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Fulham v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 3/17/19 | NBC Sports

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    Check out the extended highlights between Fulham and Liverpool during Premier League Matchweek 31. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Liverpool #Fulham
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    Fulham v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 3/17/19 | NBC Sports

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    1. Akiana Aica

      Shaqiri is missing there

    2. Akiana Aica

      Mane and salah😂😂😂😂

    3. Stephanie Ramos Lopez


    4. Young Barry

      Wtf is going on with Babel’s hair??

    5. Brayan Ayala

      Lmao i loved the script

    6. ComradeOgilvy1984

      Babel looked really impressive. I must say that Allison is a much better man than me. If I were goalie, I would have grabbed that ball, leading with flying studs.

    7. NthgCanGetMeDown!

      I think Mane should have been in that thumbnail

    8. Oliver Howell

      I'm a Liverpool fan but this was awful. Salah really needs to stop letting the expectations get to him.

    9. ShafyShoo

      I don’t watch soccer

    10. big carl dennis

      mane peripheral vision is sick!!!

    11. NurtureLove88

      How good is Mane?!

    12. Eric Cartman

      #20 on trending

    13. Awesome 1234

      BOOM! 😂😂😂

    14. Miraz

      Liverpool is giving me anxiety. I think there's anxiety all over the team. Couldn't believe Virgil and Alisson getting confused in that situation.

    15. ProCalledGaming

      I fully support salah. He is still assisting and falling back to help defend when vvd and matip are pushing up on corners. LFC YNWA

    16. Johnny Wato

      T'es a la hauteur Sadio Mané

    17. Johnny Wato

      T'es super j'ai aimé ton But

    18. johnasap777

      Van Dyke's mistake will never happen again. Salah is crucial to Liverpool wins👍👌🙏

    19. Nilla

      That's why I hate NBC biased commentators. They have an agenda and commentate the game like that. Liverpool scores and "oh that's devastating". Manchester scores and "oh what a wonderful goal"

    20. A P

      Please... Please win the Title this year... This is your time Liverpool!!

    21. Tobias Fünke

      5:33 well it really annoys me when players celebrate scoring a goal

    22. Ramon Arellano

      Never walk alone.

    23. Michael Muniz

      Keep up the fight gentleman! Showing resiliency and determination to claw your way back to the top of the table. Go Liverpool!!!

    24. jrborgify

      Let Salah or Mane take the PKs, as they are in the golden boot race.

    25. DoesNotExist305

      Salah just has to play the game. He's looking to score and feels the pressure every time he touches the ball. Just play.

    26. Mustang Cartel

      And there is NO surprise that God's choosen team Won YNWA

    27. 12poopie

      Could you imagine if Liverpool DIDN't win today? How suicidal would we all be

    28. David Hasssn

      You know we’ve been so good in the first half of the season because shaqiri was playing, he was either starting or being subbed in, scoring and/or assisting, the minute klopp stopped playing him we’ve been just drawing and drawing, shaqiri makes the difference tbh, klopp needs to start putting him back in

    29. Ron

      HAHAHAHAHAHA whew!

    30. jkaep

      Literally Van Dijk’s only mistake all year. Guy is a beast.

    31. Jay P

      Very lucky with this result today!

    32. Aros San

      I will be not be surprise if fulham get relegated. The team lacks quality in all areas.

    33. antonio begalli

      All u Liverpool fans are so stupid. Get it through your head that he is a one season wonder. Never again will he score 30+ goals and bag like 10 assists in one season.

    34. Peteiam09 I

      Where is Melissa, I want her insight on this match. Fulham are not the same team they were a month ago. The new coach has got them playing much better. Give them credit. I’ll take the three points.

    35. Andre Edwards

      Thanks Rico

    36. Zachariah Rizk

      This has to be the first time I've ever seen VVD mess up

      1. imvixx

        Lol yea

    37. mednux

      Porto will knock Liverpool

    38. Tony B

      Salah is very bad. can't even score the goal on one on one. He needs to be replaced.

    39. michael wong

      Mane is LFC's star player right now. Also time to give Shaqiri some game time - he has not let anyone down whenever he has played this season.

    40. L irv pana

      I love salah. But hes trying so hard to score at the moment.... And hes costing the team. Plenty of times in this match he could have passed the ball, but instead he kept trying to dribble past defenders and was dispossessed.... I hope he scores soon so he can stop this crap

    41. 10whatabeast

      Sergio Rico Caused Fulham the game! SMH 🤦🏾‍♂️!

