Fifth Harmony - Worth It (Live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater LA)



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    Fifth Harmony performs “Worth It” Live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater LA
    Fifth Harmony’s new album is available now:
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    1. MLPS Stranger Celebs

      we miss u Fifth Harmony #comebackfifthharmony

    2. Ayana Abidzar

      Bringing back fifth harmony please

    3. Joa VHdez

      Es mi canción favorita de este grupo pero Camila cabello canta bien sola Havana vida cubana Camila cabello

    4. Meriem Nafouti

      Putain vous assurez grave

    5. Lorena Galindo

      3:13 alguien percató esto

    6. rose rose

      3:12 Cabello Jauregi💖

    7. Ivana Jimenez

      i saw that dude in the front taking pictures with a professional camera and now i want to see them

    8. Kieran Brown

      Take these 5 over shittle mix anyday

    9. c_y 5

      Camila and normani's outfits are my life

    10. thomas kim

      Fifth harmony 😍❤💜

    11. thiruvengadam subash


    12. Keyrin Andrade

      Did anybody else noticed ally’s wardrobe accident??

    13. Dimitrios Giotopulos

      My God they're all so gorgeous!! I can just close my eyes and pick any one.

    14. Shaikha.M

      I miss them 💔

    15. Yeni Rojas

      I was in the concert

    16. J M

      You guy are awasome

    17. Yogesh Pal

      Everyone is ignoring Lauren like Pluto. Including you and cameramen.

    18. SALTY_ EYEZ

      Some of us more than others

    19. Mario Cruz Camacho

      Me encanta Fifth Harmony , que mal que Camila se aya separado 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    20. aye yo

      im not crying u are

    21. 最強ジャパン


    22. Rand N

      الاسم: لورين الوظيفه: خوي

    23. Soumia Said

      Perfecttttttttttttttt Camila cabelo

    24. Fenty Mix

      They suck. My God

    25. Rayhan Shaikh

      This is like 5 women stripping to thousands of ppl

    26. Fernando Garza

      normani and dinah always OWN the worth it choreo

    27. layla

      Dinah kills it on this song every single time i miss it

    28. carmen benitez

      Cantas bien camila yo canto mi sueño es ser cantante como bos y como ariana y tini son las mejores cantante del mundo yo canto de 3años

    29. CYCLOPE 13


    30. ayashie lara28


    31. Precious Moments

      Only watching Normani. The rest of them look stuff and injured.

    32. Alex Robol

      God Lauren is just a goddess she is like the hottest woman ever

    33. ayashie lara28

      im your biggest fan your cool super stars

      1. ayashie lara28


    34. Jimmy Moore

      I thought dinah was Latina cuz she would soo perfect as a reggeaton artist

    35. Luísa Verdan

      eu achava que elas estavam dublando ate a camila mudar aquelas notas mds

    36. Richard Krishendath

      Songs were good when camilla was on it

    37. Marco Gonzalez-Hood

      I just feel bad for Lauren know that she had no part in the song whatsoever. The fact that she was forced to perform and had no part in the song is just heartbreaking. You can also tell she doesn’t know what to do sometimes with the mic.By the way this was confirmed by Diana Jane During an interview.

    38. Salman Abidi

      Anybody 2020

    39. Elide Alencar

      Ally " hands up! c'mon" 2:27 was like NOT TODAY BITCH

    40. Esteban Quesada


    41. Fernando Garza

      watch lauren, she never puts her microphone on her mouth, at least she could've taken the rap

    42. Danielle Stevens

      But Camila is the best

    43. Danielle Stevens

      All five are worth it

    44. Danielle Stevens

      Camila is so beautiful 😱

    45. Ronaldo Alves

      Playback ?

    46. Pedro Henrique

      24/12/2011 Completo

    47. caitlin peterse peterse

      OMG like Ally slayer her part nd so did Camila like I was like 😂when Camila changed the lines I mean nd Ally was like Ima not go all the way down

    48. Gisela Ponce

      Camila was always the most energetic 🔥

    49. Celeste Ramirez

      Without headset:boring With Headset:Nice

    50. KTPofficial

      Does anyone say i get no sleep cause of yall when they hear this

    51. MBalaba Vlog

      That hair dinah jane ❤️❤️❤️

    52. planetgowon

      i miss them

    53. karolina riveron

      Me gusta su coreografía por eso las admiro

    54. karolina riveron

      Muy divas 😘😅

    55. Smith Jones

      f.n slay...but these directors have to be the biggest morons in the world all members ripping out best dance moves and he's got the camera on something else. Camera always in the wrong position! But Dinah

    56. Ana Gonçalves

      Sorry but all of them were lip syncing except Camila on her part. It’s true

    57. AruyAgarik

      3:06 Lauren???

    58. Sam Deaton

      I love all of you guys

    59. r0bz1985

      I'm. Offended Camila did that to her part

      1. Corona virus

        Ugh not you, just get out of everyones way, you make everyone sick 🤢🤢

    60. Sam Deaton

      Love you guys

    61. Sam Deaton

      I love you Lauren ,normani and Camilla

    62. Justin Deray

      I never get sleep cause of y'all y'all never getting sleep cause of me

    63. Adam Naasir

      Lauren did not get to sing seperatley Camilla did a great job leaving 5H. She got more famous after she left 5H

      1. Selin Juffernholz

        Adam Naasir It’s sad that nobody can hear lauren sing

      2. Chinthana Patkar


      3. caitlin peterse peterse

        But that is true

    64. Brady Martin

      Camilla and normani are the only good people in this shitty girl group. Periodt.

    65. cri s

      Omgg she use playback

    66. Shear Roldan

      When normani taught they're going to start 0:15

    67. Ricardo Noyola

      Camila’s back must hurt from carrying this group.. this is their only decent and cohesive performance as a group yikes 😭

    68. eddie johns

      I Love your music camila but I Love you Camila and ❤😉🇸🇹

    69. Shlea Manukau


    70. Xena lucy

      Normanii is the reason I call myself lesbian