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    Wolverine boss location and Wolverine Mythic Claws in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 gameplay with Typical Gamer!
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    1. dragon squad

      Wolverine heals

    2. Oscar Johnsson

      Im a new sub

    3. ulkerson

      Thanks for helping me find where he is

    4. Daniel Rodriguez

      Hunt the Wolverine🔫🔫🔫🪓🪓🪓🔪🔪⚔️⚔️

    5. Daniel Rodriguez

      Shoot the Wolverine🥰😍🤩🥳

    6. Alex Jr

      I love when you hunt down new bosses

    7. Stacie Mitschke

      I used your code

    8. Shadow Grim

      did anyone realise that wolverine walks kinda like big foot

    9. Kaleal Monroe Kaleal Monroe

      1v1 me

    10. DaisyTheDoggo

      Describe typical gamer wiring deathly before sleepy sloth

    11. Charles Strickland

      1005 Charles 👍🏾👏🏾

    12. Jayden Lee

      He cheat

    13. Ty Torralbas


    14. Michelle Kershaw

      Green doesn’t look green

    15. Alex. Careaga

      Dude wolverine is like the hardest and scariest boss

    16. Peggy Pyron

      He can spawn at weeping woods or slurpy swamp

    17. Suzan Collins

      Wolverine has at least 1,000 Health and 1 Shield Health

    18. Jasraj Nawab


    19. Nikki Harris

      ur to good for other people

    20. Robert Lahner

      That's gonna be zombie mides

    21. MIO Films

      The first time I saw wolverine I literally said holy sh*t he has speed hacks

    22. Xander Perez

      Typical don't team with all these people.

    23. Aldo savage 13

      Brabrabra gragragra

    24. Coen Van Der Borg


    25. Lizbeth Sanchez

      Yes he is the beast

    26. enri yansyah

      good style utuber brooo

    27. Ayaan Bhol

      Who was a fan of gg before 2020

      1. Ayaan Bhol

        I mean typicall gamer

    28. Adrian Ojeda

      Yo how did you do that

    29. jose vega


    30. jose vega


    31. Rudransh Vohra

      u so dumb !! wolvering heals ! that's why he became alive NEVER SHAKE HIM DOWN

    32. qt Alan

      I’m about to unlock him now

    33. Ruby Marrow

      Okay so I went over to weeping woods and I found wovenring and then I charged my shotgun and whent to my deth

    34. Ashley Stewart

      I agree

    35. Bruce Mayfield

      I actually cried when he threw fireflies at wolverine😂😭

    36. Elliot's Records

      Who disliked this vid because you are poo

    37. Angel Rios

      Bruh he heals with his claws how did you not know that you should of known that by now lol Bruh how you are the best and you can't kill him!?!

      1. Lil Crazy Monkey

        Okay first of all it’s really hard to tell that he can heal with his claws when u just learned about him and second, he made this when the update first came out so he doesn’t know a lot about wolverine

    38. quon love

      Oh no wolverine

    39. Bennett Gohde

      I love your videos TG plays

    40. Zion Hawkins


      1. Zion Hawkins

        yea that was a total oof

    41. Mr Swizz

      You see TG update day went swell but look at fresh having a mental breakdown 😂🤣😂🤣

    42. Alex Play fortnite


    43. Patrick Rinard

      I have only found and successfully killed Wolverine once it's really hard

    44. ISAAC BOND

      Cool gamer of course you could go to the pool Slurpee of course if you want to Slurpee swamps because that that’s what responsible response of the edge of the thing so you got a find him over there and in battle lab that’s in Bella Bella just saying

    45. MIXED TV.

      i got wolverine

    46. jacob Cruz

      He has 800 health

    47. Sarah Lindner

      he has 400 hp

    48. Lance Gamboa

      Kl kekeleg

    49. Dawson Kids

      Can I please be gifted are used your code in the item shop and subscribe and turn on all notifications please

    50. Andrea Ndlovu

      tg do i play roblox me i do

    51. Darth Dragooo

      No he lies

    52. Super Mario Buddy

      You’re were so funny 😂 when you were fighting Wolverine

    53. D3black3scorpion


    54. Ibeatmyfriend 2344

      Tire hut rn is sik bot

    55. Tayata Daniels

      I feel your pain

    56. manal karim

      My Xbox is broken sorry I can’t watch you but I want you on my iPad so sorry for my Xbox😭

      1. manal karim


    57. Gianmarco Perez

      God is very good

    58. Faith in Zayd Omg

      Put on visualize sound effects

    59. Aiden Nieves

      Wolverine is so hard to find

    60. Alexander Lapido


    61. kywnicho4531


    62. Irixanna

      Does anyone else agree he sounds like jerry sienfeld when he panics lmao

    63. Trinh Nguyen

      Wolverine master rager

    64. The movie kids


    65. jdog fdog

      How are you doing today I have the batel pass

    66. Deagan Munday

      100k subs for tg

    67. BWA PRIMAL Videos games

      Just saying if he can’t tell it’s green the he’s colour-blind reply if you think different

    68. Gaming With Kj

      This happens to me my game freezes

    69. Jake Corcoran

      im 41 and 6 against him his 41 to my 6 bahahaha god dammit it how much health dose he have is right and if u let him get back up its even worse no joke dont shake the wolf down he gets pissed asnd always gets back up if u do u have to drop him and then execute \