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Elias is waiting for Roman Reigns: SmackDown LIVE, May 21, 2019



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    Shane McMahon promises to be in Elias’ corner against Roman Reigns tonight, but The Living Truth plans on attacking Reigns sooner than that.
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    1. Lemonadder

      Elias deserves better than bad booking and the demotion of being one of Shane's ''guard dogs''. Give him a chance at an important title. And also give him an actual feud to work with.

    2. Gilberto Antunez Mnz

      Jon Moxley debut AEW

    3. Steve St. John

      You can tell Shane is using Elias by the way he insults him saying "you do need MY help"


      Shut up Elias you're just mad because Roman Reigns beat you oh well get it over with and move forward maybe if you fight hard enough you would have won but too late to sad oh well get over it it not like he won $1000000. Everybody can win $1000000 to so get over it what's your problem man

    5. salvatore campo

      New corporate team is awesome 👏

    6. Re: zero

      Elaias AEW😍 elaias wwe 🤢🤮

    7. Jaime Galeana

      🔥 🔥

    8. Kais Butt

      If WWE kept Elias as a face after the Royal Rumble he would have at least a better push and should've been the IC champion or United States champion

    9. H L

      Roman will destroy Shane at super showdown

    10. corey walker

      Why r u waiting for Roman Elias, so you can sing him a song?, Lol

    11. Deemsy Arias

      Look at the very start. So much money and Shane has a hole in his sweater

    12. Chandani Bisram

      Roman could take the both of them

    13. Gabriel Tenchev

      Roman is the best!!😎😎😎

    14. Adam Mankind

      Actually.. Elias is smart in this time :)

    15. Aashiq Agarwal

      WWE Just doesn't realise That every Fued Roman Is involved in, everyatch he wrestles is the Very very very borrrring and Instead of Punishing Reigns they always screw his opponent 😟

    16. Sports Newz

      The only good thing I like about this segments is that it keeps Roman away from the Championship titles

    17. Charles Bradley

      Elias deserves a push already not Shane lol


      He truly is the BEST IN THE WOOOOORLD. After dolph ziggler of course.

    19. Enlightening Humor

      Elias needs a push for real!

    20. DEV STUDIOS#

      Roman Reigns Is Here

      1. Abdulrazzaq Aldihan

        we need the shield back together again

    21. Mega Showdowns

      Roman Reigns becomes more booring week after week,that guy can't even lose a single match to someone?

    22. RithiKRockZ

      The feud fills tv time so its ok

    23. Hasan Al Iraqi

      Big Dog Vs Big Cat 😂😂😂

    24. Chris Richard

      boo hoo poor Elias

    25. D Z

      Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon is gonna be badass

    26. AK

      What a fail 🤩😎

    27. AK

      Listen here 😂😂😂

    28. Kiran Riar

      I love 💕 Roman reigns

    29. Legend Killer

      Why is Roman facing with jobbers...he should be after titles....smh

    30. zac gibb

      So an old, non wrestler can take on roman but elias needs help? Buried

      1. Dalton Whitson

        No.. the BEST IN THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD, is gonna take on Roman Reigns

    31. MCFC FANATIC Jordan B

      Since when did Shane become a big part of the roster? Eww

    32. مصطفى اورتن

      Elias deserves more than job to roman

    33. K aweso

      This is great

    34. Michael Challis

      Who wants to wait with Elias?

    35. VG killerXgaming

      This is cancer

    36. Saibal Republic

      Elias would actually look good with the IC Title.

      1. Huzaifa Amir

        Your joking right he doesn't deserve it what about the guys that got screwed by lesnar at mitb.

    37. Blazing Night Stars

      Roman left u doesn't means he wants to waste time on u If u don't go away he will end your career Elias

    38. 1000 subscribers with no content Challenge

      Really we all know who’s gonna stand tall at the end this fued is utterly pointless Please give Elias atleast a US championship reign

      1. Wanda.

        1000 subscribers with no content Challenge he’s on SmackDown, he can fight for the IC title.

    39. Unique_007

      I think Roman deserves good matches Shane and Elias are waste. Elias u better stay away or another few spears can kill your life out of WWE.

      1. Blazing Night Stars

        @Bob Marley True

      2. Bob Marley

        Roman can’t do good matches, he’s untalented. And Elias too, but at least he’s very entertaining

      3. Zach Fucking Rance

        Elias is being wasted as hell, Roman is good where he is. Not getting a world title shot every week, Elias deserves a push

    40. Fight goes fight

      boring AF

    41. Falc0n Productions

      I just realised Kofi and Bray has the same hair style and beard

      1. AleSavness


    42. JRA Tu Amigo

      Shane McMahon vs Roman Reigns at Super Show Down 2019.

    43. Michael L. Rayner

      Shane, Drew, and Elias as the new corporation. I could see Elias and Drew as a Tag Team as part of this Wild card thing.

    44. Buttermilk Biscuit

      Elias is like a part timer

    45. Abishek Bandi

      Roman put a long and painful beating on Elias and his man crush Shane

    46. abd al

      Very Nice Shane Bro 👌

    47. Bernie Sanders

      Elias getting buried by Roman again how enlightening

    48. Eagle D. Cross Kōzui

      *I didn't see the video. Just saw Elias in the thumbnail and that's it.*

    49. YEAH IGHT

      End this fued and have Orton an Roman feud

      1. Adi Abeer

        @Juandi•L•T• orton is actually losing too many matches nowdays after his heel turn.i feel sad for him cos hes the only full timer of the Ruthless aggression era. He should had been Ww champion right now or At least in the main title picture

      2. Juandi•L•T•

        Yes.... but i'm scared about that... poor randy, he will lose that feud

    50. Rahul Lal

      I am big fan Roman

    51. Igor180

      This alliance between Elias and Shane and this feud is pointless😑👎

      1. Igor180

        @Sports Newz Which one?

