Fendt 939 Vario Gets Totally Stuck in The Mud During Maize / Corn Chopping | Häckseln 2017



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    1. Edward Kanyingi

      Great tructor

    2. Hendrik Hekstra

      Dear people in the comments, the mais is for feeding the cows when its wintertime and they cant stand outside.

    3. 1255XL

      Die machen ja nur ein neuer Graben. Sogar der leere New Holland kommt da kaum durch 😂

    4. John Halter

      Why destroy the drainage in that field for years doing this crap. This is just dump and expensive.

    5. theklrdude oo

      i guess these farmers are NOT praying for rain !

    6. Dan

      can't the fendt drive behind the forage harvester in this case and pipe it out over the rear and over the tractor?

    7. Remi. agripassion


    8. Chris From The Sticks

      cant even start to say just how wrong all of this is...…

    9. matze

      Dummys at work

      1. Masseyman6480

        matze there not dummy's as they've never had harvests like that. Last year in Dennmark it was inches and feet of water in most all fields

    10. xMineGijsiex Gaming

      how to fuck up your field for the coming years:

    11. emre olgun

      Geri zekalı insanlar

    12. Николай Мельниченко

      Топ комбайнеры. Наставьте ка лайков кучу, что америкосы думал что же он там написал.

    13. Patrick Mufumba

      Must they havest during rainy season?

      1. søren Hansen

        The maiz Season in 2017 was so wet because we got so much rain that fall

    14. Loris Marcuzzo

      Come si fa a andare a lavorare in un terreno cosi bagnato maaaa

    15. Фендт Кировец

      Just get a k700a to pull it out quick

      1. Jucanelul

        Why should they get a rusty piece of shit?

      2. Xaqani Mammedov


    16. Фендт Кировец

      Why has the Fendt got a manure spreader on the back and not a Normal silage trailer??

      1. 1255XL

        'Boss we need a 1050'

      2. 1255XL

        Dude if the tractor already gets stuck with this manure spreader imagine what would happen with a three axle silage trailer.

      3. Kaden Hauge

        Easier to pull through the mud

    17. Rob Bone

      D’you know, I reckon it’s too wet.........

    18. Danijela Sabo

      Volvo bm

    19. Mr.M

      This is modernization farm. In Cambodia , hundreds % of Farmer are harvest by human , its really really hard

    20. Fyendt PL


    21. Будні FENDT 936

      У на на базе тоже єсть FENDT 936

    22. Nikos Koukou

      Very nive video...hard tractor...and too much mud 👍👍👍

    23. アルベルトAlberto

      why overload the trailer and especially because that kind is obviously not suitable? I understand maybe I do not have others but that type is really unsuitable.🤔

    24. BIG boy from ny 585

      Them boys was at work lol 👌

    25. Paddy Rhatigan

      Fantastic looking Fendt 939 (Rolls Royce of Tractors) ❤🚜👍

      1. Matthew Fenton

        @martin jeffery hilarious. Valtras are cheap shit.

      2. martin jeffery

        @Matthew Fenton Put your xbox away little boy its bed time

      3. Matthew Fenton

        @martin jeffery valtra? Haha

      4. martin jeffery

        Strange you should say that being valtra always wins tractor of the year award

    26. Сельхозтехника агрегаты и трактора

      по русскуий можно ?)) шутка

    27. M B

      They could just stay home and drink coffee they will destroy that soil

      1. Finland farming

        Mirko Bačeković What they are going to feed to the cows?

    28. the archer

      Yep typical Fendt

      1. MvesCS

        so true

    29. Henk Spithoff

      Tof luek mooi weer een nieuwe generatie

    30. suprêmentm

      Votre vidéo très bizarres vous enfese expres

    31. Dennis Theelen


    32. BigBear6904

      Morons wrong tyres and they still have wheel weights and front weights on! All the gear no idea

      1. Matthew Fenton

        Why do you think tractors have wheel weights? Haha

      2. The MilkMan

        The wheel weights would help to give it traction also. Puts more of the wheels on the actual ground

    33. Karl Sepp

      Rip soil

    34. Googly Pops

      You know its bad when the chopper is on tracks and nearly getting stuck and you need a tractor and winch to get folk out. Dungspreaders dont hold as much silage but they pull a lot easier in the wet.

      1. zzirSnipzz1

        A small driven axle trailer would be better than a heavy dung spreader

    35. René Blume

      Respekt wie ihr ihn da raus bekommen hab Cooles Video

    36. martin jeffery


    37. martin jeffery

      Once again we see farmers who plant crops in swamps and usually have there cattle on the dry ground

    38. a m

      In those conditions its a good thing this spreader cos have big tires and its leslike to go in the ground but everything has own limits.good job guys

    39. Aleksandar Dronjak

      10000jako je dobar video sa fenbovima

    40. seppl hochlader

      Great video, invest in triple tires ;-) Best regards!

    41. Dorfnasen

      Wühlen bis er aufliegt. Richtiger Lohner ....

    42. Alex Johnson

      Freaking savages... Having the great equipment to work with someone, but little to NONE knowledge..

