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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Daniel Duncan

      it’s Galactic chapter 2 season four

    2. Garrett Marshall

      i love your videos please keep on posting

    3. Can Max Animate


    4. Christina Henish

      it sounds like transformers

    5. Yannick Griesinger

      I Hope its a new Pump for real the Charg Pump is Ass

    6. 1239CatsPlay

      It’s Thor!!!!!!!

    7. I am Groot

      The hidden person looks like Groot

    8. Kids Hypolite

      My user is BusyTheGod17

    9. Noah Parks

      The symbol is nordic the audio is of thor.

    10. Nathan Parasca

      Looks like they were right Batman Did return.....

    11. Bardia Emadpour

      OMG !!! I found out what was that symbol !!!! It was on endegade rider’s back bling !!!! Everyone , go and check it out and if i’m right , like my comment Pls!

    12. Tehe Memez

      I think the AR in that wallpaper is the scoped AR but without the scope

    13. number daydreamer eewen

      4:39 voice crack tho

    14. Jamilia Dowl

      Season 14 is going to be a bomb

    15. Gamer Tor

      Looks like groot 4:38

    16. Xxlefty Gamez

      How come they don't have Trevor Scott give me Trevor Scott

    17. the odd returns


    18. Kennelledy

      Who is watching when the LTM’s came out

    19. deeda ibra

      Its more like galactic

    20. Isaac Lindstrom

      Potater pototer mrader mauruder

    21. Taylor Bird

      Please tell us about the batman pack in your next video please

    22. Golden Rowlet

      Hey Yall! Have a good day 🙂. Im subbing everybody that subs to me

    23. Manny Heffley

      OMG I realized that logo looks a lot like The logo of Legendary productions

    24. King Kiko

      Hi how are u all

    25. Harry Morgan

      And when will the fortnite creative island That has 3hrs coming back

    26. Harry Morgan

      Can u play NIRVANA on the radio in fortnite

    27. Thomas M.R.

      1:38 everybody gangsta until the cars start building

    28. sunners 2010


    29. Adam Costa

      The mark looks like the thing that apers when thor transports

    30. Ko Be

      cardi b is i heard her song in game

    31. Sasi Karri

      9:27 that island the spaceshipe left on was shaped like a shark.Maaaaaaaaaaybe something important?????

    32. MisSion FaiLeD

      nobody is gunna notice battle hound looks like a marauder

    33. Bob Jerky

      the craters a the bifrost and battle Hound is norse that's the reason he has the bifrost symbol on his back

    34. irfan flash

      I heard lightning and the first thing came to my mind "IS KEVIN GONNA COME BACK!!!!!!"

    35. Miranda Walker


    36. Alice Whittles

      Hey the sound seemed like a launch

    37. Mystix

      New shotgun kinda looks like an OP tacky wacky

    38. Those Bad Players

      Do you think that Linx works for the simulation?

    39. Seth Reid

      Athe live event is a space ship event

    40. Brayden Playz

      Hey hey hey, I got a theory for ya, We might have tilted back During Season X the event brought us back in time, Hope this was helpful!

    41. VÆRX

      Battle hound is one of the muraders

    42. Chill Boi

      The symbol is on blazes back bling Me realising nobody cares

    43. Game Of Greed

      पढना आता है तो ये करके दिखाओ Subscribe करना आता है नही ना आता है तो करके दिखाओ Channel To My Subscribe उसके लिए गिफ्ट है

    44. Golden A.K

      The glider isnt fixed... It happened to me an hour ago

    45. L S

      ufo sound

    46. Jude Wilson

      4:35 is it just me or is the person there doing take the L

    47. The good Days

      and midas is not dead later on the alien's bring him,he was in space

    48. The good Days

      the wierd noises are the alien's and the thunder is the warps in the sky they come out of my dad works at epic games and he told me dont blow this up or i will get in trouble

      1. Fortunato Rayas

        Grow up kid all that is cap

    49. Joseph Samuel

      The byfrost

    50. Joseph Samuel

      The symbols are from the first thor film watch it!

    51. Armia Delfani

      epic haven’t fixed the glider bug cuz i still get it

    52. Maria Sanchez

      No is a Marvel character

    53. Minerod127

      u forgot Monstercat

    54. Braylon Gamer

      He said post Malone and grande were big but juice

    55. MLG Pup

      5:36 IT WAS ME DIO

    56. ruben spiegel

      The torch is alredy in creative

    57. Joshua Desouza

      also if you don't believe me look up thor vs galactus

    58. Joshua Desouza

      the adio character connects to why captain america got here and why thor brought him here, its because thor and cap were looking for galactus (which is what the adio character is) and thor and cap are both on the island to find him, this is why cap is here -josh D.

    59. Jason English

      At the desk at authority if you hit a few times you'll see the reflection of the agency

    60. yeeeyee iceboi

      maybe dragons?

    61. Marvin Dude official

      why is there a jojo reference in fortnite

    62. Fortnite Frenzy

      Nice video

    63. Riley Harding

      Wat up

    64. a stand user

      T5G: the male astronaut dude has a skin now, his name is dio Me and literally every JJBA person: stardust crusaders X fortnite confirmed?

    65. Clanky Studio

      The symbol is linkes too North mytologi

    66. Calciumbones c

      I have Axo

    67. Cayden Carter

      That simble is the simble that shows up when your fly's to space

    68. Yitzhak / Isaac

      the glider bug didnt got fixed, I got it today.

    69. Donkey Playz

      The person in the spectrogram is galactus from marvel

    70. the puppet

      Fortnite is going to be copying vale now