Ember Moon is ready for Bayley at SummerSlam: SmackDown Exclusive, July 16, 2019



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    The War Goddess is incredibly excited about the opportunity she’s receiving for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at SummerSlam.
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    1. DaniLovesArt12 Dim

      Ember was born ready!

    2. ZZZ ZZZ

      I'm kinda scared what if ember turn heel I hope people don't hate her

    3. Goddess Grande


    4. Regal Fan43436


    5. Va Le

      i love Bayley .. infact she’s my favorite wrestler of all time but this turn i want Ember to win

    6. Blackhammer 27

      You guys are saying don’t add Charlotte but we said the same thing about wrestle mania 35 and our winner we wanted Becky still won see they only add Charlotte because of what she can do Charlotte can add so much to a match so much that’s why she gets added and not to top it off with charlottes amazing in ring movement same with her move-set it’s great that’s why they add Charlotte to matches and I don’t blame them this match NEEDS CHARLOTTE FLAIR

    7. Zira Smalla


    8. PonyPlays2014

      Ember is such a great wrestler! But this segment was not her best... it felt really awkward. Still excited for the match!

    9. Juurrgg

      Of love for her to win the title and revive her rivalry with Asuka down the line

    10. Great13

      Awesome finally more EMBER MOON! She will WIN!

    11. Ernita Walter

      I would like to see ember whole that championship

    12. Branden Thomas


    13. Brandon Garcia

      Okay WWE you're FINALLY taking a step in the right direction.

    14. Blue Will Sonic

      yes finally wwe get a push ember moon i am so happy get ready for the next battle agianst bayley and y'all take the money man ha ha smackdown live women's championships

    15. Josh Harhut

      It's Ember Moon's time. I can't wait for SummerSlam

    16. aggelos sakavelis

      Her eyes are red???

    17. Mary Aklile

      She deserve

    18. Tank Thomas

      We want Sasha?

    19. Tyler Joseph Smith


    20. H L

      I really hope Ember wins smackdown women's champion at summerslam

    21. Dominic VR Burns


    22. Keegan Adams

      Hell yea she had never became a raw womens champ nor smack down soo

    23. Rowan Pope

      Okay so I’m getting summer slam I want to see my queen win the belt

    24. Neoh Khai Juin

      Ember Moon and Bayley are good friends for respect. So what if Bayley wins and retain the Smackdown Women's Championship or Ember Moon wins, she will became the first new Smackdown women's Championship at Summerslam. We were find out who gone the win the Smackdown Women's Championships.

    25. Brandon Gary

      But is ember moon ready for Asuka

    26. RyoofWildfire

      I love Ember but she did not earn a title shot but I guess no one really does any more I guess this is wwe wrestling in 2019.

    27. Mitchell Pape

      People will say that she doesn't deserve this, uh yes she does. She's been on the main roster since April Last year and hasn't gotten a single title opportunity. She had to deal with the likes of Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille and has gotten two victories over Mandy so that's proof enough why she deserves this opportunity.

      1. Mitchell Pape

        @Nicholas O'Brien smh

      2. Nicholas O'Brien

        Definitely. Mandy is hot.

      3. Mitchell Pape

        @Nicholas O'Brien would you rather have Bailey face Mandy Rose?

      4. Nicholas O'Brien

        Being in the company a long time doesn't mean they deserve anything. That's the dumbest argument people bring up, I guess you thin Zack Ryder should be WWE champion too ? And a year and a half isn't even long Undertaker had to wait like 7 years to get a legit title reign. Not counting his 1 week reign.

    28. Nicholas O'Brien

      Ember Moon is very ugly.

    29. Nick Jethwani

      Ember heel turn?

    30. Lauren W.

      *FINALLY!* 🔥👏🏽

    31. Gabriel Rodriguez

      Vamos Ember! Por fin tienes esta oportunidad y es completamente merecida!

    32. Anthony Gilbert

      Ember moon heel turn


      She’s so pretty

      1. Nicholas O'Brien

        No she's not. She's the 2nd ugliest chick in WWE.

    34. Gaelek13

      Dear WWE, *1) Keep this as a simple one-on-one.* It does _not_ need extra people. Bayley and Ember are more than good enough to carry a match themselves. *2) Give them time.* No 5-minute match, please. Give then a good 10-15 minutes and just let them work. *3) Don't add Charlotte.* Just don't.

