Former Phoenix Suns Head Coach, Earl Watson, Joins Gilbert Arenas To Talk NBA Coaching

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    On this episode of "No Chill with Gilbert Arenas," Agent Zero is joined by his 2001 draft buddy and former head coach for the Phoenix Suns, Earl Watson. This one goes way back to even high school and the guys talk about how former players can transition to coaching. Watch "No Chill with Gilbert Arenas" every Monday night at 8pm ET / PT on fuboTV or stream it FREE at
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    1. Big Nike

      The game within the game Gotta love it

    2. Roderick Wooden

      Why is he not in the league!?

    3. Jude Vincent

      After hearing this I firmly believe earl Watson need another shot at coaching.

    4. Darius Jones

      booker and tatum duo???? brooooooooo

    5. Emeka Chiedu

      The Knicks should of really considered Earl Watson as a coach...he knows how to think the game as a player..Some team needs to snatch Earl up on their coaching staff or head coach spot.

    6. César Barbosa

      Who was the #2 duke guy at the end?

      1. Fubo Sports

        Cassius Stanley:

    7. Brian Vassallo

      I neeeeeded this, I’m a pattern player... thanks coach.

    8. Keith Jaxel Flores

      Hearing Earl Watson speak sounds like I need him on my teams coaching staff.

    9. Chiko was here

      Earl Watson was a coach?!

    10. Black Rose

      Gilbert “Dame Leonard” Arenez

    11. Ra Re

      Unbeatable in the Bubble!!!

    12. CarJack Jones

      Great coach I want him on my team fasho 💯

    13. Harold R. Bettencourt

      Media criticized him, but the amount of respect other players have for Gil really tells you everything

    14. Zivem Mavad

      Turn the player twice, do ballers (old or young) even know what he means? So refreshing that real ballers respect the 94 feet.

    15. Andikan Otu

      Is this Jimmy Garoppolo's last year with the 49ers?

    16. Tala Okoye

      That explanation right there proves just how dominant Shaq was. You countin how many seconds someone has to battle with him?

    17. mrhoopfan

      I get confused with this show.....thought guys were coming on to be interviewed but looks like they come on to interview Gil...

    18. Skubaneek

      Earl Watson got some wild basketball iq

    19. Caleb Crowell

      Would love Gilbert arenas and earl Watson as my coaching staff

    20. Kamaeron Willard

      I have never heard the game broken down to the degree in which Earl just described the game. Very dope.

    21. Silencio Thequiet

      The tricky part for creative coaches like EW is that they have to learn to handle ownership and management, no matter how right they are: Ownership and management are all about feeling in control because they are only comfortable with decisions they can understand and have control over. Night in, night out owners and management live in the terror of loosing control, especially when their good fortune is in the hands of men they can barely relate to, players and coaches.

    22. Momo

      What on earth did DE-news do with these ads? There’s like 14 ads on this video. Might as well watch cable tf

    23. Desmond Howard

      Gil the reason I bought live 08

    24. G Propho Loading

      Earl Watson is going to be a GREAT Head Coach in 5 years. Right now just isn’t his time... but he will be a very Hot Commodity in the near future.

    25. JahPoetix

      Micromanaging is a detail savior. From drills to conditioning to Xs and Os. Talent alone...well that wins most now.

    26. James Park

      Very poor editing. Please hire someone new who will not cutoff someone talking for a break.

    27. XxLiGHtəRxX 01

      Imagaine a Suns team with Jamal Murray , Devin Booker & Jayson Tatum.... sheesh. That light skin connection would be insane

      1. CekMate S

        Add the splash brothers, definitely gray area team scoring 175 points per game.

    28. Wil Smith

      Yo got the Steph voice

    29. Rich B

      This shit raw

    30. Phillip Mcswain

      This dude, Earl Watson, is a mastermind. He needs to be coaching somewhere.

    31. andreboy1

      Earl didn't deserve his coaching job and didn't develop any players while he was there. All he would do is talk in platitudes and never teach the game.

    32. Prez AC

      6:44 R.I.P. #42 Lorenzen Wright, the realist dude outta Memphis, played High School, College, & NBA in Memphis #GrizzNation #GritNGrind 💪🏽🐐🤙🏽🙏🏽👁

    33. J Ng

      woah, basketball on another level.

    34. ricojonz3

      Damn i love how informative earl was during this interview. We rarely ever hear abt this side of basketball.

    35. Jeffrey Laryea

      This interview just made me question the van Gundy hire in New Orleans even more

    36. The Official EDC

      Didn't realize Nate Bjorkgren was his assistant in PHX! Now that Nate's the Pacers' HC, would love for Earl to join the Raptors somehow. Always liked him as a player.

    37. Levi Caskey

      Robert Sarver needs to go! He has ruined the suns franchise

    38. Uzziyahu -YAHUAH is my Power

      Earl has a brilliant basketball mind and you can tell he went to UCLA

    39. S. Shephard

      earl watson a true OG, the Suns were a trainwreck when he coached there, he needs another shot at it

    40. Tarik McDaniels

      I just learned soooooo much listening to Gil and E.. Earl Watson definitely deserves a Head Coaching job! A.S.A.P.💯💯

    41. Evans Te

      Murray watch out for the kid he’s poised I like his game.

