First Time Driving The 240z Fast!! The Cops Weren't Happy...

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In today's episode were taking the 240z out for its first ever drive on public roads!
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    1. 篠﨑磨人

      Hello. I always enjoy watching it. I tune a Fair Lady S 30 Z in Japan. Which brand is the 240 Z "gear over fender" in this video? Can anyone help me?

    2. Deep State

      "Dude i just got it in Beaverton" lol

    3. 885 Blackjack

      put a hood on the car you donkey

    4. Jeff Digital

      never to be seen again.

    5. Mr Stone

      get a hood matte...

    6. Alchemist

      3:04 the car is not moving fast cause the tree can count the speed XD

    7. Dorito NACHO

      not sure if you are stepping on it

    8. BexProductionTV

      that Subaru was crazy

    9. paliyator igor

      1000 like!!!

    10. Marc Povey

      lovely looking car but spoils it with the bmw dash board and sterring wheel.. should off kept original

    11. Gulod Onamreh

      B is for Baby Blue.

    12. Ivex25

      it needs a hood, but the rest is perfect

    13. Adam B

      That front splitter is creating lift instead of downforce. Beautiful car!

    14. Hermínio Teles

      i was gonna say your such a badass for having my dreamcar but then i saw that Automatic shifting...still i had a few tear drops nice job ;)

    15. Bang Supa

      i think that car look realy good and im not a car guy im a pokemon

    16. Plight_of_Icarus

      Is there a reason you weren't running with the hood, other than trying to look ricer as fuck?

    17. QueDon

      the dash so clean bro holy shit

    18. Josua117

      WTF v10 engine

    19. Joe Lirag

      It's an automatic? Kills it for me. Just me folks nothing against automatics. Just prefer the manual.

    20. Joe Lirag

      Um. I'm no genius...but shouldn't there be a hood? 😉

    21. Scotty Killmore

      Not sure if you know this but the gauges went blurry after stepping on gas

    22. fundeath4u9924jake

      I have a red 240 sx but I want a 240 z like that one

    23. Juan Sebastiá Clausell

      Where are you buy a car headlamp??

    24. Tee Bro

      Nice clean build. But yeah, Fairlady needs her hood. Also, Dyno!!!

    25. TG aka Scream


    26. Liten Fara

      I know You don't do that kinda stuff. But if You's put the rear axle 5-6 inches further to the tail lights that would increase the silhouette a lot.

    27. Mike

      Well, i'd put a bonnet tbh... really.. looks kinda stupid this way

    28. neo_wina

      I LOVE THE SOUND, Beautifull

    29. Bobby Brummett

      Still no 3x white hoodie

    30. DPR Productions

      I have no idea why this was in my video feed but LOL when I started recognizing your route because you live in my town. So at 1:40 you're at the stop light on Farmington Rd Westbound with the old St. Mary's Academy in the background on the SW corner of the intersection. Then at 2:05 the Human Bean coffee shop next to Carl's Jr on TV Hwy, then after bombing down TV and back hitting (85 mph?) on the overpass heading east before Murray Blvd where you take a left and head north, then some of it looks like 185th etc etc.... Anyway nice work, I wonder how many of your other builds I have seen driving around.

    31. JB GTO

      Don't like you're using the Lords name in vain. But I love your creativity and car!!

    32. de4dLy

      my almost stock 4 cylinder civic 08 si is faster

    33. Tom L

      Great build. Good job! My only advice is that track time is cheaper than jail time.

    34. 吉田tribltattoo


    35. Sleepy

      This guy can not drive

    36. Hani Sharif

      looks great on the outside but an M-series dash..?

    37. John Doe

      Cute bitch.

    38. Jesus Barron

      Sounds slow ?

    39. creator Space

      That's a good one.

    40. breathe and squeeze

      that dash is hideous. original 240 dash is beautiful.

    41. Slow Motion MNE

      Slow as hell for some reason.

    42. AmieSports

      90% of mods on this car isn't even legal to begin with in Europe 😂

      1. NeonHelix

        like driving without mirrors .. I mean ... wtf :D

      2. jokerxcore

        freedom is illegal in Europe

      3. Mad Dog

        Mean words are illegal in Europe

      4. Raigardas Salyga

        everything about the car would be illegal in europe

    43. DR SensuBean

      You put paddle shifts in a 240z......ughhhh

    44. Ernest Sloan

      Would you sell it?

    45. Alloutofdonuts

      That law is fricken awesome. It would’ve saved me a ticket(or 2...3 Awesome project!!!

    46. none

      mild L24 with webers and pipes sounds and likely goes faster, the roller skate wheel look doesnt do the body justice which looks like it sits too high. Going wider body longer wheelbase and lower by cutting the floor and shortening the doors would look better for those wheel sizes. I was hoping with all this effort it would look like a race car eg. le mans or JTTC beast but just looks like a high heeled blue shoe.

    47. TryMonster

      it sounds very subtle .. i was expecting little louder .. but nice looking ride ..

    48. David Nguyen

      I love that Supra.

    49. David Nguyen

      Instead of M mode it’s now is Z mode. I missed my E60 M5. Lots of respect, I love this build.

    50. Nova Spadez

      I'm rewatching this video and I just realized y'all are in Beaverton!

    51. Mark Russ

      Love the body contours and colour of this build #nailedit100% #fuckhashtags

    52. Seth Marion

      Ever considered running a clear hood? It would be faster aero wise and you could still see the bomb ass engine

    53. happydappyman

      I don't think I would fit in that thing haha. Nice car you made! Just came from the making video. It would have been cool to have a manual though.

    54. Storm Hawks HD

      I'd love to see your car race the MCM Rb26 Z

    55. Richard Ike

      It was much more fun watching your build video for it. How about putting a transparent plexiglass hood on it.

    56. Jr D S

      I see various comments about you should do this or that but this car is sick , you’ve done a wonderful job to it . Lots of respect to you and your accomplishment also with the choice of Engine .

    57. TheAcePool

      * censors dash cluster while speeding * ***immediately cuts to him saying the speed he reached***

      1. R3N G.

        he meant Kms not Miles though... lol

    58. Erick M

      What is best budjet engine for the datsun

    59. Elvis Cordero

      Amazing build..... What front and rear tire/rim size are you on?

    60. Inferno

      subaru ???????

    61. welcometomychannels welcometomychannels

      Nice build. Well worth it supra is BMW so both cars are BMW. Maybe BMW will build a 240z next.


      That car is slow! Sounds like the gearing. The speedo might be reading in Kmh.

      1. safarano22

        need a manual gearbox the gears sounds like shit

      2. Adam Zeller

        yeah it looks really slow

    63. zrulz

      Sway bar re-attach @ 4:20. I could change oil and filter in my 1971 240 from under the hood. Nice change from laying on ground.

    64. boris P

      I am a Russian Orthodox monk and I don't have anything.I have to say, that is my all-time favorite car if I had one car in the world that would be the one . Wonderful and,great job.

    65. joshs199

      Yeah looks really slow on video...? Dyno #s please

    66. Brad A

      What gears are you running?

    67. Brad A

      Where in Oregon? I'm in eugene. Long time z lover here too. Nice z bro.

    68. Simplify For Success

      Where’s the hood? The car is amazing!

    69. Magilla Gorilla

      Was trying to figure out where you were in the video then I realized that’s 185th

      1. Andrew Morey

        I wonder why he didn't do his testing on highway 26.