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    Even some of the actors on the show has mixed feelings about the finale of Game of Thrones! Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos:
    You think you have problems with the ending of Game of Thrones? Well, you didn’t have to act in it! In all seriousness, Game of Thrones has got to be an emotionally draining experience for its cast as they get beaten up on the battlefield, tossed around by crew members standing-in for dragons and made to conjure huge emotions for all the devastating moments we witnessed during its eight season-run. Whether you love the show’s finale or despise the way things wrapped up, there’s definitely something in Game of Thrones for everyone - cast, crew, and fans included. So join ScreenRant as we look at some of the statements that many of the show’s stars and personalities - long-lived and short-lived - made about this fantasy phenomenon.
    We’ll check in with Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Ian McElhinney, Conleth Hill, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jerome Flynn, Gwendoline Christie, Isaac Hempstead Wright, John Bradley, Liam Cunningham, Jacob Anderson, Pilou Asbaek, Kristofer Hivju, Rory McCann, and even George R. R. Martin. Sure, there are supercuts clogging the internet, edited in such a way to make us think we know how these GOT cast members felt about the end of the show. But let’s find out how they truly feel. Just like how George R. R. Martin probably has a few surprises up his sleeves before the final books come out, we likely don’t know about everything that went on behind the scenes. But perhaps this video will give you a better idea of how these actors felt. And maybe, just maybe, you superfans feel the same way.
    Entry 1 - Kit Harington
    Entry 2 - Emilia Clarke
    Entry 3 - Lena Headey
    Entry 4 - Peter Dinklage
    Entry 5 - Nikolaj Coster Waldau
    Entry 6 - Maisie Williams
    Entry 7 - Sophie Turner
    Entry 8 - Ian McElhinney
    Entry 9 - Conleth Hill
    Entry 10 - Nathalie Emmanuel
    Entry 11 - Jerome Flynn
    Entry 12 - Gwendoline Christie
    Entry 13 - Isaac Hempstead Wright
    Entry 14 - John Bradley
    Entry 15 - Liam Cunningham
    Entry 16 - Jacob Anderson
    Entry 17 - Pilou Asbaek
    Entry 18 - Kristofer Hivju
    Entry 19 - Rory McCann
    Entry 20 - George R. R. Martin
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    1. Truth hurts; Lies heal

      They fucked that up big time. Idc what anyone says

    2. SUNSOAR

      You make a video about actors reacting, without actually showing them react, narrating it yourselves instead. Honestly pissed me off

    3. Chi Cetin

      Best season eveaaa 🙌🏽🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. Freeyful

      Well, of course Sansa is satisfied, she became queen of the north.

    5. Pede Meyer

      A very good show, a good season and a very nice ending!

    6. CandidlyOpinionated

      It’s not so much what happened, it’s how it happened.

    7. Kamran Kiarimov

      Kit said that everyone who doesn’t like the finale can go f themselves 🤷‍♂️ Nonsense, Who knows what Kit really thinks about the last season

    8. Connie Ybarra

      I hated that Daenery got killed by John Snow. I’m hoping the writer brings Daenery back to life and she is the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms!

    9. Goomba Pizza

      "Divisive" is being laughably generous. Nearly all the fans thought it was a disgrace. The only reason the finale has 4.2 stars on IMDB (and dropping every month) is because HBO had a bunch of sockpuppets uprating it the first three days, to get more views. If you were watching the ratings as I was, you might have noticed that the ratings started steeply plummeting a couple of days after the episode aired. IMDB really needs to do something about the networks and their ballot-stuffers. Notice that every few weeks the rating for the episode goes down by a tenth of a point. By 2021 it'll probably be at 2.5.

    10. CAdEN K.

      Dun you get it? if you read the books, you can predict the ending. All was preplanned for the final season == To DIE. As should a good writing like GRRM does.

    11. Mellissa Compston

      Wtf Headey???

    12. Emilio Rossi

      DnD took their ball and went home rather than letting someone else finish it right

    13. fajr basit

      Jeez guys Nikolaj hated Jaime's ending. Just watch the pre season 8 interviews where he's asked his thoughts on Jaime's ending and the guy is literally struggling to find words for it. That tweet was just him appericiating Lena but doesn't mean he liked his ending at all

    14. Shivani

      I have zero interest in watching the actors in anything after GOT, except maybe Heady, Coster-Waldau and Dinklage. I wonder how many of them will be able to maintain an acting career.

    15. NothingReallyMattersAnyoneCanSee

      What happened to the old man who was locked in a box and kept a prisoner by the bald man with no balls for revenge?

    16. mka mix

      You could have talked a little less and let us listen to the actual stars.

    17. Varion Bodhi

      In which way was this finale "bitter sweet"? It was only bitter.

    18. sneakymia1

      what a bunch of old ass losers, just cash your paycheck and shut up

    19. MM 27

      “ISAAC” Hempstead Wright Not “Ian”

    20. Dagob

      The only reason the actors will never say it's BAD to the fans ... is because it's their source of revenue ..

