Food Theory: What Makes a Sandwich a Sandwich?

The Food Theorists

The Food Theorists

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    What is a sandwich? Most probably think that is an easy answer. You've eaten MANY sandwiches in your life, right? Well Food Theorists, you may have partaken of tons of food you never knew were a sandwich. Today we are taking the "rules" of what makes a sandwich and seeing what other foods qualify. That hotdog? Your favorite pizza? All sandwiches! Watch to find out why!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick, Luke Barats, and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. CheesyNachos YummyYummy

      Everything is a sandwich

    2. SCRUFFY!!!!!!

      oh cool, an episode on the cubed rule of food. also for the record, bread sandwiches are a thing

    3. Yung E

      Everything american is democratic... Even the hot dog

    4. Kommin 515

      MatPat just confirmed his next channel and its a conspiracy theory Channel change my mind

    5. AllthatmakesFall

      Here's the thing, a bun is not a slice of bread. It is definitely not 2 slices of bread.

    6. Water Shuriken275

      A hot dog bun is one piece of bread so a hot dog is not a sandwich

    7. Extreme Sarge

      Well what if you put two hot dogs between two pieces of bread, not a hot dog on a bun but in between bread.

    8. ZaaraSaara Ahmed

      Mat pat is definitely a Hamilton fan

    9. Hudson

      OK conspiracy theory should totally be next xhannel that would be awesome, maybe best channel

    10. Asian John Oliver

      But with that definition, meatball subs aren't sandwiches either

    11. Tyhime Foster

      So is that blue quarter going to be conspiracy theorists?

    12. Regular Shep

      A hot dog is a sub

    13. Mr.baghead Studios

      Is this a joke

    14. Katie Bradshaw

      Loved this video...but Worcester... WOR-CHEST-ER....No! It's pronounced like "wust-er"

    15. Julie Thompson

      A hot dog is a wrap of bread (typically 2cm wide) with a sausage in the crnted usually with ketchup or mustard as a topping. Usually a lunch meal.

    16. Silas Rock Morgan

      We know ketchup isn't allowed on hot dogs... But is it a smoothie?

    17. Doctor Crimson

      Is avocado a hotdog topping

    18. Zyphh •.•

      Pizza is pizza, a sandwich is meat or whatever you want between 2 or more pieces of bread that aren’t STUCK TOGETHER

    19. Exotic Dolphin

      Me: *looks at thumbnail* That's a pizza silly

    20. Saroyan Dynamite

      I wanna see matpat go up against josh lmao

    21. Kirigata Kazuto

      huhuhuuh im alone for the last 2 weeks at our other house and i couldnt have anything other than vegies this channel makes me sooooooooo hungry (cant get fast foods)

    22. Bo Baker

      My brain is hurting, reeeeeee

    23. Jade Eyed Calico

      Wait one minute. If a hotdog doesn't count, then neither does a hogie. A hogie is made with the same shape of bread, where it's connected on one side. But it's filled with meat, vegetables, and or condiments.

    24. Jade Eyed Calico

      Apply this video to Domics PB&J video.

    25. Raf Pvperr

      Dont get me wrong i clicked for the food theory but. OK I CONFESS THE PIZZA LOOKED TOO GOOD SO I CLICKED

    26. andrew sutliff

      The intro reminds me of Good Eats :)

    27. Steve Rowland

      Still say it’s a sandwich, but I like the lengths to which you always go.

    28. Adam Michael Vee

      When Mat said Worcester incorrectly every person from Massachusetts got triggered

    29. AsianGlow

      only breaded chicken wings are considered sandwiches because of the breading... grilled and smoked chicken wings would never qualify.

    30. AsianGlow

      Eggs are included in the USDA poultry reference, unless the eggs are from an amphibian.

    31. BakPak Gaming

      No, shut up! How dare you insult pizza and sandwiches at the same time! What’s a pizza filled calzone mattpatt!? Huh? Answer meeee!!!

    32. RE H

      "This is a sandwich." Um, no it isn't.

    33. Mega Gacha

      Food theory game theory film theory what next toilet theory 😎🙃😉

    34. Mega Gacha

      A hot dog is a sandaco

    35. Dominic Laconi

      Me:hotdog is hotdog

    36. Europpe

      If you order hot dog in Central Europe, you'll get a wiener put inside a hollowed out roll. The fillings are put inside the roll alongside the meat.

    37. Mega Gacha

      What if donuts is just bread with a hole in it 😂

    38. Wholesome Memes

      the conspiracy theory bit at 7:12 could this be a hint for another channel the last and fourth part of the theorist channels. The blue part i would love to see that

    39. Ham and Cheese Croissant

      Im hungry

    40. nightmarefredbear2017

      I find it hilarious that the NSCA Facebook posted the DAY this video came out.

