Everything Epic DIDN'T Tell You In The Wolverine Update! (Midas Fish, NEW POI) - Fortnite Season 4



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    In todays video we check out the HUGE wolverine update in Fortnite! There's new Mythic Abilities, New POI's, there's the New Midas Flopper and MORE!

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    Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Today I check out the HUGE new Wolverine update! There a brand new Midas flopper in fortnite, there's the new mythic ability for wolverine in weeping woods, there's a new Storm Mythic ability, the scoped ARs are vaulted, new skins, new POI's and so much more! I'm super excited for season 4 of chapter 2!
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    1. More SypherPK

      I'm posting gameplay of the Midas Flopper on the 2nd channel VERY soon.. and Storm's new Mythic later on the 2nd channel!

      1. Fifa and GOPRO Dude

        SypherPK I love the vids and you killed a twitch streamer I watch called fusconed and I thought it was really cool 😄

      2. LaZy Zerex

        @SypherPK i found midas flopper also love ur vids

      3. Syed Ali

        Sypher visit my channel and you’ll see i got the midas flopper! Same goes to everyone

      4. Andrew Gomez

        i think the transport bus had wolverine in there and he probably broke the doors off so now he’s roaming around

      5. FC Finley Gaming

        Michael Haskovec Nani what my mind shut down

    2. Vojtěch Růžek

      Bro u became Ali.a

    3. funny editz

      Could u do a educational video of how to kill wolverine

    4. Luner ZPLpotato _x

      Sypher says the boss is easy almost dies

    5. Agent frankie

      Who else is subed to all of sypherpks chanles

    6. Paxton Tuncel

      I think venom was in the carrier

    7. elaijah din

      I got the midas flopper twice and vendetta

    8. Wriest Bubbles

      Bruh your videos are sosossososos gogogogoggod

    9. AvieRo

      i got the midas fish it was so hard

    10. Dark Night Yeet

      First jk

    11. nixs

      The transport carrier is what Wolverine was in but he broke out that’s why he’s in the game now

    12. christa mitton


    13. Saqura

      I just got Wolverines glove in real life and in fortnite

    14. Lunchmoney52 A qt HRK

      Everyone at superstore gangsta till the STUPID gorger pulls up boi

    15. A Douglas

      I did not know that wolverine was in the game when my cousin told me

    16. Tewodros Dire

      I hate your videos

    17. Wyldman82

      I really wish Fortnite would go back to having only original content. They lost me when they partnered with Marvel.

    18. MrLililou


    19. Talha Majid Khan/SICAS Boys

      Sypher u got it wrong we have 9 mythics: Wolverines claws, dr. Doom's goblets, dr. Doom's mystic bomb, ironman's goblets, unibeam, thor's hammer, silver's board, groot shield, and storm wirlwind

    20. TTVfaze348 YT

      I’m big fan

    21. Evanツ

      My 7 year old little brother found the Midas flopper in under 5 minutes😂 and he wasn’t even trying to he was just fishing for fun😂

    22. Abid Hussain

      I found four midas floppers

    23. Cameron sumile

      I legit caught the Midas fish in my first game with my cousin

    24. TacticalCheeseStraws

      Hey man that Trask Truck is what wolverine was in :)

    25. Matthew Hetsler

      I think that the superstore is going to be a Halloween store when the fortnitemares update comes out I think that would be cool

    26. T Smiff

      Hey SypherPK I Want You To Not Say What The Hell Please ForMy Kids ❤️

    27. Redmale


    28. EliTheKyogre_YT

      K supper here is the wolverine “storyline” Wolverine was in the trask truck, but now, he has broken out into the map and is a mythic boss

    29. David Bautista

      Wolverine got out of that truck

    30. Yuvee Pro


    31. Tommy Corbett

      Funniest shit ever that wolverine kill 🤣

    32. CoD mobile BR Gameplay

      wolverine has bought 5 self revives

    33. Jacob Gonzalez

      There is a update on yt and when I liked it it said use code SypherPK Hey can u like and sub to my channel so I can get a support code for my family and I'll sub back and I'll appreciate it ❤️ I'm going to record a solo video soon

    34. nihal controller

      Hey sypherpk can you please add me ass a friend , i supscribed

    35. Fish Food

      Wolverine is a mutant he eas being tracked down and hunted and escaped the truck

    36. Fish Food

      Are you coler blind

    37. Allen

      the transport carrier probably has something to do with magneto

    38. Jayden Suhas

      Your videos are really helpful

    39. 501st Command

      this has gotta be my favourite boss imagine if they did something like this with a werewolf on halloween where the map is dark and creepy

    40. Nick Koren

      That's where Wolverine came from

    41. AfterLyfe_CrackSh0t

      The transport carrier truck has wolverine in it

    42. Shadowz Youtube

      Sypher the transport truck at the top of the map was holding wolverine and that's why it's open now

    43. meL azwal

      He can heal him self wolverine

    44. TheyCallme-yoshi

      imagine being so good at the game that you talk like nothing and kill everyone, Good video.

    45. Fierc3

      i actaully caught midas fish mid game no lies tell i will be posting on my channel its OP

    46. Matt Dufner

      Wolverine was in the transport carrier

    47. boscoBT

      I know everyone is sick of self promoters but I have been grinding and trying my best to grow on youtube and have been going nowhere. Times are hard and my parents need money. They said if I dont get 500 subs by Halloween I will have to sell my setup😭. It would mean the world to me if you subbed to me. I can sub to you if you want🙂. Have a great day..

    48. Christopher Wong

      my name is in fortnite is JJNC97 or Hot p00 1235

    49. Christopher Wong

      syper can i play duos with u

    50. Christopher Wong

      hi sypherpk your so good at playing fortnite

    51. Jesus Montano

      I caught it

    52. Avery Pennington

      We’re is storm boss at


      So I killed him yesterday and didn’t get nothing but u kill him u get sum

    54. TheGod Gogeta

      Vendetta flopper is the same chansey of midas flopper and I got 1 midas and 4 vendetta floppers

    55. Stuart Ong

      If i join you i dont have mic

      1. Stuart Ong

        I wish i had im using nintendo

    56. Stuart Ong

      Please read bc im big fan

    57. Stuart Ong

      Find in the map the right up and you can see a slurp and its like venom with elf

    58. Stuart Ong

      Please friend me my name is Stuartgamingpro im a big fan

    59. Stuart Ong

      Hey spyher pk did you now the purple van is venoms cage and he escape

    60. TheRedstoneRecorder

      Btw daywalker isn't new in a spider man show that I don't remember the name he was in and that was a little over 5 years it was on netflix

    61. Jeremiah Poyer

      Sypher:this shouldn't be to difficult, Me: notices hes playing solos Also me: ok let's see how sweaty you really are

    62. TFHOF

      Yo shyper how high can u go if u use the hop flopper and Wolverine

    63. Eli Dzhurayev

      Wait isn’t Fortnites bday July 31

    64. JK_ Ra4in

      I got the Midas fish and vendetta fish I swear

    65. Karen Brown

      Checking out my new job

    66. Target Unreal

      Im sad my fave DE-news started using a chronux zen aka aimbot plugin/cheat

    67. ibxsquid YT

      Some people kept saying theres a olm skin like the backbling in season 3

    68. invzo.

      iv been here since fortnite first birthday and lost my account like in seasone 6 cuz of boogie down security thing and i couldnt get it back 😂

    69. invzo.

      i think the carrier opened and wolverine ran away into weeping

    70. Papahoyer

      Sypher needs a new band I can see him big forehead