Fixing a free lawn tractor

Andrew Camarata

Andrew Camarata

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    Finding a free Craftsman lawn tractor on the side of the road, cleaning out the engine and getting it running, then testing it.

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    1. michael mann

      bartle doo

    2. JC_wolf 64

      1:23 the dogs got your strap

    3. Dr. Lex Winter

      I hope you told them you were taking it and offered them $50 or something rather than being a scab and just ganking it without even a thankyou as it appears.

    4. Djdrewplayzroblox

      Another ones trash is another person’s machine

    5. Rowdy Ryan

      “ let’s see if it’ll start before we do a ton of work to it” Proceeds to tear the whole engine apart before even cranking it 😂

    6. ATV_and_SLED Adventures

      I laughed my ass of when he said freee mouse

    7. Larry Ehrlich

      Your driveway and parking area look great!

    8. Yasmin Ghani

      Great job

    9. Rob Wolford

      Nice to see a person who gives a REAL performance'; nothing staged here.

    10. Mckenzie Ball

      u going to flood the engine

    11. thomas brunn

      swear your the best in the world I never seen a man good in his work bring back stuff from being dead to working like it never missed a day amazing hand and skills you have . andrew

    12. Kenny Sanchez

      Andrew always prepare for a freebie and a repair along with camera :)

    13. moo_skiller

      Do this in Germany.... u will be fuck by the Tüv... In German we say then " Tüv sagt Nein" Great work men!

    14. Texan Football Houston

      I got one of those🤠

    15. Patrick Currie

      The mouse, "Well hello..." All I can say is that is totally awesome, and screw the 826 people who thumbs down this video.

    16. M B


    17. James Krahn

      I died laughing when he was unloading it

    18. Jon Snell

      Why are the Americans obsessed with cleaning?

    19. Alexander Aagreen

      How old is Liva?

    20. Jack Garand

      That was not a MOUSE; for sure that was a RAT!! Super cute one though.

    21. Bass Rover

      Погрузчик уровня Бог

    22. Fook Utube

      Can't wait to see the new road runner,when you fix it

    23. IrishLincoln

      HELLO!!!! 4:56

    24. james bass

      Haha straight vacuumed up the mouse


      Could have gone smoother for sure. But hey it's free...

    26. kamaroway günther

      fixing a free

    27. 1944chevytruck

      GOOD JOB FIXING!... thanks 4 video. be kind

    28. Gino Gallegos

      Inbreed. Who uses a boat trailer? He does. Or hes just a typical meth head

    29. Jesse Dean

      For a minute there When you were unlto loading the tractor and dropped it I was wondering if you were going to get it up and running,it must be a craftsman because it pulled through. I was wondering what make and model it was good job getting it up and running. Also good to see you get along nice with your dog.

    30. Mark Neilson

      Squeaky bum moment cutting along the the lake edge!

    31. xf falcon

      fix it dont break it

    32. Peace Love

      Mustie1 always finds mouse nests, but no mice on video. Andrew finds a mouse, and says: "Free mouse!" Should've given it to Mustie! ROFL!

    33. Muny_Man

      I’m the millionth view 😂 (basically)

    34. Humanoid Player

      You and Mustie1 should definitely collab

    35. Brendan Warner

      Woke my girl up laughing my ass off when you dropped the mower with the bobcat 🤣

    36. Alan Strong

      You may have a fine mower when fixed.

    37. Alan Strong

      Just get a repairman to bring it back to life. Worth the cost.

    38. Scott Scherberger

      I found one the other day I got spark must be carb good job

    39. billy jackson

      hey dumb bell your not suppose to use a jet ski trailer for hauling a riding mower

    40. Chris Yarbrough

      Sorry, but how effing dumb of you to pick the mower off of the trailer like that. Free or not you just cost yourself a lot more money and time.

      1. Chris Yarbrough

        I apologize for the comment.

    41. JCBassin

      Awesome fix

    42. John Smith

      I have seen some dumbass people in my time but you are now at the top of the list. Who is going to buy that? The new carb. is surging and you no nothing on repairing small engines lol.

    43. Tim H

      absolute best channel on youtube. My wife asks me if I go to sleep by it every night. It's not every night, but close!

    44. kingjb82

      Your obviously not a buffoon.. but the buffoonery of loading and un loading got me here lol. That mouse sure moved up in life.. id say be safe but... have fun. Nice shop.

    45. Hands On Real Estate


    46. talus33

      Talking to the blades "These just bend so easy, the metal isn't thick enough" Acts as if he didn't rip the thing off his jetski trailer with a skidsteer like lol

      1. Bass Rover

        The rock cause bends

    47. DaveOTech

      Andrew, I think a lot of us think this is interesting because this is the most relatable piece of equipment most of us own :).

    48. Smokey Kenworth w900

      DPD delivery driver handles it so well.

    49. Thursday Bear

      How many problems did you add?

    50. Sean Hatch

      I took you as a straight shaft string trimmer kind of guy....

    51. Rohan Hamer

      Nice work loading and unloading. I more minutes effort is all it would have taken to not completely destroy it. Have some pride in your work man.

    52. Richard Gooding

      Around minute 5:55 or so. I think Andrew found the mouse and vacuum it up

    53. jazko

      "all right that's fixed, let me mow some rocks with this"

    54. buder5

      why i can't find free lawn mower T_T

    55. The Backwoods Boys

      I got a silver craftsman lt2000 just like that but mine got a all black intek shroud on it

    56. zoro let's play

      Him: it's free so wen I drop it it won't mater

    57. NutmegThumper

      Had exact same nest in my Snapper this Spring! Had to replace coil - looks like yours survived. Love the ultrasonic cleaner - have to get one of those!

    58. Alex

      You offloaded that thing like Levi dismounts jet skis: very quickly, gravity assisted landing.

    59. joe jambul

      2:49 remind me of the world engine in superman

    60. Bent Pedersen

      Du er dælme da en nar

    61. Houston Crawford

      Leave it to Andrew to always get a free mouse with the things he picks up :)

    62. Kevin Goodrich

      I thought the loading was crazy but that dismount was like a drunk Russian gymnast off the horse. Haha

    63. Southeast Angler

      Install a petcock fuel shutoff the nikki carbs suck for flooding cylinder out. It's the rubber o ring is the problem more than the needle valve on these in most cases.

    64. rickrudd

      I have one I got for $100 in similar condition. I love it. People just give these things away at the first sign of difficulty - some basic love gets them fired right back up. I bush hog my woods with it like it's a full sized tractor. Reckless abandon :)

    65. Александр Бажутов

      ahaaha, so funny video

    66. Wayne Sherman

      8:11 What is that thing?

    67. Fredric Kemp

      do a valve Adjustment

    68. Fredric Kemp

      still serging

    69. CodeNameCRAAAZY

      this guy: *[doesnt wrap the straps around the axles on that mower when taking it off the trailer and ends up flippping it upisde down]* me: wouldn't it have been a good idea to hook your straps around the axles for more stability?

    70. TNT Tips and Tricks

      😂😂😂😂 Nice job with the lifting