Game Of Thrones 8x05 Opening Scene Jon And Varys Tyrion And Daenerys 'Mad Queen' Season 8 Episode 5

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

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    Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Opening Scene Jon And Varys Tyrion And Daenerys, Mad Queen Daenerys

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    1. princeofdatny

      She lost her best-friend...who’s last words were “Dracarys”, Kings Landing deserved it

      1. slox dlox

        Hmmm no

    2. Amir Hussain

      Season is about when you have all the power in the world, it's very much possible that you forget you are human and can commit serious destruction. Exactly what happens with Dany.

    3. Axel

      Tyron telling Varys was very bad! His name is master of whispers

    4. Axel

      I have seen what they say to crowds and I have seen what they do in the shadows ! That is what Varys does! Atleast Daenerys says she is going to burn it down and actually does it!

    5. Anja McCubbin

      Seriously after everything she has been through, I’m just like fuck this burn the shit down gurl.

    6. Supakev

      everyone's shitting on Jon being useless....Tyrion is WORST and hes was booked on the show as the clever one.....hes just as oblivious to the danger Dany presents as Jon and its not until his last living relatives are buried alive that he gains perspective...he betrays literally the ONLY true friend he has ever had. He makes endless mistakes from Mereen to kings landing up to and including naming Bran Stark King but he gets the happy ending and Aegon gets the frozen tundra

    7. Jackie Betts

      Jon Snow can eat a dick 🤷‍♂️

    8. Prachi Shukla

      3 mistakes of daenerys' life... Jon Tyrion and Varys

      1. Stefano Modonesi

        @Saunan takana tavataan Those 3 were only ... traitors! Daenerys has never betrayed anyone, never plotted behind anyone, and eventually kept all the promises she had made (unfortunately also the worst things she had promised). Her descent into madness (depression) was a consequence of their betrayals. Tyrion and Jon were the cause of her misfortune, and then they had no qualms about plotting to kill her. It would have sufficed for only one of them didn't betray her or didn't think about killing her, and she would become the Queen of the 7 Kingdoms. And the funny thing is that both, even if they come from the Stark and Lannister families, are actually two Targaryens like her! We already know of Jon that he was the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, but what we still don't know (but reading the books seems very likely) is that Tyrion was not born of Tywin Lannister and his wife Joanna, but of Joanna and Aerys II (the Mad King) who raped her (hence the words pronounced shortly before he died from Tywin towards Tyrion "You are not my son"). So we have the three dragon heads: Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion, and all three were born of a rape, and when they were born they caused the death (by birth) of their mother (a coincidence? I do not believe, there are no coincidences in Martin's books ...). Jon is the nephew of both Daenerys and Tyrion, while Tyrion is Daenerys's half brother and Jon's uncle. In practice, Daenerys was killed not by the houses of Westeros, but by members of her own family. Too bad that D&D have not shown us this thing (like so many other details that are in the books instead). The fate of Daenerys has always been tragic, but she was not really bad, only a victim of a perverse design.

      2. Saunan takana tavataan

        Nope. Those 3 were only sane people. Dan is maniac.

    9. Monika Shukla

      I miss her... She is strong all of her loving people died because of helping other.... She is broken soul in last....

    10. Joy*Joy :

      Dany wasn't fucking mad, she was depressed

    11. 卞伯贤

      We all needed more of angry, mad Dragon Queen. The acting is amazing.

    12. Ju Cor

      Why can't anyone understand that when Tyrion talks about Sansa and says "She trusts me" he is actually protecting her? Tyrion is not being naive, he knows perfectly well that, as stated in the previous episode, Sansa will make sure that Daenerys loses the Vale and the North. He knows that Sansa's intentions were not good and he even reaffirms this in the following episode: "Why do you think Sansa told me the truth about you?" It's not that Daenerys is seeing things more clearly than him here because Daenerys calls him out on something they both know to be true.

