Epic Prank - @Tj Hunt A90 Supra gets Fast & Furious Treatment

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    We Pranked @Tj Hunt Real Good!!! Look at his reaction LMAO!!!
    "Whyyyyyyy ISSSSS it OOOOOOORANGE" We hope you enjoy todays video
    Some one had to do it and we DID IT FOR PAUL
    Thank you guys for Watching!!!
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    #fastandfurious #tjhunt #supra
    Huge shout out to Clarity Coat, Bounce Graphix, & @Dustin Williams

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    1. Roberto Bermudez

      What state is

      1. SOS Customz


    2. Marquis Martin

      What kind of paint is that

    3. IGN

      The paint and the stickers are amazing, but the new supra is so fucking ugly

    4. Peter Chavez

      Damn if that's the work u do for a prank can't imagine the real deal

      1. SOS Customz

        Ayeeeee you already know

    5. Snix_2k Gaming

      Valio peeeaaat

    6. Axel Contreras

      I have a 97 supra can you do same in my car ? $$$? of course I want the paint that peels off

      1. SOS Customz

        Yes definitely hit us up on ig

    7. Cody Goleman

      Man hook a brother up with some of that!!! That shit is hottttttt

      1. SOS Customz


    8. Gio Gio

      Take the stickers off and keep the colour mate I love it

    9. Kishawn Persaud

      Tj should keep it.

      1. SOS Customz

        Well he’s kept it longer than a week maybe it’s growing on him

    10. Vince a

      that car is dope i would drive it.

    11. Marvy Marv

      That car is beautiful

      1. SOS Customz


    12. Raydel Monteagudo

      That shit is dope 🔥

      1. SOS Customz

        Thanks 🙏🏽

    13. Luke Ellis

      This was planned it's not a prank

      1. SOS Customz

        Says who ? He literally had no idea

    14. Jarrod Kingsley Smith

      Man..if this is a prank(clearly, because of the video title and cause you told us) when your done (if you wouldn't mind..like seriously) send the car over to my side of the world..PLEEEEASE, I'll hold on to it until yall decide to come here where the cops just dont care,and I although I ain't a starving kid in Africa ,I'm a supra fanatic kid in South Africa.. What you think??

      1. SOS Customz

        Lol I’m glad u liked it

    15. PKFGAMER

      *É O BRAIA!*

    16. Ccbrocks Ccbrocks.


    17. Gray Tsmallbody

      Can i get the background music in "2:00" Tia!

      1. SOS Customz

        All my music is from DE-news music library

    18. Ridell Fraser

      If i was tj i would be dissapointed its a prank cause it actually looks good

    19. Sutham Chanthasouvanh

      🤔 not a prank. More like a surprise. Paint job 10 prank 1 good job on the whip.

      1. SOS Customz

        Definitely a good surprise really made me happy seeing his face and excitement

    20. Jose P.l.


      1. SOS Customz


    21. As Kaip

      Now make it 1000hp and youll be king of the streets

    22. Alfonso Racancoj

      What product did you use for the peelable base

      1. Alfonso Racancoj

        @SOS Customz thanks bro I'm going to check it out any tips on how to spray it does it lay down more like a clear or an actual base

      2. SOS Customz

        Clarity coat

    23. JB

      Best than Fast n Furious bro you Rock!!!

    24. Loud Mike Media


    25. Robin_tripod Langlois

      Keep it like that That’s amazing work great job guys 🤙❤️🤙😎🔥🔥 Give me a idea for my trans am lol

    26. Jimmy Waldron

      Why no wing? Needs the wimg to give it that real supra look

      1. SOS Customz

        Wing will be on very soon

    27. hookaes motors

      BMW rápido y furioso

    28. blistic3000

      That looks go as hell I don’t like the new super but the body kit and the paint change my mind

