G-Eazy - Had Enough (Official Video)



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    G-Eazy - "Had Enough" out now!
    Director/ Creative Director: Lauren Dunn
    Prod. Co. : Happy Place
    EP: Tara Razavi
    Creative Producer: Matt Bauerschmidt
    Dir. Rep: Emily Sanders, Reveur Agency
    Producer Valerie Bush
    Producer: Nicolette Moreno
    Production Coordinator: Sarahi Salazar

    Management: The Revels Group, Matt Bauerschmidt, Jamil Davis
    Chief Staff Manager: Kathleen Wathen
    Creative Art Director: Jessie Camp

    DP: Russ Fraser
    Steadicam: Bill Hunt
    1st AC Bobby Pavlovsky
    1st AC: Sergey Nikitenko
    Camera PA: Angelo Clarizio
    Electric: Sven Van Ostrand
    Gaffer: Dimitri Christofordis
    Gaffer: Graham Wade
    Key Grip: Taylor Reick
    Grip: Chris Ginnaven

    Prod. Designer: Haley Appell
    Art Director: Cameron Nawaz
    Set Decorator: Hensel Martinez

    Post Producer: Tony Stackhouse
    Post Coordinator: Brandon Moody
    Editor: Julian Conner, Frame48
    Compositor: Enrique De La Garza
    Colorist: Jacob McKee, Forager Collective

    Styling: Anastasia Walker
    Grooming: Sabrina Bates-Whited

    Label: RCA
    Social Team: Leah Mack, Abir Hashem, Jasper Graham, Chris Maldonado
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    #GEazy #HadEnough #NewMusic

    Am Vor Monat


    1. ᚾᛟᚱᛋᛖ ᚷᚨᛖᛚ

      Not feeling it. Stop simping bro..

    2. Dan Chase

      Greatest musician ever!!

    3. DJ & Charles Howard

      Both these two, say they hate each other. Yeah right! They both spend countless hours writing about the other, performing songs directed at one another. Lovesick should be their next track together.

    4. monzerrat pineda

      So no one else hears tell me when to go by e-40 ? Towards the end

    5. Beiseii Vanchhawng

      It' 101% truth these song is about Halsey

    6. Max G

      Don’t do drugs. They ruin relationships

    7. LMZ

      That's exactly what f*ckboys say: "you're crazy, it's all in your head, you probably think this song is about you"

    8. monica Reyes

      Halsey is a hard one to lose she is pretty ,talented, deep, we feel you G-eazy song should be i need to grow as a man lol

      1. monica Reyes

        @Amir nope but aint it obvious ? From homeless to rock stardom takes balls.

      2. Amir

        Do you know her personally?

    9. Michael Jordan

      Sometimes life gets u down but this track turnes my froun upside down...piece...

    10. Debistuti Saha

      That laugh!!♥️

    11. IamZashX

      "But let somebody say GEAZY you go ApeShit " this reminds me of that concert

    12. Lupita Alexandra Angulo Arellanes

      The girl with red hair looks like Halsey. LOVE the song btw, I'm obsessed.

    13. Alana Lubach

      I was wondering if he would come back with something! Props, he stayed quiet for quite a while...hence the "had enough" I suppose lol

    14. Jesus OneGod

      Макс из кухни повзрослел

    15. Ktrl

      Watch the video when you are drunk. Thank me later 🤘

    16. Mandie Booth

      I probly do. ...annnd, whatcha gonna do now @

    17. shshshs ndb

      It doesn't matter if its for halsey or not the song is litt

    18. Salahe Eddin

      About halsey

    19. roli


    20. Monica Pineiro

      I love your music G, keep up the amazing work!!

    21. Sara Holcomb

      Oh come on. His issues with drugs and cheating have been reported all along his career and with several of his more-famous-than-him ex girlfriends. Don't play victim dude. Just get well.

    22. Jarvis II

      Isnt that the girl from tublr girls seems to alway be in his music videos

    23. heyimjonas

      808s & G-Eazy

    24. natasha gonzalez

      Who knew G-Eazy and Halsey would have the best couple song and break up song

      1. Stanley GlueGun Kelly

        “The best couple song” ur shitting me

    25. Guillaume Perachonne

      This is a fcking nice song, really

    26. Mira Serious

      Nice respond 👌

    27. Luis E Rivera

      They both still care about each other, which is the sad part.

