First Look at the NEW 2021 Acura TLX

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    Join MotorTrend’s Miguel Cortina in an interview with Jon Ikeda, Acura’s Vice President and Brand Officer, for a deeper look at the all-new 2021 Acura TLX and the return of the Type S.
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    1. Zack

      Finally, a proper looking luxury car, inside and out

    2. EnRich

      You guys just driving around the track doing 30? km per hour... this video sucks.

    3. Panta Rhei

      When you’re featherin it, brother.

    4. Geronimo Biggles

      welcome to 2020's. 35k for a 2.0 liter turbo LMAO



    6. iishyxvietxboyii1

      Regular TLX looks good too.

    7. youngdaggerdack

      I love it 😍

    8. 霍去病

      which is better? IS OR TLX?

    9. macaron3141592653

      Acura needs to release a sh-awd compact now. This thing is HUGE

    10. K!NG KRS 32

      Rims could be waaay better

    11. Kinghavs

      Smh... still front wheel drive.. still a numb driving experience.. and i wonder if its a cvt.. i would never purchase an auto so i wonder if manual is even an option anymore.. but finally a decent looking car..

    12. El Dee

      Brilliant Honda/Acura. You discontinued the sweetest engine in your lineup, the naturally aspirated 3.5 V-6. For anyone who's ever driven the 3.5 V-6, what a disappointment. You just created a Toyota/Lexus customer. Nice job.

    13. lgnfve

      Fluff piece.

    14. D H


    15. Stephen Hong

      Come on Acura, go big or go home. If TLX Type S can beat the Supra then release it otherwise..... Absolutely.... LOL

    16. shahid sultan

      stunning vehicle

    17. cesar

      So beautiful. Acura nailed it. Very excited for their future vehicles!

    18. John Ward

      Welcome back to the show Acura

    19. Ezra U. Haro

      Paisa review 🇲🇽 👨🏽‍🌾

    20. santiago Corona

      👋🏽 acura

    21. santiago Corona

      We hate Nissan 4 life

    22. Young King

      My dream car i shall an i well clean soul

    23. Bo Han

      Yet another interior with the aftermarket looking stick up tablet screen.

    24. BlackBruceLee

      ....nice car, but I'm still waiting on a new Integra

    25. L. Smith

      Soon as he wouldn't release those performance numbers I stopped watching. Acura needs to cut the bullshit! I want to know the 0-60 and the starting prices of the TLX and the Type S.

    26. ramsey reagan

      O-60 time of the car I see you driving is what again???

    27. Storma

      Acura made a hope for me for Japanese brands returning 😍

    28. antoni r

      is it wrong that Ikeda's way of holding the steering wheel irks me a bit, that's not the way an enthusiast would hold it. The host tho, better

    29. Daren Frederic

      The front grille kills me

    30. H2V PRO Eternal

      Cut the BS.....make a 2021 TLX Type R

    31. richard zhagnay


    32. Max Morvan

      and,, TLX on open road and the MDX following,,, Tells you a lot when an MDX can follow you

    33. Max Morvan

      most castatrophic interview ever! such as ..."Type S is Type S.... and so on.... OR answers! Tells us everything you need to know. MDX was UGLY as UGLY can be.... so please dont talk about MDX

    34. Copasetik_ 3

      What will the cost be?

    35. Akhil Chandra

      This event in the video is appropriate for press/ magazines. Manufacturers don't let journalists drive the cars at these early stages. An article titled "FIRST LOOK: 2021 TLX" with a couple of photos on the track with description from Acura's employee would be more appropriate. This man souldn't have made a video on it.

    36. morrij01

      Without an available manual transmission, it will not be a true type S.

    37. Christopher Morales

      0-60 is a number. Just so you know.

    38. NCOIC

      2:01 : the point in the video I stopped watching. Real men like a shifter stick, not sissy buttons.

    39. Esteban Martinez

      What a beautiful car. Makes my 2018 TLX look SO ancient

      1. Troy Truong

        Esteban Martinez should have bought the aspec! I want to buy the 2018 tlx aspec. But tlx has too many re alls and problems!