    13. Courtney P

      I never was a Daenerys fan b/c of her entitlement, which to me, has always been the reverse side of the same coin as Viserys but more deadly. Without her dragons, she wouldn't be a conquerer or ruler. The Iron Throne, if you take it, is only yours by conquest, not by right, Dany. Sansa betrayed Jon's confidence, not you. And she only did so b/c Jon is the better ruler. Had Jon known his birthright prior to meeting you & falling for you, he wouldn't have ever bent the knee & he definitely wouldn't have fallen for you! Been your ally, yes! It's her unchecked entitlement that made her senselessly end House Tarly & it's exactly what makes her shortsighted, selfish, paranoid, ruthless, demanding where she should be flexible, and unfit to rule over people. It's her unchecked entitlement that led her to destroy King's Landing & to murder thousands. Varys was right about her & the Targaryen madness. I know Dany fans are upset with her story arc, but if you've REALLY been paying attention to her character from start to finish, her actions are not shocking or unlike Daenerys. She was only ever a conquerer, but take away her dragons & Jorah, who would truly follow her for who she is without the magic & all it has brought her??

    14. Willcc19 -

      Shouldn’t Jon be the one punished? He’s the one who told Sansa. He started the chain of whispers

    15. Pale Zombie

      @5:05 she plays a great burn out.

    16. Jowey Rios

      She depressed

    17. Damon Nguyen

      I wish they would have kept Daenerys' look in this scene for the battle. It would have fit more thematically instead of her pristine polished look.

    18. Elisha So

      Varys would never be so open about treason and Tyrion would never betray Varys like that

    19. MsAnnaSamu

      Danaerys was wise enough as she was. She was already analyzing everything correctly. She was like Little Finger (or at least the smart side of Little Finger), imagining everything happen all at once. She was a ruler that knew when to hold em and when to fold em. She didn't need Tyrion OR anyone else for that matter. I would have burned Tyrion and Varys a looooong time ago. I would also kill Jon if it didn't start a war after. Maybe just forbade him to ever come near me again....if I was Danaerys lol. #ATrueDragon

      1. Wut Wat

        Daenerys? Smart? Hahahahahah

    20. Floc Louron

      Mad queen é o caralho

    21. Daenerys Targaryen

      doesnt matter now

    22. Daenerys Targaryen

      You call it madness i call it grief and revenge. She lost everything for ungrateful bastards... since season 7 she listened To her shitty advisors, she tried To show that she's not like her father and everyone (minus missandei gteyworm jorah) pushed her To this, the end oh her. She had 3 dragons, 80k men or more before s7... this is digusting, this + the shitty writing

    23. lalolalo lelilulo

      she should've killed snow and tyrion.......

    24. James Ultron

      Duty is the death of love. Maybe someone should've told Daenerys that perhaps she wouldn't be dead then.

    25. Jordan Gustafson

      She loses like four people close to her and goes into depression. Meanwhile the Starks lose half their family, their armies, and the whole kingdom yet you don't hear them BITCHING about it! Sheesh!

    26. Mooney//Magic

      If Emilia doesn't win this fucking Emmy I swear...

    27. lieurple

      Feminism gone too far. She refuses to consider Aegon as an equal and sharing power. Instead he is a threat just because he is a man. No wonder the bible is so messed up today. Lawls.

    28. Jim Sty

      You do gotta appreciate the character development of Sansa and Daenary's up until this point. Despite starting off in seperate parts of the world, both have suffered unimaginable traumas but eventually overcame their enemies and detractors. Daenary's learned how to succeed with absolute power and Sansa learned how to succeed with manipulation. The only difference is Daenary's came to Sansa's land and found out pretty quickly her strategy to winning the game was essentially pointless in Westero's.

    29. Cameryn Nya

      My poor child omg she needs a blanket and some hot soup :(((((((

    30. Gerry Santoso

      Tyrion is stupid af.

    31. RamekGreen

      ah dun want it

    32. John Arise

      I still find her beautiful

    33. Archen Forever

      Tyrion sabotaged her the moment they stepped on Dragonstone.

    34. Immagonko

      Fuck Sansa


      Sansa destroyed Dany with the Game of Throne, she was unstoppable, after Petyr and Cersei 's lessons!

    36. Rebel Tazz

      No matter what Jon should have ended up on the iron throne .. no matter how worse the story of the previous episodes was atleast the finale and the ending would have been satisfactory

    37. Samba Warrior

      It frustrated me how Varys could be the only one who noticed where she was heading. Tyrion let his dick think for him, it got Jaimie killed, it got Varys, his closest fried killed, and it destroyed kings landing. And in the end jon killed her. Varys was the most experienced and wisest character left, and tyrion should have known this. He was right.

    38. Mr. Gwapito

      Let’s just say, Dany is a thousand times better than Cersei even in S8.

    39. litel snek

      This season blows dicks

    40. JCFan427

      They gaslit Dany. Fuck them all.

