EMBARRASSING Biden Rallies vs MAGA Trump Rallies! HILARIOUS! (video)

Dr. Steve Turley

Dr. Steve Turley

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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Ron Brockway

      No way does that potato Biden have a chance at the white house. Only a fool would believe that

    2. Z Lee

      Biden could only win by fraud.

    3. Cynthia R

      This is Trump’s America, Biden didn’t do anything as VP!

    4. Makaduta Arzola

      Joe is a joke! Vote Trump and America will prosper!

    5. Sergio Grajeda


    6. Hope Thacker

      Biden will never unite the people of this nation.

    7. Jill Ibrom

      Its funny when you see Bidens empty rallies and then look at the thousands at Trumps wouldn't you ask your self if you got something wrong and maybe your backing the wrong horse

    8. Ego Aea

      He's got what!? 5 circles 😂😂😂 Trump the funniest!

    9. Ann Smith

      Wow Trump is the best

    10. Mac

      just look at how patriotic trump supporters are like the energy radiating off these people

    11. Davis Jugroop

      Just wait for it, 2yrs time, the left might instigate a strike and blame trump.

    12. Eduardo Luevano

      So proud to be a part of this historic Trump movement 👏 🙌 💙 😍

    13. Erik Thomann

      The Americans can chose between Biden-Lockdown or Trump-Boom.

    14. sundance lynn

      The fake medias !!!

    15. Brent Garlick

      The folks voting for biden must be a miserable lot. They only vote for him because of their delusional hatred of Trump.

    16. Siya Gcanga Gcanga

      The other day Biden had two masks on. He's hiding behind masks. Hiden Biden

    17. David Gilpin

      You would think, as much money as Joe got from China, he could afford a better suit jacket.

    18. Christy Miller

      I have been wishing for pics of what it’s like at a Biden rally!!! Thank you!!! You never see the crowd. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was wondering what the honking was! Trump 2020 💯

    19. Stiletto Czar

      Biden is a mask hypocrite!! de-news.net/online/video-Z10tvLskVw4.html

    20. Kathy Breton

      Hopefully Joe will go to jail

    21. dog man

      Only the blind support Biden.



    23. Muscle Bone


    24. M P

      pathetic Biden..

    25. CA Babyboomer

      The left just can not STAND the “silent majority” speaking up...........

    26. bongtsu jammed

      biden failed america

      1. Vote for Republican's

        Trump/2020 ♥️♥️♥️

    27. Masen Brown

      The overbearing music didn't have to be added, the silence versus the sound of a crowd would be more hilarious.

    28. myfastcars

      God. Trump support makes me feel great

    29. myfastcars

      Trump 2020!!!

      1. Vote for Republican's

        Vote red to save America from Sleepy Joe

    30. myfastcars

      Hot damn!!

    31. RF shell

      Trump doing stand up lol!! So funny!!

    32. RF shell

      1984 = 2020!! Trump is the only choice!!

    33. Nixon makunga

      Q.Who is the founder of the fall of the Democrats in united states Ans: 1.Croocked Hillary clinton. 2. Sleepy joe biden

    34. Trousersnake Pliskin

      Biden supporters - it's 1.5 METRES not 1.5 KILOMETRES between people. That's about 5 feet not 5,000 feet. Safety is one thing but when you need a phone to talk to the person next to you we've gone too far.

      1. James Martinelli

        6 feet in the USA.

    35. Scuba Steve

      Not going to unite America by having your antifa thugs run free joe

    36. Harold Wright

      When Trump wins this on the third he needs to defund the FBI

    37. Step It Up Morons

      over the top,,, 2020+++

    38. Ron Ron Pagala


    39. RDA8191

      The country has turned against the establishment and its beautiful to witness. If you think you're going to steal this election, we're ready for war

    40. Carla Huff


    41. NPC_Virus

      But but CNN told me that the super cereal took a pill a d 65% of their people thought biden won...waaaa

    42. carlo Carlo

      Comunistsocialglobalism filocines

    43. J Barron459

      How FUNNY ! No one showed up !

    44. Tommy Dykes

      This is the polls I go by the crowds at Trump ralleys

    45. Omega Beats VideoProduction


    46. Rita Medina-molina

      Vote Trump 2020 save America

      1. Vote for Republican's

        On Nov 4 the democrats will be crying when Trump is sworn as president again 🤣🤣

    47. Roland McAllister

      And to think the dems believe they are going to win? It seems Joe has a silent minority and lying pollsters.

    48. Zlatan Pilipović

      And still Biden will kick your ass.

    49. JS B

      Why don't I see those snowflakes ranting on social video at Biden's rallies?

    50. Joel laffita rivera

      Donald Trump is not only a good fighter, but a man who speaks eloquently, he honestly expreses his own character/personalty, and this makes a huge difference between him and his opponent, people can see and feel it. Be the blessing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ upon the current and future President of USA

    51. Gary Fox

      C'mon man, and we are supposed to believe this asshole is ahead in the polls. I am convinced the dem machine has figured out a way to manipulate the vote count. Just today a vote machine in Ohio was found to be changing Trump votes to Biden. According to MSM, nothing to see here folks.

    52. ロンリーフリーマン

      A bye is also a true foe of commonness of earthling kinds heavily, and cards are also the fingers of Il minae tea financial Judea, HAZARUMAFIA and Deep State which are also demonist, and which will win, but as the United States, Japan and the world become increasingly bad.

    53. Jackie Lela

      Biden go home

    54. RENI SOUZA

      Vitória ao Presidente Trump! Que Deus o abençoe!

    55. Laur Qua

      Biden sold us out.

    56. boneman1960

      All this ,just must piss the Dem's off.

    57. George Valentin

      You Said That You Herd Kennedy When You Was A Kid ? Really Joe When You Was A Kid Kennedy Wasn’t Even Born You Bird Brain !!! What Are You Talking About You Space Cadet ??? 🤪😜🤣😂😅

    58. K-Trader

      If you want to see the real polls and the real Popular vote look at the Rallies, this not Fake News

    59. Emma Chidester

      Biden is for nursing home and basement only 🤣🤣🤣

    60. George Taylor

      You Democrats have divided this country and now Trump is reuniting us. You prick.

    61. Guy G Hopkins

      If you have been to a rally ....you know what I am about to say...You cannot just walk up to a President Trumps rally...it is a movement...it is a mass gathering of followers of a great man...plan ahead of several days....it is like a rock concert with the top bands...it is energized....we use to be able to shake hands in 2015.....Pence still does!

    62. Gracy Botha

      Beautiful Beautiful beautiful rally.... Never seen before... Stay strong Mr..Donald Trump and Family Melanie

    63. Curt


    64. post it O

      Biden likes his rallies like his women - 10 and under

    65. Theodore Marakas

      Biden rallies are great, they manage to gather about 100 people. That's quite impressive for a man who's campaigning from his basement.

    66. A Bennett

      The support for our Great President Trump is like nothing I have ever seen! Trump Pence 2020!

    67. A Bennett

      OMG another fake story!

    68. A Bennett

      President Trump is the peoples President!

    69. armando munoz-hernandez

      Dang look @ all the morons spreading covid @ the clowns meeting.