Floyd Mayweather REACTION to Vasyl Lomachenko LOSING to Teofimo Lopez| BET MONEY ON TEO vs HYPE JOB


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    1. Boby Lashley

      Bro LOL Loma had shoulder surgery 4 years ago and after that surgery he was never the same fighter. Watch his tapes before and after the surgery. Watch the tapes before the pedraza fight and after. Loma is a completely different fighter. He doesn’t have the same step hook that he had in his arsenal that was his bread and butter. Just watch the fights

    2. Siya Nxumalo

      @Black Wallstreet 😂😂

    3. John mac

      Wheres floyd weighing in ??? Nice Halloween costume though

    4. Fun with the Coopers

      @Black Wallstreet lopez being the young gunz took more risk than most of the fighters out there loma and commey are dangerous fight and he took it

    5. Fun with the Coopers

      @Black Wallstreet loma

  2. Brian D Carey


  3. Brian D Carey

    He bet on them both!! You can bet!

  4. Juggernaut

    Floyd fanboy

  5. Dingfelder Smurfalot

    Credit to Floyd for fighting older, and anyone else who does so too, but athletes do not usually keep getting better well into their 30's. Times are changing a bit, but we used to call 35 middle-aged. You hit your peak by 18 in some measures. It's a rare man who is as mobile in his 30's as he was in his 20's. And all men tend to lose mobility as they go up in weight. Lopez is much more a natural at that weight than Loma was. It matters. But still, Lopez deserved the win. But not entirely as much as you might think. Loma pulled a Delahoya vs. Trinidad scenario -- coasted in a sport that regularly has both refs and judges scoring based on excitement. What Loma should have done is pull a Sugar Ray Leonard to distinguish himself in that fight -- shoot off flurries to end the round, whether they do much or not, just to appear dominant, aggressive, and in the game. Delahoya lost a fight he should never have lost doing that. If Foreman didn't gas out and get knocked out, Ali would probably have lost to him from being too passive. Loma was too passive, hoping to win on points, and it didn't work for him like it usually doesn't for others.

  6. hama hama

    you re so weirdly delusional i suggest you go watch the fight or at least the highlights again and tell me how the f you compare lopez skills to loma .. yea lopez won the match won the rounds but he had nothing to be proud of in the fight except the last round if anything its embarrassing the way loma boucing his head with crazy skilled combos you gotta respect that

  7. Angel Beltran

    You know Floyd put up waaaaaayyyyy more money than that on Loma. That 6gs he put on Lopez was just to say I told you so if he Lopez did win.

  8. Truth Hitman

    Bob Arum was chatting RUBBISH ! Lomachenko was never better than Floyd Mayweather.

  9. Got Game

    Teo is not an all time great yet

  10. Jhob Galbines

    loma won that

  11. Will Cee

    Everyone’s been overhyped in boxing. At least these days

  12. Kris Baca

    But this piece of shit will still have tank run from either of these guys , tank won’t fight anybody for years

  13. Infamous made IM

    Loma can’t take it to the body!!

  14. Bleyluige

    Floy was the antibixing in boxing!

  15. Juan Sanchez

    Age and comparing Canelo to Teo is stupid, Teo had a bigger amateur background than Canelo and how you going to compare Loma and Floyd which is even more stupider!

  16. Almighty Duke

    Floyd is on a different level stop comparing folks to floyd

  17. SubconsciousDweller

    They didn't over hype Loma the dude is a soul taker .. a career destroyer....but what we learned here is that experience and skills isn't everything!! Just sheer Will Power and strength can get the job done!!

  18. Juan Perez

    Ahh damn... I thought this video was about floyd reacting to loma loss? 🤔 Sounds more like a floyd vs canelo fight lfan recap! Lol.


    Loma made a bet on lopez and lost on purpose

  20. Jody Thomas

    Lomancheko was robbed. The female judge awarded a brawler and non clean punches. Lomachenko landed way more clean shots. They run it back and with better judges it won’t be close. Lopez schooled boys one. He was running on his heels for 12 rounds doing sloppy counter brawling

  21. Joel Troche

    Nice little clip bait you put together.

  22. Tre T

    Loma almost got knocked out in that 12th round. We see why he didn't do anything until the fight was half way over.

  23. WZ912

    That's why you don't here of an 2 time boxing Olympic gold medalist in the pros. He lost 4 years of his youth and potential professional experience, by staying in the amateurs going for another gold medal? It's like going back to university right after you graduated from it.........That's stupid.