      2. Sports Newz

        Actually, it's good. It keeps him from the Championship titles

    52. Starhunter


    53. Renee R

      It's a shame no one understands great talent such as Elias.

      1. Charles Bradley

        Facts smh

      2. Scary Gimmick

        yea ight well by your own logic, roman also can’t wrestle, and the same goes for the entire roaster



      4. YEAH IGHT

        Tbh Elias can't wrestle

    54. Alias Awesome

      Imagine if Shane beat Roman at Super Showdown (*Somehow*)..

      1. Alias Awesome

        @Gale Mara but still...shane defeating roman sounds awkward..

      2. Gale Mara


    55. Kaleb Ruiz

      No coner screw you two the big dog will win

    56. Ayan shakeel

      End this feud already.It's absolutely pointless.Nobody wants to see Shane vs Roman

      1. Jorge Masvidal

        would you rather see him fight for the title and be in the limelight and main events ? i swear some of you fans complain about everythingggggggg

      2. H Solomon

        Ayan shakeel r u Mali ?

      3. Rasslin Action

        someone needs to keep Roman busy before he wins the title possibly at summerslam, so here you go... A feud to kill some time.

      4. Sports Newz

        Actually, it's good. It keeps him from the Championship titles

    57. Eh Moo

      Can we get the boogeymen to come back?

      1. Smashboxgames •

        He not much wrestling these days. Yet, people still recognize him outside of real life.

      2. TheChrisFlores

        Eh Moo why

    58. ba 93836

      Doesn't elise deserve a title ?!😒😒 damn U wwe

      1. Larry Marshall

        He should of been a champion a long time ago so under use by the company.

    59. mahesh kapadi

      roman fan hit like here

      1. Freddy Krueger

        @Ayushmaan Srivastava How do you know I didn't?

      2. Ayushmaan Srivastava

        @Freddy Krueger dislike his comment simple

      3. Freddy Krueger

        Don't like beggars sorry.

    60. Lulu Cespedes

      We need Joker Ziggler please wwe

      1. Mr. Jugg


      2. The jc Club

        Why? 😂

      3. Gonçalo Alves

        Element Games🤔

      4. Stephano


    61. Anish Dhakal

      WWE-Walk not with Elaish

    62. Lulu Cespedes


      1. Sports Newz

        It's seems like someone is watching Element Games

      2. Rose Studio


      3. Stephano

        Yes joker heel ziggler lets go wwe

    63. Joshua Ivery

      The facts is Roman Reigns is gonna beat Shane McMahon and hurt him at super show down

      1. Joshua Ivery

        @H L you got that right Roman Reigns is so strong

      2. H L

        Roman is way better than Shane

    64. Prince Gab

      Wow amazing performance by Shane congrats on the crushing and destorying Roman for the win on mic skills. He totally deserved the beatdown and you deserved the win tonight.

    65. Dean Ambrose Jon Moxley

      Again God roman will beat everyone.....becoause Vince love Roman more than Shane😎😎😎😎

      1. Freddy Krueger

        Like I haven't seen this comment a thousand times.

    66. Stephano

      Heel joker ziggler please wwe.

      1. dike ezike

        Lol the way element games did him

    67. Joshua Ivery

      Roman Reigns defeat Elias again Elias is no match for Roman Reigns

      1. Joshua Ivery

        @KING_Marcus God OF_KINGS I sub to you

      2. KING_Marcus God OF_KINGS

        @Joshua Ivery I have a feeling hope that Stone Cold comes back and stuns the McMahons. I'd be glad to see that.

      3. Joshua Ivery

        @KING_Marcus God OF_KINGS me neither I can't stand Shane McMahon 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

      4. KING_Marcus God OF_KINGS

        @Joshua Ivery I know. I can't believe that. 😒😒😒😒😒

    68. Stephano


    69. ajrudin luhar

      Roman reings win supar show down

      1. Labi

        Reigns* super*

      2. Starhunter


    70. Govinda surkheti

      Roman is always best


      Who will win? Roman =like Elise =subs

      1. Airo Canivel


      2. fc

        Piss off, no life beggar.


        I'm guessing you got no subs

      4. syrics the great

        Stop asking for subs beggar.

    72. Jonathan Sterba

      Hulk Hogan we comin fuh you

    73. Paul Stanley

      first I guess

    74. Bryan Solano


    75. Rakshit Gholap


    76. Giovanni Tecocoatzi


    77. All Mighty

      This feud is pointless at this point

      1. All Mighty

        Dion Ius ur right ur right they could atleast make em feud with Lars

      2. The Money man

        @Teejhay Funakoshi choos na madarchod

      3. Teejhay Funakoshi

        Lol no pun intended.

      4. The Money man

        @Dion Ius choos mera fir

      5. Dion Ius

        I like this feud, it keeps roman away from championship lol

    78. trolzilalol

      First dislike

    79. Farhan Shaikh

      1st view