Elvis Presley BMW 507 Car Restoration Work



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    A rare BMW once owned by the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley has been found and restored.
    The 1957 BMW 507 was fully disassembled, revamped, repainted and put back together to restore its former glory at BMW in Germany.
    Presley originally purchased the car while stationed in Germany with the US Army in 1958.
    The car was previously used for racing before Presley bought it and was a hot commodity of the time.
    When Presley purchased the car the paint was white, but rumor says so many fans wrote notes to the king of rock in lipstick he eventually painted it red.
    Once he headed back to the states in 1960, Elvis brought the car along with him.
    He soon traded it in to a dealer who re-sold it for $4,500.
    Only 254 makes of the model were created of the 507 making them incredibly rare.
    They sell for as much as $2.5 million today in perfect condition.
    Presley's model was modified with a Chevrolet V8 engine and new gearbox and rear axle.
    After changing owners over the years it eventually came to Jack Castor, a car collector who stored the vehicle in a 'pumpkin warehouse' in Alabama.
    In 2006, the car was confirmed as the same one owned by Presley and BMW purchased the car from Castor.
    Two years ago the car was shipped to Germany, and fully restored with a mix of new and old parts.
    The finished look saw the car painted in its original coat of white.
    Although the car is not for sale, it will make a public debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 21.

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    1. woodencoins808

      should have restored it to how it looked when Elvis owned it, it looked as though he has some of his own modifications already on it. You even changed the color so why even acknowledge this was once his car

    2. deleau delair

      At last, a restauration video without annoying music or useless comments (or maybe just under the video?) Elvis or not, this car is a pure beauty in white.

    3. CTA - LE Bolivia

      It's a pity, all the history was removed. The leather, the crashes, the touch of Elvis no longer exist. We have just another pristine car. This is got no sense. I loved the camera art by the way.

    4. Pitbull X83

      English comments....🤮 incest brits and american dumbass cant‘ t build a good car...and then...stfu idiots...

    5. John Kubus

      I didn't even make it over 2 minutes. Boring as Hell.

    6. Sir Douglas Howel, 5th Seat

      i couldn't make it past a dude blowing his finger 3 times, 2 times in slow motion.. we get it.. you have adobe premiere and you know the cut slice/effect hot keys.. but ffs

    7. Francisco A Holguin


    8. Kevin Butler

      It's cool to get more than one angle of them doing something, but just pick the best one instead of showing them all.

    9. MyEyesBled

      Wow, even at 2x Speed this was way too long!


      if this was a elvis car "IF" no way this would ever happen to it.

    11. Александр Панкратов

      интересно у вас машины восстанавливают... а не проще было по матрицам из одной машины делать конвейер этих новых машин? А оригинал как ни как сохранить??? Нет, надо было угробить тачку Элвиса, педанты блин...

    12. Frepa Gioerne

      I heard German, I just knew that they'll end up with some perfect car at the end. Those people have precision and mechanics in their blood!

    13. KA M

      After two minutes I realize I had actually watched less than one minutes of actual footage and lost interest. Same scene from a different angle or slowed down . Someone upload the unedited from one camera please

    14. Rene Blub

      Restoration?? This is a replica, and not a restoration!

    15. MrMilesdriven

      You are never going to please everyone when you carryout this level of restoration. However one thing we know for sure Elvis didn't run his hands over that body work! sit on those seats! hold that steering wheel! Or look through that windscreen - lovely work and a fantastic car, buts it's only original once. It seems like most of Elvis's car was left on the garage floor, shame :-(

    16. Sayin Sahin

      27.10min petit logo mercedes a coté du grand logo bmw et 32.25min plus de logo mercedes...

    17. Eric Jones

      You ruined any kind of value it had. Only an idiot would do this folks.

    18. mike fraticelli

      Possibly the worst resto video I’ve ever watched

    19. kaleo lin


    20. Voice IT

      full aluminium car that almost bankrupted BMW and only sold 252 units. The SL 300 was simply better.

    21. VIE

      Белую сделали (((

    22. kebabman1968

      41:54 BarockÄngel💪🍺😎

    23. TheMagixic

      For me restoration don't mean completely changing from each parts even colour so fake video

    24. Antanov Valooparambil

      1:07 when you think he's going to lick the finger😅😅

    25. Marian İvanov

      0:32 and 1:54 seems like 1987 - 1996 erotic films with cars WTF

    26. TS50ER

      From the King of Rot and Hole to Sound Dog.

    27. Vincent George

      Larry's Body and Paint in Mobile, Alabama does a great job on Porsche restoration. They can be found at 1959 Duval St Mobile, AL 36606 United States or you can visit heir website at larrysbodypaint.business.site/

    28. E90 m3 BMW Motorsport

      Where in Germany is this shop ?

    29. geoffdundee

      elvis is dead.........no one remembers who he was

    30. wil do


    31. Hayder Bahjat

      Good job

    32. allan chua

      it's a different car. it's not restored if you changed almost everything even the color. it's not the same car


      why not red?