  24. WZ912


  25. MrBrucelee117

    As a guy who rooted for Lopez, I don’t get all the hate for Loma. That was a very close fight. Loma lost only because he didn’t start until round 7. And when he started he got the better of almost every exchange. He landed the cleaner punches while many of lopez’s were grazing or misses. This fight should have been a draw. Loma got disrespected by the judges. No way was the margin that wide. Those scorecards were embarrassing for boxing. There was a pic of one of the judges on his phone in the middle of the fight clearly not watching the fight. Cmon ppl stop being biased. Just look at something objectively. Stop resenting Loma for the hype the media created. If u say Lopez dominated that fight, you’re not seeing reality clearly. Too many ppl picking sides and trashing the other these days.

  26. Lucan Newland

    Mayweather is a knob jockey ! Why even bother mentioning him. Nobody is interested in him anymore, he's just using Lopez and Lomaschenko's names for publicity.

  27. Clear Source

    Yeah but Mayweather took a fight against an inexperienced Canelo!! And waited to fight an old Injured Pac Man. Lol

  28. Clear Source

    Who cares about marathon Mayweather. Respect for Loma for putting the belts on the line against a stud and not running from the and on the fight!! Mayweather can never be like Loma!!

  29. jonathan peewee

    I didn't even watch the fight cuz i just new lomachenko was gone win boy was i wrong

  30. Hawk B/M

    canelo wasnt even ready at all for the fight with Floyd but all the credit to Floyd since he is one of the best, today it be a diferent story, but floyd is a bit old now for canelo, indeed floyd is great champion.

  31. Jonathon Murrison

    Every advsntage.......Floyd had reach on Canelo, Floyd had quickness over Canelo, Floyd had Canelo drained and a weight that was bad. Why am I wasting time watching this low IQ

  32. Antonio Ridah

    Lopez was smart for jumping on this fight Loma didn't fight for 14months lopez said it himself i knew he wouldn't be able to catch up. Leonard did it to Duran jump on him while he was slipping tge 2nd fight just got out smarted by lopez.

  33. redfirekla

    What Floyd doesn't show is he also bet 26 grand on Lomachenko, this way who ever wins Floyd can say he won.

  34. Bread

    It’s crazy how everyone talking trash when he loses ONE fight. Y’all act like he is invisible. Hop off the mans tip

  35. DAS PPG

    Loma had every advantage...besides reach, height, strength, and youth

  36. Stanley Sims

    AKHI SALUTE CHAMP THANKYOU For Keeping It Real And 💯💯💪MUCH LOVE AND GODBLESS 💯💯💯💯💪🦁🥊🥊❄️❄️😇❄️❄️❄️❄️🙏❄️❄️❄️❄️🙏❄️

  37. Eric Mckinzie

    I love boxing never watched a Lomachenko I only pay attention to the guys that’s going to be special at the end of the day

  38. Wynnerz

    Maaaann loma let himself lose. He didn’t fight for the first 6 rounds which is what gave Lopez the advantage. Loma started turning up too late. I jus seen the whole fight n that’s what ultimately fucked loma up. I like to see a rematch

  39. Omegaman 693

    Number one lomachenko was robbed at worst it was a six rounds to six lomachenko won 7th he won the 8th he won the 9th the 10th and the 11th and he won the the third round to anybody who watched the fight and looks at the scorecards closely you watch the highlights slow down and you can see most of that s*** Lopez was throwing either missed or was blocked off the gloves he got a few shots into the body a few to the Head not enough to do any damage to lomachenkos face Lopez didn't do anything every professional fight lomachenko has had he doesn't crank it up until the 6th and 7th round and clearly from the 7th to the 11th lomachenko dominated to anybody who's real with themselves and actually watch the fight now if you want to give the 12th round to Lopez well it came out swinging for the first 30 seconds and he swung hard for the last 30 seconds everything in between was lomachenko chasing him down you want to look at the highlights closely maybe slow the video down and look closely and honestly you will see Lopez wasn't landing too much or anything lot of misses lot of checked off the gloves so if the referees are counting punches that are getting blocked off the gloves and the arms then all you got to do to win a fight by score is just throw more punches doesn't really matter if they're laying in there doing any damage number two it's not so much the age as it is the miles clown lomachenko's had almost 500 fights and only lost three two of them I would say we're bad decisionsbecause I don't know how you can look at Lopez's face at the end of the fight and look at local machinco's face and go oh yeah Lopez won the fight but I'm a old school type of guy I don't think a belt should be handed over due to a questionable decision made by judges I think titles shouldn't change hand unless there's a clear and defined winner title fight should be fault until one man stops cuz I promise you Lopez wasn't going to make it three more rounds and he certainly didn't do what he said he was going to do said it was going to knock lomachenko out by the second round

