she never really did anything wrong, people just didn't really like her. I'm glad that she's being more appreciated now.

    16. Olivia Hoppe

      I love her hair omg

    17. Pugworld8

      i think it needs a bit more toner

    18. cinnamonbed

      *Sign received* I'm going blonde as soon as my city is out of quarantine

    19. Hailey Valera

      Ok but how does she take her hands off the wheel, hold the camera and drive at the same time while looking away🤔

    20. Carolyn Standridge

      I forgot you used to be blond 😂

    21. Rory Vandenberg

      I feel like she changed and I miss how she use to act but maybe that's just me

    22. Tiffani Ntanos

      LOVE IT

    23. Erin Rockwell


    24. Gianna Gilbert

      Are u dumb yet?

    25. emma :P

      when she was talking abt the face mask situation i did not stop laughing 😭😭😭💀

    26. Lauren Rouland

      the black hair was such a look

    27. Madison Ford

      emma: “i decided to make a change” me: “no fucking shit ur going blonde” 😂😂😂

    28. mikea hiooi

      No one: Absolutely no one Emma: “ I wiped my a** with a face mask .... my a-hole burns now”💀

    29. Holly Reardon

      Going blonde in one sitting, my hair dresser is SCREAMING

    30. Hayley Anderson

      I am a really good cook too Emma

      1. mikea hiooi

        This had me losing my mind especially about the face mask

    31. Hayley Anderson

      I love your hair blonde

    32. Genevieve McGill

      Please do a house tour Emma!!!

    33. lexa beriro

      am I the only one that's obsessed with Emmas hair like black or really dark brown? like in the clip at the start of her crying in her car. I loveeddd her hair like that

    34. kennedy

      when u and jojo siwa switch brands

    35. Lexi Turgeon

      imagine if she dyed her eyebrows too like SHE WOULD LOOK SO BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. Jaz K

      the blonde is serving me cute energy

    37. Bri Guerrero

      The little white circle in the egg is the baby chicks embryo :)

    38. Carter Casteel

      The white thing is chicken cum

    39. Alea Morales

      9:55 peyton list?

    40. Lea Harfouche

      that’s ugly

    41. Xerxes Shagnasty

      Six hours??? A double root canal only takes 3 hours.

    42. Morgan Mills

      Tone it

    43. Hope Adamson

      Love love love

    44. Lamija Avdic

      grow out your hair like u had before

    45. Miss Gonzalez

      “ I wiped my ass with a sheet mask” 🤣😂‼️

    46. Ayrika Nicole Rose

      This had me losing my mind especially about the face mask

    47. Maria Carolina Ramos Raphael

      You look amazing babyyy❤❤❤👑

    48. Fi Pugh

      it's so BLONDE JFSJDFHSFSFHSD she used to have it more -r e d u c e d-

    49. Ven Cruz

      lets all agree that we love emma because shes gorgeous and shes not afraid to tell anything on the internet

    50. Elisabeth Breistein

      er du sponset av claes olhson??

    51. melissa czerwinski

      Love blonde Emma

    52. Kayla kettle

      She looks better as a blonde

    53. Sheryl Thomas

      Where is that sweat shirt from 😍

    54. eastcoastdreams

      You just made almost the exact breakfast that I make almost every single day when I’m eating healthy and I am so proud of myself for having anything at all in common with you

    55. Towannie Armstrong

      The days of been a JOKER.is OVER !!!!!!

    56. Olivia Reincke

      you are gorgeous!!

    57. Jace

      “Wiped my ass with a face mask” The heroine we need.

    58. Tin Bascope

      Her eyes are stunning ✨

    59. SID BEST


    60. ixonic.editss

      Why did the first outfit look like joe exotic🤣 no hate tho!

    61. Amber Spade

      How are you so stunning!💗

    62. v tech tips

      stop thinking about what others think and do what you want . | YOU ARE A FREE BIRD |

    63. Leonard Crate

      You looked good at first... until you mentioned Draco Malfoy... that little bastard...

    64. Aesthetic Slimes

      Ok but like she is so pretty idc what you think

    65. JL Lardizabal

      i think i'm not gay anymore.

    66. Slim Jim Longfoot

      Just heard of Emma for first time today...she seems cool💯👍🏾

    67. ella malou

      I miss brunette emma :(

    68. Chloe Valentine

      You look so goood

    69. makay baker

      it’s so obvious how serious her anxiety is

    70. Daphne Hii

      The reason why I love watching your video : you make your video funny which makes me laugh all the time 😂😂✨