Fired-up Seth Rollins gets ready for SummerSlam after Raw: Exclusive, July 15, 2019



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    The cameras kept rolling after Raw went off the air, capturing Seth Rollins leave the arena after earning a Universal Title rematch against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.
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    1. -

      somebody else, please

    2. Drax DRAWINGS.

      When Bobby have no opportunity. ... In the other ppv Lesnar vs Lashley

    3. Rodric D'Cruze

      Boring AF !!! Should have been Lashley or Orton.

    4. Paradigm Shiftzu

      Seth is not just a beast slayer HE IS THE BEAST SLAYER!!!

    5. Nasri Rosman

      Rollins have become kind of a vag after being set with Becky..

    6. soccer pump OOF


    7. Loquito45 G

      Brock needs to go unfortunately. Hall of fame n goodbye!

    8. Lombe Mwansa

      Lashely and orton didn't do what was expected and rollins did, its obvious that the rematch will be at it again...

    9. Pittsburgh Steelers

      I'm going to say it I have no problems with Seth Rollins but that's not a match that I want to see again Brock Lesnar is my favorite Superstar but I would rather see him be beaten by Roman reigns Braun strowman even Bobby lashley hell Rey Mysterio would have been better or Randy Orton anyone but Seth Rollins me personally I hope Brock Lesnar stomps beats the hell out of Seth Rollins but he probably won't because this is WWE the person with the upper hand always loses

    10. Nishar Ahamad

      I can promise you one thing that this match will be far better than their WrestleMania match

    11. ganesan3848 ganesh

      Seth heel turn

    12. Om Dubey

      Anyone but you seth...... anyone but you.....😑

    13. teddysphotos

      We Wanted To See Randy Vs Brock. But Instead, We're Getting Randy Vs Kofi. 🤦‍♂️

    14. SpecimenXeno

      Randy, Rey or Bobby Lashley mostly Bobby should've won it man

    15. Your Daddy

      King Kong Bundy is turning in his grave right now at the utter sight of this lightweight behaving as if he truly is deserving of a world heavyweight title match. Bundy said it best about these guys not looking like grown men. Guys like this Seth cat shouldnt be lashing out at the company that gives them their opportunities. It's quite ridiculous seeing this guy throwing a fit. What a cry baby! Rest in piece King Kong Bundy lol he was great on married with children that's why I laughed out loud! Lol

    16. Suraj Pujari

      COME ON...😥😥 Rollins dnt deserve to this match....😂😂

    17. Rony Mridha

      seth sucks

    18. Mark17780

      Give Randy his title match!!!

    19. Abhishek Panchal

      Oh man, I was rooting for Randy in the end. Booooooring!

    20. Kevin Lee

      Raw has already ended


      I want to se randy orton vs Brock lesnar because Rollins gets to many opportunities

    22. Shubham Sahu

      Booby vs brock

    23. Saddam Shaikh

      RIP Seth

    24. Bollywood song status

      Waste of time, match after match seth vs brock, wwe think about bobby vs brock.


      Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar ...

    26. cyber punk

      What did rollins say!

    27. Hamzah Iftikhar

      Burn it down

    28. dude

      Does the wwe ever listen to the fans??


      We want brock vs Cesaro or Randy orton vs Brock

    30. joseph palmieri

      Rollins should beAt Lesnar clean this time and pull of a miracle than go to clash of champions vs Roman reigns and Orton should beAt kofi at summerslam than reigns beats Orton to set up a champ vs champ Rollins vs reigns feud all the way to wrestle mania that would be terrific and have one of them turn heel also wwe wasted all these talents Brock Lesnar holding the title ruins half of Monday nights storylines Brock Lesnar just needs to go away for good no more belts he don’t need a belt to be a big draw without a belt Brock vs Lashley or Brock vs Braun or Brock vs drew or Brock vs Roman would be enough but Vince does it over n over giving Brock the title when Rollins deserves far better Rollins has carried wwe Monday nights for two years no without him raw would be simply bad. Seth Rollins needs to win that title back and feud with styles or Strowman or bray Wyatt or drew or Roman or even Andrade or Daniel Bryan cmon wwe so many things Rollins can do with a title not just bs baron corbin in some love affair with Becky n Lacey it’s bad book Rollins as a baby face with a twist of bad guy heel in him ! Kind of like a Randy Orton who does heel things but fans love him seth Rollins is to good to be treated this way wwe needs to do better and anybody that thinks Lashley vs Brock for the title is a good idea is dumb bc two big guys is boring Brock does two moves and vs big men his matches always totally suck bs littler guys is when his matches are better

    31. ICE KING

      At this point all wwe is doing is copy and paste with a Match we’ve seen so many times

    32. NateDawg _Express

      Y’all may not wanna see Lesnar vs Seth again but they’ve never had an ACTUAL, PROPER match.

