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    Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?

    Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"
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    Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

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    1. John Doe

      3:10 So that bar scene in " inglorious bastards" where the English spy(Michael Fassbender) who was playing as a German officer was actually possible. Using the wrong hand gesture exposed him and got everyone killed. That's crazy!

    2. Victorious Victory

      What if people learn how to mimic certain behaviors in order to fool the FBI? For example, two spies both decoy body language for the real spy. Kinda like a flash mob spy session.

    3. Zyro Phante

      This is really interesting, I need to read his book

    4. Travis Michael Maynard

      What does it mean if somebody has their hand down their pants?

    5. Marisa Lauania

      So why do I act guilty when I walk out of the store with nothing? I ain’t no thief! 😂

    6. thog

      I bet he knows Obama's last name

    7. Zander Northagen

      Joe i need you to try ti read me im pretty much impossible to read I literally am the opposite

    8. Andrew Eric

      This man is obsessed with soothing himself

    9. Edmister Enterprises LLC

      Imagine knowing this much about body language, and trying to live a normal life. How does he not spend 24hrs a day focused on his own body language?!

    10. Wonder777 Warrior

      For the last time im not hiding loli hentai!!

    11. hijadelmar Q

      Now I got the fundamentals on playing poker.

    12. TheAwesomeKidWhoDied

      I want his book

    13. Evergreen Tree

      I live in Germany but I grew up in Australia. As soon as he mentioned flowers I knew where it was going. I still ask myself why people carry flowers upside down here.

    14. Sai Charan

      FBI knocks my door Me turned into statue

    15. Xania _S

      I walk like a squid. What does that mean?

    16. xYottaByte Gaming

      *Tries this* *Goes out of the room for once and started a conversation with a stranger* Stranger: why tf are you staring at me like that?


      By observing this agent. I can be 100%, by the way he moves his knees, that he is trying hard to not tell the truth about what the fack am i saying..

    18. Red Scout

      I always cross my feet.....

    19. Marko Gavrilovic

      Him:We know that average blink rate Is 8 per minute. Also him:blinks 8 times in 10 seconds

    20. Bhupendra Pal

      06:44 to 07:02 listen and watch him carefully.. ;)

    21. Marie Ong

      Yes thank you for the arms crossed info! That bugs me so badly!

    22. gruyax

      this was hella interesting man, I just step up my lying game thanks Mr. FBI

    23. Chaitu krissh

      If YOU are gonna be a SPY. Just DIE! Joe's here to catch y'all anyways!!

    24. just_ Naza

      That girl at the poker table was like pokimane at 100%

    25. Sammy J

      The comments have me dead lmaoo

    26. J A

      He looks like that guy in black list

    27. DUKE 39

      He looks nervous too me frankly suspicious.

    28. Gewgulkan Suhckitt

      Regarding body language, sometimes people cross their arms because they are cold or as a way to immobilize their arms to avoid nervous fidgeting.Or they may be tired and fold their arms as a way to rest them. People sometimes touch their nose because their noses itch a lot. I have an itchy nose. I know a guy who touches his mouth area a lot in a subconscious effort to cover up his teeth because they are in poor condition. Not to mention some people have habits. Some people just like to use folded arms as one of their default arm positions. Some people might touch their nose the same way another person say "um" all the time. It's just mindless "filler".

    29. Myster Ser

      GOOGLE ANDREW YANG.>> End corporate corruption- #humanityfirst

    30. josh lanphere

      Did this dude say the normal blink rate is 8 times a minute? I blink like 40 times a minute 😂

    31. G. J.

      After seeing this, everyone is an expert.

    32. Tan Akinci

      3:28 *Eastern Europe*

    33. Celeste Garvey-Petsch

      .Joe I want to share some info. The non verbal cues described are hearing culture. . In American Sign language '"rabbit nose'" means a kind of agreement means " yea right".or " yea I know " :) I am hearing I sign all the time have to clarify to friends those who sign use their body and face differently than the general hearing population. The area of the face between my eyebrows and brows are used for "yes-no" and "w-h" questions etc. Hearing people use facial expression. In sign language the face has a grammatical function, has a different meaning than the general hearing population. :)

    34. mano a mano

      I can read the body language: any women wearing those atrocious tight jeans, especially with the knees torn, as do all these women, and maybe 90% of females I see generally, reveal a lack of class, taste, distinction, and a weak will.

