First 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden



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    President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the first 2020 presidential debate in Cleveland, OH.

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    1. nctiddy

      1:05:00 of course it’s sad but you know what’s more sad???? D✨E✨A✨T✨H

    2. Jamac Soo Kuday

      I’m disappointed with this debate, they didn’t physically fight!

    3. movenglish

      😲WOW in answer to ridiculous defense of his son Hunter Biden's glorious,haha, background, our Precious President Trump replied, "Who, Hunter? Hunter Biden was kicked out of military because of COCAINE USE." WOW. What a SUCKER FAMILY OF THIEVES AND WRONGDOERS, WHAT A DEN OF ROBBERS. WOW. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    4. eM Jay

      I was ready to pop the popcorn. Then Biden started talking and my bed seemed more apealing than listening to him.

    5. JoeCnNd

      Trump had to talk over because he was never given a chance to rebuttal.

    6. Julie Mackinder

      How many of President Trump's 100 lawyers are present? I demand to see the receipts of who is paying for Trump's legal charges Trump owes a lot of money he's spending more money on legal defense than any other president has in history who is paying for this and I want proof that is not the US taxpayers. The attorney general should be actually representing those in our government that are being persecuted and literally attacked as if they were enemies of our government when they are a part of our government the Democratic party and this is literally a Miss it's a obstruction of justice to the industry and it's so ridiculous no one in the right mind can take this s*** serious it's too ridiculous it's outrageously stupid no it's outrageously illegal okay

    7. Yashin Aboobaker

      Trump is the president for 2021 period

    8. ShapeshifterOS

      Antifa does exist. They have a manifesto, a flag, a uniform, etc. Did you know Antifa started as an opposition party to the Nazis, a far left extremist faction against the far right? Btw, here’s one of their sites which google tries to hide under news stories.

    9. Risto Kantonen

      Who is advocating to keep the schools closed? Who is advocating to keep churches closed? Who is advocating to keep businesses closed? Why is Biden advocating that people vote now? Ballot harvesting comes to mind. See: and

    10. Thomas

      Trying to win the faith and the respect back from the voters and the rest of the world, by showing us this?? I am speechless :S

    11. oh ok

      59:05 “because nobody will show up” I’m fucking done😭

    12. dedpxl

      Not bad. They both hit a few good points against their opponent and in favour of themselves. I'm biased to feel Trump is better, and I think Biden focused a lot on parroting fake media scandals than giving the public any reasons to vote for him. "Vote for me because Trump is bad" is all this guy has. Both say the other is lying. We'll probably need to read some fact checking but for instance I've seen the video where Biden calls the military "stupid bastards" so I know Joe is wrong when he says it didn't happen.

    13. john harber

      This is gonna be better than a seinfeld episode...

    14. Allison Wood

      Can we get Kanye in on this 😂😂😂😂

    15. Christian Jäkl

      Mr. President, you are a shame.

    16. Hazel Dziruni

      The moderater was too nice on Trump

    17. P. Suzanne Garrett

      Biden laughing along with Trump making fun of him is the epitome of the 2020 election.

    18. JQHN 316

      57:16 Did you see it?

    19. Mic Mac

      "Ooooordeeeeeer !"

    20. Philipp Maas

      Finally they made a re-adaptation of Beavis & Butthead

    21. Old Nik IX

      Joe's rhetoric is cornball.

    22. Donald Trumq

      How is it Trumps fault the world has Covid...God created it not him

    23. 美国的华莱士

      Donald Trump is great American

    24. Michelle Asquith

      They put rockets in and out of the atmosphere and they speak of climate change

    25. Yashin Aboobaker

      Biden you sound like a pussy

    26. ollie

      Trump said the Proud Boys a white supremacist group should "stand back and stand by", which some of the extremist group took to be tacit approval. The US is heading for civil war folks.

    27. Kieran 7177

      Creepy Joe Biden and his big pharma plan won't create cures they will create customers.

    28. john swain

      Do this pandemic I have not missed a day of work take your ass to the pole and vote there's a process for absentee ballots unsolicited balance is the way that the Democrats are trying to cheat voter ID I have to use the ID for everything it's good enough for me it's damn sure good enough for everybody else

    29. TruthSeeker Zxuan

      Trump's era is a huge step backward for American politics, but a giant step forward for American entertainment industry. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    30. Olfi

      Is this already a failed state?

