FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE VLOG 😔*every year i suffer more!!!!*



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    first day of college as a 3rd year student! i hate it here and wish i never did uni dawggg lmaooo. we hate studying periodt. every year it gets worse. i study psychology and marketing btw. i'm in my final year but this year is super important coz i gotta get a high enough grade to get into honours so i can do psychology even tho i dont wanna do psychology...we hate it here dawg lmaooo lit rally a mess what is this description its 2am
    thanks for watching love you da most
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    1. Fátima Mahamud

      Me encantó el final. La mejor canción del inicio de la nueva década. Luv u clown, u don’t know how you actually make happy when I watch ur videos. U go, girl!!!!!!

    2. hellsong

      omg where is ur chanel tank top from

    3. Madonna Ashraf

      love your vi deos and how real you aree

    4. Elizabeth

      omg where is ur red shirt from ?it’s so pretty

    5. honeyaardvark

      she may be from Australia but she be giving strong Manchester girl vibes

      1. 先生

        honeyaardvark she’s half English, don’t know if I remember it correctly but she mentioned it from her past video

    6. Nielctzen

      You’re such a mood girl

    7. Monique

      funniest youtuber award me thinks

    8. Meg K

      Hahaha period

    9. Meg K


    10. Val Abedes

      this personality... thats on period luv xx

    11. .blossom pearl beauty.

      What is the name of the outro song? 😭

    12. Vanesa K. N.

      Watched just one of your videos and immediately subscribed. You are a walking meme icon. Periodt.

    13. Firdous Abdul-Hameed

      The mask's name 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    14. Persona's Magic

      Same girl same😭

    15. Charchar Holy

      you kind of look like lily chee

    16. Change Life

      Simone please remember me when everything is gonna change.

    17. Black2thepink

      Ok but where did you get the red top from?

    18. jeanne d zawadi

      i just now found out about your channel. i have no choice but to stan 😌💅.

    19. violetflo

      Pls do a boyfriend reveal

    20. rani uwu

      your outro i-

    21. Leila Cader ( Student )

      Bruv ur gorgeous 🥺🥺 also wheres ur Chanel shirt from?

      1. simonesquared

        I just ironed a logo on lmao

    22. Layan Abutarboush

      Like I never write comments and get ready excited to binge watch DE-news videos but damn I love your content and how chill u are

      1. simonesquared


    23. Layan Abutarboush

      You’re so fucking funnyyyyyyyyyy so glad I found ur channel

    24. Julia B

      SKIN ROUTINE!!! pls i luv u

    25. Alyssa Chavis

      Guess what! You have won the award of being my favorite youtuberrrrr, periodt. Remember me when you get millions of subs 😊

    26. amy pc

      The robot voice is so funny LOL

    27. Ishould Dohomework

      where u got that comfy lookin tracksuit tho

    28. Amber

      Favorite youtuber by far.

    29. Lance Abregondo

      pierce the veil?

    30. stan loona

      i'm just in 8th grade and now im scared to go to college

    31. Fangirl Stuff

      So how tall are u now?

    32. Logistic Nation

      You matured so fast

    33. Amber Ramirez

      Watching this to procrastinate on my uni homework 👿👊🏽💢

    34. Madison Haley

      How dare DE-news tell me to take a break in the middle of this awesome video, THE ODASITY!!

    35. hannuhhz

      pierce the veil what 😍😍

    36. Victoria Isabella

      Currently the b best DE-newsr, i going to watch all your videos, help

    37. chocopuff

      I'm gonna binge your videos, thx for existing *period*

    38. grace sabrina

      hi simone, what camera are you using?

    39. Nadia Clairs

      i also hate it here 🤗👌🏻

    40. vx jaz

      BABYGIRLLLLL FINALLY GETTING FAMOUS😍 should’ve been famous long time ago😔 #bigslepton

    41. susell

      i’m like 95% sure i’m the only one who knows the rock song that is playing in the transitions so 2014 and 2020 me are battling to the death in my head wow

    42. v9ns

      madison beer stan icu

    43. Sienna

      P E R I O D

    44. Lili Zhou

      What's your height and weight?

    45. Ruth Maclang

      Omg finally an introverted youtuber yassss

    46. g

      what’s the song at 6:08

      1. Lauren Heppenstall

        Pierce the Veil - King for a Day , it's so good x

    47. Daredevil Otaku

      oooof I can relate except I don't have friends so I just do my business and go home :'( #sadlife #foreveralone #needtruefriends

    48. lyssa


    49. C K

      You’re so funny omg😂❤️

    50. ShinyStarThatIsNotSoShiny


    51. solstråle

      How have I not seen you before??? you are literally the funniest person

    52. Camila Ortigoza


    53. Aysha Haque

      You're so funny 😂😂

    54. kira キラ

      that ptv song lmaoooo duuuude

    55. Czekaenah Villarde

      dude that King for a day tho 👌👌

    56. moon light

      What your zodiac sign simone?

      1. アレティ


    57. Nocciola

      Simone is my spirit animal

    58. EarthTo Jessica

      how do you get the robotic voice over?? , also love the video💓x

    59. Maya H

      omg do you go unsw??!

    60. edith

      8:28 the... wOt?

    61. Daniel Sedo

      oh my god this is the messiest college vlog i've seen *I'M SUBSCRIBING!*

    62. Sophia Dy

      Perth is where my aunt lives ksksksks rosemarie dempster lols

    63. Novalee M

      Oml shes a queen👑💕PERIODlmao...

    64. arianna rr.

      you kinda look like Fiona from shrek but when she is human obviously

    65. NV 2018

      Your videos are helping my anxiety thanks ❤

    66. NV 2018

      Your skin ❤❤❤

    67. claudia arias

      Same girl college/uni is ass 😭

    68. Evan Sison

      Simone in every video: "And what about it"

    69. Brindy Chhantel

      8:27 wut is it called?

    70. jiwoo lee

      Ew we have to do something about her