Every Throw from Dwayne Haskins' Pro Day



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    Every throw from quarterback Dwayne Haskins at Ohio State's Pro Day.
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    1. Kevin Ramirez

      And Daniel Jones gotten chosen over him lol. Giants do love Eli

    2. Noah C Cornelius

      I’m here after the Giants drafted Daniel Jones ahead of him💀💀

    3. Martin Peralta

      Byron Lefwich 2.0

    4. cicatricial

      Byron Leftwich 2.0

    5. Steve Abitante

      He's gonna be Facing Elite & Mature Defenses & Defensive players that the He Never Faced With The Buckeyes!

    6. John Perez

      He reminds me so much of Big Ben in terms of having a large frame and being able to take the hits, and getting the ball out quick with a flick of the wrist instead of using all arm. He's also placing the ball in all the right spots.

    7. Dave Haller

      Redskins got Haskins and McLaurin. I am very happy we got them. Both are high character guys in addition to being talented.

    8. j king

      Lots of his pass yds and tds in college came from short screen passes led to long yds and tds. I see jarmacus russell in him. Sorry man but I see a high maintenance guy who can't really throw smooth nice spiral balls out of his hands.

    9. Brian Crawford

      People saying his accuracy is lacking are just blind

    10. Al'Turek Goode


    11. TH3 K1NG43

      This dude will have a real tough time in terms of fatigue. He tires out quick

    12. TH3 K1NG43

      I honestly think jones will be a better pro Qb than Haskins will be. He just has better mechanics. Haskins will Be like an EJ Manuel. I don’t get why people hate that pick by the giants so much. Haskins was on Ohio state and had unbelievably talented wideouts and Jones was at duke where the WRs dropped every other ball. If they switched schools, the stats would’ve also switched. You have to look at more than just stats which includes intangibles, mechanics, and how quickly a QB can learn a pro playbook. I’m a patriots fans and absolutely hate the giants with a passion but they made the right decision...remember where you heard it first

      1. mercerpride

        Sounds like a scorned Giants fan, lol

    13. Terrance Lytle

      every throw with Dwayne Haskins pro day

    14. Mervens AnnointedKeys

      Imagine gettlemen picking Daniel Jones of Haskins

    15. Shawn Thomas

      A lot of so called experts on this comment section compare Haskins to Jamarcus Russell or Jamies Winston, why is that? There are other QBs in the league or since retired you can compare him too but you only choose those two. You arm chair experts are ridiculous . Russell was lazy and Winston is reckless, Haskins is neither of these things but I guess they look alike so yeah that's how you make your argument or judgement.

      1. icemule

        Reminds me more of Doug Williams.

      2. Snøw Jonathøn

        @Shawn Thomas also Haskins halfway reminds me of Russell Wilson for some reason because of his mobility you know?

      3. Snøw Jonathøn

        @Shawn Thomas I was thinking Haskins reminded me of Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, or Tyrod Taylor.

      4. Shawn Thomas

        @Thirteen Bee he's black too, no Ben or Marino. He's a quarterback not just a black one.

      5. Thirteen Bee

        Shawn Thomas How about Byron Leftwich? I know Leftwich is a bigger QB (30lbs more than Haskins) but would that be a fair comparison?

    16. Jt Money

      Wow Giants passed on this guy for Daniel who Jones lmao dumb move there going to regret it lmao!!!!

    17. Terrance Lytle

      Dwayne Haskins Ohio state QB

    18. Terrance Lytle

      Dwayne Haskins QB number 7

    19. Terrance Lytle

      every throw very from Dwayne Haskins pro day

    20. redskinjim


    21. Terrance Lytle

      every throw from Dwayne Haskins pro day

    22. Breezo LOE4L


    23. Stan Smith

      Danny Jones throws a better ball 🏈 He also scored a 37 on the Wonderlic and Haskins scored a 25. Giants took the best available QB. That’s just the reality of it.

