FULL FIGHT | Ryan Garcia vs. Jose Lopez



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    On this day (March 30) in 2019, Ryan Garcia put on a show against Jose Lopez in front of a sold-out crowd.
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    1. M.O.T.H Music Of The Hour

      Hmm. Idk if he’s on that level tbh. This wasn’t impressive.

    2. 맥그리거코너

      garcia defens is kid levle.

    3. Luanzinho

      Lopez was thinking he was floyd mayweather. Lol.

    4. Charles Thompson

      Referee giving out pointers 😂😂 I’m dead bruh .. I should watch boxing more often

    5. Boxning BK

      When is your next match??

    6. Angel Avila

      Ryan García es como el canelo puro matabultos oponentes escogidos

    7. Addo Densu

      Incredible speed and power from ryan

    8. Beto arreola

      Es un poco presumido el chavo

    9. Connor Lewis


    10. Yung_j11

      7:00 you welcome

    11. Captain Hemmingsworth

      That blonde Tecate girl has a beautiful smile

    12. Dirt McGert313


    13. Dirt McGert313

      Viva La Raza 🇲🇽

    14. Daken Wraye


    15. The kakyoin Mimo ́s

      Alguien más notó que usa tenis de Itachi? ❤️

    16. Juan Hernández

      Ryan Garcia is very rigid, it's still very rigid, it doesn't move his waist, the only Mexican thing that he could have is the last name because the real Mexican style isn't the one that's the counter-blow, that's what sadness they say being Mexican just to smpathize and give them money, but not to reprimand the one that's one that's one that's one of the Mexican style.

    17. Anonymous808

      Odd question but is jose lopez wearing braces??? Didn’t know pro boxers could wear braces and still fight.

    18. Goons gaming

      The golden boy

    19. Dimitar1 Ivanov

      Imagine what dose of motivation his children's will have after years, watching his wins... respect

    20. Guuaaappp 21

      Ryan garcia definitely has that instinct an i love watching his fights, gervonta hits like a mac truck though so id love to see that fight forsure! Im not even gonna say he aint ready for tank i just want to see the fight 💪💯💯

    21. RobertasP -p

      That music after first round KO'd me for sure

    22. Jesica Gomez

      Is love canelo

    23. Massimo Colotti

      Hai capito er cucciolo.... veramente bravo, tecnico,preciso...mmmhh

    24. Lisette Georges Harel

      ryan look like oscar de la hoya with great pwer but still his weakness will be mostly his defensive skills..he have not met someone who put real pressure on him yet

    25. Sinan C

      One day every light weight boxer will be named Garcia.

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    27. Xxxx

      Major zoom in on the homie 😧😂😂

    28. The Times with Aamir Khalifah

      I must say TANK is way batter in close encounters

    29. Aco Jankovic

      Fight the real Lopez IBF champ

    30. Spartan 1

      Yeah speed is key, but is one of the few key elements to be top level

    31. vincent balidio

      is it me or if oscar dela hoya has a beard and mustache he looks like tony stark LOLLL!

    32. Amethyst Wyvern

      At 13:36 is when the exciting part come in.

    33. Archie Alvarado

      When Garcia realized that Tank is harder than his punch 😂

    34. Harvey Wheeler

      Ryan should box KSI

    35. patronebb

      15:9 you can see ryan wearing itachi shoes from naruto

    36. Nicholas Liew

      13:48 When Ryan misses, it means his punches were so fast the world didnt register it

    37. Car Master132

      If Ryan was a heavyweight then he would of maby matched mike tyson

    38. Khyle Dimino

      I really like Hopkins but he needs to work on his grammar man.... jesus

    39. ONII3

      Thats a cute ring girl

    40. Antonio Arechiga

      Ryan,Garcia deveria de aprender,de tofimo lopez,set mas humilde,y no.tan creido,,a peleado,con ,puros , peleadores,que no son,de su nivel,,sus peleas,son muy disparejas,nuno,es el unico,que estaba, a su nivel,todos los demas,nomas iban a ser noqueados,sin opurtunidad,de ganar,supcu er bultos,, ,necesita ser mas humilde,,en este momento no.esta,al nivel,de teofimo,pero,no,creo,que aguantaria,el golpe de, lopez,,cuando peleas,con peleadores de tu Mismo,nivel boxistico,es diferente,no se van a caer como,los bultos que noquea,,

    41. reef1963

      The kid threw with authority. I see the golden drug boy.

    42. Elizabeth bedoya gutierres

      El entrenador de lopez tiene la gorra del canelo alvarez eso deja mucho que creer.

    43. Eugen Chaid

      Ryan is the best in the world

    44. Justwannabrowse

      Don’t rush Garcia too fast.... he’s got potential to be one of the greats... I’m sure he saw some things to work on that a vet will expose. HE IS A BEAST. Do not ruin a beautiful technician like this by rushing him.

    45. Tristan Ong

      He is going to be the next money Mayweather

    46. Rivani Al-Dizzi

      RG : The Next Great Champion

    47. Arthur Gomes

      does anyone know the name of jose's music?

    48. britneyy t

      he’s sooooo badass and is only getting better... can’t wait till 4th of July for the next fight

    49. nelmar viloria

      dont give him a filipino opponent please....😂😂

    50. Bad Jaeaux

      Ryan 'Altar Boy' Garcia i baptize you in the name on 2020 May 16 Saturday 6:59 AM

    51. Ollie grigg

      He loses against Haney, Loma and Davis

    52. Anton Douglas


    53. Luis Salgado


    54. charles jackson

      I like Garcia but Davis, Farmer, Loma & Garry Russell Jr would destroy him right now, he'll be k.o. bait for them.

    55. Boosgoos SSS

      wonder boy vs espn's golden boy

    56. Mangel maka

      Me enamore de ryan😆

    57. BigThickDave 1111

      What was Jose Lopez walk in song called?

    58. nico

      Like a boss garcia unstopable

    59. Big Donch

      Boxing Refs are the best

    60. Monkeyface Alienhead

      He got hands this kid does👍

    61. Troy Faure

      Ryan Garcia: the next Roy Jones jr is a mexican🤗

    62. YT_ Hyde

      Who is that guy annoying? He sounds like he’s taken wayyyyy to many shots to the dome. English is no longer his first language..

    63. Soso Zunzun

      Buena pelea...Bravooo Ryan...........y queria decirle a José que el tambien boxea bien al princio bien pero depues bajaba mucho la cabeza...y eso tendra que corregirlo .......

    64. josh gorsky

      how do so many people not realize that this and all of Garcia's fights are laughably fixed? I mean all of boxing really but Garcia's fights aren't even well executed

    65. EzNess Prime

      Imagine Ryan vs Jake 😬

    66. LegaAp

      Есть русские?

    67. อติกานต์ -.-


    68. Uddhav Surve

      Ryan Garcia is just blind punches he has a long way to reach canelo level

    69. Mars

      Who trained Lopez. ?

    70. Arad Maldonado

      Hes fighting bums