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    Within the world of Elden Ring, danger and discovery lurk around every corner in FromSoftware’s largest game to-date.
    Elden Ring, a new world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin.

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    1. Danny Storm

      Prepare to die and again and again and again and again...

    2. Unformed Eight

      Someone asked if I should be excited for this, my question is: Why? It's a pretty trailer, tells me nothing

    3. Ovan

      0:35 one of Asura arms laying around😎

    4. Sani Sani

      This game Will be about a protagonis who have no arms but need to wear a ring

    5. Joe

      Yessssssss!!! Finallyyyy!! Something for the dark souls fan!!

    6. XoRafaeLoX

      Ach sh!t, here we go again.

    7. YTTYAS? LOL

      Anyone here for the 9999th time only for :"The Elden Ring, O, Elden Ring..."

    8. Julian Natta

      What still here? Give me that thing... Your -dark soul- _I mean your hand_

    9. Murph n' Turph

      This might actually be the greatest trailer I've seen in years. YEARS.

    10. Ba Ba Bingo


    11. Hellvard

      No npcs in the open world sounds a little disappointing

    12. BerwickPkr

      So hyped for this

    13. NKO

      The music is.. so good..

    14. zayn riasat

      What done to the sound?

    15. Aidanjude

      Hold my Estus, I’m going to sweat this so hard I’ll be hotter than the Abyss Watchers in second phase.

    16. Nawwaf Husein

      i can already forsee hours of defeating some random tutorial boss

    17. Lumines Notrhbound

      Even though it was merely a trailer, the originality going through it is unparalleled. A bit underwhelming no game-play was showcased but it's still one of the best reveal trailers to an otherwise lackluster E3 showcase, thus-far. Is it just me, or this years E3 is rather meh? Idk if it's Sony's absence (being a Sony fan) or what?

    18. Jym Caballero


    19. Azzapp !

      Now just add Miura from Berserk in the mix. The trinity force!

    20. LazyLatte

      Story of young smith Andre

    21. Rico Fauzan

      Finish the goddamm books George

    22. Linsquip

      This trailer tells me next to nothing. Things it tells me: 1. Something breaks and that something is a ring of some sort. This is likely due to a conflict between two factions. 2. A female character is likely a protagonist or the Dark Souls equivalent of "Andre". 3. A large man with a sword exists.

    23. volk грустный

      Обожаю фромов никто так не умеет делать игры как они пока что эти разработчики внушают доверие Миядзаки гений

    24. Sven Booklein

      No matter how hard this game will get, Throthgar will play it badly.

    25. Irwin Cardozo

      I presume the music they used in this trailer is from a boss fight and it's intense!

    26. Vescend Umficator

      Invasions? Jolly co-op? If not one of these two is in, I won't touch this like I did with that samurai game. Have 3000 hours in dark souls 3 for a reason. But I refuse to be spat on

    27. BlaZiN718

      Fk yeaaaaaaa

    28. Warlock

      alto temaiken

    29. Moises Hernandez

      Referencias a berserk

    30. Kuno Müller

      A ring? Okay, George. We all know you already borrowed a lot from Tolkien, but don't you think that one is a bit TOO obvious?

    31. Large Father


    32. Карл Маркс

      this music just OMG, unbelievably beautiful

    33. Juan González

      The music is so epic, i want the OST and the game right now.

      1. Sushi Uchiha

        Not till march

    34. Карл Маркс

      Пахнет годнотой!

    35. Necsek KEKW


    36. Fox BOI

      dark souls 4

    37. brnkgl


    38. Albin Puerto

      Is this just another way to get me to watch the Lord of the rings again ? Because It might just work

    39. Artie Rupinen

      All their world's are the same. They're dying. You know, you can't just have death. You need birth and life too. Bleak as a Song of Fire and Ice was they at least had a conflict between life and death with the Nights Watch vs. White Walkers storyline (well at least until Martin got bored and decided to do Dances with Wildlings instead). This looks like another Dark Souls clone where they gloss over birth and life and hop straight to death. Again. I don't want another Dark Souls game. I want a hybrid of Dark Souls and A Song of Fire and Ice dammit! In other words this had better be another "everything happened offscreen and you'll have to read every item description and listen to all the vague dialogue because fuck you". A lot of people think that's lazy. A Song of Fire and Ice at least gave us interesting characters that could talk properly and- gyaaah! PLEASE DON'T FUCK IT UP OKAY?!?!?!?!?