    42. He Is Yahweh

      I've been saying this for the longest, Salah is a ball-hog

      1. Michael Davies

        As long as you put it away it's ok

    43. Charlie Roca

      Does anybody else notice that mane looks cocky asf everytime he scores?

      1. Uzoma

        Charlie Roca stop hating

    44. Ruben Martinez

      Liverpool sometimes gives multiple heart heart attack when they conceded

    45. ginger

      The penalty was a gift but Liverpool deserved the 3 points at the end.

      1. Thug Love

        jean is dead rule is protect the keeper.. watch it in slow motion.. mane runs into the keeper.. Keeper should have gone Leonardo decaprio, but mane went djimon Hounsou first... Should have just been waved to get up.

      2. ginger

        +jean is dead looked soft

      3. jean is dead

        How is it a gift when it was a clear foul

    46. Never Bummer

      How is anyone blaming VVD for the goal? Milner slices the clearance putting him in a bad position. Van Dijk does well initially by holding off Babel then plays a decent header back to Allison. Is there a reason why Allison can’t use his hands in this situation? If so then Van Dijk needs to clear it and header back was a poor choice. Unless there’s a technicality in this situation, that I’m unaware of, that doesn’t allow Allison to use his hands I feel Virgil actually played this very well given the position he was put in.

    47. bradley doyle

      babel definitely wants Liverpool to win the league lol

      1. PICKLE RICK

        bradley doyle lol

    48. Talha Ahmed

      Man Utd: Red Devils Liverpool: Red Knights

      1. Abdullahi Shire


    49. komlanamouzouvi9

      Let’s go mane!!

    50. ngussie84


    51. mountainhobo

      Salah, snap out of it.

    52. Fat k

      Salah is selfish, he’s missing a lot goals that others could

    53. Abdisamad Ahmed

      3 points can not be ugly

    54. Alex Mac

      Lmao lucky liver pool win again. My grandma could have caught that ball that Rico dropped. Enjoy getting relegated.

    55. chase myers

      Salad needs to see a sports psychiatrist

      1. TheGamingBanana76

        Honestly tho

      2. PICKLE RICK

        chase myers lmao

    56. Pepi Os

      They need Shaqiri back to bring some fire

    57. philip Edun

      Salah will pick up form if he gets benched for a lower grade player for a while

    58. 200斤麦子10里山路不换肩

      keep up with Man City, don't lose the best opportunity since 1992.

      1. Abdullahi Shire

        Ok sir we will not slip and we will get revenge on man city in 13/14

    59. francisco

      Salah had always been garbage. her one tap in great season last year but I knew the yeah Salah would resurface

      1. Nabeel Hanakta

        Ya garbage with 17 goals.... be fair

    60. Elijah Hailey

      The kid at 4:01 had about enough of the linesman

      1. komlanamouzouvi9

        Elijah Hailey wanker!!

    61. C Martin

      Mane is the shite, lol, love what he did bro to Neuer and Bayern defenders😂😂, boi plays with style🔥🤙😎

    62. Rory Scott

      Babel has been quality since signing with fulham

    63. Will

      Did Rico even put pressure on mane or just touch his arm for that pen

    64. Phu Doan

      Salah is one season wonder, just like experts predicted. He can't be compare with Ronaldo or Messi that score consistently 50 goal per season for the last 10 years.

      1. Thug Love

        Yeah he is a joke seriously...

      2. Giju Lee

        Phu Doan he’s still one of the top 5 scorers in the EPL this season.

    65. Sam Bisqit

      Salah is doing more harm than good atm. His incredible form last season should not excuse his recent horrendous performance. Klopp needs to recognize that Salah needs to step down and play Origi or Sturridge instead.