  40. Lee Blackburn

    Talking about hype jobs Wilders the biggest of all and didn't you also jump on the gravy train over glovegait

  41. Because Reasons

    Did this guy even watch the fight? Did he even watch ggg vs canelo? Pshhh

  42. Louis Holder Jr

    Loma lost by points yes but I his shots were more damaging than what Lopez hit him with. I can see Lopez losing the next one if Loma steps on the grass early. He was giving the kid problems. I see plenty flaws in Lopez's boxing. The fight started in the second half. If Loma was stronger he would have knocked out Lopez. Loma wasn't hurt at all. The second fight will show the best if all goes well with Loma's shoulder surgery.

  43. Steven Burgos

    Floyd Retired with a " rookie "🤣🤬🥳😭😭

  44. Steven Burgos

    🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫💩Hater , Teo ain't cherry picking. Keep feeding your kids! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😎Teo Is A Boxing WARRIOR 👹 He's team ain't inside

  45. Robert

    You always throwing shade at canelo lol he the king rn let em be. He’s a way better boxer now than he was when he fought money may. Plus he’s a naturally bigger guy than mayweather.

  46. LEE Laurielyn Chavez chavez

    shut up chicken floyd you lose many times in boxing but the judges always cheats! last fight with manny.. if you don't know watch the youtube between mannt and floyd score card. how floyd cheats! many black or others doesn't know that. loser chicken! coward

  47. Noel olaer

    Pacquio vs lopez

  48. Kasongo Nkwabilo

    yeah he lost so what. Lopez is a great fighter so is Loma. people don't get carried away and start trying to say Loma is just hype. He actually has skill. Most of the greats also lost but they are still considered great. So what.

  49. Jin Se-Yeon

    too much hype to loma, that he is best than manny pacquiao..... then this is what happen. loma vs lopez

  50. Only 2 Choices Available

    FROID just shut up your record is fake and you display no balls to fight prime fighters your whole career. You're Legacy is only in paper nothing more.



  52. J.J. Almanza

    Canelo still the P4P GOAT 🥊🐐🥊🐐🥊🐐

  53. Stanton Maita

    I'm still with Loma.. I don't care even though he lose this fight..

  54. Rayne Shadows

    I feel like as someone who is hyped up a lot, shouldn't get hit that much in the face.

  55. Uchiha Itachi

    Lol Floyd lost a lot of money. Won “little” with Lopez

  56. Newpy224

    Bro loma is up to the hype...its 1 fight...now if he loses his next 3 fights then you could say your right...come on bro every dog has his day.

  57. SMULE TB

    Loma is a good fighter but he wrong strategy in this fight

  58. blukahunas

    wasn't so much as Loma got beat bad or whatever he just fought a dumbass fight. you can't start fighting in round 7 taking the first 6 off. FOH!

  59. darrial fleming

    What people fail to realize is the word "matrix" means womb. He was the womb that gave birth to the True champion 🏆🏆🏆.

  60. Angelito Lina

    Floyd chicken cooking mayweather some his fight are cooking at the MGM...everybody knows that...

  61. Jermaine Jackson

    Let’s be real...Loma is a good boxer with great footwork but tbh if he was a traditional boxer he wouldn’t have never had all those belts to begin with. Him being a southpaw is his biggest asset because 90% of boxers have problems with southpaws. He only works the angles and turns his opponents by sidestepping outside their lead left foot. If he was a traditional boxer his footwork would be negated.

  62. KK

    I agree with everything you spoke on bro, media really bothers me with the favoritism and picking and choosing.. I watch sports with no volume sometimes..

  63. lewis lighting777

    Tank needs to run from this guy lol

  64. YOUNG 1-

    He did not turn pro at 15 lol

  65. Stephen O'Donnell

    Lopez won fair n square IMHO but Loma came closer than Wilder did in the first Fury fight.

  66. brad poynor

    You crazy bro. Loma still the best fighter pound for pound. He had bad ring rust. In a rematch, Loma will dominate him

  67. TheLibra926


  68. Boss of the Bosses

    Shoutout to Teo no doubt! Rock on Champ 🏆💯

  69. Boss of the Bosses

    Loma is stiff & robotic.. He aint no Floyd thats for sure.

  70. James Loreto

    People will like who they like for a variety of reasons. Some reasons carry more weight than others. Boxing is a sport that suffers terribly with allegations of all kinds of frauds, boosted records and all kinds of corner cutting. THE MONEY, THE :BRAGGING, THE GLITZ, Pound for pound opinions. TEO did his work period. Congrats.. well deserved.