    35. Hawkamania3

      Favorite women’s star she deserves it

    36. Tnaz Kitchen

      Congrats to my girl

      1. Nicholas O'Brien

        She's not your girl. You don't have one and you never will.

    37. Rawan Refaat

      emper moon is the best and she is a perfect for smackdown

    38. Amol Soni

      This is NXT takeover taking over SummerSlam

    39. Aaron Warrington

      Bruh we need to black champs period naomi and ember that match would snap at survivor series wwe doesn't know what real talent there is

    40. Warrior VA

      Idk why but I think Ember will win

    41. corey walker

      I am definitely looking forward to this match.

    42. Raymond Solis Jr.

      How do you drop the ball on Ember's career. Asuka and Ember should be headlining Summer Slam

      1. Nicholas O'Brien

        LMFAO!!! I guess you want WWE to go out of business.

    43. Kenneth Lim

      Her tummy looks weird

      1. Nicholas O'Brien

        She's getting pretty tubby.

    44. Jayesh mehta Jayesh.mehta

      hai moon mai apkaa har shows dekhata hoo i love him

    45. Baron Corbin

      Push Cesaro

    46. walentkane69

      Thick women

      1. Nicholas O'Brien

        Fat cow woman.

    47. Ayat Elmorshdy

      Mark my words Mandy and Sonya will ruin this match

    48. Slanger

      Oh my. I hope that all of her promos aren't this bad.

    49. HeLloo x

      I hope Liv Morgan will be added at this match!

      1. Chace Cardinal

        xnoobx x the three of them been fighting for years at nxt time for liv Morgan to stay out for once

    50. Ced West

      Want to see Naomi and Ember tag team


      👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 I'm happy for Ember Moon she's my favorite wrestler right now, my only complaint is. WWE killed the NXT hype around her before she started being considered for the main event scene.. but I hope this is done well. But yeah seriously, do not ruin this by somehow adding Charlotte Flair do not.

    52. Rodney White

      I know this is a serious thread and I hope Ember wins and I wish her good luck, but damn. She makes that top look damn hot.

    53. RUSN Official

      Ember you are a champion, you will be a smackdown women's champion, I sure about that and you can do it.

    54. Father Flash

      Don't mind me I'm just waiting for Charlotte to be shoehorned into the match because reasons

    55. Colton Moore

      I hope ember turn heel on Bayley

    56. Andrew P. Stewart

      So well-deserved.

      1. Nicholas O'Brien

        She's done nothing to deserves this. She was in backstage segments over a broken nintendo a month ago.

    57. Anxo Fernandez

      Ember #1 contender for the women's title, Liv Morgan starting a rivalry with Charlotte, Apollo Crews finally getting one over Andrade, Cesaro putting Black over clean, Randy Orton back to prominence, Ali as the most likely #1 contender for the IC title, a match for the women's tag team titles on TV that makes the feud progress... GO BISCHOFF!!

    58. Clen Gosden

      No no no no no bayley is ready for ember moon???

    59. Haagen Neldeberg

      Woo. Ember Moon definitely deserves this. I knew she would be getting a push at some point, but great to see it's happening sooner rather than later.

      1. Nicholas O'Brien

        She deserves nothing. She's ugly and fat.

    60. K B

      Bayley full immerses herself as a heel. She NEEDS it

    61. Jason Oliver


    62. Amini Zikki

      Can somebody tell me who the interviewer is? Never seen her bevor

      1. Rodney White

        Amini Zikki Thats Kayla. Kayla Braxton.

    63. Imperial Cub

      I was busy looking at her bra and that danger sign and the UFO in area 51

    64. Shannon Chang

      I love the soda can clips on her gear 😂

    65. newport369

      Did she pay homage to Simon Miller ? That gets a golden up

    66. blxrryfxce 234

      Okay, bayley had a great run but I wanna see ember win this😌

    67. D Z

      Ember Moon is the best

    68. Dang Navard

      ember is hot

      1. Nicholas O'Brien

        She's fat and ugly.

    69. Aaron Velez

      Alica Silverstone Bat Girl Ember Moon Selena Gomez Alison NikkiBella Vanessa Hudgens Jazmin Amy Jo Johnson Kimberly Pink Ranger

    70. Aaron Velez

      I love you Pink Ranger & Selena Gomez me Aaron Green Ranger White Ranger Justin Bieber I love you Jazmin me Aaron Aladdin