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    FORTNITE ACTUALLY ADDED CARS... (new car update)
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    FORTNITE ACTUALLY ADDED CARS... (new car update) Today there was a Fortnite update where they introduced new cars to the game in Season 3 Fortnite...

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    1. Formula

      subscribe & like...ignore for bad luck for 909 years! (don't risk it) instagram for scrims: @akaformula

      1. Maureen Harper

        Hey formula please can you add me as a friend on Fortnite eats called rijones6 I subscribe to you all the time and like when I wake up I watch your all the time I love your renegade reader use code formula I will see on Fortnite add me I love your videos tell all of your friends to use code formula bye

      2. S4VAGe B0I

        wow, only 2 ppl in the world without self promo, smh.

      3. Disc

        Sup Form were the duo !!!

      4. Boar Hits

        More people would like if you stop making the stupid intros

      5. Chad the fan

        trisdebest HD you know don?

    2. hart on 60 ping

      Do you take baths

    3. Xavier Keel

      Formula you should play apex as well as forgot e to get not subscribers and likes

    4. Different Message

      They don't call him *Formula 1* for nothing.

    5. Madilynn Radenkovic

      Hey Alex can you add me I had to remove all my friends but Its ok if you don't but my epic is 17jansky I'm also a really big fan and im using code form in the fortnite item shop

    6. Gavon Coin


    7. YT FlackoMobile

      8:17 I believe he wanted to say your so dog shit 😂

    8. 4 Wheeler & Dirt Bike Brothers

      Don’t drive baby blue Lambo that much

    9. GH2020



      Last digit of the likes is who you get to play with 0- Bugha 1- Nick 2- Jelly 3- Mccreamy 4- SypherPK 5- Clix 6- Lazarbeam 7- Mongraal 8- Fresh 9- Formula

    11. 1PercentRay

      Formula should really change his shirt like so he sees

    12. Ismaray Alvarez


    13. Carson O connor

      Formula on a big fan 😁

    14. Suliman Kulak

      i got your Lambo Before

    15. Edin Cesic

      Nice lambo!!!

    16. Sheena Colquitt

      Love ur vids

    17. Damario Hunter

      He said hop in daddy at 2:58

    18. ReactionTime WithDylan

      Disc said I’m in the back SEAT 😂😂😂

    19. Andrea Beckingham

      Can you add me

    20. FlakezFPS

      First video that is not a custom in like 3 months

    21. Dragon

      Me first time seeing fortnite again has this game become furious 8?

    22. Gamer_ Hood

      Did U say the N word

    23. Emilie Walters

      I love u video 🙂

    24. Eric rattan

      Can you add me my name is SpeedyEric1234 and I use your code form and follow you on instagram and Twitter I like and follow also

    25. Marseel Shakoori

      It is your Lambo

    26. EmberzzFN

      To the people reading this: Your Body is not a book don't judge it Your skin isn't paper don't cut it Your Heart isn't a door don't lock it Your life isn't a movie don't end it💗 (P.S Small DE-newsr with big dreams any help is appreciated 💗💯)

    27. Ghoul Trod

      Your gay

    28. Anthony Perez

      That was wired when formula said juice me up daddy juice me up daddy

    29. YEET LAZAR


    30. Buzz on mobile

      Can I come out of the basement now

    31. Preben Holmen

      Just subscribed your my favorite DE-newsr BTW

    32. phantom 3

      Why do you complain about controllers if you literally have aimbot

    33. mcnuggie

      hey form u can refill ur gas can as well

    34. 2,222 subscribers for 1st video challenge

      First minute of landing = ran over by semi

    35. Nav Mangat

      When formula says if u don’t like and sub in the next 8 seconds the people with out a DE-news account be like...

    36. The Bashers

      3:15 was the funniest moment of meh life

    37. Colin Decator

      Formula: He’s so weak. Everyone watching the video realizing that formula didn’t hit them once.

    38. Isaiah Rodriguez

      U can fuel up ⛽️

    39. Isaiah Rodriguez

      So when your not next to a gas station

    40. Isaiah Rodriguez

      U need it for your car

    41. Isaiah Rodriguez

      Pick the gas up

    42. Vance Balogh

      How am I a higher level than him 182

    43. Nicktheboi !!!

      Why doesn’t it say start for @Formula in the customs

    44. Ty Seawright

      6:16 my guy didn't even hit him and said he was weak😂

    45. Just For Entertainment

      Who else thinks disc is annoying

    46. Mxb Gang

      You keep on wishing stuff upon us

    47. Aiidum

      It bugs me he didn't even realize to drive on the roads for like ever

    48. Kaleb Gilchrist

      wht are these thumbnails

    49. Luke Roadman

      I killed disc lol

    50. Nx BlitzzΞ

      Form: thats how we pull up me: h'bout at the after party 3:40

    51. Sean Brennan

      I watched this at 666 thousand views eek

    52. Neelam Tripathi

      You clickbait so much

    53. Musical Vibes

      666K views woahhhh

    54. wockydee

      Anybody notice how he has a black shirt every video ?

    55. Slowmo iOS

      Disc saying,” Freeze” was so funny to me 😂

    56. Johnny Bravo


      1. Johnny Bravo

        I watch all your videos

    57. Candelaria Estrada

      No hate dog but you talk the whole game every video

    58. Tim Zeller

      4: I agree formula the game is like 999999999999999999999999% better

    59. Tim Zeller

      3:30: Formula Driving his Lambo: **Making my way downtown ZOOMING fast** Me: *omg*

    60. GamerBoy

      Hi the new cars are insane

    61. Tim Zeller

      First thing I did in the morning was go in fortnite and drive cars every match I played and used only the car the whole game 😂😂

    62. Arjen van kooten

      Fun fact the Lambo sound is from a real Lamborghini

    63. Itz_Yes ._

      Sweaty Sands has a lot of cars and there is some Lamborghinis there.

    64. xVICREYx

      tfue returned to fortnite xd

    65. Logan Fountain

      Run up you down up

    66. SF Thunder

      I Wish I Had 5 Mill But I Have 16 Subscribers

    67. Nathan Santiago

      I clicked on his vid and clicked right off it just don’t feel the same I miss the cod days man

    68. Mind of Wolf

      Hey I msged you

      1. Mind of Wolf

        Please reply bac

    69. (Thomas) Thomas Radcliffe

      Formula : FORTNITE ACTUALLY ADDED CARS Me chilling with my ATK back in season 5