First Time Driving The 240z Fast!! The Cops Weren't Happy...

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In today's episode were taking the 240z out for its first ever drive on public roads!
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    1. Alloutofdonuts

      That law is fricken awesome. It would’ve saved me a ticket(or 2...3 Awesome project!!!

    2. none

      mild L24 with webers and pipes sounds and likely goes faster, the roller skate wheel look doesnt do the body justice which looks like it sits too high. Going wider body longer wheelbase and lower by cutting the floor and shortening the doors would look better for those wheel sizes. I was hoping with all this effort it would look like a race car eg. le mans or JTTC beast but just looks like a high heeled blue shoe.

    3. TryMonster

      it sounds very subtle .. i was expecting little louder .. but nice looking ride ..

    4. David Nguyen

      I love that Supra.

    5. David Nguyen

      Instead of M mode it’s now is Z mode. I missed my E60 M5. Lots of respect, I love this build.

    6. Nova Spadez

      I'm rewatching this video and I just realized y'all are in Beaverton!

    7. Mark Russ

      Love the body contours and colour of this build #nailedit100% #fuckhashtags

    8. Seth Marion

      Ever considered running a clear hood? It would be faster aero wise and you could still see the bomb ass engine

    9. happydappyman

      I don't think I would fit in that thing haha. Nice car you made! Just came from the making video. It would have been cool to have a manual though.

    10. Storm Hawks HD

      I'd love to see your car race the MCM Rb26 Z

    11. Richard Ike

      It was much more fun watching your build video for it. How about putting a transparent plexiglass hood on it.

    12. Jr D S

      I see various comments about you should do this or that but this car is sick , you’ve done a wonderful job to it . Lots of respect to you and your accomplishment also with the choice of Engine .

    13. TheAcePool

      * censors dash cluster while speeding * ***immediately cuts to him saying the speed he reached***

      1. R3N G.

        he meant Kms not Miles though... lol

    14. Erickoo o

      What is best budjet engine for the datsun

    15. Elvis Cordero

      Amazing build..... What front and rear tire/rim size are you on?

    16. Inferno

      subaru ???????

    17. bru Bna

      Nice build. Well worth it supra is BMW so both cars are BMW. Maybe BMW will build a 240z next.


      That car is slow! Sounds like the gearing. The speedo might be reading in Kmh.

      1. Adam Zeller

        yeah it looks really slow

    19. zrulz

      Sway bar re-attach @ 4:20. I could change oil and filter in my 1971 240 from under the hood. Nice change from laying on ground.

    20. boris P

      I am a Russian Orthodox monk and I don't have anything.I have to say, that is my all-time favorite car if I had one car in the world that would be the one . Wonderful and,great job.

    21. joshs199

      Yeah looks really slow on video...? Dyno #s please

    22. Brad A

      What gears are you running?

    23. Brad A

      Where in Oregon? I'm in eugene. Long time z lover here too. Nice z bro.

    24. mjkelly37

      Where’s the hood? The car is amazing!

    25. Magilla Gorilla

      Was trying to figure out where you were in the video then I realized that’s 185th

      1. Andrew Morey

        I wonder why he didn't do his testing on highway 26.

    26. Michael Sylvester

      I am so impressed I cannot believe he built that car he has come so far far far far far far such a short time

    27. oldtimer_sale instagram

      Nice car bro but lucks like not geting so fast like we whoude to be🤔

    28. Connoisseur of Cannabis Cars&Pussy

      The lack of manual trans kicks my ass.

    29. Last man standing

      I usually take another part of my balls out and show people who the boss is...its a shame my car never pays attention

    30. UnShapingTheEarth

      Good idea man, dont show the cops you breaking the law🤣🤣

    31. Tyler Johnson

      Pussy footing

    32. John Gregg

      So custom I don't have a hood??

    33. Richard Cabral


    34. Richard Cabral

      Love that law. I’m moving


      8:39 sounds like you called the supra a subaru! Can tell you're super excited driving the beast.