      1. TheGamingBanana76

        Sam Bisqit Origi or sturridge for salah? Do u wanna win the league or get regulated 😂😂

    66. Noor j

      How come no one is talking about Milner on the goal Liverpool conceded instead of VVD & Alison? Milner himself said he messed up when he sliced the ball towards his goal. Of course, VVD & Alison could've done better. But they're not the only ones to blame

      1. WorldIsFilledB

        ComradeOgilvy1984 you’re saying all this stuff but bottom line is it is vvd and Allison’s fault completely lol people don’t care about your words they watch the video

      2. ComradeOgilvy1984

        Milner, VVD, Allison all made mistakes. Milner sliced it -- if only it did not end up right in front of goal, it would have been easier to clear safely. VVD *had* to jump, which made his header soft -- if he knew his header was going to be so soft, he would not have put it straight on to goal. Allison hesitated and then tried to clear forward, when sweeping it towards a sideline would have worked.

      3. Frederick Chilton

        Allisson could’ve easily come out diving and punched it away. I could see his hesitation because it mightve caused an injury bc Babel was close. VVD is known to deal w that early and play simple there so seeing him head it back rather than clear. it was uncharacteristic and you can see why he always tends to just clear it in danger. All 3 are to blame imo

      4. WorldIsFilledB

        Noor j they’re completely to blame 100%

    67. Sher A Bangla

      It's been few matches I don't see Shaqiri, where is my brother? Salah seems slow in movement and connecting the balls. He needs a break or two?

    68. Tyler Holum

      C’mon liverpool! Now you jusy need to beat tottenham to win the league

    69. Noor j

      Liverpool needs to stop playing with our hearts! We need to kill of games when we can instead of panicking when its a draw or we're down

    70. Amilcar Barrios

      Salah trying to score himself because you guys pressure him too much. Under pressure, he's too inside his head

    71. Ebenezer Ahumah Djietror

      Let's be honest we all expected Ryan Babel to score 😂😂

    72. prodigiii712

      Not offside since it was deflected by a liverpool player. The referees need to read the laws of game before becoming a referee.

      1. Thug Love

        jb7 lol

      2. jb7

        He doesn't know sh.t about football. I bet he is a cricket fan and people like are the big mouths with no knowledge of whats going on

      3. Thug Love

        Dude... it’s offside. It wouldn’t have been offside if the defense “played the ball”. But a deflection off a shot... means nothing. Offside. Do you happen to be a messi fan too? Lol

      4. jb7

        you stupid and you don't know the offside rules

    73. Dry Rot Aus

      VVD was Fulhams best player today

    74. Constantine Billis

      Mane finally is finding his groove

    75. KopiLuak

      Please make highlights shorter

      1. Jose Guadalupe Anaya Loera

        You're kidding, right? This channel has the best highlights. La Liga and Bleacher Report should take note.

    76. Neym4r Lover

      We got salah Aaaaaaand mane mane And bobby firminioooooooo But we sold coutinioooooo But that doesn't matter because we got salah

      1. Abdullahi Shire

        Yee salah best

      2. imvixx


    77. J BraunBraun

      Wtf was Allison doing. He slid and tried to play it with his feet, should have grabbed it. You may get away with that against Fulham but not against top tier opposition in PL and especially not in CL.

    78. Please Continue

      Salah just looks so stressed whenever he takes a chance. It was the same thing when Mane has his dry patch earlier, but now he’s playing loose, stress-free football and is getting results because of it. If Salah could just get out of his own headspace and relearn how to play fun, relaxed football then that might be just what LFC needs to power them to the PL trophy in the end.

      1. Chase B

        I luv mo but u r right totally agree w/ u

      2. Matt Vali

        Ramos effect

      3. PICKLE RICK

        Please Continue indeed

    79. Mike Lobo

      Salah selfishness is so noticeable, maybe he should just past the ball since he can’t even finish !

    80. Swaggy P

      Salah stays Liverpool is for a business but MANE way better this season.. I’m Liverpool fan if those two guy not passing the ball to each other we will not gonna win. So klopp has to bring a different idea cuz we been waiting for this chance in fucking 29 years .. we can’t loose one single game bro

    81. AFRI DON moderndjmusic

      Same suh we dweet hmmm!!

    82. Charlie S

      I am still not convinced alison was worth all that money. Clean sheets were thanks to van djk and matip and gomez, robertson and TAA, not him. Most of the "supersaves" are basic and normal for the level he plays. He makes really stupid decisions when he is pressed and honestly, I dont see much difference between him and Karius before his downfall. Remember, Alison joined AFTER van djk and gomez got his great form and he still made 5 blunders, and only got away with it because LFC outscored their opponents.