    21. Las _lv

      Bran should have used his powers to warg into the fallen Dothraki and unsullied to help defeat the night king or something

    22. Shawn M.

      Lame show

    23. Bob Saget

      Most of my problems with season 8 happened in episode 3....The Long Night. I enjoyed mostly everything else although it did feel rushed

    24. Matt Johnson

      "disappointing" is probably the best single word to describe the final season. They used shock and spectacle to cover up for really crappy writing. Character arcs were completely abandoned. Daenerys wasn't murdered by Jon Snow, she was murdered by the show writers.

    25. billybifocals

      I came hear to watch a video with the cast actually speaking their thoughts, not this cunt talking.

    26. gerry kline

      just one question , sooooo Jon boy is enough targerian to elude being eaten, dragon burned, buuuuut has enough Stark to burn his hand.....interesting foreshadowing...

    27. juststeve

      Please inform the voicer to pronounce the name as in the series. Really off putting hearing a name that is not correct.

    28. silkscrim

      Clever? Clever?? Lmfao

    29. Mr187Dag

      What got me hyped for GoT was the White Walkers ( creation, ambition, NK's voice), the meaning of John being Targarien, the meaning of the three eyed raven and most importantly how it all comes together to a song of ice and fire. The dialoges, new caracters, the fact that everybody can die any moment created so much tension. I recomended everyone to watch GoT but now i dont know what for. They rose our interesst with every season, made us wait 1,5 years to give us Bran the broken uhhm i mean they gave us these shitty 6 episodes were nothing is solved. Its like they had a list with the name of all main characters written on a paper each in one row and all their tasks right next to them. They stare at the paper thinking>> "hmm they now John is going to kill the NK and Arya is going to kill Cercei so what if we just switch things up???" Wow thats brilliant no one would guess that Arya would kill the NK cause he's not on her list." "And what are we going to do with John???" " They think he's going to marry Dani and become king, lets kill dani and get John were he came from... the nights watch" Uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    30. Jane Kirk

      I somehow pretty much predicted how it ended which is odd because i barely watched only some of the first four seasons. But i just knew it would be Bran. It’s the only conclusion for why he survived the journey back. He could have died/ been killed off a thousand times before returning and there had to be a reason behind that. It was pretty obvious that Jon and Dany were going to get it on when they first clapped eyes on her. Ive got to say i shed a tear when Theon died. And i was shocked when Jaime went back to Cersei. I would liked to see her suffer more before her and Jaime had a bit of a mundane ending- pile of bricks dropping on your head? But i’m glad Arya survived and i understood her going off on a quest to massacre more people - i couldnt see her staying at home doing embroidery. Tyrion and Brienne- fine. I thought theyd off Tyrian but of course they need him as the right hand man for his Queen Sansa - i wasnt too happy about her. And Jon? Dany’s descending into madness was like being lifted from ‘Triumph of the Will’ with dragons. I thought maybe her and Jon might jointly rule but she went loony so had to be offed and he had to do it. As for Jon riding of? I dont know what else they could think of to do with him. I got the box set and when we’ve finished watching Peaky bloody Blinders i’m going to start watching G.OT from the beginning and pay more attention this time

    31. Torva Messorem

      I don't blame the actors for not being open and honest. Who would publicly criticize their employer?

    32. MrFirehouse22

      Momoa posted a video of himself screaming obscenities a the tv while he watched the final episode.

    33. UMN Mode

      Vahrys. Its Va-rys.

    34. Musa SB

      now just stop talking abt Got, they just ruined everything.

    35. adheds

      13 minutes (watching this) that I won't get back

    36. fanfiction

      Book Readers: Logical character development! D&D: WHATS THAT MEAN?! Book Readers: Kinslaying is frowned upon! D&D: WHATS THAT MEAN?! Book Readers: The North Remembers! D&D: WHATS THAT MEAN?!

    37. Francis Drake

      The final was indeed epic cause one episode f*cked all the show...shame...shame...shame...shame... :P

    38. Jorie Thomas

      Well of course Sophie is happy, her character got a good ending. All the other characters were just tossed in the trash. I'm so sick of everyone saying "not everyone will be happy"... NOBODY'S HAPPY! Years of build up, years of foreshadowing, seasons devoted to building plotlines and character arcs, all thrown away to wrap it up in a timely manner 😑😒

    39. Joker's Queen

      8:08-8:09 you accidently said Ian instead of Isaac .... just saying...

    40. a Stan

      Honestly just wish Dany didn't die. She was my favorite throughout the entire show. I was convinced she'd be one of the people who made it. But after I saw episode 5 I knew they would kill her. That's the most disappointing part of the ending to me.

    41. Hull Krampus

      Seriously IAN Hempstead Wright

    42. Sherry Guest

      It was clearly rushed, and it ruined the whole show. I hope they are forced to fix it. It WAS the best show on television, until season 8..🤬

    43. Souless Deeds

      7 season's to make HBO look unstoppable. 8th season to prove us wrong. I feel like the show runners tried to play GRR Martin and failed completely. If this is how they are going to treat their shows then I don't care about the prequels anymore.