    43. Krishna Rama

      This is bad work agroculture machines and ignorance

    44. christian skøtt

      god video. flere af dem

    45. nikolaj stjernholm

      jorden har ikke godt af at blive kørt sådan i

    46. verrueckterFriese83

      Swampmaize cultivation Area - Beware of Alligators!

      1. Mike

        verrueckterFriese83 😂ist echt so😂

    47. 27.5 Ride

      Y u using a muck spreader for maize

    48. Bambis ekin

      Fendt güç demek

      1. Kamil Sen

        Bambis ekin ıqrtopr

    49. Frederik .h.n

      Hvor henne i landet

    50. Bartlomiej Kosmicki

      Same story today in Poland (north part of Poland near German border);

    51. yyy nie elo

      River on the field.

    52. Josef.K

      This is not agroculture this is shit ,you are ruin your own field and roads with no brain used machines . Try it without EU donations and you will feel your field ..

      1. Kalo1243

        Josef.K (true)

    53. chris77777777ify

      You would think with all the eu Handouts they would of bought a bigger tractor

      1. iiishinryuiii

        They need a boat.

    54. BruzdaTV


    55. nejuokink

      Nice Fendt

    56. Tristan Gynn

      Time to go home and have a cup of tea!

    57. silver shark

      This is crazy! Wait until the ground firms up or better yet when it freezes. The corn will even be more dry what also better.

      1. Dziadek

        But it can't be dry, it must have correct water levels to be a high quality cow feed

      2. Marco Memering

        And dry mais is not good feed. So this year is the mais quality really bad

      3. batmann2o

        Gary Rivard it's not a possibility here in Denmark. We can't count on frost in the winter and especially not frost that will make the big difference to the ground with this much.

    58. o iTz Harvey xD

      Is that a normal thing in Denmark to use shit spreaders as carting trailers

      1. Con Joe

        Id imagine its for the narrow wheels and lighter frames (better in the heavy mud like) iv seen trailers with those tall narrow wheels and narrow bodies but i suppose contractors over there dont want to buy a fleet of them because they dont hold much and its not always that wet so they use there muck spreaders

      2. Albert Cronier

        o iTz Harvey xD

      3. Rebecca Bright

        Not how we harvest

      4. o iTz Harvey xD

        gumelini1 its not normal in the uk!

      5. gumelini1

        o iTz Harvey xD its normal everywhere.We do it too,because they spread silage nicely

    59. 420 Scrapping

      Might as well wait for freeze up.

    60. Onkel Norsk

      phloughing the field, the boss said. OK job done

    61. Green Diver

      Der Chef

    62. boer brabant

      Why do you even try to harvest a lake whit normal tractors...

    63. Ryan Williams

      Why use a muck spreader?

      1. Conor Fitzgerald

        I think it’s for the big wheels so less chance of getting stuck

      2. boer brabant

        Its because they have big wheels so the roll easyer

      3. Ryan Williams

        Tim K. But surely a basic silage trailer would be lighter than a spreader

      4. Tim K.

        I think because of weight and the smaller capacity, You can not go with the heaviest machine on the field during this conditions.

    64. Gildas Delacroix

      rip fendt

      1. thib du 67 67

        Gildas Delacroix ta putin de putin de gueule

    65. bquout jo

      cultive du riz

      1. ZAW AK

        bquout jo d’accord avec toi

    66. Casper Ørgaard

      Tror i at i bliver færdige med at snitte

    67. Ch'Pat


      1. veldur00

        Rainy and cold summer all over northern europe.

      2. Ch'Pat

        batmann2o Fuck the climate !

      3. batmann2o

        AleXDeere sounds like you have it opposite than we have here in Denmark. It's just wet and we also had a cold wet summer. That's why it's that bad this year.

      4. Ch'Pat

        batmann2o Yes, sorry. In Denmark we can not even ensile while at home in the north of France we are in November my floors are dry to a point it's amazing. We will make dust with the plow this winter.

      5. batmann2o

        AleXDeere if you play the video from the start you will get your answer.

    68. mattafakkah

      Why don't they have license plates on the tractors?

      1. Keith Dowzell

        Blue to the rescue

      2. batmann2o

        mattafakkah you don't need to have your tractor registered (have license plates) in Denmark if you use it in a certain way. But there are two types of license plates for tractors in Denmark. If you need a license plate or not and which you need depends on the use of the tractor.

    69. Plast & Cars

      Вот так дождливый сезон. Но зато интересное видео.

      1. Familie De bruyn

        Plast &

    70. Mansour

      Rip Fendt

      1. Eda Cirit

        Massey Ferguson Kid m

      2. Killerinator

        Massey Ferguson Kid rip every fucking non-tracked tractor

    71. Mark Figes

      Yea gods, that maize must be worth something to be out on the land in those conditions.

      1. Maria Gabriela Exner

        Mark Fi

      2. batmann2o

        Mark Figes it's used for feeding the cows during the winter, that's why they just can't cut it as a loss.

    72. Robert Higgins

      That's one hell of a mess those boys have got out there.

    73. Landtechnik MV

      Nice video , great action ; thumbs up!!! Greets Stefan

      1. Abbey Religion

        Landtechnik MV oo