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    Fran believes she has a gift as a song writer!
    From Season 4 Episode 22, 'No Muse Is Good Muse'. Fran decides she is destined to write music, so she she tries to get a famous rock star to record one of her songs.
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    About The Nanny:
    Fran Drescher stars as Fran Fine, a street-smart young woman with a face out of Vogue and a voice out of Queens who stumbles onto the opportunity to become nanny to the children of a wealthy widower, Maxwell Sheffield. Soon Fran, with her offbeat nurturing and no-nonsense honesty, touches Maxwell as well as the kids.
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    1. rochelle gutman

      Ethel and Lucy at the chocolate factory

    2. Martin Egger

      "oh, now she wants the mints...."

    3. Thomas Taylor

      Val reminds me of Rose of from Golden Girls. 😃😃😃😃😃

    4. Elvia Mendez

      I was wondering why val look so familiar she in Monk

    5. King Libra

      Concepción 😂😂😂😂😂

    6. xKasumi Chan

      What's your name? Um... Concepción? :dddddd

    7. PG 13

      how badly aged these jokes! If Fran is called "maid" she is offended, the name the real maid is Latin. . .

    8. Jxvdxs3

      4:44 Heh 😂

    9. Olivia Samuels

      If you are a man reading this..just know this one thing.. YON CAN GET WOMEN!

    10. Ametyst

      Awww I wanted to see the rest...

    11. Bio Academy

      I am dying at the rap part! and u are baaaad.

    12. Hari the Renaissance Man

      "The Thing" Original rap by Francine "Fran" Fine (A.k.a. The other side of "You Can Get Women - Sensual Energy") Verse 1: Are you blond or what? Are you a man or a mouse? I wanna keep my pride, But can I still live in this house? Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh! Verse 2: I want true love, my one real wish, But instead, I got you, You COLD, BRITISH FISH!!! Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh! [Gosh, how I loooooove this show! 🤣🥰😍❤]

    13. Shelley Rightmyer

      Ilove you somuch miss

    14. Hadi Hatab

      I think Tasha is supposed to be a parody of those mid 90s angsty girls like Natalia Imbruglia, Alanis Morrisette, and Courtney Love, also the actress sort of resembles Emily Ratajkowski.

    15. N. L.

      Wait so most of the time Fran’s big hair is always fake??

    16. Alexandra Chavez

      Jajjaja.jjajajaja..that noise....Omg

    17. Erica

      That hair!!! They don't do it like that anymore!

    18. Aim33 wonHuan988

      ... 🤣 @ :48 seconds in the hair part is hilarious 😂 and then she shoves the chunk of hair into the vase... Fran cracks me up

    19. Anna K

      Like Lucy and Ethel!

    20. Nicky D.

      Funniest woman ever on television and that includes Ball and Burnett!!!

    21. Freddy Molina

      Good scenes

    22. Freddy Molina

      Good video

    23. Andrea Ortega

      When the lady asked for the mints and shsmpoos i died when fran and val gave them back🤣🤣

    24. Aquablue 125

      In reality Fran has a beautiful voice, listen to her song “eye for an eye”, her voice is very beautiful

      1. Aquablue 125

        @Hari the Renaissance Man agreed 100%, as a former musician too, I agree the quality was kind of poor with loud backing , but wasn’t it absolutely stunning? Also as a former singer with vocal nodules , I am 100% positive Fran damaged her voice the first few seasons trying to over play the nasal voice , not breathing/projecting from a healthy can hear the overall shift in her voice later in the show, and now especially...she developed a hoarseness that wasn’t there before and her voice deepened a bit../

      2. Hari the Renaissance Man

        I looked up that song. Wow! To hear a darker, dramatic, more serious side of Fran Drescher was deeply inspiring and touching. I felt like she was singing from a place of deep pain from her past, which made the song all the more believable to me. My only critique of the song (speaking as a musician myself) is that the background vocals and accompaniment were a bit too loud. I think the mixing audio guy could've made her voice stand out a bit more, especially since she was singing in a very low region of her voice. Ugh, I really wish she had made an album. I love her on so many levels. I had no idea that she ever recorded an actual song, so thank you for sharing that info!

    25. Aquablue 125

      Wonder what vals nametag says lmaooo what’s your name ?? “Uhh concepcion” lmaoo! Never fails to make me bust out laughing

      1. ToutCQJM

        Consuelo or Rosario

    26. Aquablue 125

      One of my favorite sequences lmao! The actress playing “Tasha” is hilarious.....and not just the people , dogs hear me too, I can’t this whole sequence is one of the funniest of the show

    27. Single Dad


    28. Betzy

      Fran is the modern Lucille ball

    29. Joseph Lenehan

      Joseph and 😃🇮🇪

    30. henrypedraza

      I found out the first 2 seasons are on roku and I binge watched the hell out of that! Wish they had the rest of them

      1. henrypedraza

        @Unknown Paradox Awesome! Thanks for letting me know!

      2. Unknown Paradox

        They have seasons 3 and 4 up now! They've been switching between having seasons 1-2 and seasons 3-4 up.