    36. Chris Kline

      No hood and saggy-ass pants.....B is for Buffoon

    37. Kanti123

      Girlfriend helps you with car? She’s a keeper !

    38. Doug Nietubicz

      Love the car but those front fender flares look like u already crashed it.

    39. eric flower

      I swear I thought you weren't going to finish this build after watching the 1st 3 videos..WOW....hell of a build...Very good job!

    40. Stealthwolf19

      In my mind the 240z fairlady is the ultimate sleeper car

    41. Gunter Hagendorf

      I don't get the point with fast cars in the US. A 4-cylindre Lambo or Ferrari would be ok for the speed limits; much cheaper and adapted to US drivers driving skills. Greatings from Germany!

      1. Spag Face

        Because people want really fast cars

      2. Kanti123

        Gunter Hagendorf usually for 1/4 mile drag race

    42. J Grn

      Wow wow I was going to put a 454 Chevy in my 89 735i.then I had a327 out of Chevy 4 barrel.then a hemi in a90 325i convertible.peace yes yes yes and the speeds were I won't tell but I was my own M guy

    43. UsernameExe Not Found Try Again

      8:29 Is ThAt A sUpRa

    44. ludrich Inocente

      I wonder where the z is now

    45. Travis Coombes

      Still sounds kinda like the inline 6 they came with. Cool car.

    46. Sabot19K

      why does it look so damn slow though? regardless, sounds like godzilla jizzing. fucking awersome

    47. Hooli Fruli

      steering wheel from bmw, gauges from bmw...its nice

    48. Kayla C

      Just my opnion, know it wont matter but those wide body fender flairs dont look good on any of the cars you put them on. Again just my opinion so dont slaughter me for it.

    49. Pops Old Boats

      Lets see it on a 1/4 or a track air field or something please.

    50. Zack Casto

      Great job. Sick car!! Itbs are all the rage right now.

    51. Tony Herson

      It honestly doesn't look fast at all. I was surprised when you said that was the fastest car you've drove

    52. Motor Clips

      It’s my dream to have a 240z

    53. Robert Gardner

      You did not put a fucking BMW interior fucking gross dude...

    54. Ryan Scherbluk

      Blurs out the speed dude don’t do that that’s just being an idiot. If you are not going to follow the laws then get off the roads.

    55. Brotang Youst

      Is that an auto racecar? Crazy🤔

    56. josephmars20

      I can recognize almost every road you were on. I used to live it Hillsboro then forest grove and now Oregon city.

    57. MrrThicc

      Needs a remap

    58. KiznisFilms

      Doesn't even feel like it has been pushed more than half throttle

    59. tiny 1

      Sorry I'm new to your channel butlove the build but where's the hood bro lol

    60. andrey mikheyev

      its so weird watching him drive it around cuz i recognize all these places where he is driving. I live in that area and i really wanna see this car in person.

    61. andrey mikheyev

      Do you every take this to RDM or T5?

    62. Crazy Legend

      damn I want the supra and the Z

    63. simon hanlon

      Why on earth would anyone drive a car with trumpets and no filter covers attached to them , they cost a few dollars. Dust and dirt will kill the cylinders in no time .

    64. jdcope68

      New the the channel, you are driving that like 5 min from my house.

    65. Creazioni di Realta

      Man if you got to keep taking your eyes off the road to see the speedo you need to relocate

    66. William Sealy

      As a lover of these cars I have to say... those flares are trash.

    67. Darryl Hollingsworth

      Why did you wrap instead of paint of your 240z?

    68. Ghgh Fhfh

      Fucking slow

    69. Joshua Hudson

      Is it just me or does the car seem slow 🧐🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. Nebbia affaraccimiei

        it is. and after 8 months he never drove it again? at least show us a time slip? or a dragy test?

    70. REBUILT

      Stoked to see this car driving around town this summer!