    34. Rick S

      I thought acid bath would remove all rust..


      Остурах,остурах иштярнян мяшкулсуз ограшды ялан деян бизи кими бир тихя чорей далыйчан душшейдиз онда бахардым гюнювизя.

    36. Mariusz Kulikowski

      White is bad

    37. Rocky Nelson

      I love clean low mileage cars !!!

    38. AnE none

      Question....... Where are the 2 swedish chefs

    39. Effen Truth

      Spare me the drama...

    40. Lube sky baller

      Retards ruined a good restoration that an american company could have done right and saved 90% of the original car.

    41. Ian Thompson

      Great video

    42. Paddy O'Lantern

      Who is Elvis Presley?

    43. Ceylan Mick


    44. jlotk

      de-news.net/online/video-eOnnwAtQKwE.html Why ? All car is painted and this part isn´t painted.

    45. rubina trindade

      Nice job you are very good.💓

    46. stuart macrow


    47. Thorsten

      Viele meinen, dass man den Wagen nicht hätte quasi neu aufbauen dürfen. Er hätte so erhalten werden müssen wie er war. Doch der Zustand war extrem schlecht. Dieser Wagen war ein Ausstellungstück von der IAA 1957. Danach kaufte ihn Hans Stuck, der damit Bergrennen fuhr. Anschließend verkaufte er diesen 507, da er sich inzwischen einen Neuen zugelegt hatte an das Autohaus Wirth in Frankfurt, wo dann Elvis Presley den Wagen sah und kaufte. Elvis ließ den 507 später Rot lackieren (angeblich weil ihm immer wieder weibliche Fans mit Lippenstift ihre Telefonnummern auf den Wagen schrieben). Als Evlis wieder in den USA war, verkaufte er den 507 an Tommy Charles. Der ließ den BMW V8 herausreißen und stopfte einen Chevy V8 hinein um damit Rennen zu fahren. Bei den Umbauarbeiten wurde keine Rücksicht auf den Wagen genommen. In den späteren Jahren wurde der Wagen mehrmals umlackiert und umgebaut. Dabei wurde u.a. auch das Amaturenbrett so verunstaltet, dass es am Ende nicht mehr gerettet werden konnte und bei der Restauration nachgefertigt werden musste. Bei den Umbauten wurde auch der Rahmenträger teilweise entfernt, Teile herausgeschnitten und der Getriebetunnel aufgeflext. Die Besitzer benutzten den Wagen und bauten ihn ständig um, wobei er wohl auch mal ein Hot Rod war. Die Umbauten, Zerstörungen und mangelnde Pflege brachten den Wagen in einen jämmerlichen Zustand. Als er in einer Lagerhalle in der Half Moon Bay bei San Francisco gefunden wurde, hatte er weder Motor noch Getriebe. Auch hatte die Salzluft ihren Tribut gefordert. Der letzte Besitzer wollte den Wagen außerdem nur verkaufen, wenn man sich verpflichtete, ihn in den absoluten Originalzustand zurückzuversetzen wie er bei Auslieferung war. Auch stellte sich bei einer ersten Bestandsaufnahme heraus, dass der Wagen in einem schlechteren Zustand war als Befürchtet. Vor allem der Rost hatte viel Zeit gehabt um sich auszubreiten. Wegen des Erhaltungszustandes und den vielen brutalen Umbauten und fehlenden Teilen war eine Konservierung des Fahrzeugs kaum möglich und hätte gegen die Vereinbarung mit dem Verkäufer gestanden. Eine Restauration, wo man versucht hätte, den Wagen wieder zurückzubauen und den Gesamtzustand zu erhalten war ebenfalls wegen des Gesamtzustandes nicht mehr möglich. Die Entscheidung diesen 507 komplett Neu aufzubauen war also in mehrfacher Hinsicht die Richtige Entscheidung. So wird er zumindest noch viele Jahrzehnte der Nachwelt erhalten bleiben und kann auch an Veranstaltungen teilnehmen. Er ist nun exakt so, wie er ab Werk ausgeliefert und auf der IAA vorgestellt wurde. So hatte ihn der Erstbesitzer Stuck erworben und gefahren. So hatte ihn später Elvis Presley gesehen und gekauft. Alles was dann später kam war schlicht und einfach ein "Mißbrauch" dieser Auto Ikone. Wenn man bedenkt, wie unglaublich Teuer und Selten der 507 war und ist, fällt es einem schwer, die ganzen Gewalttaten gegen diesen Wagen zu verzeihen. So was kann man bei einem in Massen produzierten Ford Mustang machen, aber nicht mit einem 507.

    48. ezket zhan

      Amazing!! The best restoration in my opinion

    49. Petar Tomić

      Jugoslavian dictator made the best car in the World yugo proud of coomunist


      Me habría gustado una descripción de cada etapa y no solo ver trabajar a los artesanos, saludos de Monterrey México.

    51. Bravo21

      Wow, what a huge disappointment. This craptastic video is one of the most annoying things on YT ... who needs to see the same boring scene twice, again and again and again? The editor needs his ass kicked.

