First Podium at my Last Pro-2 Drift Comp!

Adam LZ

Adam LZ

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    What an amazing way to end the season! Number 5... 5th place qualifier... on Friday the 13th. There was definitely a bit of luck on my side, but more importantly an amazing team that had my back! Enjoy :)
    Video by Divine Media -

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    1. Benny Wright

      LZMFG = LZ's Motha fuckin Gang! Yessssiiirrrrrr!!!!

    2. Nick

      Those drone chase shots are sick

    3. MihaelM

      I still can't belive that Zed didn't take 1st place. He was much better than stang. 😩

    4. David Buitron

      Iv3 literally been watching since you first started your channel. It's amazing how far you've come . I love your videos keep it up man

      1. David Buitron

        P.s. this like the 5th time I've watched this

    5. Pausify V2

      Bro I thought you were going to get first, you did amazing on that last follow, I was hyped the whole time

    6. Mason Winn

      I was getting so nervous I have been watching forever

    7. Aaron Ho

      I just realized black rifle coffe sponsored this

    8. Ryan Larkin

      Wait no more FD

    9. Bike Life Bowdy

      I can smell the rubber through the screen

    10. Sammy Fernandez

      That was great,I love it

    11. Bikelife_ nacko

      I thought lz would of win because his chase was better

    12. xShawn x

      Fucking Awesome....! Congrats

    13. SimonVlogs

      Great job but where did ur straw go is the most inportant question

    14. Marius Immernochstroboverstrahlt

      The mustache part made me sub. Props to the dudes who went through with it!

    15. Kaya On iPad

      I feel like Adam shouldve won by a huge gap because his chase runs on the last guy were amazing, even pro 1 drivers cant drift that close to the door sometimes

    16. Jovelyn Custodio

      Coolest place and car

    17. DrBigger

      OMGGG COUNTRY!!!!! U ARE HERE I FOUND U!!!! #romanadwooD OMGGG

    18. Steven

      that mustang has the biggest powerband holy shit

    19. Stetson shadix

      I live next door to Texas motor speedway you did awesome dude I showed up and had no clue you where going to be there

    20. Ronald Trahan

      I forgot how funny the end was😂😂

    21. ZaRa1FPS

      For someone whos what 23 year old that’s pretty impressive man

    22. Meezo

      Yo what's the music he uses for the small montages

    23. Ben Champagne

      Anyone know the song playing in the back at 12:35 ???

    24. Darren Nagle

      I know I'm late watching but that was absolutely awesome to watch. That last battle was sick and after the 3rd run I was thinking Adam LZ won. Great work and what a team lead by such a down to earth bloke. Congratulations Adam and team, well deserved 👌👍

    25. Area 51

      Idk how he didn’t get 1st place

    26. MooseNation80

      Good job felt like was watching your climb up from the start good job man.. .

    27. Brandon Yang

      Adam on the last run got robbed?! He was close and had go proximity

    28. geoffbangs1

      Why didn't you show his second lead round in the final? That final chase round was crazy


      was this reuploaded? i dont member the second half of the vid

    30. Boost Pulse

      Link to that beard trimmer?

    31. Daygo San

      Wait, this isn’t the bar spin tutorial?!


      One of my absolute favorite videos, 2020 has been crappy but this video has definitely made it better. Can’t wait to see you back on the track shredding and leaving marks on doors 🖤

    33. Jason Couzis

      That lead lap against Robbins still gets me - highly underrated. Absolutely killed outside zone 1, got super close to the cone in 2 and made Robbins clip it, and got some super angle on the run through 3 and 4. That was seriously sick dude.

    34. brianNOTryan 123

      Omg country

    35. 4nsn _

      “Car guys can’t have real girlfriends”-Adam lz

    36. Bryan Fernandes

      Hopefully covid gets managed by the government before the FD season starts, been looking forward to more pretend race car team content

    37. thicc_chungus16

      Shave that mustache

    38. John LegitKicks

      Hey Adam what is the name of the song you have as you put on your montage?

    39. Easy Ride & Chill Riders

      Hey, where is nicole??

    40. broforce


    41. Avan Carrington

      Do a donut in the parking lot

    42. lupe .e

      I feel like Adam Lz still took the one in my heart

    43. Raza Ji

      Adam please run Pro1 !!! we want to see you there!!!!!

    44. Marcus Navarrete

      Is LZ'S boy thats part of his team Pat Goodin a pro FD 1 Driver?

    45. vinkuke

      adam was def. winner, stupid paid judges

    46. 6Foot 5Honda

      I still remember how a couple of years ago he was learning how to drift with the cream s13 and now he is in Formula Drift

    47. dj fr33z

      In my eyes lz won that final run

    48. Culinary Artist

      Cant wait to see V2 of the S15

    49. mot1w

      Adam what car are u driving?

    50. EF1786

      Why his sunglasses be like that in the beginning doe😂

    51. FieSea2

      :) This video made me smile.

    52. TRSnikeZ

      such a good video have watched it a couple times

    53. Alec Walston

      Dude those beginning clips where fire🔥

    54. Hassan

      I started following you because of your 335i not gonna lie and say been solid I haven't... more on a off... but one thing I can say is Adam is a fucking driver

    55. Tilen Juhart

      That last follow was fucking insane

    56. annabanna666

      wow the dude who interviewed u on podium was a halfwit jeeze man wtf he doin lol, skilled driving man

    57. Boostaholic Performance

      Song at the start and about 4:30 in??

    58. logan haggart

      Alberto looks like Escobar kinda 😂

    59. live times 8489


    60. paulvannimwegenmusic

      Music used is "Restart" by Niteboi Congrats Adam

    61. jberg2113

      Are you doing Any fd this year?

    62. slay_ them_all85

      I have seen some video's of u and it would be cool to learn from u i watched the last video and seen how u helped ur friend.

    63. Jack Dijkman


    64. Britt Martin

      Anyone notice Adam's new girlfriend

      1. Britt Martin

        And at 42:16

      2. Britt Martin

        Around 42:15 country stands in front of her

    65. Joseph Gervais

      i hope Nicole watches this

    66. koie

      uoh... (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    67. Jonathan Kingtana

      Looking back at some cool formula videos and I come across this one. I can almost smell the rubber 🤙 excellent job tho!

    68. Joaquin Mar

      Lol just commented and posted this on fb. So cool to watch from the beginning of the career when it was just a hobby. So cool. Good job man!

    69. Kevin Buck

      Congratulations brother you FUCKING rock man many more podiums to come your driving is on point

    70. Ongoing Projects

      Good job man 👌