Extended: Ellen Shaves Off Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman's Beard for Charity



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    In a daytime TV exclusive, Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman sat down with Ellen to talk about helping the New England Patriots win their 6th championship, posing naked for a photo shoot, and he even offered to let Ellen shave his much talked about beard to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Boston. The wide receiver also got a special gift... he finally received his coveted trophy for being named MVP!

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    1. BRUT3MURD3R3R

      Beardova and Beard Guyz , disapproves of this 🤣 Cant wait to see him play again this year !!!

    2. Muajkoob Yang

      Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Wayne Rooney without that beard?

    3. Roxanna Rodriguez


    4. Chase H.


    5. Reet Verma

      If it would have been my brother, he would have given 20K for donation, and NOT let Ellen touch it.

    6. Bell Iron Fist

      He looks a lot better without that squirrel on his chin

    7. Jon C's Outdoor channel

      All you do is cheat cheat cheat no matter what

    8. Keith Mccarthy Jr

      2016 Julian Edelman

    9. Andrew Arndt

      Biggest patriots fan in this comment section right here

    10. Connie B

      Rams fan. Uck, UCk

      1. Aj Retana

        Not a rams fan but still UCK UCK (I'm a cowboys fan)

    11. Emmanuel Adonteng Junior

      I don’t watch a lot of Ellen’s show but the thumbnail drew me to watch Edelman get shaved, and wow, was the video great! Enjoyed every minute of it.

    12. Ruby


    13. Becky Nelson

      Baby Eddelman

    14. Deeptanshu Navangul


    15. Paul Perez

      Geeze Jules save some handsome for the rest of us 😭


      Ellen looking like she wanna switch teams😎 Julian killing it everywhere he goes

    17. THE GOAT

      Yay it’s iron man

    18. Martin Laird

      Someone said I looked like this guy 😅

    19. Slugg 2589

      llen would want tobe on a girl football team

    20. edgar rivera

      Dude look like he wanted to cry 😂😂

    21. ayatollah ferkah

      This is really satisfying to watch

    22. Troy Terpening Jr

      Really skinny jeans used to be baggy jeans 🖕

    23. Terence devlin

      First time ever Ellen had balls in her hand

    24. Edward Draven

      This may be an unpopular opinion but he looks more handsome without a beard.

    25. Sadie Mears

      I am pretty sure he was a QB to

    26. Lawrence C

      what a sweet guy and he looks better without the beard

    27. tagosadilim

      She's clearly infatuated. 😁

    28. Adarsh Krishna

      is it just me or does that look satisfying

    29. Nina Shahidi

      He’s so cute 😀

    30. Ms Naida Co21


    31. Melissa Bartins


    32. Klk L

      Y’all shouldn’t worry if the money came from his account, or Ellen, the money. Went. For.a.good.cause

    33. Pierre Louis

      He still on steroids.

    34. ya boi Dave

      beard had to cut the 18 month wolf

    35. Edigator

      "Are we talking Brazilian here" dude you mean portugal HAHA

    36. sukc dolev

      he should live a short beard!

    37. Michael Rider

      Next is Anthony Davis......👀

    38. SZ Dorina

      His legs thought...

    39. Basil Poulose

      Ryan Reynolds?

    40. Jordan Beatbox

      this dude looks a ton better with a shorter beard.

    41. Saad Saif


    42. Evie kenna

      Thought this was Tom hardy before I read the title😂

    43. Silver Gold

      He looks like tom Hardy

    44. Antonio rocco Micucci

      Grazie per avermi risposto come sei modesta.

    45. Echo


    46. WildestDreams

      I want to sit on his face

    47. 한열

      oh come on edelman, I think you must not have any beard plz

    48. Link

      Rams Punter Should Have Been The MVP lol

    49. zach WIMMER

      Ellen gets a bit straight in this video

    50. Life of AAA

      Is that god

    51. A Person

      The population of Ellen's crowd is 1/20 male to female

    52. Tom Yazel

      freakin stud and MVP either way...

    53. LedZep's X

      Future HOFer

      1. MoneyHands23

        If lynn swann and John stallworth made it then Jules definitely deserves it as well

    54. Jobin John Mathew III

      Am I the only who feels that Ellen always is rough with her guests? Imagine what would happen if a man was to shave a head of a woman on a talk show? Wonder what would be the reaction then!!!!!!

    55. C Snow


    56. Casual_DropoutYT

      Ryan reynolds

    57. Alex S

      what a face

    58. Nameless

      He looks way better without that hideous beard.

    59. TheDLitch

      It’s okay for men to be shirtless on Ellen, but women can’t. That’s sexiest.

    60. Genevieve Bond

      he looks v hot without the beard

    61. Nelson Beltran

      Hats off to both! I wish Tom Brady will also be invited by Ellen. Great show!

    62. 64gatorboy

      He’s not the most important the lineman are like if u agree

    63. Jason Shan

      did she practice this?

    64. chuy lopez

      He looks like Tom Brady

    65. Tricia Harmon

      I love you so much ❤️🙏💕💗

    66. Sean Jordan

      Jules is the man that Ellen has always wanted to be! (The same goes for me also) lol

    67. Kevin Clausen

      Julian Edelman is a class act the most underrated receiver he deserved MVP and also 2yrs ago but Toms heroics were too much that day but do you notice that how the Patriots players are very respectful its like when you want your kid to hang out with the right crowd well they are just GREAT ROLE MODELS GO PATS I love how they never give my guys any credit there not talented they are slow. MAN, they have the NO1 thing and that's pure WORK ETHIC good upbringing P.S Lets see if LEBRON offers them to come to the SHOP OPPs that's not gonna happen because KING Bron wouldn't invite him.

    68. Carter Franzmeier

      I like you

    69. Taco Gato

      *Jeff just left the chat*

    70. NomadX7

      That Getlemen is a Legend. A Real hero. Those are the sportsman we love. And I'm European.