FunnyMike Brings His Family To Get Gold Grillz



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    1. Erick Arias

      You can see homer edit this video cuz the dumb nail

    2. Adrian Montoya

      Bruh I don't like funny Mike he tries to be funny but he isnt, just plane dang rude

    3. Trynidi Pacely

      I like mike glasses

    4. Quan Campbell

      What is bad Kid Marionumber

    5. PaPa POVEY

      Crazy how the Diamond industry works. Diamonds aren’t rare at all, they just hoard tons of them to keep the price high as possible. Look into it y’all

    6. jay gonzalez

      Remind me of the movie the goonies lol superman

    7. Konrad Fitzgerald

      ain’t this 22 savage

    8. Swgwm Brahma

      Dang! That's kinda tough straight to the face 🤣

    9. Corneus Jackson

      Can I be a bad kid

    10. Hey R u

      Nobody: Funnymike: That’s a big ass camera

    11. Riodagreat

      Johnny looked @ Wings mouth and said " Dang that's kinda tough"😂😂

    12. jason lyrics

      Funnymike is the funniest person I know 😂😂😂

    13. Takeøff Frm Looney Gang

      “Dang, dats kinda tuff”😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

    14. Michael Parotte

      That Mike guy is annoying and childish.

    15. Malyka Sampson

      Is that tomorrow

    16. Michael Taylor

      where the follow up? also, i was h oping johnny would hook up that one guy with the messed up grill with a whole grill; felt bad for him

    17. Jetski

      he trying hella hard to be funny you can tell johnny annoyed lmao

    18. Júlio Perpétuo

      That nigga don't chill 🤣 love him

    19. tenequa stoutt


    20. Baptiste Boisrond

      nah you spoilled them

    21. Isaiah McKay


    22. Isaiah McKay

      hi funnymike i love you .,


      Hay man hit me up for some money and you give me some Dip

    24. V.G. DLC

      This guy is cringe af

    25. alysia gainey

      The second message I messed up so don’t read that when I just slowly I’m using the speak right now because that’s a lot of words and I cannot I cannot tell you it’s gonna take me like probably 353 to 5 minutes to finish that so that my phone is acting real stupid yeah so yeah but I wanna know like if you read this message please please please please please please please respond because like yeah

    26. alysia gainey

      All right so I just sent you a Messages yeah so I really want to be back here but to me I am really shy but like are we watching Macy channel I don’t want to not like in your channel but I’m psyched bored bro I literally just watch funny mike in a messy channel like literally audit go to the two top best you tubers right now of my opinion not about no rappers but yo you’re the one out for you what is your banking but yeah you know me years old I am pretty bad I’m bad but my cousin back to me and my cousin always fight with different zodiac so

    27. alysia gainey

      Hey funny mike I hope you see this but my name is Alicia this I’m on my mama cow I wanna be a bad kid but I’m like are you watching him I’ll be watching Macy channel and your channel but I don’t know the other kid channel what I think I know him I kill channel channel but I wanna be a bad kid but I’m too nervous because I don’t first and living our lives in Texas I live in freaking Hartford I told my mom I want to like what are you member what you did at trampoline Park the trampoline park before coronavirus thing where you can have a friend asked my mom she can tell me that was said no because that’s like too far so she say like no

    28. Incredible Dragon

      im liking this episode

    29. Brandon Dean

      dudes not even funny. smh. he trying way too hard bruh. Nobody laughing at him.

      1. Jamya Campbell

        Man hush he can’t be funny now because he has covid 19

    30. Sheredda Fells

      H life of the h a g

    31. Amaya Williams

      I'm from funnymike and I'm his cousin from the badkids

    32. Travania Edwards

      Me it's 3:36 am

    33. TBS_Hack3r 23

      Funny mike I need a boyfriend can I have one of your boys to be my boyfriend❤️

    34. Sharmel Hooper

      Funny mike where do you live I want you to come to Kee North Carolina find a big girls living in so I can get a grill with you you

    35. ryan shittak

      A mountain on toppa mountain climping mountain😂😂😂

    36. Diamond Giddings

      They not having fun because nothing to do

    37. The divasquad Periodttt

      Can you send me some iphones

    38. Nike Awoseemo-Adebowale

      Fuke you

    39. Leah Edwards

      Can you do my girlls

    40. Jayliah Dillard

      Me and my brothers want to become bad kids

    41. Jalea Tate

      Wings has a sweet heart

    42. Glesean Evans

      Jhonnydangandco whats up man this is glesean L Evans tex you

    43. Big35


    44. Aurelian Gunner

    45. Weirdkid

      wassup mike

    46. kingship78


    47. Blurrx3


    48. Blurrx3

      But y’all true can’t lie they lmfaooopö

    49. Blurrx3

      Y’all haters

    50. Marcus Griffin

      cap besides my family are millionares

    51. Ron Morgan

      Is the guy that was 22 savage?

    52. Big Fella

      Funny mike always spoiling his family. Other youtubers flex their money on themselves haha funny mike is a goat

    53. Shalea Crawford

      Why do his teeth like that 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    54. Cream Potato

      Mike got me dying when he talks about johnny's teeth😂

    55. Lanesha Gardner

      Funnymike sick you dea

      1. Lanesha Gardner

        No I wanna is a

      2. Lanesha Gardner

        FgTeeV Tv

    56. Johnathan Ellis

      I know right

    57. Steven Petrillo

      Funny mike isn’t even funny

    58. Cjones

      When am I going to bitch out please be safe and I give it because I of you

    59. BLk JuanesRose

      Can't wait to see how everyone grill comes out, especially wings. Johnny dain has a video out on how the jewelry is made from the Molding to how he sets the diamond and chains

    60. Wynter Hamerter

      he need to do my teeth

    61. Ta’Ja Gamblin

      I am actually a kid and I'm 11 year oldthat is pretty cool that people can get girls from Johnny DangI wonder how much does it take to get a free Grill

    62. Salyra James

      Can i be a badkid

    63. Deepak Gurung

      How does the python looks after wearing grillz

    64. Gurshan Johal

      He is rich rich damn 💯the videos cool too💯

    65. Taandre Gaming


    66. Danielle Peterkin

      He said how long do it take for it to get hard in the mouth

    67. T L

      All expensive diamonds. Black people thinking about looting there soon

    68. zdeno tancos

      bro funnymike runick frends jumpt on you homi