      1. Charlie S

        +Amir Aziz karius was doing fine before the UCL final if you guys dont have long term memory. People were saying he is becoming the reason why we got to the finals. Also, one or two game of saves can also make mignolet a good keeper. Not to mention 5 blunders Alison made so far. He got away most of the time thanks to salah mane and firminho and liverpools defesne. Can you honestly say he is better than last 2 keepers now? Always remind yourself that we got van djk and gomez on form and THEN alison joined.

      2. Amir Aziz

        if it wasn't for Alison, we would be out of champions league. Go watch the game against Napoli

      3. Jonny Barron

        Relax he is still doing very good and very solid yes he made some silly mistakes but just imagine how good he's gonna be when he fixes those

    83. Say No More


    84. Dan Rim

      5:30 did he just say it annoys him when players don't celebrate? xDDDDDDDD wtf

      1. samuel georgi



      Mane is a goat

    86. Kebs Sy

      I understand a player want to score and be selfish sometimes but thinking you are the only who got to score I m out salah need to know he is not better than anyone

    87. Behizy

      Man City would've clapped them 5:0 that's the difference

    88. Abdoul  Tiemtore

      Mané is better than Salha

      1. akd midnight


    89. Abdulkadir Jama

      Feel sorry for Salah goal scoring drought

      1. He Is Yahweh

        Feel sorry for what? His team is winning

    90. Mr Fake Beast

      Sell salah to real

    91. Adriano

      *Mane celebration when Milner scores*

      1. Raymond Modise

        Just had to go back to see that, wow so much passion

      2. Azaria Habtemariam

        I know! so much passion. I had to slow it down and look at the celebration again.

      3. bama1235

        it brought a tear to my eye. He wants the title even more than we fans do

      4. Machine shop

        Did he

    92. Manchester united Forever

      Commentator:”It really annoys me when players don’t celebrate scoring for their team” Maybe it’s because it’s his old club🧐

      1. Manchester united Forever

        Pinned Comment the quotations I used were for the commentator, the commentator said that, did you watch the video?

      2. Pinned Comment

        It's a shows respect....would you like ronaldo celebrating against us united ? No

    93. abdulaziz yalahow

      You will never walk alone period once Liverpudlian always will be one and I’ve been saying we will win this beautiful premier league championship and the champions league championship (in shaa allah) God willing

      1. Antonio the Great

        Mohammed is just ac simple prophet my brother. All praise to the Most High!

    94. 10000liverpool

      Van diks fault in Fulham goal there's no way Alison was gonna get there lol

      1. an Le Nhat

        His heading is too low and close to Babel so there is no way Alisson can get it

      2. Charlie S

        Alison was slightly far but he had 3 seconds to respond to that and virgil already made the call. He was way way late for it. Virgil does have some fault to it but my god alison was late to response

      3. 10000liverpool

        +Casey Rollman okay? Everyone is sayin it was Alison fault when it was Virgils. I personally don't care in the end we won that's all I care about

      4. Casey Rollman

        10000liverpool even the best make mistakes

    95. Robert Ilardi

      Mo is getting chances that is positive so it is there for him. Just takes 1 goal to get him going he needs to relax. Good win today after the champions league win earlier in the week. Stay 2 points up until City plays United.

    96. Aaron Hernandez

      Needed a penalty to win against a relegation side 🗑🗑🗑

      1. Thug Love

        A bad call as well.

      2. C Martin

        So what? That's the premier league for ya, any team can beat another at any given day unlike the other two and three team leagues

      3. A Heavenly Hamburger

        that is true but winning multiple games in a row is hard

    97. The Haitian Way


      1. the goat

        +The Haitian Way sa se respè

      2. The Haitian Way

        Gracq Julien ou gentan konnen✊🏿🇭🇹🌴

      3. the goat

        Ayisyen nou ye

      4. the goat

        Yes haiti

    98. Dont ask

      when will liverpool lose

      1. A Heavenly Hamburger

        oh okay

      2. Dont ask

        @A Heavenly Hamburger U will forever walk alone

      3. A Heavenly Hamburger


    99. Shiryu Rain

      "it really annoys me when players don't celebrate for their team" THANK GOD I'M NOT ALONE

      1. Abdi

        its his old team...............

      2. Kev football

        It's called respect...

      3. OSN's Chair

        Nah, I think he's just racist

    100. Daniel Lee

      What about Babel figuring out van dijk