    52. Louman 11

      fucking dick head blowing dust off his finger for 2 min. what a fuck wit

    53. Павел Гетин

      Эээ вас неучили что без кожуха шлиферкой работать нельзя.

    54. Nikko Gutierrez

      Thank goodness for fast forward . Gentlemen are artisans but the film was repetitive and boring as hell.

    55. BILLY

      You notice a well-edited film by not noticing it. This film has been severely over-edited to the point of distraction, this film is not about the car it is mostly about the filmmaker's attempt at making something captivating and he/she completely misses the mark. This documentary should be shown in film schools on what not to do. I am not very happy with the restoration either they did the same thing they over-restored it.

    56. cihan kendiroglu

      Without s.it music etc. Perfect 👍🏽👏

    57. Goddick Velzebullovich

      It s dont restoration, its replication...

    58. Shaun f

      so boring i fell asleep

    59. Hanča benda

      Dvojite zabery me otravili už na začátku a ani jsem to nedokoukal

    60. Eduardo Mariscal

      This is not a restoration, you cloned the car.

    61. Annyai Presoski

      Ellis didn’t look after his car very well did he!

    62. Alexsis Alexsis

      Есть кто ищет комментарии на русском!!! 👍👍👍😂😂

    63. Михаил Белоусов

      Славяне есть???

    64. VimyScout

      Nothing left of Elvis. Just another Beamer

    65. Digitaltiger123

      Speak English man or put subtitles, we don't understand a word...

    66. Amos Samson

      Is this a restoration video or cinematography skill demonstration?. You novice, use a gimbal ( camera stabiliser) Don't waste your time guys

    67. Sucuk Skunk

      Wie viel kostet so eine Restauration von BMW Classic Cars ?

    68. Liam Byrne

      A very good film, and great work

    69. Иван Поляков

      Не бит, не крашен, один хозян по тпс, маркеруемая табличка не снималась

    70. Alexander Zhdanov

      White? Realy?!

    71. Sikerim Lan

      German crafmanship is the best! They even built NASA's spaceship to the moon.

      1. Santiago Bardelli

        Germán Cars are not beautifull, they are perfect...

    72. hamansutra

      Deutsche Wertarbeit. Danke Kameraden. “only you” #ripelvis

    73. Marco Montandon

      A mission to Chip Foose. Should remain red as a Homage to ELVIS,the best EVER.

    74. J Soriano

      Damn you guys fucked up the point of restoration

    75. J Soriano

      What's up with the slow mo of blowing dust out your finger? Really pointless get to the build

    76. Justin Schrock

      I fell sleep. No one talked....no one explained.....I got tired. Save yourself some time and don't watch this. Sorry.

    77. Alexander McCarthy

      This vehicle is a remanufactured BMW 507 which has nothing to do with Elvis. Coupled with the fact that the paint is the wrong colour, and the engine is a Chevy, why not be more honest about what you've created?

    78. Geezeth

      From 00:29 to 1:37 showing in slow motion a man looking touching and blowing dirt.... wtf

    79. МИРЗА 05-95 BENO

      Das ist autos BMW bravo

    80. Whip Dan

      pretty sure that someone else's car, that dude has been dead for years.

    81. evonic

      the opening edits where fucking cancer

    82. shawn fortine

      did they make a replica car and then sold the real thing? I would the I have a copy to myself

    83. fr10wi

      Mafia (1 or 2? i cant remember))

    84. RAX

      Editing is fine. Just increase speed. Notice how clean and organized the shops are? Notice the apprentices? The Germans know how to do it right. These are all Masters in their professions.

    85. Jimmy world

      I never liked red interior

    86. Jimmy world

      This video ......fire the editor

    87. nilomyki

      utterly retarded!

    88. shaun k anderson

      White? What?

    89. Gentili Giuliano

      As Elvis painted it red, made sense keep it red in restoration. Also I don't get the point why they remade from scratch most of the bodywork.

    90. John Simmons

      everybody has elvis's car or motorcycle.

    91. Geo Tknt

      retarded editor

    92. ez ez

      well it's a REBUILD not a restoration

    93. Andre Richardson

      Seriously? Stop the slow Mo's & the replays...& Trying to make it all Artsy... seriously..

    94. Rain Coast

      Reserved only for the elite.

    95. Jazz K

      Best of Best~~!!!!

    96. rdmanone

      So this is like Elvis's car know but not his car. Nice job thought. I bet they put a good $20k in this build.

    97. Robert Crawford

      Very nice and original visual storytelling. Points for original thinking.

    98. Robert Crawford

      The German equivalent of the Louvre's art restoration department. Really impressive German artisan-ship, obviously a labor of love. Really important automotive history.

    99. Carsten Hemel

      This BMW is actually a Glas and was engineered by Glas. But they run into problems and the brand and factory was bought by BMW.

    100. Dave K

      even though the way it was filmed doesnt interest me, I have to give these people credit for their work, masters at what they do. This is art