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Full WWE Money in the Bank 2019 results



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    Find out who captured Money in the Bank contracts and championship gold with these full WWE Money in the Bank 2019 results.
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    1. Bhots Sampayan

      This is not fair WTF

    2. Yatop Nyigang

      Roman reigns is the best of all wwe superstar.

    3. Giovani Juarez

      WWE is awesome

    4. dagni rivas


      1. dagni rivas

        Iglú único

    5. Jay S.

      Brock lesnar wins the money in the bank! That's it, I'm done with WWE. Bring on AEW

    6. Krishna Kunal Roy

      Hate or love but brock bring excitement

    7. Diesel Humfleet

      Why the hell did Rey beat joe this is so dumb

    8. Christipede O'gilligan

      Im so glad Brocks back- NO-ONE.

    9. HellaSavageX

      --Vince to the Locker Room: "Now's the time! You're all getting pushed!" --Locker Room: "Really?!? Alright! Finally!" --Vince: "Let me finish!... You're all getting pushed off of a ladder and back down to midcard level so Brock "The Part Time King" can come back and win MITB for no reason at all!"

    10. Nostalgia Crown

      Tag Team match shouldn’t have been the kick off and should have had the titles on the line coooome on

    11. Nostalgia Crown

      Drew and Ember need to go to AEW

    12. Nick Jethwani

      Legends who been a Ladder matches, but never in MITB matches: Undertaker Triple H The Rock Stone Cold Shawn Michaels Vince & Shane McMahon Mick Foley

    13. Rhean Baxter

      What do u mean spoilers ahead u our spoilers in the thumbnail

    14. Er boro

      I woud never want to seee Ali win ahahaha you stupid indie wrestling fans and next fans

    15. Er boro

      Nobody tough Brock woud win....and he IS AN AMAZING MONEY IN THE BANK winner....that last promo in raw was epic....he is better as money in the bank winner then champion....wwe only made seth won cause Brock needed that money in the bank briefcase cause that’s the only thing he never won....THE GOAT OF WRESTLING

    16. Er boro

      Brock lesnar only needed this in his career,thats why they made him lose at mania,alsoo lets be real....Who tha fook is Ali?i wasnt watching after mania i dont even know who the fook where the little guys....only finn ballor and randy desearved this b side lesnar

    17. Brian Westfield

      After all the hard work everyone put in, That was the worst MITB result ever 👎 feel bad for those guys 😖

    18. Madhu Madhukar

      Balor was the most disappointed person by this ending...

    19. Heart Break Kid

      It's a slap in the face to the other guys who literally put their bodies through hell only to have Brock Lesnar show up and win.

    20. Evil Look

      bye WWE, hi AEW. It's a crying shame!!

    21. Álvaro David

      Brock Lesnar Sucks!!!

    22. Aalu Pidalu

      Wait who are Wee raw tag team champions

    23. ride not_to_die

      I saw why people leaving WWE... subscribe me..

    24. Santhosh Singh

      The Beast is Back

    25. Ashutosh Baluni

      At this point, I should just comment 'WWE bad' & let those likes flood in. I don't care if I am being 'worked', but you have to spend time in building draws rather than giving the contract to Lesnar. This is the height of laziness.

    26. Vision Okou


    27. Bobert Joe

      Just sign Lesnar away from WWE. He gets everything, we had enough. Why wont Vince just retire? Clearly, Hunter can run the business better.

    28. john Carlos

      Vince is trying to kill WWE

    29. Roger Felix

      I hope AEW gets Cm Punk brock lesnar sucks wwe is going down hill

    30. Retro dealer 64#

      Rey Mysterio's son. I don't think so don't you mean Eddie Guerrero😆.

    31. Dylan Wolf

      0:02 copies kalisto from the TLC match against the new day and usos

    32. J Benjamin Aguilat


    33. Jesse James

      Watching Brock come up the ladder made me shut the tv off. Wife goes WTF us,he doing back. Guess MMA wasent good for Brock so he came back. And said to Hunter and Vince I want the money in the bank briefcase.

    34. Siddharth Suwarnakar

      One of the reasons I don’t watch WWE nowadays

    35. Shivanshu Roy

      Brock the beast Lesnar

    36. Ali Subhani

      Mustafa ali winner

    37. Dipplez Glore

      Wait a minute y’all Brock got a tan😂😂😂😂😂

    38. Baloyi Vutisani

      the beast in town😀😀

    39. Matthew Hastings

      Good thing AEW is on Saturday.

    40. Zach Morris

      WWE is so bad now it used to actually be good now I can’t even stand watching it

    41. Hadi Homayed

      If this is the case, why dosent the whole roster just run out when the participants are down and out and grab the briefcase....

    42. Hanneser

      Money in the Bank was amazing!!!! Two amazing matches.

    43. Mukarram Khan

      So if someone not even in the match comes up and take the briefcase declared a winner, i think that James Ellsworth also won woman's money in the bank... RIP Logic

    44. Anthony William

      Money Bank real winner is Mustafa Ali best performance

    45. Sibanarayan M

      I really don't understand why people hate Lesnar?

    46. Ric Flair

      It makes a nice change to watch a main event without 2 commercial breaks in the middle of a live match on raw

    47. Myra Someranao

      I hate this year'd money in the bank..i thought charlotte and lacey will won...

