Elvis Presley BMW 507 Car Restoration Work



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    A rare BMW once owned by the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley has been found and restored.
    The 1957 BMW 507 was fully disassembled, revamped, repainted and put back together to restore its former glory at BMW in Germany.
    Presley originally purchased the car while stationed in Germany with the US Army in 1958.
    The car was previously used for racing before Presley bought it and was a hot commodity of the time.
    When Presley purchased the car the paint was white, but rumor says so many fans wrote notes to the king of rock in lipstick he eventually painted it red.
    Once he headed back to the states in 1960, Elvis brought the car along with him.
    He soon traded it in to a dealer who re-sold it for $4,500.
    Only 254 makes of the model were created of the 507 making them incredibly rare.
    They sell for as much as $2.5 million today in perfect condition.
    Presley's model was modified with a Chevrolet V8 engine and new gearbox and rear axle.
    After changing owners over the years it eventually came to Jack Castor, a car collector who stored the vehicle in a 'pumpkin warehouse' in Alabama.
    In 2006, the car was confirmed as the same one owned by Presley and BMW purchased the car from Castor.
    Two years ago the car was shipped to Germany, and fully restored with a mix of new and old parts.
    The finished look saw the car painted in its original coat of white.
    Although the car is not for sale, it will make a public debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 21.

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    1. Peter Bockholm

      Yet another over restored classic car that turned out as a generic car bestolen of its history. Really sad. If BMW really cared about the special history of the car they would have kept the restorations to the bare minimum instead of building a new car. Just make it safe to drive, restore anything visible, not repaint it, just give it a really proffesional buff and maybe fill in the worst gaps. Restore old parts instead of using new parts. A car only has its original color once and since it was Elvis that changed it to red one could consider it as the original color if you care about history. But BMW just wanted another brand new 507 for its museum and market it as Elvis' car. A very impressive proof of german craftmanship though.

    2. Gary Haber

      I wonder how much it would go for today?

    3. D 26


    4. Ricardo Chavez

      La mejor restauracion señores🖒

    5. Jonhy Solis

      Nice work 😎🌹🇲🇽

    6. Richard furlong

      A little slow motion for dust

    7. Mehmet Furat

      Why White ??

    8. Dbow H

      Simply stunning work. car looks amazing

    9. Madparty Sounds

      Hello. I am a 2007 BMW 3 series car owner. When you get a brand new car from the dealership, everything that your car has is recorded to BMW’s database such as gearbox, the car’s colour, colour of interior, material used for the seats, sound system and all the others. All parts of a BMW have their codes and can easily be identified. A BMW has a chassis number like every car in the world. However, the last seven digits of the chassis number of a BMW is the car’s VIN number. By decoding this number, you can check everything that a BMW had just before being sold to its first owner. If you have a BMW, just search on Google “BMW VIN decoder” and enter the last 7 digits of your car’s chassis no. It will show you what was your car like just before being sold. Thus, they used the VIN number of his car to restore the car just like it was before delivered to Elvis.

    10. lance allison

      Well whatever value it held sensitively restored and I mean sensitively has mostly been lost after screwing around with something that belonged to an icon of the music industry, A car like this should be restored into the condition that the past owner would recognise not go completely off piste and make to all intents and purposes a different car,.

    11. Kjeld Larsen

      Well...guess you keep the Elvis Presley name to this new build to keep the price up

    12. Chris Mugea

      When will people realise ASMR was just a stupid fad and it's dead and cringy now? A full minute of a grown ass man petting metal and blowing dust off his fingers... Disgusting.

    13. Sarge 7000

      Absolutely fantastic, professional job! I’m sure the 15 year old Marie thought it was something.

    14. Гидроизоляция&Дренаж tv

      Бмв-только для ариев!!! А не для хуй знает кого!!! Ващето пусть гоняет на розовом сраном мать его кадикаке!!!

    15. chalk farm car squad so16

      I think elvis would walk past this car as his one was red. Why change the colour. . 👎

    16. diego LASALA


    17. Mark Roberts

      In the slow motion section at the start, i was half expecting the guy to burst out with a heartfelt rendition of ‘The wonder of you’

    18. Marcello Bomfim

      Awesome vídeo! It shows how passionate someone can get with the work of a car restoration. It is an art, and what an incredible result. Congratulations!

    19. Gary King

      You made a new car, not Elvis's car

    20. mono98

      Terrible editing...

    21. Jon Bazan Photo

      That's Elvis's trash under the seat.

    22. Arts n' Stocks

      Elvis once owned the frame that this car was built on, but we had to remove the frame and put a new one on it.

    23. Herbert Hübner

      Kein originales Armaturenbtett

    24. William Smith

      Not a fan of BMW's and that is a really ugly car!

    25. TaLyooow

      That repeating on what they doing makes the video boring. Its not a movie its a restoration..

    26. barry fowles

      Whilst stationed in Germany Elvis also owned a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, it kind of begs the question who was the luckiest GI ever?