    28. Jeanette Kaari

      no matter how much y'all complain ,they will still be separated

    29. Give me rent.

      I want to point out that the lyrics "You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you" are from the song Nince Inch Nails-Starfuckers which was written by Trent Reznor as a "fuck you" to his ex girlfriend Courteney Love (Kurt Cobain's wife).

      1. Give me rent.

        Swizzel Stick so you’te saying that Trent stole it from Carly Simon, I had no idea hahahah

      2. Swizzel Stick

        You're so vain was written by Carly Simon back in 1972

    30. BarFightFiasco

      Halsey is still winning the feud as far as the music portion is concerned 😂 love ya g eazy but this song kinda whack

      1. five seconds of summer FAN

        Halsey will always win

      2. Stanley GlueGun Kelly

        BarFightFiasco LMFAO!!

    31. Damal J

      de-news.net/online/video-viApm4kZZqM.html Santrinos Raphaël MAWU NA DEMO by YOUNG GÉNÉRATION

    32. Milana Kitana


    33. Holly H

      You need help w lyrics or ideas or something on this one bro sorry!

    34. Grace Hudson

      Ngl I like Halseys song better but they both 🔥 🥵

    35. FrostyFireDragon

      I’m obsessed with this song😍🖤 Loving the newer music, keep at it Eazy🔥🤘🏻

    36. Zoe Marie

      Honestly if I wasn't married and Halsey wasn't taken I would want her to be my gf. I would give her the world unlike someone who treated her like trash.

      1. five seconds of summer FAN

        Me too.....❤️ Oh i am bisexual 😂❤️

    37. Ann's Spirit Away

      G-eazy you suck as usual and you let a loyal women go then you feel you had the right to speak ill of her in a song as a comeback. What she said was true, what you said was just self defense mechanism bullshit to cover your fakeness the moment you got caught👍🏼💯

      1. five seconds of summer FAN

        Oh my god..thanks for taking halsey's side❤️❤️

    38. Dung Beetle

      why do i see jake gyllenhaal in the intro, tho


      This reminds me of kanyes 808 album. I wish kanye made more music like this again. I never liked g eazy because of how egotistical he seems but Im listening to it. Its actually good. Id rather listen to stuff like this instead of cars bitches and money.

    40. Ashley

      I think guys think falling out of love is an excuse for cheating.

    41. ELON PUFF

      Hey G you are the goat for this 😂

    42. G

      This dude still tryna profit off Halsey. Like dude move on already. Nobody gave a shxt about you before she put you on.

      1. Stanley GlueGun Kelly

        wani oh no on g eazy’s not a shitty songs u will see more positive comments, if he doesn’t diss or open his mouth he won’t get hate, btw I kinda like this song...

      2. wani oh

        Oh please.. you think this song about that girl?😏 it seem her stans can't move on from g eazy.

    43. Stephanie

      *edited: Okay, so I came back to delete my comment bc I've felt bad all day for being an asshole. But. Idk, now I'm stoned and it isn't like the *worst* thing I've ever heard. I just keep thinking that line, "made a mili offa pop." Like, I need to know why these songs are the way they are. (Rude thing I said last night but just deleted bc I never even thumbs-down videos)

    44. Kim Gow

      Why do I love singing that part..... LEAVE ME ALONE I DNT LIKE YOU scribble you out, an rewrite you Dam. .....to my ex!!!!!

    45. Nicole Pino

      I’m going crazy because of the deer at the end. You know, in Spanish when somebody cheats on his/her partner we call it “ponerle los cuernos” and the person who has been cheated on is called “venado” (deer). Help, I don’t know if that’s only for us and maybe it has nothing to do with but if it’s a reference that would be so annoying and funny.

    46. shivaan rajesh Singh

      the different women in this video probably represent all of halseys different personalities

    47. anon 666

      when i see u and halsey i believe that love is exist..

