1. Clemond Brown

    Thank you giants. Hail

  2. Jack Thebox210

    Best QB in the draft

  3. Jerry Long

    Wish it was more zip

  4. Mr. Finesse

    My Redskins are talking about trading up 2 get this 1. From the Jets

  5. Skilled REDPILL

    My Bengals need him!

  6. Diesel Johnson

    Anyone who takes this bum in the top 10 is destined to fail for years. He looks fat and out of shape, either formerly fat or future fat, he just has a fat kid body. Not to mention he is very flat footed. Not very accurate in shorts and t shirt, how bout being pressured in an nfl pocket? 2nd round grade at best.

    1. Diesel Johnson

      The Abstract a nobody thats 100% correct lol

    2. The Abstract

      Diesel Johnson you’re a nobody

  7. Ethan Weeter

    His arm strength off his back foot will likely dwarf Murray’s arm strength off the back foot.

  8. Jeff Salsblain

    Appears to have great size & a naturally good arm. I think he lacks really tight mechanics, however, and his throwing motion seems a bit lazy. Maybe he was just trying to play relaxed, but he could be stepping into throws more to get better velocity & accuracy.

  9. kj197734

    Haskins reminds me of Jameis Winston. A smart college QB that will be a mediocre QB in the NFL.

  10. David Madras

    He’s got that ‘baby fatz’ thing going on!

  11. Ernesto Uribe

    That was funny Rhett at 2:50

  12. Lord REDkiller

    Bucs fan here, we’re at #5 looking to trade for some picks, Kyler Murray went #1 overall and Haskins is still on the board, the giants are up next who’s looking to trade?? @giants fans others are making some good offers are y’all looking to get your franchise QB or let others steal him from you?

  13. Inappropriate Content

    0:09 when you see a bug on the floor near you

  14. Inappropriate Content

    I’ve heard he’s a super intelligent guy and he has the talent, gifts, and work ethic to go along with it. This kid’s gonna go far!

  15. Jp McDade

    I want to play this on a loop in a private movie theater and watch it for days on end like Howard Hughes.

  16. Shawn Prout

    Lik how he asked that man was he ok and went to check on him leader💯

  17. john dillinger


    1. Peter Vo

      john dillinger you think so?

  18. Hollis2Hollywood

    0:09 When you get out of the shower and realize you forgot your towel

  19. Bronson White

    He reminds me of a present day Byron Leftwich. No athletisism spotty on passes. Idk osu isn't known for making QBs. He'll be a glorified backup when all is said and done.

  20. Brothers gaming Madden,minecraft,and more

    Roses are red violets are blue browns are good wait we got Odell oh we good now

  21. Tony Angelo

    I wish they could put like a camera on a qbs head to see what they see

  22. BrAD Strayer

    Looks and throws like warren moon.

  23. YoungChulo is PrinceToni

    I swear to God I hope the lions get him it’s the only way I’m coming back to the fan base 😭

  24. Michael M

    Trade back wait for Trevor Lawrence he will be a HOF QB you heard it here first.

  25. Bob Barker

    Strong arm... no IT factor... NEXT

  26. BThreatTV

    Haskins & Baker are Best QB in the draft these 2 years!!! And it's not even close!!! Murray would be an awesome shortstop!!!

  27. Tone Tv

    Who has the best oline in the nfl?

  28. Bonnie Bryant

    good arm strength. lets see where he goes

  29. John Rizzo

    His throwing motion is so slow, and there isn't much velocity on any of his throws. That could be a huge problem in the NFL when you have to deliver a fastball to avoid getting a route jumped by the very fast NFL corners. Its almost like they intentionally avoided having him throw any high velocity, short distance passes. I would guess that his accuracy becomes an issue at higher speeds, and that is why it was avoided. That being said his accuracy is perfect, and his motion is very fluid and a pleasure to watch. Maybe they can work on his velocity, but I think that is usually one of the harder things to coach into a QB. Overall though I see him as a more accurate version of EJ Manuel.