    35. Galaxy Lover

      idk why i took notes of this sht than my normal subjects in school

    36. Ray Williams

      Me: Tries to pick popcorn out of my teeth with tongue Him: Cannibal

    37. a new rebellion

      Well sometimes they're just idiots

    38. h person

      15 years in the field of people tracking and finding... this fbi agent is addressing only the general population and not specific instances or people- take this with a grain of salt-my specialty was field craft, literally in the field not just interviews like this agent

    39. alfandi nbs

      Me: blinking .." Fbi: he must be terrorist shot him

    40. Dhennis Bocauto

      Infact some of that are just how Americans behavior but it's different to other countries or religions.

    41. elchamber

      What is worst is people will generally use the unscientific method of seeing if you are a lying when, in fact, you are telling the truth.

    42. Penta Meyska

      I am a pretty good liar since everybody see me as a serious person, so every once in a while i can always tell my friends there is homework and they fall for it every time 😂👌

    43. Tyler Pistachio

      All spies should be autistic even harder to figure out lmao

    44. Tyler Pistachio

      So having adhd and chronic pain/fatigue makes you impossible to read. Ill be such a good spy lol. All those things he talked about I do because of those three things, nothing at all with emotional stuff.

    45. Darth Krul

      Dad: now tell me son, do you have a girlfriend? Son: n Dad: before you tell me, i need to let you know that my job is to catch spies. So if anyone lies, i can tell. Son *in his mind: Crap! what do i do what do i do!!!!!!!!????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

    46. envyx prodigyx1

      that's why my sister was leaning when I asked her about that God darn hersey bar

    47. Randy Mueller

      the man's never been at a church worship service. You're standing. you have no idea what to do with your hands.. your grasp, play, etc with them

    48. Nitro Nitrix

      This is what my parents watched to catch me lying.

    49. Iluv Merengue

      I was disappointed, he really didn't say much.

    50. demonshade8741

      body language reading would scream help me if you tried to get in my head

    51. Muhammad Qais

      Me: blinks Him: arrest that mf

    52. DemiArt16

      Well I have tics sooo..... it’d be weird for moí

    53. BuLet`s Bulls

      What i did is i act the same way either when telling the truth or lying, they will never know

    54. Swapnesh

      The different way of holding flower reminds me of the movie "Inglorious Bastards" where one agent gave away his cover by ordering 3 beers using 3 wrong fingers (index, middle, ring) while the correct way of ordering in Germany (as per the movie) was to use thumb, index and middle finger.

    55. Abdul M

      So his most amazing story is the flower story? I know Denzel Washington wouldn’t have been impressed with this in training day smh

    56. poor man with no subscribers

      Lol watch this so you can avoid these body languages to make it difficult for the FBI

    57. Karma TM

      How to encounter someone's smartness it's so easy just stand steal and keep eye contacts on him and stare at him like a robot

    58. Karma TM

      How to encounter someone's smartness it's so easy just stand steal and keep eye contacts on him and stare at him like a robot

    59. Daniels Buivids


    60. Rahul Raj

      I blink sometimes. Am I a serial killer

    61. jade

      lets hope ballpen thieves dont find this video

    62. MegaTroll

      “You blink on average 8 times per minute” *blinks like 50 times*

    63. Elaine Morrison

      Never trust a mole with flowers.

    64. YanskiPlays Gaming

      Whenever I get interogated I always think to my head "I'm innocent....omg what if I act like I'm guilty!?...calm down...calm down...CALM DOWN!!"

      1. Thomas Kirkness-Little

        How often do you get interrogated and why? I've never been interrogated in my life.

    65. William R

      Joe Navarro - “for example if someone gives a 👎🏻, we know they’re 💩heads.” 😂

    66. Kanye West

      This Man aint got the answers

    67. Roxie

      Me: What if they just don’t move ? FBI: *DON’T MOVE*

    68. JohncloGames


    69. Lukasz Witkowski

      absolute garbage

    70. Bebe Rexha

      Why would a former FBI agent reveal secrets on DE-news? Guys, come on now....

      1. Jasper Delien

        They even show he wrote a book about this. This is just psychology and mind being connected to body. Nothing secret about it.

      2. Sammy J

        You take a class on this it's not so secretive

      3. Yani

        Bebe Rexha theyre not secrets it’s just psychology or whatever. They teach you that in high school if you choose the class. you could read a book about it. He’s not telling you any plans or anything classified.