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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Dis_ Penguin

      I’m crying rn!! That log of wood came out of nowhere! 🤣🤣

    2. Courtney Martinez

      It’s so funny how you guys don’t want hex-a-gone to be the final and it always is 😂 but when I play and I want it to be that one it never is like WHAT.

    3. Hop McDonies Joker Rapping

      Don't Say Had At The Game

    4. ItsJustLife Victoria

      This game is so simple but it makes you rage like hell 🤣🤣

    5. Amajhae Mathews


      1. Josue Cabrera


    6. Benjamin Snyder

      Instead of just walking on the platforms, jump,it is a lot better.That way you don’t get rid of the things really fast.

    7. izuku midoriya

      This game made me so ANGRY I BROKE 2 OF MY CONTROLLERS

    8. Fox 400

      11:28 Scotty Gets Destroyed Lol XD

    9. matthew mcarthur

      funniest game ever

    10. GamingwithTyler !

      (I’m tryin to grab some booty) I’ve never laughed so hard in my life 😂🤦🏻 great vid though

    11. RTA07

      Gonna get a six pack from 11:30

    12. Julia Braga

      Cotton Candy Randy

    13. ThePeeCeeKid

      I think the title ment: This game will make you so depressed that you will want too kill your self

    14. Evan Dejesus

      I’m a water Malone is now engraved in my brain

    15. Jonnyboyyy11

      Mario party + fortnite = fall guys

    16. Matthew Leone

      Can we take the moment and realize that Basically and all them are part of our childhood? Thank you Marcel 💪🏼💯

    17. Cornell Hewitt

      No more fall guys

    18. Caiden Johnson

      This the best game ever

    19. 蛇の目

      this game is racist hahaha

    20. Imagigamegirl 101

      2:44 I’m a water-mah-lon~

    21. Teskii 94

      What a way to start an intro lmao

    22. elt1 エルト1

      fall guys isnt even fun anymore for me, 10/10 game but 4/10 player, THERE ARE TOO MUCH TRYHARDS AT A GODDAMN PARTY GAME WTF, still fun af game btw

    23. ZDCap

      the looking around is so bad i would like it if its good lol

    24. Meme Lord

      Whenever I have a tail people grab it from so far away, but when I’m legit on top of the other person I can never grab it, doors never open, my teammates are awful yea

    25. Knight of Bricks

      Its for steam and ps

    26. Alphawolf

      This game better than fortnite for aure

    27. mohoj .h

      You guys are so noooooooobbbb

    28. BingBong Hafu

      I haven’t heard a DE-newsr cuss in so long...

    29. ØrigaMii

      Marcels Rage is so funny

    30. Orlando Z

      Fall guys is so annoying because if you fall 3 inches from the ground you fall over and it takes 5 seconds to get up depending on how many people step on you

    31. KaramT

      Who’s watching 2032

    32. Aj Woods

      The intro was the funniest one I have ever seen

    33. Jhonermite

      very disturbing good job

    34. richard C

      😂😂😂😂😂 when he almost had it and got knocked down all the way back 😂😂😂 killed me

    35. Pax Time

      He hasn't gotten this much views in such long time

    36. Onur ağgül


    37. Pielie 050

      It's the most hilarious and the most frustrating game at the same fucking time😂

    38. white nigga


    39. Zachariah Medina

      His outro song is perfect for this game

    40. Rusty Cookie Pekka

      The last time a saw a video of Basically Moo and F07 werent raging for the majority of the video.

    41. Riley Fischer


    42. nico bailey

      2:00 me after a nap

    43. XXXSlayer

      8:10 intense flashbacks of that one gta video where Marcel raged over windmills

    44. Chihuahua Boi

      I thought it isn’t on Xbox, unless he’s playing a Xbox controller on pc

    45. Leonor Davila

      how do you get rid of the mouse during a game?

    46. Plasmix

      gang beasts RIP 2020 Fall guys Born 2020

      1. Starthing 125

        Don't expect Fall Guys to last long. People are already cheating and nothing has been done.

    47. PANIC -3D

      Don't mean to be rude but to be honest with you this game is a lot more funner than fortnite honestly

    48. CatsNaBag

      I dont take fall guys very seriously bc the games are short and it’s fast to hop in and try again unlike many other BR games where you spend 20 minutes setting up

    49. A Bean

      Fun fact: On the whirlygig you can dive on the left side and the is a spot the fan does not touch

    50. Michael Scarn

      Scream more next time

    51. Robert Del Rosario

      I love how serious these guys are playing Fall Guys, too funny! XD

    52. Quentin Hills

      Bro y'all suck at this game 🤣 🤣

    53. Infinite Ace

      I struggle to do solo content on this game as I focus too hard, would like to try playing with others so if you would like to play hit me up on Instagram @theinfiniteace I’m 21 so preferably adults, who don’t mind being in videos! Thanks

    54. PHANTOM 3RD

      It's so goood

    55. some ferret on the Internet

      I find it sad that losers already found a way to cheat in this amazing game

    56. Nesta Sharpley

      11:30 is so so funny I want this game

    57. MidnightGalaxii

      Me about to crash mah PS4 BC...... Meh : A pro at this game Also meh : Loses every final round like more than 30 times. Meh : Triggered Triggered rage quit turn off PS4. Me : OMG LET ME WINNNN IDIOTS- I HAVENT EVEN WIN ONCEE >;C

    58. Shadow-_-Warrior24

      Why is it bad i like it it's funny

    59. 【「L」】

      Is 3:30 a reference to flamingo?

    60. Ollie Ireland

      his camera angle is screwing him over on hexa-gone

    61. Shirokuma Otaku

      Would anybody be surprised if this was more popular than Fortnite?

    62. NameNotFound

      Please please play this game more

    63. Adrian playys74

      Fall guys is so fun

    64. JohnnyBaseball

      Does anyone think this will blow up? I kinda hope it does ngl I’ve been enjoying it so far

    65. Savast3r

      5:52 Jack??

    66. gang77246 portillo

      That’s why your not good at fall guys cause you play on xbot lmao 🤦🏽‍♂️

    67. Angel Rivera

      Well, after watching this vid, and seeing that the game only costs $20... I’m gonna get it 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

    68. Gustavo Marcondes

      Dude, I’ve been playing this game for a full day and: 1: I haven’t played Hexagon a single time (our of all the times I went to finals) 2: In the invisible floor minigame for some reason whenever I walk in the platform my character starts sliding and moving randomly. Sometimes I just stand still and I fly to a random direction at top speeds. 3: Whenever I see people jumping in tilted areas, they don’t bounce off, but I always do. Is someone else having these problems as well? Is the PC version just bugged?

    69. Clamppzz •_•

      I got the game and it’s so good

    70. dante ramsey

      At 8:05 it's GTA 5 all over again Marcel just admitted you can't go through the windmills🤣🤣🤣