First Podium at my Last Pro-2 Drift Comp!

Adam LZ

Adam LZ

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    What an amazing way to end the season! Number 5... 5th place qualifier... on Friday the 13th. There was definitely a bit of luck on my side, but more importantly an amazing team that had my back! Enjoy :)
    Video by Divine Media -

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    1. John Denver

      That was incredible, great job.

    2. Elliot Jay

      That was exciting mannnn, I honestly thought you had that though. Smashing it. Epic win for the team.

    3. Maimo Moline

      Sick Silvia 👌

    4. drifter_ wolf

      wow from drifting the 240sx to going pro in fd with a s15 i am proud

    5. HXNTER.X

      4:20 looks like a cutscene from Need for Speed

    6. Baško

      Will you ever get the 4th gen Supra?

    7. Sebz

      Congrats, how is the cinematic beat called???❤️

    8. Jirka Hampl

      Without sounding gay Trevor looks so much better with moustache

    9. The Driver22845

      Perfect opportunity to play eurobeat

    10. Anthony Buccola

      Dude, confuckinggrats man. It's been a long time watching this channel. This is a huge moment for you, your team, and your friends. Keep grinding man!

    11. miguel ariel Santos lopez

      That silvia gives me the fucking chills

    12. Amari Perkins

    13. A.T. Fishin

      Little late to the party but those are some fucking good friends for pulling threw with that

    14. 0O0O0O0OO00O0O00O0OO0O00

      i dont think they judged right but wat evs

    15. Gamer Bierjunk

      Mario and Luigi

    16. Kirin Izumi

      So country is here

    17. Wayves }}

      You should hangout with tanner fox again

    18. The Flash of Life

      Country has been everywhere... Roman atwoods vlogs that one DE-newsrs vlog and now Adamizer

    19. Fox Trot

      ngl I don't like Adam that much but he is pretty good at tandems

    20. AnimationMethods

      "I'm a give him 30 PSI, right in the door" lol

    21. Da Rat

      when Trevor was getting shaved i couldn't help but scream yeeyeet

    22. RyseVI

      Good Job To The Other Guy But Are We Going To Ignore That Adam Should Have Got 1st Place ? This Literally Is Blowing My MIND

    23. Zaidan Zainuddin

      You deserve this man!congrats!

    24. MrValiantEye829

      honestly i never knew this is where country was

    25. jd88gtr 1

      Production quality is over the top on these new videos, your editor needs a raise

    26. Sherlock Moans

      Man, my insides were screaming while watching this.

      1. Just Another Important Person

        you gotta watch it while on the can next time ;) lol

    27. Unknown LC4

      pretend raceteam on the podium XD

    28. DiGiTaL CoNNoR

      Seriously didnt know what to think when i heard adam was running fd. This man proved sooooooo many people wrong, and did the damn thing like a pro. He has earned his spot in f.d. in my opinion and will be one hell of a pro2 competitor...

    29. Chader Burton

      What song is that in the cinematic shots?

    30. koziolkuba

      congrats bro

    31. B O O M E R 45

      It really warms my heart seeing yall having so much fun after the race

    32. SubaruGf8

      Adam did well on friday the 13th

    33. Nol Valdez

      Cant wait to see Adam Go against Piotr Some day

    34. ZacTheSacAttack

      You should run pro 1, remember how impossible pro 2 seemed? you'll get to pro and most likely love it.

    35. YsLife

      Alberto look like Puerto Rican Dale 😂

    36. Dreg

      I feel like a proud dad :D

    37. Robbie Hoekman

      Great job putting it all together in the last round! Great team. You could probably make a documentary of the whole season if you wanted it to. Your chases were on point, sucks I could not see it live (Europe and stuff) Hopefully you will be back next year either in Pro 2 or Pro I just want to see more of that killing S15! Again well done to you and to your team It was great following Pro2 this way.

    38. Adrian Guerrero

      Anybody know the music used?

    39. drift potatos

      Dude.... Grab some different glasses those aviators are lame

    40. miiigi

      Music is soo good in this vid👌🏻👌🏻

    41. Lean DBP

      andrew schulte is from cleveland goddamn it

    42. Scott Shipley

      I'm a little late to the party but congrats on the podium and constantly improving at every round. Looking forward to seeing what you can do next year.

    43. Alex Dimitroff

      More Country In Videos = More Likes.... That dude is a boss!!!

    44. HERI HAO


    45. Prince Tugade

      Sign up for hyperdrive

    46. Crawford

      Well done Mate ! Huge Congrats brother!

    47. Lindon Roccamante

      Congratulations Adam of coming second on Fd

    48. Karissa Kissire

      This was my first ever event to attend and WOW. I immediately loved your car- hands down my favorite. Weirdly enough, it reminds me of toothless from how to train your dragon.. lol. Just so smooth, fast and sneaky. 🤷🏻‍♀️ From the stands view point, you were definitely the crowd favorite. Although I do not have much experience, I felt that you had great leads and most definitely the best chase throughout the event. I really hope that you have as much confidence in yourself as your fans do for you.. You are truly a star! It just goes to show what happens when people believe in someone. Very inspiring. I look forward to continuing to watch you shine!

    49. Jake Demeter

      Hell yeah! Looks like the pretend Racecar team isnt so pretend anymore!

    50. Marcus Navarrete

      Best video by FAR

    51. chris napp

      Drunk adam at the end is great

    52. Michael Pugh

      Truly is the YEAR OF THE FLEX

    53. Riceboxx

      goodjob adam. sick video.

    54. mika virtanen

      Achmed The Dead Terrorist in the pit crew?

    55. Random Ryder

      Wtf kind of judging was that? How the hell did he not take the W with that last run? It was way better than what Trenton had done. Bunch of fucking morons judging that shit. Not even an Adam LZ fan but he did pretty damn good!

    56. prodoubt

      Bro you have a semi-truck. Go pro 1

    57. prodoubt

      Shoman, bro you need to lose that neckbeard anyways lol.

    58. O.G.Moose

      DO PRO 1 JUST DO IT!

    59. Wilson Yang

      Anyone can lead lol. It takes skill to follow tight.

      1. RyseVI

        Yeah he was on him the entire won and still lost definitely not a sport for me feel like favoritism is going on with the judges good job to both drivers

    60. Aaron bickel

      SO HAPPY FOR YA MAN!... 2nd place would b a win for me too! ….like I seen in a comment, never been so proud of someone who I didn't personally know.! ….your videos are inspiring to me, I would love to one day learn to drift...don't know much about cars myself so, that itself, would be a learning experience.! … keep on rippin them tires bro! ...much love from Illinois! ...

    61. TioTube

      what is country doing there haha

    62. laneyboy6661

      Well Done.

    63. Chanupa Aluthge

      keep it up adam .... do your best .

    64. J Hall

      Nice work bro. Watched ya for years. Sick to see it all come together. All the best dude

    65. 300zx 28

      Love it bro keep on it super proud.

    66. sess

      DAAAYYYYUM BRO! GET SOME! HELL YEA! (>'.')^^('.'

    67. Rahjay _819

      Only car youtuber I actually enjoy watching best content. Never been so proud of someone I don’t know personally. Adam really is an inspiration.

    68. Ralph Gonzalez

      Hey, your missing your left front valve stem cap on your wheel 😂

    69. XIIjay

      One of the few videos where we see Adam truly happy and having fun. It's amazing to see him grow over the years. Keep it up my man !

    70. Matthew Lees Jr

      Did you ever think you would go pro as a drifter?