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    Am Vor Monat


    1. kookie baby

      I am unsubscribing now I am a girl

    2. Lulu Luna

      Where do you get all of those 10,000 dollars for the challenges yoh make like jeez

    3. Derrick Taylor

      you guys should do last to leave the jungle gym wins 10,000 dollars and ameerah try to do a challenge with out eating doritos for once ameerah thats all byeeeeeeeeee

    4. Kyra Janisse

      i'm not trying to be rude or anything but charllie you all ways lose.

    5. Medes Aupe

      Electric skateboard you need two of them

    6. Maricela Garcia

      Team grils

    7. hero king

      did u guys look at charlie and pual fell one perpos but that is funny. if u guys saw it like mines

    8. Aliyah Alazzam

      Why did ameerah say “your doing great honey do you want to hold my hand”

    9. Andrea_ Noob

      Charlie your back!!

    10. Espion 1

      wow paul and mogz are the same :O

    11. Alfie Budd

      It's funny because his DE-news is just Paul

    12. abee vlogs

      Where are your dad and Paul is your brother

    13. Alexis Maire

      It is girls go to college to get more noling and boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider

    14. Barbara Alvarez

      Charlie it 👧 girls go to college to get more knowledge .Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider

    15. Ocean Eyes360

      I noticed that ameerah called please Paul honey

    16. Avika Sharma

      You watch carter sharer me to

    17. Ricardo Muñoz

      I LIKE THE Carter share

    18. Aided Boruto

      Did you do it or did I do it

    19. Ali Theskulltrooper

      Copy right

    20. Tyng Gan

      Charley if you think about it you said girls go to Juperter to get stupider then your saying something nice to us because you need to go to college

    21. Kayla Ouk


    22. shy bella

      To be honset girls are smart then boys cause have to cook and other stuff

    23. megan fields

      He's rong

    24. Antonio Ransom

      I like how they planned all this because look at how they fall Paul side didn’t even hit the side walk but he fell it’s obvious that it’s fake

    25. Antonio Ransom

      Did you realize they have duct tape on the wheels on Paul skateboard

    26. Mia Anderson

      7:18 *We're too fat* 7:25 *IT'S YOU PAUL! YOU'RE TOO FAT!*

    27. Aliyah Hussain

      Its girls go college to get more noleg boys go Jupiter to get more stupider

    28. Richelle Guzman

      Is paul ammera's brother

    29. flaming pro

      these many people have subed 👇🏻

    30. flaming pro

      i know cater sharer sub to him

    31. leora arcilla

      Hey guys charlie said( wa to fa ) and ha said ( ITS YOU PAUL

    32. Rolando Roman Cacapit

      the best vehicle is ameerah and jeddah

    33. lhyian estacio

      You should buy 3 skateboard well you lost because you and charlie are fat your all fat except ameerahand jeddahand girls winnnnnnn

    34. Hailee Hailee

      You a hater you mean and should have bad luck for 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years

    35. Gabriela Garcia

      6:08 Who Lied To him?

    36. Bhumi Patel

      Charlie were you on liv and maddie

    37. Just a nor-I MEAN WEIRD PERSON sigh*

      I ship Paul and ameerah littlerly

    38. Boriana Tam

      girls go to colige boys go to jupiter to get more stupider

    39. Keven Plays YT

      Paul: I want my noodles Amira:What kind of noodles🤨 Amira: Oh should I get the Green ones Paul: No never mind!! No

    40. t0xic acid rain

      Charlie has changed I really liked the old loud version Xf

      1. shahana dilmahomed

        his fat now am i right?

    41. Delana plays Roblox

      Is it just me or during the race of pale and Charlie she seid *honey need me to hold your hand* omg I think Paul and Amira are dating

      1. RexyLoves _Pies

        Oh , Exactly when they finished and Jeddah said " 53 and 56 " Paul told Ameerah " Babe " even tho some people didn't heard him because they were concentrated on Jeddah

      2. Just a nor-I MEAN WEIRD PERSON sigh*

        RexyLoves _Pies when?

      3. Just a nor-I MEAN WEIRD PERSON sigh*


      4. RexyLoves _Pies

        They are !!! Paul called Ameerah " Babe " on this video

    42. don't sub to me

      Congrats on 1 million

    43. Nana De La Cruz


    44. Learning videos

      Boys boys boys boys boys boys boys

    45. ThAt'S My CaR!

      Boys do need to go to college because STUPIDER ISNT A WORD

      1. ThAt'S My CaR!


      2. ThAt'S My CaR!


    46. Asinat Bro

      Gluten free squat I wish you good luck go on face squad👍👍👍👍

    47. Angel Alcaraz

      Im gonna do pauls invention 😎🤣😂😅suprise🤗 just KIDDING

    48. salman khan

      Charlie you say boys go to college and get more knowledge And I say girls go to mars and get some stars

    49. Phoebetheofficial30

      😭 haaahaaa

    50. Gaming with lia

      #girl team 😍😍

    51. ornella Dzisevic

      I was burst out laughing in this video because paul broke there car 15:26

    52. Dc_Jayden Ttv

      Pol. Are. You. Hay. Rug. Justin

      1. Dc_Jayden Ttv

        Polaris. Youhayy. Buy. Or. Fur. Musings

    53. Elemental Siblings

      Me:looks at them falling Me:tHaT iS fAkE

    54. Jureese Morales

      Paul please give me a iPhone can you go to Philippines please Paul. ....

    55. Hamza Alshazly

      You know carter sharer!!!!!!! How?

    56. Calie Bishop

      I seen Charlie when he was working :)

    57. Gacha_ Pizza

      7:17 *we’re too fat* xD

    58. Hayden Lewis


    59. Gaming Layla

      Charlie It's Girls go to College To Get More Knowledge Boys Go to Jupiter to get more stupider moms go to Mars to get bigger bars Dad goes to Spain To get a bigger brain

    60. Gabriella Torretto

      I know carter

    61. Pedro Martinez

      They cheated because Jeedah was doing nothing on it and Ameerah was doing everything

    62. Zahraa Al Yaseen

      love u guys


      Omg almost 1 million subscriber

    64. Changbao Yan

      Charlie is really HEAVY

    65. Samantha Priddy

      What is Paul Ameerahs brother boyfriend cousin like what is he #glutenfreesquad

    66. IBopU Bro

      Paul gets a little advice get noodle if that don't work have a bag of chips for backup

    67. Rohaan playz

      Omg you know carter do a vlog with him

    68. Unicorn Zaara Areef

      Did yo notice something AMEERAH DOSE NOT HAVE HER CaT EARS ON Like if u notice before me lol 💧 💧 💎

      1. sweet Legason

        No she wear it you stupido

    69. Ray Anne Riancho

      Ameerah: I get the stupid one?(hahahahhah)