      1. Stan Smith

        Snøw Jonathøn Eli is a 2x Super Bowl Champ and a first ballot Hall of Famer. He’s not going to lose his job to a draft pick during mini camp, 6 months before the regular season even starts. Eli had a lot of say in picking Danny, as he’s worked with him before via Cutliffe QB training. They picked Jones to be Eli’s successor. Period. He has the chance to learn the pro game from a master and Eli is relishing that role as he ends his career. Eli might have more left in the tank than people think, but either way, Jones will start when the time is right. Do you think it means nothing that the Giants picked Danny? Safe bet that the Manning’s, Cutliffe and the Giants scouting know more about evaluating quarterbacks than you or I. Haskins is going to a city where QB’s go to be flashes in the pan. If I had to bet, I’d bet on Haskins not being a starter 3 years from now.

      2. Snøw Jonathøn

        @Stan Smith if Jones was the better QB, he would be starting over Eli from day one. I appreciate your optimism but Haskins has the star potential and Jones would be lucky to finish in the top 25 QBs list in QBR in the future

      3. Stan Smith

        Snøw Jonathøn Save this convo, and revisit it in 3 years.Jones is the better QB right now and will surely be the better NFL QB.

      4. Snøw Jonathøn

        Danny Jones throws a better short ball because that's the only ball he throws. Anything past 10 yards and Danny is screwed. Danny "Screen Pass or Quick Slant" Jones as he will be nicknamed will have a better start to his career because he will sit for a year and Haskins will start day one but after a few years, Haskins will be making a probowl

    24. Alejandro Colon

      Shouldn’t be so tired, hands on hips... Jamarcus Russell 2.0

      1. icemule

        Russell was a backwards ass hillbilly, dude could barely speak the english language, was lazy and now broke. Doubt any of that will happen to Haskins.

      2. Shawn Thomas

        @Move_I_Got_This they are nothing alike, sorry.

      3. Move_I_Got_This

        Russell was partying too much. Haskins does move and pass like Russell.

      4. Shawn Thomas

        These are two vastly different QBs. Jamarcus was athletic but was not smart , in college you can get away with hiding your deficiencies by being athletically gifted but in the NFL you need to have additional intangibles like knowing how to read defenses as well as having knowledge of the game which Haskins has . Stop comparing those two, they're night and day.

    25. Myles Gelóneck


    26. Doctor J

      The funny thing about this position (QB) its all about the things you cant really test: 1.) Mental Strength 2.) Judgement 3.) Right enviorment The greats have all of these traits

    27. Fly solo 28

      I really feel like he is going to be a Jamarcus Russell wish him well though glad Miami pass on him.

      1. mercerpride

        Lol, bitter much?

    28. QuietStormX

      The NY Giants blew it, now it's the Redskins gain! ;-D

    29. m kdrep

      NY Giants should have drafted Haskins! It was a no brainer, unfortunately, Gettleman doesn't have a brain!!! 😡

    30. Brandon

      The next Jameis Winston . I'm not buying the hype

    31. J K

      He’s a bust. Not smart enough to read NFL defenses.

      1. J K

        icemule You are being disingenuous and you very well know there there is another commonly understood meaning to the term “system quarterback” that is not straight literal.

      2. icemule

        @J K Every Qb on every team is a system Qb by definition, Qb's don't run on the field and just wing it, drawing up plays in the dirt. He and every other Qb has a playbook, THAT'S THE SYSTEM.

      3. Shawn Thomas

        @ J K agreed, we shall see.

      4. J K

        @Shawn Thomas We will see who is right.

      5. J K

        @Shawn Thomas Break down his film and where his passing yards came from. System QB on a powerhouse team. NFL is a different animal.

    32. bjr816


      1. mercerpride


    33. Justin Wines

      reminds of Steve McNair

    34. Clever Foal

      Byron Leftwich

    35. Sea Scorpion

      Did the Giants draft him?

