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Extended: Ellen Shaves Off Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman's Beard for Charity



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    In a daytime TV exclusive, Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman sat down with Ellen to talk about helping the New England Patriots win their 6th championship, posing naked for a photo shoot, and he even offered to let Ellen shave his much talked about beard to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Boston. The wide receiver also got a special gift... he finally received his coveted trophy for being named MVP!

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    1. Jessica Eugene

      Oh, he's sexy

    2. Ksi

      8:15 your welcome

    3. cadence8ful

      Ellen, I was wondering what the brand name on the hair trimmer is? Is it Wahl Clipper? Im from the town that those are made at. Sterling, Illinois. I live in Rock Falls, Illinois, right across the bridge and I work in Sterling right down the road from Wahl Clipper. Just wondering

    4. Samu LD Khiangte

      Edelman tap vak rawh.

    5. Ehriykkah

      He's such a charming guy!!! also looks AMAZING without the beard!!!

    6. Migs TV

      It’s probably awkward to shave your beard in front of 2000 people

    7. Potrvlb

      Very cool 😁

    8. Credit Academic

      wow you can tell a lesbian by the way she is shaving his face lol Jesus. Shes holding those clippers like a dagger.

    9. The FBI

      We lost him Chief

    10. Moises Medina

      They deserve it because of no sweet victory

    11. Jackson Lovett

      Julian Edelman played quarterback in college at Kent State

    12. Charles Toles

      another demasculination-its metaphoric for cutting his nuts off

    13. Jonathan Halsey


    14. Lewis Hamilton #5

      this guy is so nice

    15. Monkey Jumper

      If I don’t wanna waste ur time through the whole thing when they finally start it’s at 8:25

    16. Beatz 7

      He looks like Brady !!!

    17. neighbor27

      Handsome man

    18. Natalie Foster

      So much better after it was shaved ❤️ and for a great cause too

    19. Hudson Cannon

      Go pats

    20. P8N

      The way she holds those clippers 😂

    21. get wet

      Ellen has lots of practice shaving Portia's bush.

      1. Sophie Moerman

        get wet perve

    22. Jimmy Miller

      Dormamu... I’ve come to bargain!

    23. nicolette D

      next justin turner

    24. Riveriux Phenom

      Kind of a trap there was just no way he could say no.

    25. Randomperson 2.000

      When I was watching the Super Bowl i am almost %100 sure he didn't have a beard before so my theory is his sweat grew a bush on his face.

    26. BeastGamer17 BeastGamer17

      I love the pats!!

    27. Mihaela Herbert

      Love you Ellen! A cute face like that doesn't need to be covert :)

    28. Byrd Trevar

      The man

    29. S Mc

      How about I match their 10's............oh wait I can't afford it!!

    30. Mujeeb Taj

      Looks good after the shave as well !!!

    31. Tran Phuong Anh

      what a handsome mtf ♥!!!!

    32. CornStar TV

      Hes so hot

    33. Tom Tom

      There went the Patriots source of Power.

    34. Well I agree with what you said, but

      Looks way better

    35. Trix 1975

      Ellen is an overpaid idiot

    36. Hugo Schnauzer


    37. Larrell Hill

      Ooooo weee that’s tough especially after building a great Paul Bunyan beard like that lbs

    38. Miguel Tova

      lol JE11 humble and nice kid

    39. Booby Hill

      What kinda man shaves his beard. 😆😂

      1. David Brogan

        A man needs to have a beard.

    40. Alise Smith

      He's the beast !! GO PATS !!

    41. Luke Sutherland

      all it really would have taken to get mvp in that superbowl was a 10 yard run.

    42. TheCujo71

      What a good looking man. This video was very satisfying. I don't get the long beards. Good stubble is perfect.

    43. TheDeadMeme

      11:42 thank me later

    44. Yesenia Rodriguez

      I love this guy ❤🙌

    45. ilike trains

      edelmans not a jew his fathers jewish jewish goes by mom

    46. Vincent Duarte

      Dudes a baller go pats

    47. James Byrd

      Ellen's going to gitmo soon

    48. TurboSupra91

      Let's all pretend this dude isn't on steroids, lol.

