From Starbucks to Roseanne: Discrimination in America | The Daily Show

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    Kens, Karens, and Roseanne. Here’s a look at discrimination in America. #DailyShow #Throwback
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    1. TTstone616

      This is kinda ridiculous... would you walk into an Olive Garden and expect to sit around waiting for someone without buying anything? It's called loitering there is a law behind it... granted Starbucks is more like a McDonald's and I doubt anyone would say anything there... but common..

    2. DERIC 4 REAL

      I'm from a mixed family, black and white.i have just one question Trevor,are you racist?my cousin terrell who's black asked me an interesting question, how many black people have I met name Trevor?

    3. dancepiglover

      By definition, slavery is not a choice. I mean... I’m just speechless.

    4. Areya Effects

      Are white people like this? I feel soo bad for the black people that got bullied or stupid things happened to them because there black? Man that's so wrong

    5. Sherri Mcclarey

      FIRST of all the Schools I Chose for My Children Other Teachers Would have Make Concrete with Lady that Stood on Backs of Students Who Should have Rolled Over To Let that Beast Hit the Floor Other Peoples Ignorance NOT Your Main Problem but Response To Ignorance is a Lesson Learned

    6. Trevor Hensley

      5:15 to 5:20 had me rolling!

    7. Bear- Chan

      Holy crap. I'm 28 and when we learned about slavery in school we read books about Harriet Tubman and watched movies about her. Our teacher explained the horrors of slave ships and how cramped they were. They were lessons I never forgot. We watched Obama's inauguration and wrote papers on why it was so monumental.

    8. Alexa Winter

      Like Kanye said it is a choice but not for the slave instead for the masters and most of the people picked the wrong choice

    9. Friday Anighoro

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    10. Amadden mind

      Unemployed piss 😭😭

    11. Elizabeth Moore

      My history teacher did a lesson on trench warfare by doing a simulation of it in class. The desks were turned over the room was dark there were loud speakers blaring at full volume gun and artillery sounds we had to crawl between the desks and it was pitch black with random flashes of intense light and the teachers and thier adds where throwing paper "grenades" and hit us with shots from squirt guns if you got with either you had to play dead and your fellow students had to crawl over your dead "body" to make their way to the other side of the trench.... BEST history lesson ever!!! That's the proper way of teaching history through reenactment... The slave stuff... B.s.

    12. Long Castle

      Much better without the ridiculous laugh track

    13. Aight Boi

      Ok so Trevor is offended by criminals being arrested when they’re black?

    14. zoneii mobb

      The last time they had a dream we had to let them vote😂😂😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️😒⛄🤦🏿‍♂️

    15. Griffin da genei

      Last time they had a dream we had to let them vote😂😂😂👏

    16. tsdunn1

      Not "unemployed" piss🤣😂🤣🤣🤣⚰

    17. Marko Shiva Pavlovic

      damn as I said USA should install an Anti-Racism law on a federal level. And that is just a beginning as it should propagate to the UN and become something that each and every country would need to add to its constitutions. Racism should be punishable when done by anyone but especially when done by people who work for government on any level. Depending on level it should be also classified as a crime and being punishable with life in jail and not only fines.

      1. Big K

        Yeah how bout we don't give the government more power. And do you really want them to be the judge of what is and isn't racist. Hell they'd lock millions up for posting edgy shit online when they were teens. Yeah and let's not rehabilitate actual racists but lock them up for life. You should read 1984.

    18. DWJ

      I don't spend my money on starbucks products.. PERIOD!!!! I saw an news panel with a Black NY Times reporter and White wash Post reporter. The white reporter said she sat in starbucks (to use the free wifi) WITHOUT buying anything frequently. The black reporter stated he has NEVER been able to sit in Starbucks without having to buy something. They obviously don't want our business, I work hard for money, I refuse to spend it were I'm not welcomed.

    19. Zarah Andrahilde

      Ladies and Gentlemen, USA, the "greatest" nation on earth xD

    20. James Yount

      I feel like if I did that last one (it's MLK's birthday, solidarity fist) as a white guy, I'd definitely offend someone.

    21. omarkhalid

      Unemployed piss. What? Son. What? lol

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    23. flexbrat

      fck barr

    24. Dabo Tamuno

      Trevor you always Speak Up.....thanks

    25. TheBlackPhantom2018

      You know you f’d up when Sean Hannity says that you’re too racist.

    26. Brenda McKenzie

      Star bucks no longer in local city we only fine them on nj tkp New Jersey

    27. Mike Winn

      "Black people aren't the dinosaurs in Jurassic park." killing me lol

    28. Tom Foolery

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    29. college grad

      Starbucks have been Rasict for a while..... And will continue.....

    30. college grad

      Fix both ..... It's sad Trevor said... Police only solve problems with arrest or violence ----- only since 1950's.....