    31. WWE 1

      Batch Kids 👶👶being interrogated by the father💁🏽‍♂️. Who is making sense here🤷🏼‍♂️?😂😂😂 everything is simply a lie🙆🏻🙍‍♀️

    32. Fitzy Beats


    33. Flynn Morrissy

      Season finale of America is hilarious

    34. Christo Hattingh

      Joe Biden sounds like he is a very tired man

    35. benjamin White

      This moderator is so crazy bad. Maybe they should start by replacing him.

    36. Julie Mackinder

      Okay well know that President Trump is not fighting Fair and most definitely in a boxing match in any bout of competition that inflicts harm on the other which he always does and he hits below the belt they should have a referee and president Trump should have been disqualified from this event from the very beginning so I determined everything to do with all of this as illegal and Trump as impeached and in essence void of any power as acting president he's disqualified.

    37. Marion

      Mr. Biden has turned into a comedian that makes him laugh. Comedians have much fear. Laughter is the best medicine for him and for the Dems, especially in their private meetings. Hard work, results and the American people, truth and revelation are all on President Trump's side. The best is yet to come. Mainstream media contains streams of poison for the mind. Justice for the unborn. Justice for the oppressed. Justice for real women. Justice! Justice! Justice!

    38. Chantal Nau

      "Hes putins puppy lmaooo"

    39. Eric

      Im sorry but trump is my fucking president!

    40. Michelle Asquith

      We want Australia 🇦🇺 out of the Paris agreement

    41. jenna Daley

      This moderator is an idiot

    42. EXOxCON

      China Plauge

    43. Matthew Witherspoon

      Chris Wallace is the worst journalist in America

    44. person person

      Translation on Trumps interruption on Biden speaking on the first question. I have no counter arguments so I am going to use other stuff to derail you from making a point.

    45. عشاق البرشا

    46. Aiyle

      god this just hurt to watch

    47. Hikari

      It’s usual politics, no matter what if Trump wins or Biden wins there’s gonna be chaos. Though Biden is a puppet for his overlords.

    48. EmperorsTeeth

      To save future viewers the effort... 27:45

    49. luc1dvision


      1. WidePeepoHappy

        I wouldn’t vote for someone like trump who doesn’t even pay his taxes and lost the last election in terms of popular vote.

    50. Vicky Waye

      So to hold up the Bible at church is a disgrace, Communists Joe/Kam? The disgrace is to deny US church. Am I really that much of a fool? Back to basics.

    51. soapynoz

      Biden only had to let Trump open his mouth.

    52. Edward Hannigan

      Oh my God....! Is that all that the mighty USA can put up from both parties..Jesus, it's over people..! God help America..Peace..!

    53. jade palmer

      The debate doesn't really start until 30 minutes into this video so don't waste your time but also don't skip this whole video because of the boring stuff. This debate is hilarious.

    54. John Boyd

      Where's Joe Rogan as the anchor!!??

    55. Patrisia Cibisov

      reading the comments makes it obvious why these 2 people are staying there, representing the country. it is a debate that lacks mutual respect, just disgusting

    56. GTA 5 Kingkong0581

      Joe you’re talking shit

    57. Ari C

      Trump: *No excuse me, no! Excuse me!* World: *You’ve been excused, please exit to the left*

    58. Luv4Food

      Donald will be re-elected for sure.

    59. Konstabel Coetzee

      When did the democrats become the establishment? they dont have the presidential seat but they lie like the powers of old ,the hippies of the 60's would protest against the democrats of today, the democrats are not liberals they are leftists

    60. Tony Solley

      Trump 2020

    61. K L C

      There both an embarrassment to this great country. Neither of them deserve to stand up there.

    62. john swain

      You see Chris Wallace lead Joe Biden just like other reporters do Joe Biden presidency would be a son of a b**** on his knees in front of the whole world here comes screw America would be the Joe Biden motto I'm on my knees

    63. Ele G

      It’s done for health, now think about the economy.

    64. WOWayne325

      We need someone to come in like "Vote none of the above!"... Brewster's Millions.... He'd surely win...

    65. Mr. White

      This is literally STAND UP COMEDY!

    66. Семён

      Привет из России

    67. Native Made605

      Trump : My hands are still small but i did big things. Lol


      Someone remind SLEEPY SLOW joe that "swine flu" dosent spread through the air, dosen't stay on surfaces, doesn't spread micro droplets by not social distancing etc.. Hence NO WHERE NEER AS CONTAGIOUS

    69. Ivelina Kadiri

      Counting ballots is fare and free of manipulating the results? Are you kidding me? Come to Bulgaria next year and see it for yourself.

    70. Simon Harwar

      The Madness of King George meets On Golden Pond.