  30. Nate Swaggin

    Welcome to Miami

  31. Jeffery Aldaz

    This guy will indeed be a a bust just you watch

  32. 得IziNice MusicPage

    Peep the Jordan 11 lows

  33. Bryce Z

    Best QB in this draft

  34. Will Frometa

    The man huffing and puffin after a few throws... better get his cardio right...Got D ends running 4.4 40s that won't let him get any rest..

  35. Gkellz

    If the Giants don’t take Haskins at 6 ... I am convinced Gettlemen has no plan ...

  36. TheWatchernator

    One question though. Why aren't the receivers wearing helmets? Because it just takes one ball to miss-time or one ball not to be caught and you have a broken nose/eye/tooth...

  37. Billy Bob


  38. John Davis

    He appears to be out of breath 5 minutes into the vid.

  39. Corey Oden

    Dwayne Haskins is the most pro ready QB in the draft. I hope he goes somewhere like Miami or Jacksonville so he can start day one...if he's drafted by the Giants (which he probably will be), he might have to put up with their weird love affair with Eli Manning for about three years. Eli's a future Hall of Famer but the Giants organization need to admit he's done and let him go. Until they do, I'm afraid Haskins will NEVER get a fair shake in NY.

  40. Chris Thurber

    Big ole bust

  41. My Name ?

    Pats gotta pick him up

  42. Jason X

    Kind of miss Mike Mayock's analysis. He always had some inside scoop

  43. 85titans

    To be honest who here thinks they should really do all this combine stat with pads because in my mind that truly gives ya the right stat on what they can do

  44. Macky Mode

    I would go with Haskins over Murray just for the fact that Murray seems to have a very touchy personality

  45. Ronnie Warford

    Future Raiders QB

  46. Marquis Rolle ́

    Are those jordan cleats!!?

  47. xd133

    He’s huge wtf o.o

  48. Go Bucks

    At 9 minutes when Paris falls down the fact that he stopped everything and checked on him was an important moment.. that's how you get guys to respect you.

  49. kinch613

    Classy kid and all upside for him! I hope my Fins trade up to snag him! He’s gonna be a superstar!

  50. myles hartsfield

    Bucs? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤔

  51. Dawg Pound Trucker

    Hands down, Best QB in this draft 👏👏👏

  52. kj232009

    Sleeper. Might wound up being the best NFL QB out of the draft

    1. kj232009

      +Go Bucks this guy is not getting hype like Murray. Sleeper as in when the smoke clears 5 years from now Haskins might be best

    2. Go Bucks

      Not sure you know what a sleeper is....

  53. C- Power

    His foot work is excellent.

  54. Robert Morris

    Reindeer prance

  55. Slime Peso

    mcnabb 2.0

  56. Nathan Tawney

    where is the will grier video????

    1. 7mileshi

      Nathan Tawney You're right Sorry man!

    2. Nathan Tawney

      +7mileshi no need to be mean. Thanks tho

    3. 7mileshi

      Nathan Tawney Go to Griers page FOOL

  57. R

    NY Giants would never draft a colored QB

    1. Macky Mode

      But they put in Geno Smith and benched Eli

  58. Stan Smith

    Kyler Murray is a better passer. It’s not close.

    1. Go Bucks

      You. Are. An. Idiot. I'm sure you're one of those delusional OU fans though.

  59. Beats 299

    Redskins next steal of a player

  60. Chris Charlton

    Who sees Jamarcus Russel?

  61. 1stround knockouts

    Bust mark my words Ohio st don’t produce top qbs

    1. Macky Mode

      Such blanket arguments are useless

  62. Matt P

    Will Grier !!

  63. Rasheed Shotuyo

    Dolphins up!

  64. D hat

    5 Ads? R u Fing kidding me NFL... don't yall make enough money?

  65. Hulk Smash 24/7

    I really wish that they would put someone in these guys face to somewhat simulate pressure..

    1. Hulk Smash 24/7

      +Macky Mode There is game tape of him throwing as well. Point is that the pocket is never going to be this clean in the NFL..

    2. Macky Mode

      There's a thing called game tape...