    48. n1claren

      i'm high, but hear me out: hes telling her "you probably think this song is about you", but its really not, its for us the fans, he draws inspiration from her, but the song is not for her, its for us :P

      1. Lindi Diutlwileng

        1) I love the way that u started this off 😂😂 2) I read another comment that said that this might also be for himself, like to heal and move on but your's is also a pretty solid idea

    49. Vinay Suryavanshi

      Also the music video is also amazing

    50. Vinay Suryavanshi

      Is it just me or the drop after he says "u got the right too" is really amazing

    51. Nilsinho X

      imagine watching gerald and halsey in the ''ex on the beach''

    52. MRP


    53. yasser tertag

      It's like G-eazy ft. Young Gerald

    54. Ely Quintos


    55. The One

      Wow I remember everyone playing g eazy in college, but he got hit with the "you need a label shit", and its all garbage. Sooooooooo sad!

    56. Jesse

      Welcome back G! Lovin it.

    57. Sandra Appiah

      This is hella annoying

      1. five seconds of summer FAN

        He will always be annoying

    58. MsCoCoBean88

      Was wondering when he would clap back

    59. William Balentine

      He got that tumbler chick. He had to bring her sexy ass back.

    60. Qwertyuiop

      The more I listen to this more disgusting this looks to me. So he’s just angry cuz that the way he treated her made her sad, and she made songs about it and actually talked about it. He doesn’t feel any remorse he just wants her to stop talking about how hurt she is? So he thinks that he can just hurt people and they should remain silent! OMFG

      1. five seconds of summer FAN

        U r right

    61. chris r

      Notice how G didn't have vixens in this that looked like Halsey, but she tried so hard in the without me video.

    62. MyEverchangingLife

      I think people miss that a. There's flashes of multiple different types of women. I'm thinking he's referring to multiple of his ex's. He also says he doesn't hate her but has the right to. He's saying even though she hates him and he could hate her, but he's done wasting energy.

      1. MyEverchangingLife

        @sshramko1 ooooo! I totally didn't think about that but that could totally make sense too! Hmmmm 🤔 well shit I thought this wasn't just about Halsey and now I'm back to being confused

      2. sshramko1

        I was wondering why the 2 diff girls if he’s talking about Halsey rite? So then I thought well she is bi-racial and bi-polar so maybe each woman represents a side of her-one black one white, and also the 2 sides of bi-polar? I dunno just a thought!!

    63. Qwertyuiop

      This compared to Halsey’s side of the story told in “without me”, makes Halsey look even better. Gerald just looks very ungrateful of what she did for him ( always assuming they both were honest with the storylines they told, I mean he’s not denying anything). Calling her the crazy girlfriend, why you calling me? Leave me alone I don’t like you? Cmon man, stop bragging, this behavior does not put you in a good light. The “she still loves me but I don’t give a fudge about her” behavior is wack.

      1. Dayanara M

        Qwertyuiop i feel you, I just understand his side. But nobody really knows

      2. Qwertyuiop

        Dayanara M np don’t worry about it :)

      3. Dayanara M

        Qwertyuiop sorry that’s so long smh

      4. Qwertyuiop

        But I do think that your personal experience it’s not letting you see this clearly

      5. Qwertyuiop

        Dayanara M just because your own story it’s like that, it doesn’t mean that theirs is :) nobody knows their truth besides them. Maybe gerald hasn’t said anything because he has nothing to say and all she’s said is the truth. You cannot automatically assume that their story it’s like yours. Again I’m so sorry about what happened to you

    64. 12221brooke

      I really love all these songs on the album. About Halsey or not. Who cares. Her whole album was about him.

    65. Qwertyuiop

      This is more stylish yeah I’ll give him that. But lyrically “without me” is the shit. And this comes from someone who used to love him.

    66. Xhulio Rrefatllari

      You are such a stupid man. You guys broke up few years ago and you remember her right now. I thought you left her man and now you made a song for her.

    67. Seven FreeSpirit


    68. Luci Staker

      They obviously both still care if they are writing songs about one another ha..

    69. Lily Hemsworth

      he kinda looks like Tom Hardy though

    70. Abdiwahid Ali

      G-Eazy is shit without Halsey she made him relevant

      1. five seconds of summer FAN

        Yeah right