    27. 海苔雪

      It is totally ruined by the camera work porridge

    28. DudelPaul

      Der Typ hat wahrlich zu viel an Staub abbekommen. Himmel, wie kann man einen Film nur dermaßen vergeigen. Doch jetzt kann sich wieder ein reicher Geldsack, ein Auto zu seinen anderen 100 dazustellen.

    29. Anasse Gs

      8:48 Eyebrows sync with hammer blow xD

    30. Leandro Rosso

      Era para un video de 10 minutos solamente, un bodrio!!! y mal editado, y aburridisimo

    31. karim karel nasser ahmed

      que marabilosos trabajo que buenos artesanos, imresionante estalabor

    32. Real American Hero

      If Elvis paints his car red it stays red for life. What were you thinking

    33. Buck Buck

      And the academy award goes to this fucking guy.get the fuck on with it!

    34. D G

      Restauration ????????????????????????? lol

    35. Obsidian Black

      Why on hell Elvis bought this ugly BMW? A Mercedes 300 sl was for sure a betther choice

    36. micheloderso

      Was für eine selbstverliebte Scheiße! Szenen aus drei verschiedenen Kamerapositionen zeigen doch deutlich den Narzissmus. Außerdem, warum wird die Karre weiß wenn das Original rot war? Habt Ihr zuviel Weiß übrig?

    37. Spluffles

      Am I the only one who thought this was the most boring video, due to its slow pace, focus on cinematic shots rather than actual focus on the car, and NO MUSIC

    38. Richard Einstein


    39. Facundo Marolo


    40. di geier

      an das vidio erstellerteam! wenn es schon ein deutsches auto ist und auch noch in deutschland restauriert wird und auch in deutsch gesprochen wird, warum wird der kommentartext dazu in englisch nur geschrieben? bitte auch die deutsche übersetzung hinschreiben. können ja nicht alle automatisch englisch! danke 26.6.2019 deutschland 🇩🇪

    41. Listhpy Whithper

      Elvis was a big fat gay pretty boy.

    42. Opinionated Times

      Changing the color was dumb.

    43. Murat Mo

      Wo ist das alter Auto?

    44. Robert Salanon

      Des hommes aux mains d·or ...Salut

    45. Richard P vancouver

      As much as I hate red cars.They should have left it red as Elvis had it.

    46. MF SF

      Is obvious they don’t feel the need of showing up... the restoration was made by BMW...in my opinion by retired former workers...for them is more than engineering, is a mystic not looking for applause. After all as BMW what can’t they not accomplish? The job was not commercial, was rescuing a link to history...a completely different approach. I would prefer to see more but low profile was their taste.

    47. emanuel sartini

      fosforico acid or electrosis?

    48. Приключения Волги

      14:15 half life /danger water

    49. PompeyMatt17

      now devalued by 100%.....Elvis would never have touched any part of the new one....I will add that it's a beautiful car and a beautiful restoration..it's just not Elvis's anymore

      1. Mark S

        It stoped being Elvis’ car when he sold it.... or when he died and it was sold by from his estate.

    50. njc

      nein nein nein dat ist nach restoration aye carumba!

    51. belbro62

      impressive craftsmanship but its a clone. nothing left of the original car except odds and ends, just a copy of the original

    52. tom thompson

      triggers brush springs to mind , but to be honest , may as well have just built a new one and swapped the plates , oh hang on , they did.

    53. Ontrack Composites

      What could have been a very interesting rebuild has been ruined by the German robots , I’d have loved to have seen the bolts dropped into the bag twice 🤦‍♂️

    54. stephanie Parker

      The head guy kinda has a sean penn thing going on

    55. we3fh1b41wr6e5b4r65t

      In 100 years this car will be worth more in many ways because of a correct restoration. In the same period the "Elvis" history will add no value to it as he'll mostly be forgotten.

    56. Sandra Perkins

      dust blowing kills this video!

    57. Heneo Morais

      Não é el Camilo, é El Camino !

    58. rod mact

      Great to see this beautiful classic reappear in all its glory. Have to say, though, truly one of the worst videos I've ever seen.

    59. youtube aşkı TV

      türkçe alt yazı eklermisiniz rica etsem

    60. Hella 87.7 FM

      The slow motion, multi angle, dust blowing kills this video!

    61. samuel menegucci

      and processing of paint ??????? nafing!!!

    62. grx20jb w

      None of the original panels, and none of the modifications made by Elvis? All of the history of that vehicle that made it special is now wiped clean, gone.

    63. Mark Anthony

      He blows dust off his finger...Elvis is also dust...and he didn't take his BMW with him.

    64. Ingemar Castillo

      This is not a restoration but the making of a replica !!

    65. Silent Woodfire

      So my understanding is BMW has paid for a restoration of a vehicle owned by a famous musician, and a film crew decided to try multiple angles for this

    66. B L A C K S T A R


    67. cplrey

      Beautiful car but I'm not sure of what I just saw. Was that just one car being restored or were they building a replica?

    68. Dan Guertin

      thats one tin knocking sum beech......

    69. A to Z songs and CR

      elvis ghost be like heyyy that wasnt mine!!!!!!!!!!

    70. Bagus Zaed

      Wow! Without ads. Great video!