      1. SOS Customz

        Thanks 🙏🏽

    29. B- Realz

      Sick man yall keep it up

      1. SOS Customz

        Thanks brob

    30. Roberto Ramirez

      You should beak the car

    31. Grand Master Yoda

      thats most wannabe bmw i ever seen

    32. Tyler Biskupski

      Are you guys located on Mission Hill in Oceanside California? Next to the Recycling place and the Dog Park. Cause that Area look Familiar. I've been over there plenty of times haha

      1. Tyler Biskupski

        Yes and brother bennos is right around the corner of your shop haha

      2. SOS Customz

        Yes we are around that area

    33. byknmike rc

      that Z car though!!! damn

      1. SOS Customz

        Thanks you bro

    34. C. Tran

      this is dope

      1. SOS Customz

        Thank you

    35. TroskyD01

      That s30 its so dope, much better thant these new cars imo

      1. SOS Customz

        Thank you so much bro

    36. scorpionsid987


    37. Erick Ramirez

      I like the original supra 100% toyota supra jdm not bmw engine

      1. SOS Customz

        You know the 2jzgte was designed by Yamaha

    38. Nahu Giudizi

      20:29 i' want to know how the driver gone out of there

    39. AksiOnPc

      She is a keeper!


      I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

    41. Fitri Teqi

      It amazing


      amazing fnf colors but still FAKE BMW SUPRA ! shame buy such a fake car better get z4 instead

    43. daboiabe

      Anyone wanna prank me with a FMIC kit

    44. Steve Parlier

      Now stick in a 2 jz and don’t forget the loop spoiler lol

    45. JunTheSubaruDriver

      Ay, what's cool is that I did something like this on my mobile game call pixel racer, and I did the same thing.

    46. Patrick Pack

      Take it to sema cus thats front row quality right there

    47. Bryan mm

      Whats the name from the company of the peelable paint??

      1. SOS Customz

        Clarity coat

    48. Stollnresser

      Sorry but where is the supra? I only saw a BMW

      1. SOS Customz

        It’s back in 1996

    49. Микаил Давленов

      What’s line on the hood???)))

      1. SOS Customz

        Not sure what you mean

    50. Ade Oredin

      Expensive prank

      1. SOS Customz

        Lmao yup never again

    51. Dynamic Nasty

      Epic prank! wanted it done......

      1. SOS Customz

        Thanks man

    52. IAN HEIM

      oh my that old 240z

    53. Blake Erdmann

      Paint my 63 bug nimbus gray!

      1. SOS Customz

        Well paint anything if the price is right

    54. Fernandro

      TJ hunt:“jokes on you I’m never going to wash it”

      1. SOS Customz


    55. Cornelio Agoncillo

      that is really hot! TJ hunt is now New Paul Walker. You guys really did a good job.

    56. Zdravko89

      bmw with fnf decals :D little and ugly car with fake vents :D

    57. Kegan Cook

      To be a prank, that is sick! That orange Supra is what sparked my love of vehicles and I would keep that paint job til wore off!

    58. SOLO

      All fake just just for views. It's amazing what DE-newsrs do for views now. Sad Mr Hunt sad

      1. SOS Customz

        It’s crazy someone can say that I can honestly say that he had no idea I can put that on my first born child

    59. RBest Temp


    60. Thomas Lorenzo

      Jeremy woth the vinyl. I like it

    61. Terezky Adámek


    62. JB TweetME

      Why wouldn't he keep it on for awhile it looks dope asf!

    63. Yo Diig

      Mind blowing how good it looks man

    64. Rafael


    65. MadaFaka

      Traslate on spanish 👍🏼

    66. MadaFaka

      Traduscan los vídeos a Español por favor

      1. SOS Customz

        Si tiene preguntas mandame mensaje en instagram 👍🏽

    67. Smiffdogg init

      Old supra any day

      1. SOS Customz

        Same here but not in this color scheme lol

    68. bulldog hj

      Beautiful 🤗

      1. SOS Customz

        Thank u

    69. David-James Teixeira

      I love it, what is this color coding ?

      1. Agathe Sebban

        David-James Teixeira magnificent !

    70. DESCENT

      if he doesn't want to keep it he can hand it over to me