    48. Bryson Sabun

      This video is only important because of Bayley not Lesnar the cheater

    49. Kaneki Ken


    50. The Awesome Gamer

      Bad plans I didn't want Brock to get into the match

    51. Monirhossain Sojol

      Who wants regular upload!? Like if u want! ☺

    52. Yageishwara Paramasivan

      Did orton really try to climb the ladder?


      the last person to have the best mitb moment was dean ambrose. after that.. nobody

    54. Ishaq Khan

      Big dog is big dog

    55. Technetian Gamer Z

      Roman: I am biggest sucker of vince. Brock: old is gold !! Vince: That's my dog😂 . BTW MY WORD HAS NO MEANING.

      1. Ur Mom

        Technetian Gamer Z Nah Seth is

    56. caged lion

      Let Lesnar destroy like he did in the day that what everyone I talk to wants to see

    57. lovebysam

      worst money in the bank match ever


      This is the most disappointing PPV i have ever seen. 😑 At least Brock should have fought. This direct win is disrespectful to the other seven guys who participated in the match. 😐🤐

    59. Natalie Rose

      Who was there?

    60. Bobby Mack

      I hope Brock Lesnar gets seriously injured. If his neck gets snapped literally and/or both of his arms are broken, good then. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    61. Redleaf Boomer

      I wouldn't worry too much lesnar won't show until next year

    62. lol lolol

      WWE just want money they don't care about fans

    63. M Bacchus

      So Brock going hold the WWE belt hostage now. Kofi days are short 🤦🏽‍♂️

    64. Cm punk best in the world

      11k like wtf....

    65. Đặng Huy

      Brock wasn't even in the match And Shane win because he a Mcmahon

    66. Samir Rai

      Brock Lesnar has suprise no any WWE UNIVERSE ! Instead this moment make us to regret the action of WWE just because of irritating, cheater brock lesnar

    67. Shoaib Khan

      I have just one question for Vince?? What's the point of asking people to come watch a WWE Event when you don't want to listen WWE Universe and want to impose your own will?

    68. Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo

      Mr. Money in the Bank Mustafa Ali

    69. The Dominator

      Lesnar need money in the bank more than UFC vs Daniel Cormier

    70. Val Saludo

      Maybe this company woild be better after Vince Mcmahon is dead

    71. Md Rayhan


    72. strangewayshere

      When you’re having a meltdown over the outcome of a silly meaningless pretend fight between dudes in underwear play fighting each other for toy belts then you really need to stop watching stupid childish wrestling and reassess what’s going on in your sad lonely little lives. Wrestling is dumb and childish.

    73. Ewroiguqergb Wergewqrhgwe

      If brock Lesnar started at the beginning of the match to be the 8th competitor, I'd be somewhat more accepting of it


      broo why Brock they shoulda picked maybe roman, bray idk ANYONE but Brock 😐

    75. Nala Ralls

      I don’t care what anyone has to say Baron should have won MITB period.

    76. Eduardo Ruiz Ruiz

      No more Lesnar 😒

    77. Joey Rebolledo Peralta

      Esa mamada👉👌😳😳😳😳

    78. Callsign Vortex v2

      All of these crappy moron fans getting hot and bothered over a non big four ppv. I think it's brilliant myself. Everybody hates Brock. All that means is Brock is actually doing his job correctly. ...and so is Finn Balor...that guy deserves every title for 8 years

    79. Callsign Vortex v2

      I'd like to see Finn Balor in a Hell in a cell match vs Shane

    80. aravind cp

      did BIG E CAME BACK

    81. Ark Tiger333

      Did you know if the MITB winner was RKO then the wwe's rating can increase and the storyline can be better

    82. Brian Hickman

      The two biggest mistakes that WWE did was have Lesnar and McMahon win. And they wonder why they are losing viewers?

    83. Ark Tiger333

      Balor I got fun when you got pain

    84. Natural Joy

      Use me as a “I am quitting WWE” button

    85. Chris L-w

      Why is brock still here lol? If the wwe wants a part time champ just bring back cena lol.

    86. Yuki Pyro

      Vince is giving the Throne to AEW lol.

    87. sirprintalot

      You suck, WWE. LESNAR SHOULD NOT BE NEAR THE MITB. How about pushing a new guy? Creating a new star - ever heard of it?

    88. Trevor Daily

      Kathy Kelly to AEW confirmed

    89. Swami nathan


    90. Digital Assassin

      Brock Lesnar being the money in the bank winner was the stupidest idea ever because they talked about the money in the bank winners being pushed and that sounds great until you see who won...Bayley (not terrible but better choices such as Ember Moon, Nikki Cross and Dana Brooke) looking for a really low Raw and Smackdown this week. Hey don't get me wrong Lesnar is a great athlete and even better heel cause I'm complaining about him but we've seen Lesnar and Seth three times in the past decade nobody cares to see it again give someone else a push

    91. Priyanshu Kumar

      Brock get WWE championship and universal championship on super show down

    92. Dylan Lowings

      NXT and 205 Live are the only good shows in wwe

    93. Payton Wright

      Why is Brock back? WWE must hate different Universal Champions.....😡

    94. caaah graves

      Rip money in the bank :(

    95. Gavin Medlock

      Lesnar as mr money in the bank ruined the ppv

    96. AdventureEd 916

      Money in the bank was going perfect until @wwe had to find a way how to screw everything up with brock Lesnar. @wwe this the rite time to push a new talent . But some how you guys always make the wrong decisions.

    97. Tarun Rawal

      Vince doing wrong thing with real talented person The MITB main event going to be great but when Brock Lesnar comes thn the review of Public is getting so negative...... I think u this is not good things for other wrestler because they fight for the briefcase and they didn't get this..... I am really not satisfied with the Main event....

    98. Austin Wilson

      I swear to god if Brock wins the championship again I will lose all respect for WWE

    99. Andres Caicedo

      Brock sucksssssss🖕🖕🖕