    36. Joseph Simmons

      Hope he dont be a jamarcus Russell

    37. Antoine Weston

      Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur had their eyes closed. LOL

    38. Upside down

      8:00 that would’ve been completed in a game

    39. Hookset Hijinx

      Jay Gruden was in the background licking his chops

      1. mercerpride


    40. 99 problems over 1 blessing

      Here to get a preview of Dwayne and terry’s connections

    41. kolboy757

      The Redskins are gonna ruin his career

      1. BigSW28

        F##k you #HTTR

    42. souldy09

      HTTR! Haskins AND McLaurin!!

      1. Goon Cinco

        souldy09 #HTTR

    43. Clemond Brown

      Thank you giants. Hail

      1. Goon Cinco

        Clemond Brown #HTTR

    44. Jack Thebox210

      Best QB in the draft

    45. Jerry Long

      Wish it was more zip

    46. Mr. Finesse

      My Redskins are talking about trading up 2 get this 1. From the Jets

    47. Skilled REDPILL

      My Bengals need him!

    48. Diesel Johnson

      Anyone who takes this bum in the top 10 is destined to fail for years. He looks fat and out of shape, either formerly fat or future fat, he just has a fat kid body. Not to mention he is very flat footed. Not very accurate in shorts and t shirt, how bout being pressured in an nfl pocket? 2nd round grade at best.

      1. 20 16


      2. Diesel Johnson

        The Abstract a nobody thats 100% correct lol

      3. The Abstract

        Diesel Johnson you’re a nobody

    49. Ethan Weeter

      His arm strength off his back foot will likely dwarf Murray’s arm strength off the back foot.

    50. Jeff Salsblain

      Appears to have great size & a naturally good arm. I think he lacks really tight mechanics, however, and his throwing motion seems a bit lazy. Maybe he was just trying to play relaxed, but he could be stepping into throws more to get better velocity & accuracy.

    51. kj197734

      Haskins reminds me of Jameis Winston. A smart college QB that will be a mediocre QB in the NFL.

      1. Shawn Thomas

        Jameis isn't smart.......LOLOLOL

      2. 20 16

        R u retarded Jamie's Winston is like the complete opposite of him wtf

    52. David Madras

      He’s got that ‘baby fatz’ thing going on!

    53. Ernesto Uribe

      That was funny Rhett at 2:50

    54. Lord REDkiller

      Bucs fan here, we’re at #5 looking to trade for some picks, Kyler Murray went #1 overall and Haskins is still on the board, the giants are up next who’s looking to trade?? @giants fans others are making some good offers are y’all looking to get your franchise QB or let others steal him from you?

    55. Inappropriate Content

      0:09 when you see a bug on the floor near you

    56. Inappropriate Content

      I’ve heard he’s a super intelligent guy and he has the talent, gifts, and work ethic to go along with it. This kid’s gonna go far!

    57. Jp McDade

      I want to play this on a loop in a private movie theater and watch it for days on end like Howard Hughes.

    58. Shawn Prout

      Lik how he asked that man was he ok and went to check on him leader💯

    59. john dillinger


      1. Peter Vo

        john dillinger you think so?

    60. Hollis2Hollywood

      0:09 When you get out of the shower and realize you forgot your towel

    61. Bronson White

      He reminds me of a present day Byron Leftwich. No athletisism spotty on passes. Idk osu isn't known for making QBs. He'll be a glorified backup when all is said and done.

    62. Brothers gaming Madden,minecraft,and more

      Roses are red violets are blue browns are good wait we got Odell oh we good now

    63. Tony Angelo

      I wish they could put like a camera on a qbs head to see what they see

    64. BrAD Strayer

      Looks and throws like warren moon.

    65. YoungChulo is PrinceToni

      I swear to God I hope the lions get him it’s the only way I’m coming back to the fan base 😭

    66. Michael M

      Trade back wait for Trevor Lawrence he will be a HOF QB you heard it here first.

    67. Bob Barker

      Strong arm... no IT factor... NEXT

    68. BThreatTV

      Haskins & Baker are Best QB in the draft these 2 years!!! And it's not even close!!! Murray would be an awesome shortstop!!!

    69. Tone Tv

      Who has the best oline in the nfl?

    70. Bonnie Bryant

      good arm strength. lets see where he goes