    31. Sarah H

      Can y’all please make a compilation of every time Fran sits on Max’s desk (then lap 😉) / their office interactions throughout the series? I think it’d be really cute to see how their relationship progresses in that regard.

    32. Lady d’ Navarone

      Which season/episode was this...?

      1. Milky piggy

        It says it in the description

    33. Sherry Hesner


    34. Frankie Cruz

      What episode season is this

    35. Bri'sJapenseboyfriend YAOi!

      I love her laugh!

    36. vinzfalken

      I love the fast pace comedy of this show

    37. Tessa

      I feel like she's a modern Lucille Ball 🤣

      1. Aquablue 125

        @Nicky D. agreed! All of Lucys’ ploys were scripted , granted she had to execute them , but with Fran it always seemed natural.

      2. Nicky D.

        I think she's much funnier!!!

    38. 23dlmiller

      I wonder how many takes it took to do this scene, hilarious 😂😂

    39. Omar 94

      Something like this happened on Suite Life Of Zack and Cody, where Maddie and London dressed as waiters to see Jesse McCartney

      1. DD

        @Natalie Tan The 2000s were fun lol

      2. Natalie Tan

        What a 2000s sentence

      3. NasikaSakura

        The Nanny predates Suit Life but it's an old schtick. :)

    40. zai39

      Concepción lmao

    41. Frosting1000

      I love fran’s hair extensions lol

    42. gaby juen

      She looks at the camera at 0:13 and 0:15...

      1. El

        @jeweljin ooh that makes a ton of sense.

      2. jeweljin

        @El I think she actually looks simply just into the audience direction (the audience behind the cameras)... not unusual in some theater plays too

      3. El

        @jeweljin she somehow manages to avoid looking directly at the lens

      4. jeweljin

        she does this alot

    43. Mohr Gesina


    44. Tamira Mickell gameing

      I love thIs

    45. A S

      Why is it in Germany the 23rd episode of season 4 and not as in the description above?

      1. Xander-sama

        I'm not understanding your question....

      2. A S

        @jeweljin ooh interesting

      3. jeweljin

        I'm not sure but I think sometimes that season's christmas episode sometimes is listed in this season as a normal episode and sometimes only as a special episode.... and this changes the episodes numbers...

    46. Peter Adam

      The vacuum scene is just iconic 😂

    47. Jacob Fernández

      Fran and Val sneaking into the hotel room as maids is something that Lucy and Ethel would definitely do in “ I Love Lucy”. 🤣🤣🤣

      1. blessed2live71

        Truth!! 🤣🤣🤣

      2. J C

        The episode where fran finds out she's pregnant, she actually has a dream where she's in an episode of Lucy where she finds out she's pregnant.

      3. Omar 94

        oh yeah

      4. DD

        Totally got those vibes too! They are modern incarnations of the duo.

    48. borednow

      that is not singing but rapping...

    49. Sagenomnoms

      Lucy and Ethel vibes

    50. Anne Haase

      Oh... So great! Love love love this clip. More 🥺 pleasee. Made my day , thank you!!! ☺️😘😊

    51. TS Novak

      She’s a legendary comedian, she deserves more attention

      1. The Food Blogger's Kitchen

        Its always like this and I hate it when that happens!

      2. TheSecretWindowSpot

        shes so underrated its sad:(

    52. James A. Romano

      *Fran:* Tasha, she dumped me for VAL! Now she's gonna have enough misery for an anthology!

    53. outinsider

      Tasha, I'm still waiting for my stimulus.

    54. Jonathan Myers

      Tasha: Man, this song sucks! I am SO burnt out! I can't wait anymore! WHY CAN'T I GET IN TOUCH WITH MY ANGER?! Fran: Well, isn't that nice ? Now the new maid's gonna have to make the whole bed over again. Tasha: I'm outta here. I gotta get some stimulus, I'm going to Central Park. I'm completely out of touch with what's going on in world. I mean what does this Kinko's I keep seeing? What happens there? Fran: Excuse me. I've been to Kinko's. I'll tell you, you want a dose of reality? Just try getting the student discount under those fluorescent lights.

    55. Conclave Cabal

      So that’s where Niles acquired his “sensual energy” from...

    56. Cocoa Beanz

      Yay! My Saturday is made! Now back to work I go!

    57. Ron Evangelista

      Imagine if Fran and Janice from Friends had a conversation...

      1. Nicky D.

        Every duck hunter in the area would come running!!!

      2. RoseOfMadina

        Our ears would be reeling for days after that happened.

      3. Gaby Champion

        ROFL 🤯🤣

      4. Jackie Kreuzer


      5. Vreni


    58. Conclave Cabal

      Fran is rocking her little cleaning lady get up 😅😘

      1. Jenifer Bartell

        @jeweljin true!

      2. DD

        Val looking pretty damn cute in hers, too!

      3. jeweljin

        @Jenifer Bartell nah, she wore this type of shoes when playing tennis too... and of course comfy slippers when she was in her morning rope...

      4. Jenifer Bartell

        That's the only time you'll see her wearing sensible shoes. :)