    49. Errol Rogers

      ellen straight

    50. Naveed Shah


    51. Stephen Donsbach

      “Look at that HACK JOB!”

    52. Bholmes11 l

      4:44 its AGT's Jon Dorenbos

    53. Lucas Tofa


    54. Anumi _W

      dang it’s like he’s been hot all along

    55. glassman204

      Such a genuine guy. As much as I dislike the Patriots props to him.

    56. Olivia Marsh


    57. Allison Dixon

      Omg he looks so handsome 😍😘😻🥰

    58. frank hargreaves

      Julien's a BEAST! He dealt with Ellen's inanities with grace.

    59. Jahaziel Noyola

      Jules went from “your daughter calls me daddy” to “I’ll bring her back by 9”

    60. R Ryan

      She's a pig

    61. scott carter

      go trump its only fair for real america

    62. Emily Walters

      10:33 had me dying🤣🤣🤣

    63. Gabriel Malin ( Student )

      I saw his shave at the Grammy’s

    64. Nomega92

      Man if that was me, I would have yelled while she was trimming my beard. You know, give her a taste of her own medicine 😋

    65. Deidra Rockers

      I had him on my fantasy football team this year and grew to really appreciate him and his talent despite my firey hatred for the Pats, plus he is just a beautiful human to look at.😍

    66. Imagination EX

      WHAT NOO

    67. Marcela Alvarez

      So cute Edelman. Class act!!

    68. Jack Lyons

      How he look older without the beard.

    69. Pam Dangelo

      He is so adorable!!

    70. josh houser

      The Super Bowl was rigged search up on DE-news rigged by the NFL

    71. Andrew Hayes

      Love ya Julian. Keep it up☝

    72. Andra Speer

      I now have a newfound respect for Julian Edelman. Class act!

    73. Sam Of The Moran

      Memes am I right.

    74. Rishard Woody

      I love Ellen but she likes dudes

    75. Lil Muffin G

      Omg , finally , a inteligent person !

    76. DGETHIS01

      Should've kept the Don Frye stache...

    77. nick guerra


    78. LizR003

      Class act

    79. 10,000subs without a Video

      Okay now shave my balls

    80. Sophia Hamid

      He is cute 😍

    81. hussein rashid

      The Beta got played smoothly. 😎

    82. gggggggg

      hope it gets sent to some lab for testing............... just to check if he is still a DRUG CHEAT

    83. Dean Mendoza

      This guy is attractive!

    84. diz dizz

      Class act

    85. Christopher Robin

      He’s a true professional, on and off the field. 100%. But who can argue with the obvious changes in his breathing once she started talking about shaving his beard!!! 😂

    86. Nba2k Samurai

      Lol edelman didn't wanna cut that thing 😂😂😂

    87. Two4 K

      the fake sentiment?

    88. Dany Vue

      How do u pernoce Edelman

      1. H Ma


    89. Noah McKnight

      He kinda look like a young Tom Brady buh pats nation

    90. Esteban Kozak

      Further proof that the New England Partriots are all "Alternative".

    91. Matthew Borell

      She’s funny

    92. Ken li

      What the f...His wife not gonna recognize him. He better get home before dark.

    93. Natsu Dragneel

      i'm not a fan of football but after watching this i'm a fan now. He's a good a guy! he shave his beard for ellen WOW

    94. Aiden Yeah!

      I can’t spell

    95. Aiden Yeah!

      Go cots

    96. CityBoi DJ

      Is ellen Lesbian?

    97. Louis Spinelli

      Funny how people forget he was banned for 4 games for steroids

    98. 2112Nightshift

      "How 'bout I match the ten?" And just like that, I'm an Edelman fan.

    99. Yinyangpapi

      Edelman MVP on n off the field

    100. mtnmann72

      MVP of life. Great sport.