    40. A D - E

      Get a coupe version of it

    41. Elliot Jackson

      New UK Honda Civic 2021/2020!!!!

    42. Random Uploads

      Still an Acura. Have fun replacing 10 transmissions with only 50k miles. 😂

      1. James Feng Tu

        AH u misspelled Infiniti

    43. azhar lazuardi

      How about TLX right hand drive? I hear Acura only produce in left side?

    44. Im the best thing since Rice

      The design looks good but i wish it had a stick shifter

    45. David Jake M.

      Make a New Cl and name it the CLX! MY 2003 CL Type S is getting old

    46. Daniel Chung

      I was looking to purchase a new car around Labor Day but the Type S may make me wait. Stuck between BMW M340i, Genesis G70 and Acura TLX Type S

      1. Daniel Chung

        @Beamer138 I'm actually leaning towards waiting for the TLX type S and see what kind of car it will be. The 340i will be there when the type s comes out. I'm concerned about reliability and overall cost. Acura would be much cheaper to maintain than Bimmer

      2. Beamer138

        If you have the budget, spring for the Beamer 340. It's the best car out of the list. I'm in the market for a nicer daily commuter so a 4 cylinder TLX will work for me - i do like that blue A-Spec though. It's probably closer to $40K and that's spendy for Japanese.

    47. Duc4life

      Now make a new S2000 with the Type R engine.

    48. Frederick Smith

      Let me guess... the same boring interior colors!!! I’m leaving Acura if it is!

    49. Yilin Cheng

      show me more about the car interior other than you guy's faces

    50. Timothy S

      Nice ad.

    51. Jesus

      Thinking about buying a car next year this might be it only thing is I don’t like turbos in vehicles...

    52. 2WIREG

      That is interior is still ugly. And that screen looks tiny

    53. 紅//beni


    54. k domster

      Fugly as all Honda products, interior has this cheap plasticy 90 dollars Panasonic boom box look and feel. No thank you.

      1. Troy Truong

        k domster might not look as appealing on cameras, but im sure the materials will last 20 years unlike the german’s cheap plastic interior. Bmw and mb interior will peel, crack, and deteriorate after 8 years.

    55. Michael Lindsey

      Audi front end kia rear end. Acura, please find your own identity.

    56. St Gu

      I hope this has DCT

    57. ssjMaximum22Goku

      Never been a Honda guy, but I've always loved the TL. This version looks amazing. Can't wait for the Type S!

    58. Pop TheTrunkk

      They really got in seperate cars to talk smh. Embarrassing

    59. Kaiser Zen

      I love this car. Too bad there won't be a manual option! ):

    60. Healthy Wonders

      Love the car but when you add up the costs for the type S, wouldn't the cost come close to a C8 ??

    61. James Jones

      Acura Boring. Remember when Acura and Infiniti were segment breakers. Now just bloated rental cars for the psudo luxury car niche

    62. De ViceCrimsin

      All I wanna here is rwd bias and 2 door available ... Let's see what happens. Edit: this is a interview of Acura using the car as excuse. Total fail.

    63. Abigail Graham


    64. bimmer325cic lee

      Now Acura is coping Kia's new k5 front daytime running lights.

      1. bimmer325cic lee

        @Theyadmire plz read my comment carefully. Front daytime running light.okay?

      2. Theyadmire

        Can you plzz Acura front ends looked like that since 2012. Pipe down!!!!

    65. Jehad Wadi

      Time to sell the bmw 440, WOW

    66. mon mon

      It looks like 2019 KIA K5

    67. Ben S

      Social distancing is being blown out of proportion. So is this how it will be when people go test drive this Acura in fall? The Acura salesperson will drive the car and you follow them in your personal vehicle? How stupid have we become as a society?

    68. Richard Xiong

      Please please! Bring a 6SMT rsx or Integra back Acura. There are people like me out there that still enjoy the MT.

    69. Erik Lau

      Warning! Acura if u make ur cars looks awesome Hyundai/Kia will knock u out.

    70. tamake 44

      TLX wagon would be my next car to replace my TSX wagon! Please