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    Am Vor 8 Monate


    1. Korinna Horvat

      You can do 24 on it as partners

    2. Iqtadir Ibnaan

      Unsubscribe to Jedah and Ameerah ;)

    3. Iqtadir Ibnaan

      The girls cheated they used scooters and stuff. Girls suck Boys Rule

    4. Rameah Deneros

      Paul and Charlie should have put hoverbaords instead of chairs

    5. I loved Ameerah and Jedda car

    6. David Burton

      Is a mura brother brother to is gay

    7. Ashlyn Elrod

      Charlie and Paul: fails* Charlie: looks at camera with disappointment* were too fat.

    8. Regina Shannon

      i think the one thats fat is charli

    9. Regina Shannon

      Oh yah when ameerah said i get the stupid one awesome

    10. Brittany vondracek

      I think that when everybody is good at doing well Paul is good at eating noodles Charlie is good at being Charlie Amira is good at making slime and J is good at exercising. Thats all i haft to say so yeah

    11. Braylynn Shealy

      Girls go to college to get more nolage boys go to juputer to get more stupider but look here the boys made it to juputer 😉

    12. jess Martinez

      Charlie: IT'S YOU PAUL YOUR TO FAT


      I hope I have that or hoverboard and the kart for hoverboard

    14. Bunneh

      Ameerahs and jeddahs worked dreams seriously

    15. Angel Weng

      if i were paul i would get a bike

    16. jul dela cruz


    17. Rainier C.

      At 6:54 you make me so hard paul amd charlie HAHAHA

    18. Helen Choscó

      7:28 I was dying 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    19. Eibhlin Boyle

      I did it

    20. BoshVan Vlogs

      When Ameerah said to Paul "ur doing great honey"

    21. Cerys Raybould

      Me I'm watching this in quarantine -lock down

    22. Cerys Raybould

      I love the part when Charlie says Paul you are to fat when it can't hold both of them and when Charlie and Paul see amera and Jedda pull up on there transport I love you guys

    23. Victoria VanLier

      Did anyone relies that at 14:18 ameerah sad your doing great honey do you want to hold my hand Like if you say the same thing

    24. wolf sisters

      I did it UwU

    25. Mark Watson


    26. Mark Watson


    27. Laa kid UWU

      Omg Ameerah says to Paul you doing great hunny this is at 14:16 guys check it

    28. Alliyah Obregon

      Jeddah: because that hurts my butt Me: dieing laughing so hard like if you are laughing so hard too

    29. Addison Sell

      This was so funny on how confident the boys where and then they got smoked by the girls girl power yeah

    30. Tram Van

      Paulbalo: Don’t try this at home guys. Also Paul -balo: *doing this at his home or I guess front lawn.* Or Jeddahs house

    31. The cousins squad mehru zainab kainat

      Paul: don't try this at home! Me: *Trys it at the park*

    32. The cousins squad mehru zainab kainat

      Wow u watch charter share

    33. The cousins squad mehru zainab kainat

      Ohhhh u watch cater share

    34. Having fun with Anna Clark

      Paul you lost because you guy put to much Weight

    35. Solange Lukanga

      Who is smarter ameerah or jeddah or charlie or Paul

    36. Solange Lukanga

      Charlie is acting carzy

    37. Solange Lukanga

      Ameerah is much smart then jeddah

    38. Solange Lukanga

      I watch cater sharer

    39. Khaira Hoque

      I am bored because I am in quarantine like if you are 👇🏻

    40. Gacha Millie

      U know Carter sharer

    41. Stella Bartocci

      Is Charlie and Amiriah bf and gf

      1. Aracely U

        No they are brother and sister

    42. Suckie Animations

      Paul what if you already subed witch u should be

    43. educating. women

      Anyone here after the chemist?

    44. • mochii fluff •

      When charlie said "we're too fat" and "its you paul!" I laughed so harddd 😂

      1. khairun fine

        I laughed so so haaaaard

    45. Susan Tan

      i think charlie is fat not paul

    46. Unicorn Legend

      4:46 Charlie said the f word

    47. Mellissa Bartlett


    48. little joy show

      did you hear ameerah said to paul when they racing ameerah: hey honey you wanna grab my hands ahhh??😒😒😯

    49. Liz Lampkin


    50. Payel Jogi


    51. Anna Fehr


    52. Haniel Loreto

      You all make me happy

    53. Erica Cash

      Stupider is not a word

    54. Larry Mayfield

      Love ❤️ you. I’m one of your biggest fans of y’all l love flamingo🦩🦩❤️🦩🦩❤️🦩🦩❤️🦩🦩❤️🦩🦩❤️🦩🦩❤️🦩🦩❤️🦩🦩❤️🦩🦩❤️my name is Kaydee I wish y’all were liveing here by



    56. John Dale

      ameerah will win

    57. brittany lee

      I want your videos all the time and I watch it on sister videos your mama videos and I like you everything time I get on my dragon on my phone I want to

      1. brittany lee

        Thanks 😘

    58. yeontanxgacha

      Charlie did such a fake fall I saw him stand then fall on purpose

    59. Brandon Plascencia

      I love your challenges! You are the best DE-newsr also ! This is a good challenge also

    60. Andrew Hinrichs


    61. Kochong Lo

      Paul:oh no there faster than me Me:well wheels are faster that legs duh

    62. Rachel Feudale

      When charlie said girls go to jupider to get more stupider well how did they get by studying and learning so girls are smarter

    63. Love with Gia forever

      Ameerah don't call ur mom stooooopid

    64. Adinga Morgan

      Meee ah watch in a quarantine times

    65. Adinga Morgan

      Paul and Charlie make me laugh

    66. Sam Stone

      Which team are you on the boys team or the girls team I will say the girls team

    67. TeamElliot IsTheBest

      2021 goona see who here in 2021

    68. Margaret Hogue

      I mean I don't know who's going to win you a mare Paul I think you're not going to lose cuz like

      1. Margaret Hogue

        Call Paul and Charlie you have to slowest vehicle mirror they got a largest

    69. kawaii official

      How to change the profile?

    70. Louisse Feliciano

      Jeddah is always shouting she is already ugly then she is gonna shout