Episode 1: IGNITION // Official Launch Gameplay Trailer - VALORANT



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    We put in work. Click here, play now: riot.com/3gBWPLo
    VALORANT, the 5v5 character-based tactical shooter from Riot Games is free to download and play right now.
    Original composition by: Apashe feat. Vo Williams
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    Am Vor Monat


    1. ImperPerfect

      what is music???

    2. Marin Puljiz

      1:08 LOOOOOOOL 3 duelists in one clip

    3. Даниил Хатунцев

      Trailer Csgo XD)

    4. ArtisKraft

      And the question that remains in the air, who won, Raze or Reyna?

    5. Humbug

      you know this is a trailer cause jett actually hits her ult shots

    6. Shah Khan

      So how long till this on Rule34 tho😏

    7. Albertus Bayu

      Dear Riot, please fix the error that occured in Windows 7 (We couldn't install a required dependency. Please try again, restart your computer or reach out to us at Riot Support.) . I wanna play this game so hard, but I can't. Hope will be repaired soon. Thank you!

    8. Albertus Bayu

      Dear Riot, please fix the error that occured in Windows 7 (We couldn't install a required dependency. Please try again, restart your computer or reach out to us at Riot Support.) . I wanna play this game so hard, but I can't. Hope will be repaired soon. Thank you!

    9. Mohammad Ali Naqvi

      Why all the agents properly shown are DUELIST

    10. Luana Pereira


    11. An Epic Squeaker

      this is sick af

    12. Mauriel Bizzaco


    13. Dangler

      Woulda been a whole different story if Cypher used his traps

    14. *

      i think guyss need some better video developers too.


      the best game!! I like it!! :D

    16. Samie Crix

      Just leaving a mark for this masterpiece in the making. Greetings for those from the future, hope y'all succeed in life

    17. Kartikey Kunwar

      where is sage in the trailer? :/

    18. Hrit Chakraborty

      Music name?

    19. Zero Two Uchiha

      Anyone else heard "shit" at 0:42?

    20. Adethor Gamer



      EVERYBODY: agents' abilities are traps vision and defend Raze: 1:25

    22. bLaCkPiNk In YoUr OrEo

      Why is there nothing about cypher

    23. teggie

      As you see this is what we call a iron 1 game

    24. Jarrett Øath

      Please stop pushing this trash game on me through DE-news ads. Thanks!

    25. Keshav Reddy

      Why didnt u feature Omen? I like him

    26. Izuku Midoriya

      Unlike Fortnite Valorant’s Characters Have Actual Powers Valorant Is A Good Game #ValorantPC

    27. Party Piggie

      Is no one gonna point out that the attacking Jett killed four people (Cypher, Sage, Phoenix, & Breach) but somehow there's a Jett and a Raze left?

    28. Tyson Ken Yamazaki

      That Jett's cheating...

    29. RedStarRising

      I hate how unrealistic the guns and movements are in this game.

    30. Aviator

      this looks like CS:Fortnite

    31. Abdallah Daqqouri

      The good Reynas only play against me.

    32. kids

      Counter watch: weeaboo offensive

    33. Devlin Gannon

      love the song choice

    34. rodrigo monterrubio castro

      Let me show u how the boss does it---> prepare to flash all allies with both flashes and die everyone

    35. CandleWaxx

      Legends says that Reyna is still filing law suits against Raze for breaking the laws of war. "The law of war rests on five fundamental principles that are inherent to all targeting decisions: military necessity, unnecessary suffering, proportionality, distinction (discrimination), and honor (chivalry)."

    36. Billy Soleiman

      Nobody : Not even any localizaztion: *Indonesian Localization: Babak 1: Nyala* (deep confuse over my language localization)

    37. Sir Paper

      Attackers Jett : 4 Kills, 1 death Raze : 0 Kills, 0 death (kill not confirmed) Brimstone : 0 Kills, 1 death Viper: 0 Kills, 1 death Sova : 0 Kills, 1 death Defenders Pheonix : 2 Kills, 1 death Reyna : 2 Kills, 0 death (death not confirmed) Cypher : 0 Kills, 1 death Sage : 0 kills, 1 death Breach : 0 kills, 1 Death

    38. Chicken Nuggets

      It’s very strange to hear music from the artist you are a fan of in this trailer, familiar yet not familiar

    39. Adidwi Nugroho

      I guess this is an FPS version of fortnite..

    40. Ekrem Emre Koc

      Attackers:this is a suicide mission the whole team:ok sorry for bad english

    41. AlleyV Sc2

      The animations are from Cs1.6

    42. Nean Menezes

      good game


      counter strike disguised as paladins

    44. Unknown

      dead game

      1. KevinGame3

        Unknown Well not really because this game is set in the gravity rush universe

    45. Lj Torres

      1st round ulti hax

    46. Cher Oliboni

      Team Fortress and Cs send hugs

    47. emix 468

      Game wont even start after installing

    48. Vispyy

      Dang if only I could aim with Jett’s ult.

      1. Kamar Fawzy

        SO TRUE

    49. flükefrags

      Sick ending with my gal Raze. "I need to blow something up!"

    50. Koli

      what kinda jett you have damn


      that cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    52. Jean Defontaine

      this music awesome, i love =)

    53. Purp Drag

      Glad they are making a new game, but it looks like CS:GO with Overwatch characters. Not that that's a problem, but how long until the game gets tainted with the same toxicity both games have, plus Riot's fanbase?

    54. prashant shukla

      video inspired from inception.....Valoracption

    55. Armadillo Productions

      me as cypher : tries to be sneaky to gather intel to help my team the raze that's has been collecting every orb they see : hEre COmeS tHE pArTY

    56. Мэри Кровавая

      Error 43 after instalation. Hangs on Display Name.

    57. mojo__101_

      Jet should be speaking Korean not English

    58. Cherrii

      Even the ending is just like the csgo trailer ending lol

      1. TerraArmy

        Don't cry ;-;

    59. Brandon Gonzales

      This is cool and all, but I wanna know if Reyna clutched and defused in time before she died. 😆

    60. Rüya

      ı think Reyna is my fav character she is so cool

    61. Crazy Haller

      @VALORANT Can i use this video in my video if I give credits ?

    62. Arya Abhirama

      1:31 i can already hear the "Clutch"

    63. Joel Stanton

      looks like the next Brink

    64. Pro M guy Skins

      Reyna:trying to clutch raze;rocket launcher goes brrrrrrrrr

    65. prime cc

      How to spoil a perfect ace? 1:16 Even with all those skills...

    66. Ramahadran Hennessy

      How do we turn off the terrible music?

    67. Lina Ng

      I love valorant

    68. Tom Sun

      song is by Apashe

    69. eZImOv zet

      и чо,она раздифузила спайк или нет?? спасибо,теперь буду думать только о этом