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    Am Vor 2 Monate


    1. Love Oreo

      I don’t think jarvis knows what dispose means bc he thinks fish breath air


      Bees Hive IDIOT LOL

    3. Elijah Jenkins

      That’s what I said

    4. Just Havoc

      when jarvis did his american accent he sounded like blaze tbh

    5. I'm STOOPID Haha

      Kay: Dypa Apex: Er Kay: Diaper I laughed so hard

    6. YoutubeZanii FN

      Kay said I and he didn’t hear

    7. Alpha

      4:21 did Apex said the N Word!?????LMAO

    8. Mr.Mister

      Jarvis isn’t making eye contact it’s weird

    9. antjol15

      What is the name of the outro music ?

    10. Painful Lockz

      *make the words shorter so apex can see*

    11. OfficialFranco7

      You guys came for 6:16 and 8:26 and 9:48

    12. Sam

      Apex: Leader Adapt: Gallon! For fuck sake Adapt you idiot lmao

    13. Jkills

      Adapt and apex are best faze members tto watch and i love when they on teams when stuff like this

      1. SupremeRooster 7

        Please do never like your own comments

    14. Matthew Alaniz

      Cizzorz is committed he is wearing a sweater in the heat

    15. Rodrigo Martinez

      Adapt the goat

    16. real Hippo_Deer

      I mean Disney is making Shrek 4 :/

    17. Juanix_{17}

      Imagine going to college and being dumber than adapt

    18. Μην παραχαράσετε

      @Faze_rug expoesd match better 1:25 u suck dude

    19. -Fortnite Mas-

      Ma man Rug Rich az mafucjer

    20. Poopo Bhai Saab

      faze ahdapt is legend

    21. Noor Nagra

      Look at the shape of ur head 💀💀💀

    22. Brittany Baker

      Were's highsky

    23. pffo

      Who here from when Mongraal got in FaZe

    24. ImpulseCOOL- Roblox and More

      LOL When Rug thought he was with jarvis

    25. Kid Nightmare

      When i popped off and your girl gave me just a little bit of la jaw

    26. Hyper Mouse

      For rotten they should have said eggs

    27. josh

      do you lot listen to dnb?

    28. Tygo Knol


    29. Luka Beštek

      Outro song?

    30. SPG Python

      Sh is a word

    31. Sartaj Khan

      12:28 😂😂😂😂

    32. Matthew Kerr


    33. Bryan Oliveira

      Apex goes dad 100 11:45

    34. Taxanka

      He should of just said moth

    35. Lie Raki-in

      I love you rug

    36. Lie Raki-in

      Rug’s one of the best vloggah

    37. Proxy Modz

      How is faze rug part of faze he doesn’t Evan play Fortnite that much

      1. Lie Raki-in

        Proxy Modz he’s been a faze for so long mehn aside from playing fortnite lol

    38. Uali ushbay

      This is how many times rug choked | | | ¥


      8:06 that was lowkey some next level shit

    40. stacey melsam

      Love it

    41. Matthew Farris

      Jarvis: Bedside Kay: Yo tHaTs InSaNe BrO

    42. Mason Mcpheron

      The faze clan is kinda ugly

    43. Darkstar 03

      BRO JARVIS!!!!!! Bedside is so what I thought m8!

    44. CIC_GOD 05


    45. FN SuprmeJustin

      Apex : trash Me : u

    46. jJ bTw

      "We wanna ball and get oOfEd,”

    47. Peter Morales

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 to funny

    48. Snap iOS

      Rotten spoiled I would’ve daid

    49. Adrian Lopez

      Orba said Disney

    50. Tr1p4e G

      you made the vid on my birthday

    51. kingboaz

      7:16 I literally said shrek before he did lol

    52. SyCo Bryce

      Plat it with actions

    53. SyCo Bryce

      Play charades

    54. TeddyWarBearTTV

      Rug throwen shade at jarvis

    55. Conceited.

      thanks rugggy

    56. MK Diamond

      Your insane Jarvis

    57. vfeared-_-

      that’s insane bro😂😂

    58. Jonathan Gabriel

      It was a tie with adapt and kay

    59. TSP - Faaiz.

      Jarvis: Becomes Kay's teammate Kay: yOuR iNsAnE bRo

    60. -CHIMP-

      6:21 im dead he sounds like a whole different person 😂😂💀

    61. Marshmello

      Were on earth is hightsky so i mean h1ghtsky1

    62. Jarvis

      Your insane bro

    63. ELITE - Brawl Stars

      If blaze were in the withdraw one I would just say squirtle


      Apex and Alex

    65. It’s Dreftz

      Rip cizzorz

    66. Slurpx_ Alcory

      honestly i think rug should be kicked, no one likes him

    67. Winztet

      13:50 rug smaller than aPeX 😮

    68. Dem Sunn

      I like this group , they should make a youtube channel.

    69. Lionel markborg

      10:38 Cmon FBI you just ruined the video By that noise

    70. Brody MacNiven

      Adapt even is not good at fortnite