    42. TriLL KinG Sportz

      26:00 listen to how these shitty owners and simp minded Morey style management teams justify : - Sinking your home team for a year - Firing your usually new coach - affect the numbers of current players and lower their value All in one conversation 🤣 then ESPN/ Brian Windhorst/ WOJ are now kings drunk with power who can dictate how guys like Ben Simmons/ Demar Derozan /Drummond are valued/marketed cuz "they can't shoot" like as if the NBA scouts and million $ brand wouldn't already completely know what their coming in the league with lol. These owners honestly need to be exposed with how bad they are at basketball period. There's like 2 or 3 that kinda get it and 1 that grew up around basketball for real. Outside of that its a Robert Sarver Style Shit Show.

    43. Harrison Moore

      Watching this is gonna make me change the way I watch the game, looking at who’s a patterned player and who isn’t

    44. Try a little Tenderness

      Idk why I didn’t like him as the suns coach. He cool as a fan.

    45. jabarilewis18

      One of the best interviews I have heard in a long time so many gems in this conversation. If you know you know .....We the Ones lol.

    46. G Fears

      I see why Earl Watson always has a job. Bro really is a basketball genius


      Earl “pattern player” watson

    48. Pugs& Hugs

      I remember when they made him head coach, I team played with lots of passion under him. He never got a fair shot

    49. nndlchModi

      Very insightful. You really don’t see content like this on the sports shows.

    50. Karl Stewart

      I disagree I would say ja more like early d rose baron and Gil not booming on ppl like ja is they had good dunks but ja booming and dishing thts early d rose or mvp d rose

    51. Skateboardian Skates

      His basketball IQis ridiculous

    52. Ash Christie Herds

      So would Kawhi be both a pattern and non pattern player? He played in system with Spurs but he has a midrange, isolation game. Aww man Suns destroyed his coaching career

    53. Inspired Mindz

      Bruh this trash music gotta go

    54. Stoner Kitchen

      This was such a great episode

    55. Benjamin Upchurch

      ‘The death of the midrange is more due to less practice.’ I heard Earl wax poetically about knowing what a players capable of and then he says this garbage. A league avg. 3 point shooter is 35% ok. Which means he scores 10.5 points every 10 shots. Shooting only 2 point shots you have to make 52.5% of your shots to make the same points. Only 52 players last season had a overall 2pt FG% over 52.5%. Only 22 could beat that from the 10ft to 3P line range with only 4 or 5 shooting for any volume. Neither Kobe, Dirk, Dwade, Steve Nash, etc could shoot a midrange jumper consistently at 52.5%. You avg Gaurd/Forward can hit 3’s around 35%. It’s not about practice, it’s about what’s actually physically possible on the court. ‘Your shooting 10 to 20 more threes a game, but only scoring 4 more points.’ Yes welcome to math. League avg for 3 pointer is 35%. League avg for 2 point midrange jumper is 43%. If you take 20 threes and make league avg. you score 21 points. I you take 20 midrange jumpers you score 17.2 points. Hallelujah math works. I you want to win your going to do anything to win even if its only a small change of 4 points that’s still better than what you had. ‘Analytics says we need to shoot 30 three pointers. With who? I guess we are getting a lottery pick.’ Earl you should have listened to the analytics guys advice. No team had a worse defense then you that year giving up 113 ppg. You had a solid offensive production at 107.7 (9th that year). On the other hand your were 3rd lowest in 3pt attempts and 2nd lowest in team assists. So with more three pointers and better ball movement you could have gotten offensive production up to say 109-110 ppg. Which in the west could have actually gotten you 5 to 10 more wins based on how other teams performed with a similar point differential that season.

    56. Vigilante Williamson

      Listen to Earl Watson talk about D Book it makes you think every great player needs coach that helps them develop even if they don't maximize their teams winning potential. Its like Mark Jackson with Steph Curry.

    57. Cory Williams

      Aye somebody tell the Pistons to hit up Earl Watson we need all the help we can get and he a coach coach

    58. Seahawks and Sonics fan

      Bring us back to seattle

    59. Sebastian Rodas

      Hahaha i just met earl watson the other day

    60. GodLee1

      Dope ass interview

    61. illwill718

      1. Didn't know Earl Watson was so Real down to earth cool kat. Sounds like a real players coach! 2. How doesn't he have a job?

    62. reputablehype

      Earl Watson looks like Mega Brain from Widget

    63. David Loera

      Yo these ads are relentless

    64. JB

      would’ve Loved to see earl coaching lavine coby n lauri

    65. spidermonkey304

      I remember Gil was such a beast he couldn’t be stopped. If it wasn’t for that injury and LeBron whispering in his ear to miss the foul shots we could have reached our potential as a team. Instead we had to rebuild and never truly recovered from that.

    66. jesus

      Awesome video. Did not know Watson had so much basketball knowledge. I love this inside basketball talk.

    67. Jouse Pena

      How many fucken addddddasssss

    68. BagLegend

      earl watson face too small for his head

      1. TAPIA III

        Your brain is to small for your head if you have one.

    69. Basedjesus

      I always hated the ja and Westbrook comparisons

    70. Daron Smith

      Earl Watson the man , he’s engaged to Joy Taylor .... that alone makes him the man 💰