    44. spiegel

      They know it sucked hard as much as we do. The writers should have all their money taken away and be forced to walk through the streets of Hollywood naked while people throw rotten tomatoes at them while yelling "Shame! Shame!!!"

    45. nilselmeskov

      wos reaction are we talking abut here? the actors ore some fuckbucket talking for 14 min

    46. Little Miss Stamper

      They are contractually obligated to PROMOTE the show. Saying its awful isn't exactly good promotion. Anyone with eyes can see they simply peeled this off to put a period at the end....and there was ZERO love or passion put onto it....which is really just tragic. Something this huge and this well done (up until this point) deserved SO much better. I have a feeling HBO begged them to just finish the series and had to bargin just to get 6 episodes so the fans could at least have SOME kind of ending. I would never hire these writers/directors/producers again for anything. When they get bored of it they just trash it. I would have SO RATHERED they just hire new people who would have given it the time and ending it really deserved.

    47. Consider Me Wrong

      I expect season 8 is unfinished. The dragon queen will return in a s8e7 or later. I guess they couldn't finish the story in time. Snow will return to save the day again. Maybe all will be a bit older. This story is clearly not finished and what will Arya find west? If I am correct two more books should follow so in a year or two we'll hear: SURPRISE!

    48. Alyssa Green

      Disney and Lucasfilm should be very concerned if they actually invest on a new Star Wars trilogy for David Benioff and D. B. Weiss knowing that they can't write a coherent script. Kathleen Kennedy should know better by now after the Rian Johnson's Last Jedi fan backslash

    49. kickballjedi

      Another point I'd like to make is that I don't believe anybody wanted/ expected a happy ending to the show. GoT has constantly surprised us with unexpected horror and surprising twists. I wanted that same harsh reality in the final season. The Hound, Jorah and Theon finished their character arcs ok, the rest did not.

    50. altra uno

      Who is Ian ? Get it (W)right - it's Isaac.

    51. frank c

      As of today i am boycotting anything that D.B . Weiss and Benioff ever do again , period.

    52. Pietja Krtan

      Why woman of colour she is just a woman dude and she is Black so what ?

    53. Kawanna Westfall

      Season 8 was a total clusterf**k. It was extremely disappointing, and amateurish writing in comparison to the previous 7 seasons. I have absolutely no desire to see a "prequel", a "sequel", or to buy the books now. How a show so good could end so badly just leaves me dumbfounded. D&D should be ashamed of themselves. Disappointing does not even begin to express how much of a letdown this season is. Rewrite it. And DO NOT let D&D be the ones to do it. The fans deserve it. And George R. R. Martin should be having nightmares at how badly his beautifully written books were spoiled by the horrible Season 8.

    54. sgtpepper2345

      GoT's biggest strength used to be the storylines, intrigue and dialogues. But in the last season, the show was carried almost exclusively by the amazing cinematography. It ended up looking like a Michael Bay movie: awesome visuals & explosions, but a nonsensical plot.

    55. Mister Mister

      There were a few moments I thought could have been done differently (Theon should have been the one to kill the Night King), but overall, I am extremely satisfied with the ending regardless of some of the issues. It was sad, but real. And I respect the writers not giving the fans what some of us wanted.

    56. Jayson yong

      Dany: I am going to break the wheel Bran: I come with additional two wheel!

    57. simpleton

      Me: oh yay a compilation of actors talking from a show i really like and understand and finished DE-newsr: how about instead of just making a compilation of videos, I just narrate everything that's going on because obviously if you're watching this you have no knowledge of the show, also i will allow a total of 12.7 seconds of audio that isnt my voice or unnecessary music

    58. gv vivek

      Ffs just show us the damn reactions!

    59. alienv5

      I liked it.

    60. dimitrius sergivius

      just lazy writing dont blame the show

    61. Studio Edin

      All I heard was jabba di dabba di bla ba di dibidi dibidi bobodo bobodo......."actors react"....narrating entire video, omfg

    62. Jesus Verdin

      So, the story on the books is different from the tv show? I was considering buying the books but since I've watched the show I wasn't sure.

    63. Jan Bil

      Season 8 is a complete Rubbish.

    64. Norm alice

      I suspect the actors/actresses are strongly discouraged from being negative to the press. I doubt what they really think will ever become public knowledge..

      1. Matt Johnson

        It's probably a very bad thing for their career prospects to badmouth people they've worked for... so yeah, aside from a few bits we've gotten, most will probably tread very carefully and we may never really know how they feel about it.

    65. looseyourself

      :'c :''''''C

    66. Tatyana Melnikoff

      it's not really a matter of not pleasing everyone. d&d can't write.

    67. gotitans93

      i just hate how they rushed it felt like they put 2 books into 6 epiosdes......

    68. 0ldFrittenfett

      When Danaeris went mad (right before she killed Varys), she looked a lot like her dead brother with the uncombed hair and the harder facial contures due to starving.

    69. John Paul

      Notice how Screen (Shillz) Rant doesn't call the fans or people who hated season 8 of GoT "Toxic" fans or misogynistic and all the other names they did to people who hated The Last Jedi. Because it does not fit their narrative.

    70. Bobby B