    31. college grad

      Fun.... Knee

    32. Turtleproof

      People, look, I am with it that things are way worse for people with melanin, but I'm so pale I'm see-through and I get shit from the cops 24/7, all of us are at risk. I was having an idyllic day reading a book under a tree in a public park (really!) and fell asleep only to be awoken to an angry cop threatening me. In other cases, I have been tasered, had my home invaded multiple times, kidnapped, drugged, and so on. My crimes? Just being a shy nerd that does volunteer first aid and computer repair.

    33. J Wyse

      I never heard about unemployed piss lol

    34. Wurdnurd

      If you're going to complain about how slavery is taught in school, maybe don't have an entire chapter of your book about you and your friends cheering a guy named Hitler at the event for Jews. I'm not at all saying what the teachers did was right, I'm just pointing out that your glass house won't hold up against ANY stones here...

    35. Thijs Bergman

      1:23 doing nasing Little bit of that Swiss accent seeping thru just then

    36. Sabrina Hodge

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    37. Dottie Ndots

      the police are a part of society

    38. Wael Najjar

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    39. Lori Latimer

      Syllabust: OMD! Homework? They are soulless!

    40. Ivo MIller

      We need a Cleansing


      So so good!!! Now I have to search Google to see if those racist teachers were fired

    42. Amy Dearing

      "Mickey protects his corner" Too funny!

    43. Refined Queen


    44. Keith Thompson

      yeah, I always cheer up a person of color, especially the ones driving nice luxury cars...”hang in there!” I say, as I put my arm around them...then, as they drive into their gated communities, I give them a thumbs up

    45. R.H.

      in some countries u get in jail for wrongly calling the cops on someone.

    46. Amy Russon

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    47. KillaCAMTV

      Herman Cain speaking from the past Yeesh 😬

    48. Sean O'D

      In a survey, when asked how racism affects them Black people have a long list. White people say fear, they're afraid of Black people. White people generally fear Black people will harm them.

    49. anthony Phung

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    50. subadar khursheed

      Slowly falling for trevor

    51. streetfalkos

      For the Starbucks Situation this is what happend: Black People: I want to use the restroom Starbucks: no but if you buy something Black People: no Starbucks: So please leave Black People: no Starbucks calls Police Police: Please leave Black People: no Starbucks: Please leave Black People: no After that they took them out of the Starbucks, without any charges! Awesome to be black nowadays. You can go to someones Private Room, Building or whatever and not be the bad guy. (irony)

    52. SKB SKB

      WoW.. the US is so fucked up even in school they are fucked So that conclude the Point of view they have against Islam is also a lie

    53. streetfalkos

      i think this show is just for black people, im confused with all the idiological thinking and Brainwashing If your a Black or White Adult, just dont watch Stuff like that and your happier in life. Had to stop in Minute 10...just to much for me

    54. Jackie Dennis

      Yang milih Allah SWT like.

    55. Fr. Ted Crilly

      No way I could spell rushouuhounda properly I'm sorry you have a dumb name

    56. Mira The strongest warrior

      8:23 the women in the picture should have googled water permits because ", most U.S. cities have laws on the books that make it less than totally legal to sell bottled water without a vendor's permit and health department license."

    57. Teacha Tami

      Black people need to void Starbucks

    58. LuvlyLeo

      Don’t hide everybody is going to see you Boo! She wanted to bully a child! 🧐

    59. An0nymous_L0gic

      didn't that Starbucks thing happen, like, 16 years ago?

    60. David Whang

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    61. xevious2501

      the difference between the USA and other places is that those racists people are living where they need to be, in their homelands. So they know their lands hold their history and lineage and is not under threat from visitors in small numbers.. whilst those that are truly racially out of their minds like white Americans are in fact colonists living in other peoples lands having stolen it, claiming it as their own, as such living in perpetual fear, fearing retribution will one day fall upon them. which is exactly why their so adamant about gun laws. They have it in their minds someone wants to take from them. They have the minds of thieves. they know they've long been unjust to all, and guard themselves tight with weaponry. ANd in their last days they come to realize that fear of retribution did not come from blacks or other peoples they deemed minorities but rather that of God for their ways, so they pile themselves in mega churches trying to buy their way into heaven. because they become more and more aware of what they've done thru the actions of who they passed their ways down to.. their children.

    62. Janna Myers

      Not going to deny it, I am afraid of; bla"ks

    63. Tyler nguyen

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    66. Jekyllstein Gray

      "And remember, don't be racist." Always something to keep in mind.

    67. Joni Jones

      I'm from Seattle. This is Starbucks' home base. It originated here. We are a diverse, multi-cultural city. I can linger in Starbucks as long as I want (within reason). I have never felt threatened in Starbucks. I've even gone in just to use the bathroom. "May I have the key, please?"

    68. John Coelho

      BET is racial. STELLAR Awards is racial. As it would be if the colors were opposite. All other awards are multicultural. Stop being one-sided!

    69. Q.Q Tulips

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      1. Jawed


    70. Q.Q Tulips

      This is the UPDATED Ver. 2021.