    41. Mommy Has Tattoos

      She should have burned Tyrion alive after he got all her Allies killed and captured

    42. Mommy Has Tattoos

      Tyrion should have never been her hand. He was still loyal to his family. And it seems like Varys spent more time plotting against Dany than spying for her and giving her important info about her enemies

    43. Mia Veranika

      Someone has betrayed me.... Why? He took my M&M

    44. John Blond

      In the first few seasons, Emilia Clarke didn't strike me as an amazing actress. She was even cringy in some of her most difficult scenes. She even admits it herself in some of her interviews. "I was honestly crap" to quote her. As the series progressed though, she matured a lot as an actress. In this last season, she absolutely nailed every scene she was in. This scene in particular is brilliantly played.

    45. Plo Koon

      Varys the master player of the game of thrones went from being Littlefinger's equal and playing complex schemes in the most ruthless game of politics of Westeros to walking up to a super loyal guy and directly asking "wanna commit treason?",no wonder the actor got upset of what happened to the character

    46. I LOVE YOU BAE

      5:03 soundtrack please ?

    47. King K

      Idc if Varys was right or wrong how can you hop from one ruler to a new possible ruler like tf flip flopped asf

    48. Nuj 21

      1:46 shEs mAh QuEen

    49. Damian Wayne™

      Tyrion is so fucking stupid.

    50. rosie

      I swear if she doesn’t win an Emmy for this season. Going from the savior to the villain, I’m gonna call bs

    51. Elsa Mandzhieva

      I never was a fan of Daenerys. Even more I have never really liked her. But know I feel for her and sort of feel bad for her.

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        Elsa Mandzhieva Exactly. Never liked her character. But it's still awful to see them butcher her story like this.....

    52. Brandon Hohn

      I like how Daeynerys is mad because people are finding out who the real ruler should be

      1. TAZY

        No she's mad because when people find out about Jon, people will try to kill her. Which is exactly what happened

    53. Brandon Hohn

      2:53 reminds me of Cersei

    54. Sarah

      Id be so angry and heartbroken watching my child fall from the sky .. rhaegal was my favorite

    55. AmazinglyPotato

      amazing actors and actresses and shitty writers. well they made the best of it

    56. Prof. Genki

      Damn, they really did make Tyrion a moron.

      1. Anjelica Snorcket

        Prof. Genki Starting way back in S5...

    57. WargAttack

      Where was drogon at this time

    58. WargAttack

      She needs her dragons

    59. TheEndofsilence112

      That moment when you realize Daenerys was so broken and distraught that she thought the worst thing had happened-she had lost everyone else, so surely she had lost Jon, if not to death then to betrayal.

      1. Stephanie L

        But that's the thing: Jon hadn't betrayed her! He'd been very upfront about the fact that he felt like it would be lying not to tell Sansa and Arya, and pointedly *didn't* promise her he wouldn't tell them. And it's not as though he then went around telling other people too- he clearly WAS fully intending to keep it strictly in the confidence of his closest family members, and no one else. It was just that Sansa betrayed HIS trust, and that was on her, not him.

    60. Zaheen Shaikh

      Fuck you for calling her 'mad queen' ... You moron....just see the pain she's going through... People backstab her and expect her to be fair... Chutians

    61. Kevin Hillary

      Jon shoulda taken the throne here 🙄

    62. sneakymia1

      I hate this scene so much, get your shit together dany, when tyrion says it doesn't matter now, stop the madness, there's an idea, leave sansa name out of your damn crzy mouth, she is right about everything, stop being a jealous bitch , and learn something from sansa, she has allies, but also give thanks back to her enemies, who become part of her family

    63. psycho bratt

      Season 7 & 8 were written with the director's assholes instead of their hands. Still pissed.

    64. Dian Rahman

      Dumbass Tyrion, always fail and fail, and why the fuck he told varys the secret if he didnt want betray dany anyway?

    65. Andre Montoya

      Oh wow she's mad because she didn't do her makeup, how subtle

    66. Thuc Nguyen

      Varys death is the dumbest thing in the show. He was supposed to be one of the most calculated characters.

    67. Aaron Galler-Gurrola

      God damn I love Emilia Clarke..

    68. Archen Forever

      Daenerys Stormborn is the kindest Targaryen when it comes to treason and betrayal. If you've read Fire and Blood, you'd know that this is true.

    69. Dead Vader

      Fuck this season