    33. tu vieja

      Rollins vs lesnar? No Rollins vs ricochet/ Bobby roode? Yes

    34. sky football

      Lesnar is coward he fears Seth

    35. Dima Kasanov

      Let s go Rollins! Burn it Down!!!

    36. Camille Jones

      He needs his title back

    37. fair chino SILIYE

      Give the title to Randy please we are tired of lesner all the time we need new characters💪💪

    38. Ayush Kumar

      I know why wwe popularity is being low these day

    39. John Collano

      Orton or Lashley would make sense

    40. Prashant Kumar

      Randy should have won it and became the first universal champ

    41. Adarsh1 Budhu

      He's not going to win this time. I can assure you that.

    42. Yung Dae

      Like everyone didn't know wwe was going to pick rollins

    43. Theodore Clinch

      People literally started leaving theyre seats right after the match was over

    44. Ridiane Reigns

      TIRED OF ROLLINS WINNING TOO MUCH ! And besides, I don't think anyone wants a Brock vs Rollins again !

    45. Official Penguin

      Its not that we dont like Rollins he's great. But its all getting tiresome. Lesnar is a big reason for that.

    46. King MAS TV

      Honestly I’m just tired of Brock , I seriously hope Rollins gets the title back, than go against randy or other super stars, I’m tired of Brock being a champ. It old

    47. Jørgen Anders

      It sucks, because Rollins is great, and I hate that I'm upset to see him get the rematch. But that's the thing, this shouldn't even be an issue because BROCK SHOULD NOT HAVE THE TITLE. There shouldn't need to be a rematch, because Brock should not be there. It's not Rollins, it's another case of the ridiculous over saturated booking making a storyline old and boring. But it is what it is, if Rollins loses.. Well.. Bray is absolutely knocking it out of the park, so I'll still be watching. But only for the Bray segments

    48. rosa neira

      Seth rollins Genial te lo mereces... Manada a la mierda al campeón penca de brook lesnear.. Alo mejor con una patada en la R le sacas el habla... Jaja ok

    49. Prometheus Sama

      I hope Lesnar destroy Seth boring


        How boring is brock the parttimer

    50. kumar veera venkateswara

      Why wwe why always push Seth or Roman

    51. Mahesh Lohote

      The same story again ,please give some fair chances to other wrestlers I m really feeling bored watching wwe now....

    52. Neplese Gamer

      Bobby lashley deserve to fight with leasner

    53. Hellfire Black

      Seriously I'm tired of seeing Rollins going against Lesnar 😒

    54. LĒ4F Sçyth3

      I wanted Randy to win

    55. Gandha Kumar

      U people may hate seth for winning this night but at Summer slam this match will be the greatest match ever

    56. Dennis The Menace

      Seth is not champion material

    57. Ribbit Bartono

      Literally you couldve picked anyone that wasnt rollins big e or rey

    58. Karl Caberto

      His clearly an Avengers now

    59. BlazionEvolved

      Are they going to actually wrestle this time? If so I'm ready. If not I'm ready for the next contender already.

    60. Julia Jimoh

      I don't really mind them having Seth face Brock again. However, I do think they should maybe let him lose at SummerSlam. Becky too. Don't get me wrong, I like both of them and think they're strong wrestlers. But, it's just that they've been apparently working non stop for months. I like and respect that they're so dedicated to their work/craft but, it's like, at what cost? There is such a thing as working too much and being totally burned out. I don't know if that's happening with these two, individually but, they do seem tired and worn out. Maybe it's time for them to take a little break from work for awhile. Perhaps something like a month or two of vacation time. I think a little time away from work would do wonders for both of them. Sometimes a little time off is needed in order to get rejuvenated.

    61. Norwall

      Cool wrestling video. Keep it up fam.

    62. Jeiner Hernandez


    63. Jeiner Hernandez

      Ptm es enserio q asco habiendo tanto talento y justo eligen a uno q realmente ya nos tiene arto x cosas como estas es q AEW esta q hace mierda a WWE

    64. CamKabob

      WWEs already made 2 major mistakes since the "new" era. Giving Brock back the belt and having Rollins in a rematch. Orton vs. Lesnar would've been a bigger box office draw, even though he's been there for over a decade.

      1. Jake Sorrentino

        If that match happened you’d condemn WWE more putting Randy in a match where he could get another concussion.

    65. E Pac

      Nah Randy Should’ve Won!

    66. Angie Alameda

      Really wanted randy

    67. katlyn

      am i the only one who is really excited for his DESERVED rematch? he better win or i’m suing

    68. Bronx Born 53

      We don’t want to see this match again 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

    69. Bryan M.

      I want to see Braun hold a championship at least once like cmon WWE

    70. Trish Stratus Crew

      The crowd groaned lmfao