Fall Guys Is An Easy Game



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    This is the greatest mini game battle royale of All Time

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    1. lil Willy Milk

      Raisen brand has a weird sweet

    2. Mr.Bryan 830

      No is talking about the Transformer at 0:50

    3. Truepsycho

      You suck at this dude -.-

    4. Deedy 1291

      Your room looks odd Charlie

    5. javaman7 games and more

      Among us but now has hands

    6. Jeramiah Cobb

      How did Charlie loose so many subs he had like 6.3 2 weeks ago

    7. Zach B

      I still can't get off the conversation where they were talking about cereal, and this guy counters Raisin Bran with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a literally candy for breakfast.

    8. Max Aserlind

      Dude my stomach dropped when you said Raisin Bran that’s always been my favorite also pumpernickel bagels I’ve taken shit for.

    9. Anna Mackey

      6:02 🚗💨

      1. clayton G


    10. Joshua Coppock

      6:24 I think he came guys...

    11. Fluffius The Great

      It's possible to go through mid you just have to dive and time it right.

    12. durrBubbles

      it tells you at the start that you gotta grab it

    13. Just A Prank

      Gang beats battle royal

    14. CornHD

      I be winning too much on this game

    15. Jos van Gilst

      Guy hates TikTok, you get a sub from me :)

    16. Cabbage

      5:30 thats the most emotion weve heard from charlie in the past like 10 years

    17. Joshua Spath

      To go mod on wirly gig you just go up the edge and dive under the blades.

    18. Joshua Spath

      Why is it that he sounds like Mr. Burns every time he dies or gets screwed over.

    19. IDrkz Q

      Now it’s impossible to win with hackers

    20. fresh memes for you

      Bruh i got 2 unskipable 30 second ads and once the video started another fucking ad came on?! C'mon youtube🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    21. jamie riggs

      ive only seen one person make it thru the middle ramp on the whirlygig race, and they just ran up n dived thru at the perfect moment it was fuckin amazing

    22. Miguel's Movie Reviews

      0:30 THANK. YOU!

    23. Salad Boy

      If charlie cant do it, its impossible

    24. DaLabTV

      one of these guys keep moaning

    25. leonidas AWM

      the description is poor in this channele XD

      1. Keshav Mishra

        this is the worst comment of all time

    26. Lemons W Sushi

      Honestly, raisin bran is really good. It tastes amazing, like that tiger cereal but better.


      Bro he asked "you can build a CRT with legos?"then a commercial for liberty mutual came on and the guy said "and you can save money with liberty mutual" fucking impeccable timing

    28. Kevin Lucey

      The music in this game stopped being cute a while ago

    29. Pepsi Man

      Cinnamon Toast Crunch slaps

    30. Gorilla Chomp

      Raisin bran, a man of culture I see

    31. T camster

      I'm sorry but who the fuck plays fall guys in mouse and keyboard😂

    32. Erob

      Charlie Moaning like Spongebob being Penetrated

    33. Blank Account

      “It’s for idiots and Canadians” followed up by “fuck my ass” ... lolol

    34. Ella McNoname

      2:35 I feel targeted for I am both

    35. Titan Dragon

      i respect the fact that this man also does not do ticktock we are one in the same

    36. Jakob Yarns

      8:21 they should re-BRAN


      NOBODY KNOWS THEY HAD TO GRAB THE CROWN! I was so mad when I found out by losing.

    38. Sweet Pea

      Raisin brand is fine with extra raisins added and sugar sprinkled on top however frosted flake lucky charms is wer it’s Ast

    39. Kyle Melenka

      you can make mid ramp on whirlygig if you hug the left side and lay down, DO NOT jump, just lay down and roll through. 100% all the time

    40. Rainy z

      you just changed the name to cat says raul

    41. No Steal

      im tired of the game already tbh

    42. Rudrank Singh

      "I shouldn't have jumped." -literally every gaming youtuber, August 2020

    43. PJK Plays

      I always go mid lol

    44. David Wehbe

      0:02 . you are a legend if you know the cartoon on the right wall

    45. Mint Tony

      Plug it NDass

    46. IrisCorven

      I genuinely believe everyone who says they like Raisin Bran don't realize they're actually buying Raisin Bran Crunch.

    47. Play Playuh


    48. Jonathan

      Lol. To the guy that said "it's for idiots and Canadians"; I wouldn't make jokes like that when you're from the dumbest country in the western world - 'MURICA!, aka "trumpland", aka "nobody wearing masks or social distancing during a viral pandemic" land. Lmao.

    49. Elijah Reyes

      9:39 Charlie’s gonna catch a case

    50. Captain Falcon Best Boy

      Name one thing that slaps harder then LEGOs

    51. Quaseem S

      3:49 the same guy came back just to grab Charlie again. LMFAO

    52. Francis

      *excuse me, what?*

    53. The8bitdin0

      I was eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch while watching this

    54. The Battle Lion

      When you grow up you’ll like Raisin Bran too

    55. evchamo2

      tell that dude to turn his mic down holy shit!

    56. Ephemeral Enhancement


    57. Ephemeral Enhancement

      Shade is in our hearts

    58. MrBigBrain

      I fucking love raisen brand

    59. Mads Svender XD

      Why is he seeing their names and not numbers!

    60. Chris Diantonio

      This game is so lame

    61. Cody Last Name

      When you get so hyped up that you sound like a 90 year old ghost: 6:38

    62. Rafe Scaggs

      My dad bought 2 of those NES sets they’re actually sick af

    63. tanjio

      I don’t know why people say this game is hard, i already have 3 wins, it’s not that hard.

    64. HeyPixkle

      tip when you jump always dive

    65. Hunter Collins

      I’ll be waiting for a fall guys moist meter episode...

    66. Paranormal Juice

      "No father, I am the guy that falls"

    67. Naga Sadow

      I wish you'd link your Twitch channel on your videos for lazy fucks like me.

    68. a__common_cold

      can you change ur name on pc?

    69. Matthew Smith

      chocolate ice cream sucks

    70. Saytus NO NO BEAR

      I agree with Charlie I also hate tik tok