  66. Tavise Stoudemire

    2019 NFL DRAFT PROSPECT ALL AROUND INSIDE LINEBACKER de-news.net/online/video-IwFJJ7CwFRU.html

  67. Steve Jhonson

    Racist nfl set him up to fail they trade Beckham so he won’t have weapons like they do all black qb ,,, giants will draft him with no o line or great wr but if they drafted a white qb they would have never traded Beckham ...

  68. JLR

    Overrated!! TYPICAL Buckeye QB

  69. Montemex23

    The more I see rookie QBs come into the league and not be successful just makes me think there will never be a greater QB than Tom Brady

  70. smilley brown


  71. Klarenxe Blood


  72. Gian Smith

    NY Giants!

  73. Muscle Gunz

    Looks like Winston little brother

  74. Jacob Ortega

    Looks like pink panther sneaking by

  75. tinhinnh

    looks like a lineman, he will be a bust at qb

    1. 7mileshi

      tinhinnh Post a pic of YOUR physique!!! Smh

  76. Esketit Esketit

    The giants are the worst organization I swear. We could have had obj, Haskins, and Barkley. I’m pissed!!!

  77. abdul smith

    Big O state fan Proud of you HASKINS!

  78. Aaron Kemp

    I would love to have this guy replacing Philip Rivers in a year or two.

  79. Arturo De la Barrera

    Welcome to miami beach

  80. tulo fant

    he said he wanted to get drafted by the benglas

    1. Macky Mode

      No he didn't

  81. jtneverfolds

    there's a calmness about this cat.☺

  82. John Doe

    Need to put this in madden

  83. Whit D.

    NFL fined his trainer for roughing. Already!

  84. Broncogod 94

    Roses are red violets are blue the patriots lost to the eagles in super 52

    1. Broncogod 94

      +JJ C but that was good one

    2. Broncogod 94

      +JJ C btw the pats only beat eagles once

    3. JJ C

      Roses are red violets are blue the eagles only have one Super Bowl so what’s wrong with you 😛

    4. Brothers gaming Madden,minecraft,and more

      Broncogod 94 nice one lol

  85. BuzzLOLOL

    Polls cheated us out of seeing Lawrence vs Haskins... instead we got Lawrence vs limpwristed ebbtide...

    1. ndm3

      I wanted to see that too. I think they'll end up being the future Peyton and Brady in the league. Both guys are amazing throwers (super accurate), and something just feels different about them.

  86. RoSmash

    Kyler Murray and him are definitely tied at #1 in my opinion, can’t go wrong with either. But Haskins will have more success deeper into his career.

  87. Matt Mc

    My Redskins need him asap

    1. Macky Mode

      You won't get him but you might get Drew Lock

  88. ShrekLiveActionMovie420

    He is going to be a Cincy Bengal

  89. Javier Suárez

    Damn the NFL sure knows how to milk every second of the offseason. 250k views on a guy's pro day. Good luck Dewayne.

  90. Calvin Hayden

    No way the Giants Draft a black qb will bet my life on that. Their gonna pick Mizzou qb over Haskins

    1. Macky Mode

      Gettleman will draft Daniel Jones because he is stupid and does anything to be identified with Eli Manning tree

    2. StroSwift10

      No man lol

  91. austintexas1193

    #1 QB in the draft


    Giants is taking this kid i can tell.

    1. Macky Mode

      I doubt it, Gettleman is too stupid

  93. BT Warner

    Should be the first QB off the board.

  94. geauxinin

    Mechanics similar to Cam 👌

  95. Sports World

    de-news.net/online/video-Aokie7ppgsM.html obj to browns check it out

  96. Chris Clinton

    Brian Leftwhich

  97. Yellowpack

    This guy is good. Love the fact that he's not afraid to take a shot down field and that it's not his receivers making a play, but he's placing it in perfect spots. Whenever in games he was never a one read type quarterback. He always scouted the mismatches and used his weapons. Watch out Eli

  98. Scott Wesney

    Such a BOSS!

  99. Victor Hardin

    Welp... he ain't no pat mahomes

  100. David James

    Kyler has a stronger arm

    1. Mooncut

      pure bs