Erick Rowan and Luke Harper overpower Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 17, 2019



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    Erick Rowan emerges with Luke Harper, and the behemoths viciously attack Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.
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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Commando Ultra 84

      Luke Harper looks so slim now he lose weight

    2. MY TECH

      Pls update the details faster

    3. Lee Lee Clark

      The way impact wrestling books ove to dominate is how wwe should've booked the wyatt family to Dominate

    4. müzik net

      Çok iyi abi

    5. Wax

      That why i like Erick and luke that because they have music band on t-shirt

    6. Afreen Pari

      My channel subscribe please

    7. Jin N Juice

      I have to say Erick can be the new Kane if done right.. But then again what do I Know. He should be Erick Rowan and make his own legacy WWE has got something good and a great Talent in Erick Rowan and Luke Harper.

    8. Anonymous


    9. XavierGamer562

      1:58 someone shouted WHAT!

    10. The Man That Uploads It All

      I was waiting for Samoa Joe

    11. Adalia Francisco

      🙏®OWAN and LUKE for the WIN🙏®UEL F.👊🗿👊®

    12. Apple Slisez

      Does that mean he wasnt lying when he called fans all those disrespectfull things as a heel

    13. Verneal Lovelock

      So this means Daniel Bryan will turn face?

    14. Verneal Lovelock

      4:53 Goddamn!

    15. Tanishk Rao

      This is the first I am seeing Erick's teeth 🤣🤣🤣

    16. Hubaid M

      I love it When Bryan turn's FACE

    17. Vijay Goyal


    18. Ninjakos YT 02

      Why roman and Daniel doesn't teeming

    19. Zenda Proctor

      They should reunite Seth Rollins and Roman reigns! ❤️❤️

    20. Bindas Bohora

      Roman my fabrate resler

    21. Jeremy Santos

      Roman and Daniel as a tag team

    22. Austin Mignone

      This is how you build up new stars

    23. RaMbO FiGhTeR

      Roman getting a huge cheer and I'm happy with it although I don't like his character. But man You have gotta respect him(a man who defeated cancer twice) and now he is not even shoved down our throats. So I'm ok with him but still I think we all will love his character if they only turn him heel!!!!!

    24. dejo

      1:47 he has Cannibal Corpse t shirt nice!

    25. Vito Scaletta

      I kinda like it how Erick Rowan still attacks Daniel Bryan when the camera angle changes when Roman Reigns music plays in the background.

    26. Original Karad

      Wayat Family Vs The Shiled : Caviar !! Harper Vs Ziggler Best ladder match of this last years !!! WWE please dont do bulshit with this characters again. They always do their best. Please..

    27. ash unknown

      face of wwe ..roman reigns n most fans n most merchadise sold

    28. Evan Tilmon


    29. savvy830

      If Teddy Long was there we would have had a tag match right there playa. Holla holla holla.

    30. lachlan edgecombe

      Luke is looking a little bit skinny

    31. Chris Lee

      Finally Rowen and Harper beating ppl down like they should be

    32. Aby Brooks

      Yes Erick Rowan beats roman reigns

    33. Kevin Johnson jr

      It's funny how I been watching this channel before 500k now they have 48.6 million

    34. Dwyane Mills

      Like fifth video where people say indians go to hell what does that even mean? Yall are racist

    35. Dwyane Mills

      Can't tell whos on drugs Luke Harper cause he's so skinny or Erick Rowan because he's so huge?

    36. Benjii Oukitcha

      It's great to be blundgeon brothers back on TV

    37. William Bell

      Roman needs to get tougher and more aggressive

    38. Jakiedric Eagle

      This should totally be a tag team match inside hell in a cell so all hell can break loose

    39. Alif Najmi

      Corey Graves should been taken out by Rowan and Harper instead of Tom Phillips

    40. Alif Najmi

      Did anyone notice that someone who is missing in the commentary booth at the end of this video

    41. UK Transport Wildlife & Weather Channel

      Both Harper & Rowan should be suspended & fined by the wwe who else agrees?

    42. rehab 12345

      Both harper and rowan are the only solutions of raw tag team division put them in raw in upcoming draft

    43. Aleister Jackson

      First time i heard Rowen's voice in these 8 years

    44. Jakai Brown

      Roman & The Rock need to be a tag team not Daniel

    45. RamboNambo (aka Sorpresa)

      Rowan should have choked Daniel Bryan with a tie.

    46. akash Kumar

      Roman is best

    47. Vitamin DxD

      Harper is slim af now

    48. Jayden Pichardo


    49. Khalil'S Vlogs

      the idea of pushing eric rowan is genius thous two guys amazing they give me chills and they are very strong

    50. Kone Chaka


    51. Jazz Smith

      Dead silence when he comes out Eric Rowan

    52. ديار الغرار

      If the shielsd was existed

    53. Mus 23

      Set a match next week Roma Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs Erick Rowan and Luke itt vinceee

    54. Zakrea Red

      Why security guards always getting hit

    55. Ayman Omar

      Luke Harper & Erick Rowan You Are Double Killers To Attack My Great Teammates Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns Ever


      where is the big dog famous????

    57. Karim MCI

      WWE 👀👂 me liké liké Roman💪👊👈 Yes Bro Big Dope💪🔥🔥 you Is A Legend💪👈😀😀😀

    58. Muhi Dul

      Rumon Ringes is my favourite player in wwe

    59. Kunal Flora

      That was real

    60. CallMe Seth

      Slapped him and declare friendship ? haha Daniel XD

    61. Mahendar Singh

      very very very nice

    62. Jai Kapur

      I feel bad for them. Not just Roman, but Daniel as well. And yeah, Rowan actually does so well when he's on his own rather than being a puppet of Bray Wyatt.

    63. Rafael Martins

      Has anyone noticed the Eric Rowan's music intro is exactly the same as Bray Wyatt The Fiend's entrance at Summerslam?

    64. Shaheer Ahmad

      like roman comment erick

    65. Tosif Khan

      Roo Roo ROMAN ROO ROO ROMAN 🤛🤜🤜🤛🤜🤜🤛🤜🤜🤛🤜🤜🤛🤜🤜🤜💞💞💞💞💞

    66. SteelCageToys

      I still think Bryan is going to turn on Reigns. The money match is Bryan v Reigns not Rowan v Reigns

    67. Jeffer Pulla

      Greetings from Ecuador🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨


      What's the use of these security guys. They always get beaten up. I never seen them containing an wrestler

    69. Lauren Laughland

      Rowan and Harper got this sexy Sons of Anarchy thing going. I like it.

    70. Sam Lyngdoh

      thanks u can show by alphabet like this