    40. mmm CCIR

      Poor CDP. It burns

    41. Gerard Buenes

      0:43 Dramatic Gwyn's piano theme

    42. Kreative Chaos Guides

      Lord the Dark Souls, one game to rule them *all*

    43. Guto Vahrron

      FromSoft: Are you sure? ME: INJECT IT INTO MY VEINS!!!

    44. Lord of Banana

      Does anyone know the name of the voice actor? I really like his delivery.

    45. Edmund Sackbauer

      I have been a Fantasy literature for nearly 30 years. That being said my interest cooled down a bit when I got older and a lot of books and series felt boring - until GRRM came along with ASoIaF. Similarly I have been gaming for most parts of the last 20-25 years. Most new games just seem bland to me these days. There are some really good ones that keep me entertained but beside The Witcher 3 the only games that REALLY still have this addicting effect on me are the FROM games. Elden Ring seems to me like the circle is closing and I cannot wait to put my hands on it. This game and the new album by Demons & Wizards will make 2020 a fantastic year.

    46. Mihai Radu


    47. Nick Abraham

      You guys have totally forgotten about the title at the intro of this trailer of new souls game to the series, "A new world" After Dark souls 3 when you finish all the DLCs and give the dark soul to the painter to make a dark and Gentle place... Could this be the new world!? I'm freaking out! Can't wait! It makes sense for the DLC endings from DS3.

    48. Guilherme Millen Azevedo

      Ladys and gentleman, THE HYPE IS REAL!

    49. Carlo Petroni Ciarla

      This video makes great expectations...

    50. ParryMeGundyr

      The music in the trailer is pretty damn good.

    51. Uncle Whom

      Was that Kvothe?

    52. Remizovschi Pavel

      New souls game ?

    53. its INSANE SARCASM

      As much as I'm in love with the open world concept of this, I wonder if i could ever finish it.

    54. Fakhri Prasetyo

      1:24 okay, a fat Trundle is here

    55. ACee 130

      Oh no, im fucked.

    56. Kamuy's

      Thanks, it'll made me forget about sekiro which was too easy bro

    57. ActrumMusic

      FromSoft have some kind of arm cuting fetishism it seems

    58. Lord of Banana

      Cyberpunk suddenly doesn't seem so important anymore

    59. angrys13

      Needs some audio adjustments. Can't hear a thing

    60. Braden Parkes

      You guys may wanna double check your audio on your uploads... phasing like crazy in stereo. This happens a lot with your uploads :) (Maybe don't use 8-track xbox version of the trailer) With Love, a game trailer Sound Editor

    61. arilox 73

      I excepted the title of the game was game of souls or dark trone

    62. Edroil

      Soooo, its a game from the company thats known for killing its players and the guy whos known for killing his protagonists. Now the question is, is this an acutal game or a blackscreen simulator?

    63. Ekrell

      Oh boy, the new strom king surely looks great 1:23

    64. WaKa MaN

      hai mai lodato IL SOLE ??!!!!

    65. sendapez

      What in the Dark Soulsekiro is going on here?

    66. Mr Angelbane

      Doctor: You only have 2 minutes and Twenty seconds to live. Me: *The Elden Ring. O, Elden Ring...*

      1. Artie Rupinen

        That's a depressing meme. You won't get to see the finished product. :(

    67. John Cameron

      Looks like shit

    68. eren ertuğrul

      From software games: Epic poetry combined with fantasy and DEATH.

    69. Le Brinki

      From software have to wait. I'm not finish with bloddborne and sekiro yet