    41. Max Giroux Productions

      You can get veggitarian sandwichs.

    42. Max Giroux Productions

      I have been eating hotdogs without buns for 19 years! Also, Sloppery Joe! Hilarious!

    43. pooooor

      this also means idiot sandwich and earth sandwich are not sandwiches.

    44. GAMER AE86

      no ketchup? ouh god.... what have I done!

    45. Foxy the best pirate fox 666

      Aaaaaa bunnnnnnnnnnns Not funny me not.....

    46. Catacorn_love _uwu


    47. TheVideoPsychic

      Ok, so we answered about what IS a sandwich, but what technically makes a "Salad"? Is it Lettuce? But hold on....Potatoes, Macaroni, Fruit and Eggs have been called Salads too despite not having Lettuce. Is it just a mixture of its parts overall? But...if a mixture of things makes a salad, that would mean, a Cereal, could be a Salad, or M&ms could be a salad even IF they were plain , the different colors could be a salad, a bag of trail mix, could be a salad....MatPat Help

    48. more rog

      1. a frankfurter, especially one served hot in a long, soft roll and topped with various condiments.

    49. more rog

      noun noun: sandwich; plural noun: sandwiches; modifier noun: sandwich 1. an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with a filling between them, eaten as a light meal. "a ham sandwich" BRITISH a sponge cake of two or more layers with jam or cream between. something that is constructed like or has the form of a sandwich

    50. Pickle Slayer64 Don’t ask

      The Conspiracy Theorists should be the final channel

    51. Yooran

      For me:a sandwich is two SEPARATE pieces of bread with ingredients (I don't care the ingredients) in the middle

    52. Yooran

      What I don't get is...why can't a thing just be a thing? Why can't pizza just be pizza, why can't a hot dog just be a hot dog?

    53. MasterAS

      Oh no the FBI gonna search for me for using mayo on a hot dog

    54. Chromicon

      Matpat should make a fourth channel called Conspiracy Theory and make the logo blue colored

    55. The world Through Ty’s eyes

      What if you cut the meat of the hot dog to thin peace’s. and broke the bun so it is two peace’s of bread would it be a sandwich.

    56. Nexus

      eh, personally I see hotdogs as sandwiches. also that buttered part is pure bs, you take 2 pieces of bread and put turkey on it I don't care who says otherwise it's a turkey sandwich. but Hotdogs are meat "sandwiched" between two bits of bread, regardless if they're connected at the bottom. Also if Ketchup isn't a hotdog topping, than the others aren't either. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

    57. Jonathan Wilkins

      I ain't listening to any council, how the heck is ketchup not on the list, IF IT'S THE BEST TOPPING EVER?!

    58. ZM YT

      This is the best ep so far

    59. Kirsten Golnaz

      But if the definition of a sandwich is bread stuffed with savoury fillings, then that would mean PB&J technically isn't a sandwich. (Or it's a semi-sandwich? Cuz peanut butter are salty?)

    60. RedCanine

      Yes, everything involving at least 1 part of cooked batter surrounding or involved with extra ingredients is a sandwich.

    61. Bryton Discovers

      Anyone who lives in mass is absolutely pissed at his pronunciation of Worcester

    62. kile4days

      Do a theory on a taco

      1. Just some Random Banana With internet access

        How much stuff do you have to eat at taco bell to feel like your giving birth

    63. Ryo Dark

      Masshole here, triggered by how you pronounced Worcester lol

    64. Kubrick Campsall

      I think the hot dog counts as a burrito

    65. SwnkyTiger

      By this definition & logic a submarine sandwich is not a sandwich. A sub is not considered a sandwich? So subway's sandwich artistry is false advertising, right? Thin meat or not unless you get a ciabatta bun you're getting a singular piece of bread there. I can't in good conscious consider a sub anything other than a sandwich. In fact as it turns out the same dictionary defines a hoagie as "US: a large sandwich on a long split roll with any of a variety of fillings : a submarine sandwich." I still vehemently consider a hotdog a hoagie or form of sub. If anything this proves we need Sandwich Sub-Categories such as: Layered, Open Faced and Subs/Split Roll to start with. Then we can decide if a sausage or wiener fits there as a 'variety of filling'.

    66. Drake1091

      Is a subway sandwich a sandwich? It's made with only on piece of bread. Does this make it not a sandwich? By the definition used in that court case, subway sandwiches are not sandwiches.

    67. doctor gamer

      The cube rule of food

    68. landospook

      by the usda's definition a hotdog isnt a sandwich because by their definition it has to be 2 pieces of bread, while a hotdog is only one piece of bread with varying thickness.

    69. Kelly W

      someone tag @Mythical Kitchen

    70. Zachary Richards

      Here's the bigger question we're not discussing...a sandwhich is a hot pocket, I think we can all agree on that. But is a hot dog a hot pocket or ravioli?